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Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixie Bicycle Demo Video

hey guys this is a review of the
retrospect to Manta V 2 fixed gear
there’s not many reviews for the mantra
especially not the V 2 so I’m going to
give my thoughts on this bike I have a
mountain bike for trails
you know an old comfort bike for luxury
rides but I wanted a light sleek trendy
bike for running up to the local store
or for riding through tight urban areas
things like that I like the low cost and
the minimalist looks of the fixies and I
live in a flat neighborhood so I have no
Hills meeting assistance from a gear to
help me climb so I looked around a bit
and I ultimately picked this one in the
matte black and I’ve had it for actually
a couple of months now as far as where I
bought it you know you should always
support your local bike store whenever
possible that being said since fixies
are more of a niche item and they may
not have a variety I did end up
purchasing this from Amazon for three
hundred dollars you know with the Amazon
Prime two days shipping somebody was
very easy it all came in one box just
attached the front tire right the seats
the pedals and the handlebars and that’s
all the assembly that was required the
brakes were adjusted fine and the wheels
were true comes with a flip-flop hub
right there so you can either use it as
a pure fixed gear bike where the pedals
are in motion
whatever the back tire is moving or just
flip the back tire around and use it as
a single speed with the freewheel or you
can close without moving yeah look a
traditional bike
I use the freewheel option which is
actually this hub here but if you flip
the bike around now the fixed gear is
right there so it’s really easy to kind
of one style and change it back of
feeling like that’s that’s now this is
the large size 57 centimeters and I’m
just under six foot tall and it fits me
perfectly the website says the tires are
700 by 23 Kenda quest tires this bike
actually came with the 700 by 25 I was
going to try and find the number on the
wheel but you’ll have to take my word
for it which actually I like better
anyway on my roads to absorb the bumps
and cracks so you know that’s fine by me
oh parts it comes with comes with front
and rear brakes what I did actually as I
removed the back brake for a cleaner
look so I’m just going with the front
brake the seat that came with it I found
to be too hard actually now remember
what I said earlier about always
supporting your local bike shop well I
went up there and they had a selection
of take off seats with more cushion I
just got this one for 20 bucks and
swapped it on so that was a nice cheap
upgrade I did
these pedals are not the stock pedals
that came with it but honestly the stock
pedals are fine when I ordered the bike
I also ordered some pedals that I liked
at the same time but when I got the bike
I was like oh man I really didn’t need
to swap out the pedals but yeah oh well
I have them now yeah I’m not even going
to buy a bottle cage or a repair kit to
put on this one since it’ll just be for
neighborhood urban use and again I want
to keep that minimalist look to it on
that topic too I out the bike also comes
with reflectors on both wheels the
pedals that came with it had you know
the reflectors on the side these are not
front and back reflectors which I took
off to really clean up the look a lot
with the rear brake removed it weighs in
at 25 pounds now gear ratios this bike
came with 46 teeth on this gear and 16
teeth on
this now 46 divided by 16 is your 2.8 75
gear ratio if you want to feel what
that’s like
just pick a gear on a bike with a 700cc
tires with 46 and 60 teeth the ride
round a bit with that gear and that’s
pretty much what this bike will feel
like in case you’re not familiar with
gear ratios a smaller number makes it
easier to accelerate but you’ll have a
lower top speed because your pedals will
only go so fast a larger number is
harder to accelerate but it will have a
faster top speed once you get going you
know if you’re a more of an urban
commuter without as many starts and
stops to know hills it wants to get
where you going fast then the stock gear
ratio is probably ideal me I intend to
start and stop a little bit more or if
you live in a hilly area you want to
make accelerations little easier enemies
you may want to bike with a small gear
ratio one we were to get a smaller gear
ratios to buy a crank set with less Chi
44 teeth 40 teeth installed on this bike
or added which is a lot easier and
cheaper it has a bigger impact on the
gear ratio as I just replace the COG
back here with one with more teeth so I
bought an 18 to 12 hundred freewheel cog
it was like 25 bucks and that’ll knock
the gear a show down to a 46 by 18 you
know just going from that stock 16 to an
18 well it was a nice noticeable
difference and not down to a two point
five five gear ratio which works better
for my use but you know try some ratios
on the geared bike and see what ratios
best for you
think that’s about all I had to talk
about on this bike comes with the yeah
that style of valves
oh this Bell I added on just because I
wanted a bell on this bike but
everything else you see except for the
pedals as I mentioned before while hands
feet is what she’ll get in the mentor b2
and I think that’s all I have on this
topic now thanks

Retrospec Bicycles

A Retrospec bicycle was created for people who want to do the same old things in a new way. It is a bicycle that is made with retro style in mind and has been created by the company Retrospec. You might find it hard to imagine retro bikes, but they actually exist and there are plenty of them out there to choose from. These retro bikes have a design that is not only modern but a design that is also very unique.

Retrospec bicycles are manufactured to cater to both beginners and experts, as the company does not focus on a specific age group or class of people. In fact, the company has designed Retrospec bicycles for both men and women. The company has even created retro bikes for teenagers and even children, which are designed to look very much like their parents’ bicycles.

Retrospec is a great option for people who wish to own a bike that looks like the one that their parents had. For instance, you will find that most Retrospec bicycles feature a handlebar that looks very much like that of the bicycle that their parents have used. This is because the Retrospecs’ design was inspired by models that their parents might have had, and that means that the bikes actually look like the ones that their parents used.

Another feature that you will notice in many Retrospec bicycles is the fact that they are designed to be more comfortable for the rider than a regular bicycle would be. The company has come up with different designs for this purpose, and one of them is the “Everest” design. This design features the use of a curved seat tube. The seat tube is then curved back, which allows the rider to experience a comfortable ride.

The Retrospec also features an interesting color scheme. They use white frames and other components in a very retro fashion, which is a good thing, since the color scheme is quite popular these days.

If you have been looking for a bicycle that can look like the one that your parents had, the Retrospec might be just what you are looking for. They can also be a good choice if you don’t have much money to spend, as you can get one for a few hundred dollars. There are plenty of places where you can purchase Retrospec, so if you do some research you should be able to find one at a decent price.

Retrospec Harper single-speed commuter bike pros and cons

Retrospec Harper is a leading maker of commuter and cross country mountain bikes. These bikes are very good value for money, build quality is excellent and the company has continued to grow to become the number one bicycle manufacturer in this country. You will find many great bike reviews on the Retrospec website from cyclists just like yourself and from professional bike test riders. The company has continued to improve their bikes over the years and now offer the class and performance that the market is demanding. Retrospec also have other lines of bikes, including the Fathom line, which continue to sell strongly.

If you’re looking for a comfortable bike for urban commuting, there are few more options available today than the Retrospec Harper. The SuperSix models offer high-end performance at a price that is quite reasonable. With an aluminum frame and a smooth, modern design that is stylish as well as comfortable, the SuperSix is designed to suit the needs of cyclists who are looking for performance but also comfortable riding. The frames are built tough and the gears are smooth with a 5-speeder in the back. The frame is designed with a comfortable, shock absorbing, full suspension, making these bikes ideal for day-long rides on smooth urban streets.

The frame on the Retrospec Harper Single-Speed commuter bike is lightweight for maximum durability. You will also find many styling changes that are aimed at increasing the appeal of this high-end model. A new sleeker design makes the frame more attractive with clean lines and an all-black color. The front and rear handlebars have been relocated from their typical spot on most bike frames to closer to the saddle, making it easier to reach the handlebars. A smooth top tube adds another feature to this frame design that is aimed at comfort, and the frame and fork are designed to work together for maximum efficiency.

Retrospec Harper commuter bike with foot brake pros and cons

The Retrospec Harper commuter bike with foot brake is the perfect choice for those who want to ride a pure mountain bike with the modern conveniences of the hybrid style bike. Hybrid bikes have taken the world by storm with their wide appeal for people who don’t want to go as fast as the other guys, but still get all of the amenities of a full suspension bike. Hybrid bikes are getting more popular every day, so it’s good to see that an extremely well built, high quality hybrid bike is available from Retrospec. When you’re looking for a full suspension bike that is also a hybrid, you know you’re getting the best of both worlds without spending a lot of money on the hybrid version.

The Retrospec Harper has a sweet riding setup, and the frame, tires, and fork are made from the best of materials available. The Harper features a smooth dual layer fork that covers the front wheel through a dual contact bearing system that reduces vibration and steams the front suspension fork all the way to the bottom, eliminating any unwanted movement. The foot brake is also smooth, quiet, and efficient. It comes fully equipped with high-performance dual chain guards, making it a great deal for anyone who wants the performance of a full suspension bike, without spending a fortune on the new model.

When you need a mountain bike that you can use in all types of weather, but can’t afford the more expensive full suspension bikes, you’ll definitely want to consider a hybrid. The Harper is very lightweight, making it easy to get around without a large amount of stress on your back or knees. Hybrid bikes give you the performance benefits of both full suspension and a powerful motor, while still allowing you to take your bike on just about any terrain with ease. It’s perfect for people who don’t like to be on their feet much. The Retrospec Harper Mountain Bike is definitely a bike worth checking out!

Retrospec Beaumont seven speed lady’s commuter bike pros and cons

The Retro Spec Beaumont Seven Speed Lady’s Commuter Bike is a powerful little bike. Designed with a tough lady in mind, it features the all important full suspension system which makes it comfortable and light weight. But more importantly it is a great bike for getting around town. In fact, it may just be the perfect bike for those who live in small rural areas – as it will get you from A to B quite comfortably.

To ride the Retro Spec Beaumont Seven Speed Lady you need one other essential item: a helmet! helmets are important to keep your head safe in case of an accident, and even if you don’t wear one when riding a standard mountain bike it’s important to wear one if you’re out riding. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and realising that you have got a bad headache. Even if you don’t spend much time riding on the road, it’s still important to wear a helmet every time you can to ensure your safety.

So, if you’ve always fancied going out on your own and you love to mountain bike, but find that you’re afraid of cycling on the road, then the Retro Spec Beaumont Seven Speed Lady’s Commuter Bike could be the perfect bike for you. It’s a great bike for anyone who’s looking to keep fit and looking cool at the same time. You’ll love the way this bike climbs hills quickly and gets you from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. And best of all, you don’t need a lot of money to get started with. As it’s only one hundred and ten pounds (which include the helmet), you’ll be able to ride the bike for very little cost, and probably even borrow it from a friend to use for a week or two.

Retrospec Mantra V2 urban commuter bike pros and cons

The Retrospec Mantra V2 urban commuter bike has a composite fork that is able to support up to 250lbs of rider weight. It has strong TIG welded joints, which are both strong and attractive. This kind of fork design is well suited for urban riding because it doesn’t take much pressure off the back. Not to mention, the retro style of this frame style is visually pleasing. The frame is built with an aluminum/carbon monocoque, which is light-weight and durable. It is equipped with aero bars, hydraulic disc brakes, and a front rack mount bike carrier.

The frame of the Retrospec Mantra V2 urban commuter bike has a sporty riding position that is comfortable for long rides. The seat height is 31.5 inches high and with a comfortable 2.35 inch seat post, it makes for a great biking experience. The modern platform top design of the rear suspension system is able to provide accurate compression and rebound damping without being forced to sacrifice springiness or smoothness.

The bike is equipped with a wide range of modern features, which includes aero bars, hydraulic disc brakes, and a front rack bike carrier. It comes with a sporty fork design that has been designed to reduce stress on the back, while providing a sleek, modern look. The frame size of the bike is a medium-sized 29er wheeled model that is able to support up to forty pounds, thanks to its strong welded frames and light weight. This kind of frame size is suitable for city riding, where it can stand up to the wear and tear of city traffic. The bike also comes with deep-v rims, a large front drop down tire, and a rack and chain carrier that help to make long distance rides simple and easy.

Retrospec Cub kids balance bike pros and cons

Retrospec Cub kids’ bicycle has a number of innovative features. The front wheel is covered with thumb pads and safety grip, so you can be sure that your child is as safe as possible when riding the bike. This also makes it much easier to teach them about how to balance the bicycle. The rear wheels have a two-link spacing instead of a single-link spacing, which make it more difficult for younger children to balance their bikes. They are also covered in Velcro to make it much easier to secure. The handlebar and seat have padded seats.

While the frame is made from high quality materials, the seat and handlebars are designed for younger children. The seat is padded with an anti-skid pattern, and the handlebar is covered with comfortable grip. Both of these areas are very important to help protect your little one in case they get a nice big puncture. Also, since the wheels are relatively hard (around 25a) they offer little resistance if they do happen to come off.

The bike comes with three different sizes of tires. There is a tire that is good for beginners (read: small and fat), there is a larger and more aggressive tire for those who are just getting started in cycling, and a very small and soft tire for those who like to pedal a little. You can even get a flat tire kit so that you will always know where you are. All in all, this is a great bike that has a lot of features that will make riding with your little one a lot more fun!

Retrospec Fixie Bike
Retrospec Folding Bike
Retrospec Amok Touring Hybrid Bike

Retrospec Bike FAQ

Bike rack for Retrospec Fixie

When I first tried out the Retrospec Fixie bike rack, I was excited to see that it was actually a very sturdy one. The first time I tried it, I had to make an adjustment to get the bike down low enough so that I could actually lay the frame down. That is a minor quibble, but it made me realize that maybe there were a couple more options that I would have chosen. Since then, I have been very happy with my decision to get this product.

Now when I go to park my bike in the sun, I know that it will stay out of the heat while I am riding my bike. Now my only real concern is that the sun is shining directly on the rack and getting the bikes paint to fade a bit. I really love that I can now take my retro Spec Fixie bike rack with me anywhere I go. It is very compact and it fits right on the bike. You can also lock your rack with the bike rack for retro Spec Fixie. I love that I don’t have to worry about transporting my bike in my car with all the luggage rack systems that I have used in the past.

I also love that this rack system can be used with my kids bikes as well. My little ones are not huge fans of biking and riding my usual mountain bike that I have. With this rack, however, they can hang their bike on their little bike rack and they also do not have to be afraid of hurting their legs by jumping on the back of my car! So now they have their own little spot to ride their bike and have the opportunity to see how much fun they can have with their friends bikes when we take them out on the weekends!

Disk brake for Retrospec bike

A disc brake is the perfect choice for people who are looking to upgrade their brakes for an older model bike without increasing costs and disrupting the bike’s overall performance. A disc brake is a brake that fits directly onto the disk of your drive-train, instead of the pads that are fitted to your rotors. This gives you the benefit of instant brake response, but also means that your brakes can now work as hard as the other components of your bike. Disk brakes are especially great if you are looking to upgrade your braking system without having to alter the other parts of your system, as you will still be able to use your brakes if you need them. You can also have it custom-made to suit your specific needs.

If you are looking for retrofitting your brakes to work with your retrofitting kit, there are a few things that you need to know first. Since all the components that make up your bike have been manufactured specifically for the year that you drive it, you will need to identify which models of braking systems are compatible. In most cases, the disks that you can get today are made to fit the original models of bikes from the 70s, so you should have no problem with these. You will also need to make sure that the size of the disk that you get is the right size to fit on your bike. There are many suppliers out there that specialize in this, so make sure that you choose one that has experience in this.

Getting a disk brake for Retrospec bikes is a fantastic way to instantly give your bike a little bit more stopping power. Not only will it give you better stopping power, but it will make your bike look really cool and give you a lot more confidence when you are out on your bike. This is definitely a very good choice for people who want to update their bike.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I did a little research on bikes, and it led me here. It has a decent feel to it, is lightweight, looks nice, and is a great value. The ride is easy enough, and I’ve been averaging 8-10 miles a day. I wish the seat was a little wider for more support and the handle bars were a little closer together, but I might have purchased a size too big.

    My only complaint is that there is no grease included for installation. I didn’t have any bike grease, so I used some car grease to “rehydrate” rubber seals, which seemed to work well.

  2. I adore this bike, and it perfectly represents my personality. It’s so plain, minimalist, and unfussy. I’m constantly getting compliments and being asked where I got this. As I was riding my bike, an elderly lady honked beside me and asked where I got it because she thought it was so beautiful. But she took a look at the brand name and asked me how many speeds it had and where I purchased it. From afar, it must be breathtaking.

    Assembly was difficult, and I suggest enlisting the assistance of a bike enthusiast. I knew nothing about bicycles other than how to ride them, so putting it together from the box wasn’t easy. It would be beneficial to have a friend assist you, especially for safety reasons.

    This is more of a city leisure bike than a long bike ride because that’s not what it’s designed for, so I don’t recommend using it for a long ride, particularly uphill, or you’ll hurt your knee.

    This bike is fantastic. I purchased it when the pandemic began, and because bus rides are not recommended, I used it to get to work for a while. It’s very lovely.

  3. I’m a handyman who can repair stuff around the house. This bike is an outlier. The handle bars, front wheel, and seat are all simple to put together. The issue is with the pre-assembled pieces. The front break is located behind the spoke, resulting in a complete lack of motion in the front wheel. The front break had to be removed. The back wheel cannot be removed, which is an issue. Screws that had previously been screwed in became loose and began to fall out. Finally, the chain broke on my very first pedal, which I had to repair. I spent the whole day attempting to get the bike to work and repairing what was already assembled.

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