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Pure Fix Single Speed Bike Demo Video

today I want to introduce you to this
beautiful pure fix bike of course
they’re excited about it and want to
tell you guys all about it
because this is what I do I really like
just showing people simple things that
make their life more fun and on an
economical budget it’s a simple simple
one speed bike I got it last year and
I’ve been just riding it like crazy all
around town the thing about this bike is
it’s cheap cheap cheap $2.99 everything
about it it’s just so cool and it just
oozes cool kind of like me I bought this
at a local dealer in town because I
could have ordered it online from the
website in California and it ship it for
free right to your house but I figured
hey all us support the local dealer and
go and get one from there and I went
down there but now I ride and I ride and
this thing is silent it is so silent
listen to this
no one sees you coming and so I like
come up on people and they’ll just be
like whoa dude who where did you come
from how did you do that and I go well I
have a silent mic
I don’t work or know anybody at pure fix
or anything I do these reviews just
because I love something and I go oh I
gotta tell somebody about it I also want
to continue my craft of video production
so I have like this camera impact camera
and this camera the tree and that camera
here and it’s fun
check out these these gold wheels and if
you look closely there’s a gold spoke on
each wheel why they do that just because
they could I guess fun stuff make it
look all artsy and all that
let me check my camera this one again
see this is what you got to do when
you’re doing video production where the
four cameras shoot all oh and you got to
keep checking cameras to make sure
you’re not just sitting there talking
yourself when the cameras not recording
I reversed the bike angle kind of cool
huh give you a look at the other side
that looks just like the other side is
like just reverse the angle but so it
comes with just with a front brake and
you can like reverse the wheel to make
it direct drive which I don’t recommend
unless you’re good at Viking so I keep
it freewheel mode just I can coast along
if I want to and not have to worry about
the pedals spinning constantly and I
don’t even think I’m going to show you
what the direct mode is because it
involves me taking the back tire off and
switch it around and then it just think
of its like a gear and a gear and
there’s no give so you know you get the
idea you do some research online I’m not
here to tell you about how to do the
direct drive thing I’m just talking
about how great of a bike this is just
basic basic easy bike to ride and it’s
it goes like Shh you start pedaling like
crazy and it’s like before you know what
you’re doing like I don’t know like 20
or something who knows there’s two
things I did to it
well maybe three things if you include
this little handy dandy light but the
three things I did is I put a rear brake
on so I you know in case emergency
situation I don’t go flying over the
handlebars and I also didn’t extender on
the handlebars here to get them up a
little bit higher and of course little
handy-dandy bike light which is just my
little cool little neat thing that helps
me out at night if I ever need it but
most of the time I’d ride without light
just because I want to be like
hidden silent Moroccan gone silent and
in the dark some people really get
freaked out there like why that guy like
biking and he’s so silent and there’s no
lights or anything my god yeah that’s
what I do
I’m kind of crazy like that kind of
crazy okay it’s like a little jumping
spider $2.99 that’s what I’m talking
about and I could do that because I
don’t care about it because it was just
cheap cheap fun bike and it’s good
quality and it just goes so well and so
drinking ah nice
so let’s see maybe we will do a little
music montage from like the 80s or
something of me riding my pure fix you
know what this bike is good for is just
taking a little evening cruise and I’ll
go like 10 miles or something just go
down the trails and off on side streets
and then my little reward is going to
the pub and having a beer and that’s
what I mean folks it’s not about trying
to get there the fastest it’s about just
going on a nice exercise fitness run and
this is how I maintain my beautiful
physique by riding my pure figs hey I’m
49 years old yeah see what prefix can do
for you
woo decided to mix it up a little bit
and get an inside shot just to see what
it would look like this is my living
room the only reason I bought a pier six
bikes versus all the other ones is
because pier effect seems like an
amazing company online they have a bunch
of videos and a bunch of like how to’s
and updating your bike and I just love
that when companies just really get it
and start giving you that information
you need to to get a cool bike
and so I’m in my little chair I got my
bike here and and I know this is some
albums earlier and it was just so good
like this is really neat I gotta make a
video and I’ve seen all these people
like subscribing to me and commenting on
my videos I’m like I pet up bumble bee
this summer the big issue I have would
set me all about myself is just getting
all the cameras ready it’s so hard you
got to try to like you know you’re by
yourself you want to focus right and
then lot of times you’re not focused
right and you got to make sure your
audio is right and other times you’re
mine it’s just blah blah blah just tell
them goodbye criminal bit in my living
hey I’m pedaling with my hand you know
this is actual good exercise to you a
lot of people think you know biking is
where your exercises but check this out
if you just take your bike in your
living room like this we lift it and you
can just you can get a good workout and
you start pedaling and it’s like try to
do this pedal and take the bike straight
it’s like oh my gosh is is a great
workout oh yeah
see this you don’t need weights this can
just be a weight it’s this is a gym this
is a home gym maybe that’s what I’m
trying to say this is just a home gym
it’s not just a bicycle you can just
kind of talk to it I think that’s what I
like about this bike it understands me
it listens to me I think and it goes
wrong I’m gonna get you to that place
where you want to go today and I just
get on it and it takes me it’s like
pedal me brother and I’ll take you
places I really like the way this bike
looks it’s got the flat black and then
the little gold cool ramps and the thing
is is you can customize this bike too
you can get all different colors if you
want to do you can get like orange
handlebars I think or you know different
varieties of colors and this stuff is
cheap new brake assemblies like 25
dollars and someone’s calling me I wanna
let you know that this guy where we’ve
added another fatality purposes and I
see that you have a how to be any night
at is is that correct yeah I love
telemarketers sometimes it’s exciting
they’re fun
I’m gonna pretend to take a picture and
then oh it’s dark now I think I’m going
to do the rest of this review really
relaxed and my easy chair in my yard at
night I hope the neighbors don’t mind I
kind of feel like a fool sometimes doing
these reviews especially like this when
I’m just in the middle on my
neighborhood and talking to a camera
there’s probably people peeking out and
going Batman is crazy
he’s nuts ah you know when you really
think about the wheel and how the bike
works and the wheel the bike goes around
and around and I’m wondering what is it
just do you think suddenly when it came
up with a better way other than a wheel
you know something I decided to wear
black today to blend in with my easy
chair and the black bike with the black
seat in the black tires oh ya think so
let’s see god I just cannot think of
anything tonight I’m hungry I’m hungry
I should have ate before I did this but
I’m going to win out here : dark so
that’s my review of the pier fix bike I
hope you enjoyed it and please just
continue watching I’ll try to make more
of these but man they take a lot of time
and I don’t have much time because I’m
always doing side projects cool stuff I
want to share with you a little thing
before I go this was a little truck that
I had when I was little boy and I
attempted to give it a cool paint job
with spray paint and I remember doing
this I was probably three four years old
or somewhere on there but and I gave it
a little paint job with cream paint and
I still have it oh and look at this I
don’t know if you can see that it says
Ron IH my name in it so this is like
probably 42 years old or some things ah
little joys of life is memories you know
a little truck
Oh going I like the front end to like
haha I was like what a little spray
little boy you know going mom I
decorated it check it out and I was kind
of thrilled with this I was going to
just get rid of this too and now I’m
like it’s going to be with me forever
just because I never realized my name
was in the bottom of it Oh memories and
exciting okay well I think I’m going to
go it’s been a pleasure

Pure Fix Bicycles

Pure Fix Bicycle Company started with one store in downtown LA and now they are franchising out stores all around the world. The main goal of this company is to provide high quality bicycles at reasonable prices. They believe that every person wants to be happy when they are riding their bicycle, so they put their heart into making the bikes that they sell as great as possible. The company strives to provide customers with great service, products, and a great experience when riding their bicycle.

Pure Fix bicycles have a wide range of different types of equipment available to customers. There are bicycle trainers, mountain bikes, urban bicycles, mountain bike fashions and other types of products that the company sells. Customers can choose from many different types of parts to enhance their bike. There are companies that can do customizations for you like customizing the handlebars, pedals, wheels and more, so you can have a custom bike made for yourself.

When it comes to the company’s name, it is not really their company name, but rather the Pure Fix. The name Pure Fix is taken from the fact that the company focuses on making bicycles that are not only fun to ride but are also durable. They offer a wide variety of products for the consumers to choose from, such as mountain bike parts and bicycles. They also offer accessories and parts like helmets, gears, baskets, shoes and much more.

There are many different types of products and parts that you can buy by Pure Fix, so they offer you a wide variety of options when shopping for bikes. If you have any questions about their products or anything else, you can always ask them, as they are very helpful and willing to answer your questions.

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One of the best reasons for choosing Pure Fix is because they have a high level of satisfaction and guarantee for their products. The company knows that they will be able to take care of any problems that you might encounter if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The company also offers a free installation, no questions asked, and the full warranty period. This means that if you purchase a bike and it doesn’t work properly, you won’t have to worry about having to replace it.

Pure Fix Bike
Pure Fix Bicycle
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Pure Fix Bike FAQ

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I was considering purchasing a Retrospek bike and a surly, but after doing some testing, I discovered that this company has better customer service than Restrospek, and surly frames are much too large for me.

    I was irritated and irritated that they did not have further customization. None of the bike models they provide truly appeal to what I am looking for in a bike. Neither of their frames suits my body well. The 43 is too thin, with a too-short top tube. The 50 top tube would be ideal for me, but the seat tube is too short. The 47 fits well but does not provide me with enough stand over height. I just wish they had a 45 cm bike frame available between the 43 and 47 gap. Furthermore, if you just want to buy the frame and fork, they do not sell frames shorter than 50 cm.

    I ended up purchasing the Romeo all-white bike and purchasing additional parts to customize my bike to my taste. The bike was supposed to be shipped in two days, but it took three days to arrive. Of course, the bike arrived well packaged; there are some minor dents and holes in the box, but that’s probably more the fault of Fedex. I was irritated when the bike arrived filthy and scratched all over; there is also a small dent in my seat tube near the crank. They did include some paint in a nail polish bottle, I believe for touch-ups. I’d appreciate it if my brand-new bike arrived clean and scratch-free…

    It didn’t take long for me to mount the bike, and I finished it in a matter of hours. I’ve been riding it for about a day and a half now, and I like it so much. The bike isn’t as light as a feather, but it’s also not a wall. Overall, I would strongly suggest this bike to any other college students or commuters out there.

    -Decently priced
    -Looks nice -Rides smoothly

    -Minor scuffs and dents
    -Uncalibrated brakes… Mine needed to be re-calibrated.
    -Shipped with a freewheel rather than a fixed wheel (which irritated me because I had to flip the wheel)
    -Doesn’t give customization = extra cost

    Another thing, I’ve heard that the brakes are bad…they’re a little irritating because I have to recalibrate them, but the pads are fine… I’ve just been riding at around 20 mph, so it’s not a problem. I’ll post more about the brake when I’m moving faster. The tires are also fine for the time being, but I will change the inner tubes and tires later when I have more money. I’ll also get it professionally calibrated.

    Finally, I would strongly suggest this to others. I also gave this bike four stars instead of three because I now enjoy riding it. They did respond quickly to my email and did not simply ignore my questions. I really like how the bike feels when I ride it, and it’s a good match for me overall.

  2. Quite simple to assemble. The product is of high quality. Excellent starter fixed gear. However, there were no tools in the pack, so keep that in mind if you don’t have any bike tools. All you really need are three different sizes of allen wrenches/he keys, as well as a socket kit. (If you want to swap the reflectors, use a Phillips head.) It arrived fully assembled as a single-gear. Switching from single to fixed gear is easy, but make sure you do it before you start your trip. The construction is solid. Just make sure you have anything else you might need, such as lights (even though it comes with reflectors, lights are much safer and better/why not both), an air compressor, and bike lube. If you’re going to ride fixed gear, I’d recommend pedal straps. The bike is also simple to customize and replace parts on. A small saddle bag with patches and equipment would be a useful addition. However, if you are unsure how to do anything during the construction, take it to your nearest bike shop. They’ll have it going like a baby’s bottom in no time. But I doubt you’ll have any problems because it’s such an easy bike mechanically (which is also an added bonus for repairs.)

  3. I recently purchased the 47cm Echo Black/Red bike, and there is no doubt that it is a beautiful bike—the wheels are a glossy red, and the frame is a matte black. Shipping was fast, and the bike was in excellent condition when I received it. However, as I was putting my bike together, I noticed that one of the brake pads was missing (I kind of figured it might happen judging from previous reviews). Before I could ride my bike, I had to spend $11.99 on new brake pads from my nearby bike shop (I ride it single speed, not fixie). Also, as a short girl (I’m 5’1″), I expected this extra tiny frame to suit me, but it’s still a little too big on me (have to stand on my very tip toes and tilt to the side to stop). I expected it to fit better because the sizing range for the 47cm says it’s for people 4’7-5’1″, but that’s not the case for me… maybe my legs are just short? However, looking at their website right now, it appears that they also sell a 43cm size (which must be new?). I didn’t notice it when I bought my bike about a week ago). If I had known they had a 43cm scale, I would have gone for that instead, but it’s too late for that now. It’s extremely difficult for short people to find affordable (and new) bikes, which is why I choose this one (it’s also very lightweight and simple for me to transport).

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