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Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench reviewed by Philly Pedals
Sunlite Sport Pedal Wrench reviewed by Philly Pedals
Bike Pedal Wrench Bicycle Spanner 15, 16, 17 mm Repair Removal Tool for Biking Cycling Mountain Bike MTB BMX reviewed by Philly Pedals
Pedal Wrench Double Sided Bicycle Pedal Removal 15/16/17mm Bike Spanner Home Mechanic Pedal Repair Tool With Long Hand Comfortable Grip Energy-saving Cycling Crank Set for Biking Maintenance & Repair reviewed by Philly Pedals
Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench
SUNLITE Sport Pedal Wrench
Tfwadmx Bike Pedal Wrench
AMbs Bicycle Pedal Wrench
Park Tool
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Product Page
Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench reviewed by Philly Pedals
Park Tool PW-5 Home Mechanic Pedal Wrench
Park Tool
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Sunlite Sport Pedal Wrench reviewed by Philly Pedals
SUNLITE Sport Pedal Wrench
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Bike Pedal Wrench Bicycle Spanner 15, 16, 17 mm Repair Removal Tool for Biking Cycling Mountain Bike MTB BMX reviewed by Philly Pedals
Tfwadmx Bike Pedal Wrench
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Pedal Wrench Double Sided Bicycle Pedal Removal 15/16/17mm Bike Spanner Home Mechanic Pedal Repair Tool With Long Hand Comfortable Grip Energy-saving Cycling Crank Set for Biking Maintenance & Repair reviewed by Philly Pedals
AMbs Bicycle Pedal Wrench
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Every Park Tool Pedal Wrench Explained and Demonstrated

hello YouTube welcome back Chris here
just wanted to run down a quick video of
every park tool pedal wrench ever made
we’re gonna start off with the Park Tool
pw1 we’ve also got the park tool pw3 BW
4 and pw 5 and we have a little
honourable mention here at the end so
let’s get started our victim today from
specialized we have an s works tarmac
with the ceramics s build pretty sweet
bike we’re lucky to have it in the shop
today so this is what we’re gonna use to
demonstrate these pedal wrenches and how
they work
first off here we have the original park
tool pedal wrench the park tool pw1 this
is a stainless steel pedal wrench it’s
got a 15 millimeter side and a 9/16 side
not as common on more modern pedal
wrenches as the 9/16 side is not very
commonly used this is a tool that’s no
longer available I actually had to
purchase this on ebay that are kind of
hard to find nowadays because they have
been replaced with a modern version the
pw3 so we’re gonna get our pedals
started here we had a couple threads now
we’re gonna hook up the 15 millimeter
side of the pw1 we’re going to go ahead
and spin those cranks backwards until it
gets nug now this is one of the
complaints with the PW 1 the PW 3 is the
a chair where you don’t have a lot of
good leverage you would need to rotate
the crank half a turn and then torque
just like that more of an issue when
taking a pedal off than putting one on
as if you don’t have a good mechanical
advantage it can be tricky a good
leverage if the pedal is stuck so taking
this off say anything decent-sized
handle on this wrench for a decent
torque I prefer a little bit longer but
not bad here’s our Park Tool PW – three
to the best of my knowledge I couldn’t
find anything about a park tool PW – so
I’m not sure if they make it or have
made it or what but if you know anything
about it please let me know in the
comments this tool was essentially the
same as our Park Tool PW or different
finish this is what the more modern Park
tools are coming with now is this matte
black finish as opposed to the stainless
steel finish but pretty much the same
length same handle same head still the
two different measurements 9/16 and 15
millimeter as I said the PW 3 is
basically the same tool as the PW one
with just a different finish so we don’t
really need to go through this all again
I’ll give you a quick pedal on and pedal
off here say we’re gonna pedal it just
off to flip it just like on the PW 1
torque I like it a little longer handle
because of the rings here if I were to
slip with this short handle I’m gonna
bust my knuckles on these chain rings
that’s why I really prefer to hand a
little bit more leverage and take it on
and here we have it the Park Tool pw4
they call this their professional wrench
to be honest is probably my favorite
tool in the workbench I love my park
tool that’ll wrench PW for super long
handle great for leverage great for
great for keeping your hands out of the
chain rings two sides on there at
different angles a great mechanical
advantage you can always flip this tool
around some direction and get a good
angle on the pedal to take it on and off
just in my opinion this is probably the
best pedal wrench on the market all
right then here’s the PW 4 we’ll get it
started as I mentioned before the angles
on the PW 4 make it really easy to use
you can either come down in it like this
or put the wrench down like that just
depending on where you get the best
mechanical advantage nice long handle
that’s why they call this their
professional pedal wrench does either if
you have a bad mechanical advantage an
angle like this we can flip the wrench
and get a good amount of torque just
like that or for taking it off same
Park Tool pw five pedal wrench
real simple wrench not much to it almost
like an oversized cone wrench just
single sided with a slight angle to it
15 millimeter only and we’re all easy to
throw into a small tool box or for a
beginner collection won’t break the bank
but definitely a nice tool lastly we
have our pw 5 a real simple wrench not
much you can’t really mess up here one
side great for beginners inexpensive
wrench definitely something you just
throw in a smaller toolbox nothing
confusing only the 15 millimeter side
not always the best mechanical advantage
on the angle of this wrench for example
right here pretty tough to torque or run
torque and your opposite side a little
better but not great
as promised here is honorable mention
this is the Park Tool H cw-16
they also recently came out with an HT w
16 I believe point three which is just a
thinner chain for some of the 12 speed
stuff but essentially the same tool 15
millimeter pedal wrench on one side and
a chain whip on the other awesome tool
you know I appreciate all tools you
obviously have your big heavy-duty
professional tools like your Park Tool
pw4 and you’ve got everything in between
but you know tools like this are great
for beginners people who don’t own a lot
of tools people who don’t want to store
a lot of tools something quick they can
just throw in a small toolbox or an
emergency kit and if you’re gonna own
one tool you wanna save a little bit of
money for example if you were to buy
these two guys here a professional chain
whip and a professional park tool pedal
wrench those run you about thirty five
dollars apiece that’s a $70 set right
there for two tools this one guy alone
you could probably pick up for about
twenty-five bucks so for a lot less
money it’ll still do the same job those
other two will maybe not always as
easily but still plenty capable of doing
doing the job of a pedal wrench and a
chain whip especially in an emergency
kit or in a basic tool kit setup well
there you have it guys that is all of
the park tool pedal wrenches explained
and demonstrated with our honorable
mention there the hcw 16 please let me
know what you thought of this video if
you had any questions concerns if I got
anything wrong if you know something
about a Park Tool PW – which I couldn’t
find anything about please let me know
I’d be curious to see what that tool is
and how it works and oh I forgot to go
down my favorites obviously my favorite
the PW for second favorite probably the
PW 1 and then the PW 3 pw 5 and the HC w
but these tools all have different uses
they’re all good for certain things just
depends on what you’re looking to
accomplish with it and yeah so to each
their own I hope you enjoyed the video
please subscribe if you want to see more
videos like this I’ve got more covered
in the future and thanks

Bicycle Pedal Wrench Review

For bicycle enthusiasts, the bike pedal wrench is indispensable. They are used to change or repair the pedals of their bicycles. They are available in different sizes and can be obtained from bike stores, bicycle shops, or online sellers. You should consider several factors in choosing the bike pedal wrench that you will use most often.

The type of wrench needed depends on your purpose. You need to make sure you get the right tool for the job. The general types are: tighten and loosen, pliers, sockets, and ratchets. Wrench should be sharpened properly. It should have a double-ended feature which allows you to turn tight and loosess the pedals. To help you choose a wrench, look at its design and features.

The style and size of the bike pedal wrench should also match your bike. There are different sizes and shapes. Look for a pedal wrench with the right size and grip for your pedals. This should fit snugly into the hole that is drilled on your bicycle’s frame. You need to choose the right size wrench so it will not cause any discomfort while using it.

If you are changing the wheels, the size and shape of the bike pedal wrench will vary. A basic wrench that fits most types of pedals will be adequate. But if you have fancy bike models, you may need to get special wrench sets which have various features. Some of the features you may find on a bike pedal wrench include cable hooks, threaded fasteners, and valve stems.

The cost of a bike pedal wrench will depend on the features included in it and the materials used. Quality materials and a durable design are essential in making them. Choose those made from quality stainless steel so you can use it for years. The best place to find a good bike pedal wrench is online because you can easily compare the different models and prices offered by different retailers.

A bike pedal wrench is the tool you need when fixing your bike. It is necessary to ensure that your bicycle is not only running smoothly, but also well. If you are not sure how to change the pedals, you can ask help from a bike mechanic or find an online source that offers information about bike mechanics. You can also get useful tips from them about maintaining your bike and how to choose the right kind of bike pedal wrench for your needs.

Remove Bike Pedals
Pedal Wrench or Hex Key
Install Bike Pedals

Bike Pedal Wrench FAQ

Pedal wrench for kids bike

The first time I saw my child-in-law uses a pedal wrench for kids bike maintenance, I thought to myself “I wonder how many more times this kid is going to screw something in my house this weekend?” Not long ago, I had to get up early in the morning and go pick up one of our little nephews from daycare. On my way to the front door, I noticed that the garage door was partly open and a small, dark colored box (which looked like an old cereal box) was sitting on the ground next to the stairwell. I quickly retrieved my small, black and white tool set and stuck it into the open space. While slowly turning the screwdriver, I watched my niece wriggle her little body into the box, followed by her head sticking out of the hole.

As I tightened the grip on the pedal socket, I realized that she had probably been leaning in that direction for quite some time. The look on her face was one of pure joy – she had found her very own pedal wrench for kids! With a quick pop of her heels, she was out of the chair and running down the stairs before I had a chance to say anything. We were glad we had prepared this little bit of information ahead of time, just in case.

As we talked more about pedal wrenches for kids, my little girl started explaining what she wanted us to know about them. In fact, she was so excited that she had asked us not to take her shopping that day, that we decided to try and find her a pedal wrench while we were at work. When we got home, she told us she really wanted one and was asking all of our advice about which pedal wrench for kids we would recommend.

Pedal wrench for mountain bike

If you plan to buy a pedal wrench for mountain bike from your local bicycle shop then you should know that they usually offer just one single type. This can make it a little bit difficult when you first start to look around for the right pedal wrench for your bike, but if you take your time and search around in enough places then you can usually find what you need. You should also remember to ask questions before you actually buy the pedal wrench as some stores will try to sell you a bike tool with no pedals included or without a proper wrench for you to use. This means that you have no way of testing the product and making sure that you are satisfied with the purchase that you make, so be wary when doing business with these types of stores. If you want to ensure that you get exactly the right type of pedal wrench then you should shop online, as this is where you will have the largest selection available and you will also have the best deals.

When shopping online for a pedal wrench for mountain bike, you will obviously have a bigger selection available to you and this means that you will have more opportunities to get the right type of pedal wrench for your bike. The first thing that you should keep in mind when looking for a pedal wrench is the brand of the bicycle that you have. If you are buying a pedal wrench for a well known brand then you will have no trouble finding a tool that will work with the brand of bike that you have. Some people prefer to buy tools that match their style and this can be especially important if you already own a powerful mountain bike. If you have a Shimano for instance, then a crank arm wrench won’t work with the crank arms on a mountain bike from that manufacturer. The same goes for a Cushman brand as well.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of the pedal wrench that you need. Wrenches come in a variety of sizes that you should keep in mind when you begin to look around. In some cases, the size that you need will be one that is specific for a particular brand and model of bicycle. The problem with this is that you will run into compatibility issues when trying to use the wrench in a bike that is not of the same make and model. There are ways to overcome this issue but it is best left to the experts.

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