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Abbey Bike Tools Whip-It Chain Whip One Color, Track Version reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool Green/Silver, One Size reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-Tool Green, 2.5/4/5mm/t25 reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Tools Dual Sided Crombie Tool Super Light reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools Chain Whip
Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool
Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-Tool
Abbey Bike Tools SL Dual Sided Crombie Tool
Abbey Bike Tools
Abbey Bike Tools
Abbey Bike Tools
Abbey Bike Tools
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Product Page
Abbey Bike Tools Whip-It Chain Whip One Color, Track Version reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools Chain Whip
Abbey Bike Tools
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool Green/Silver, One Size reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools Decade Chain Tool
Abbey Bike Tools
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-Tool Green, 2.5/4/5mm/t25 reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools 4-Way Multi-Tool
Abbey Bike Tools
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Abbey Tools Dual Sided Crombie Tool Super Light reviewed by Philly Pedals
Abbey Bike Tools SL Dual Sided Crombie Tool
Abbey Bike Tools
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Verg’s Tool Box

i’m verge with
a scott sports western demo
as well as abby tools ambassador so i’m
just here at abbey tools in vendor again
going to give you a run through of my
started with a pelican 1510 case
with wheels and a handle um medium sized
case not super big not super small
enough room for everything i need plus a
little bit of room to expand
i end up with dealing with multiple
drive trains multiple brakes so i need a
little bit more tools and maybe a lot of
team people would be
because of my position in at scott
start up top here with my work mat
as well as main most commonly used tools
i built the tool case to have commonly
used tools first accessible
for my demos a set of beta sliding t
as well as in hex as well as
torques so two and a half to eight hex
and then
t10 t25 and t30 torx
in addition that i have two abbey four
ways this is my most commonly used one
t25 four five and six um allen so
covers 95 of what i need to do at work
with a demo bike
saddle height lever position that kind
of thing my second one
is a mix of allen and torque
t10 t30 which is suspension pivots on
scott as well as two and a half
and three so with these two tools i can
most of my job and assemble or kind of
tune most of a demo bike
the great thing about these is abby will
build them to your specs so if you want
a different fitment if you want a
phillips or a flat blade if you want all
if you want all torques you can actually
custom order them with whatever blade or
whatever bit you want in it
high quality german bits as well so this
as you can see from the marks on the
aluminum well used
for probably three or four years and the
bits are still running good
so that’s kind of work mat as well as
mainly used tools
these two tiers we have the top of the
box and the bottom of the box
or the top pallet are all commonly used
tools so i built it so commonly use
tools up top so ideally i don’t have to
dig into the bottom of the boxes
when i’m working i can open it be ready
to go 90
of the time mix of kaizen foam up top
and then the pallets below are kaizen
foam with an abs plastic base
up here starting up here we have weara
screwdrivers wear a bit drivers so two
two and a half and three bit drivers for
derailleur limit screws that kind of
thing a little quarter inch mini driver
don’t use um screwdrivers that much on
bikes anymore
but this is a multi uh multi-bit driver
quarter inch bit from where
it stands which is really cool a little
switch blade screwdriver
as well as has bit storage inside so a
mix of phillips
or star as well as flat blades so that
covers most of the screwdrivers i need
i have some bits in other places if i
need to use that with other bits
up top shimano little um
flashlight with a flexible head as well
a head that’s small enough to fit in
most cable ports so really good for
internal routing
you can snake this into a frame and kind
of see what you’re doing a little
magnetic base too which is kind of cool
so if you’re working on something it’ll
actually magnet to stuff
below that abbey team issue tie hammer
with a punch inside so it’s really good
if you can to use as much storage as
since i you only use the punch with the
hammer it makes sense to have these
tools together
i was able to just put some foam inside
and uh modify
a bar end plug to hold that in place
below that happy tools hag or hanger
alignment gauge
lightweight compact as well as
very accurate very high tolerance in
this sliding feature here
no play as well as this has a set screw
and it’s adjustable
to take out any tension if it develops
one great thing about this
is it’ll actually pivot so if you’re
using it
on a bike that has
racks or fenders you can actually pivot
it out of the way to get your three
points so
up high at 90 down below at 90. so
because it pivots you don’t have to
reset it
and lose your use your index
point or your reference point super
important with
multi-speed bikes to have accurate
driller hanger alignment
below that wear a quarter inch drive
torque wrench most of my tools
will be weara and abby um really good
luck with weara i like the way the
fit my hands and most of the ergonomics
are great so quarter inch drive torque
a quarter inch bit set from hazard with
a couple of adapters
so allen set torque set commonly used
to go with the adapter as well as the
quarter inch
to go with the torque wrench as well as
a quarter inch wrench i have
fast cap marker so this is actually
what’s used to trace around the tools
it’s a long nose marker so it’ll get
around the tool and allow you to
accurately trace the cut
it’s silver so it shows up on the kaizen
foam so super handy if you’re cutting
your own box this makes it a lot easier
sharpie super handy as well always need
this is a cool little uh just ballpoint
pen for my friend
carry it cord pdx has a little mini
screwdriver in the back which is
not really used um has
a ruler on the outside and a couple
different scales which is rad
as well as a tiny little um level so
great for measuring saddles anything
like that so
multi-use tools are always good um save
so going over here um got a set of klein
uh scissors super sharp really good
scissors small again
does what it needs to i don’t need giant
scissors so i don’t carry giant scissors
wear allen wrench set as well as torque
wrench set they’re shorter handles
because my main sets for allen and
torques are the
beta t handles over here so this is a
backup set
here we have wolf tooth pack pliers
which is a master link plier set
as well as storage for uh
chain master links this is for valve
core wrenches
spare chain ring bolt as well as a
tire lever it’s the
smallest master link pliers i can find i
use it as a main tool for my toolbox
but i also carry one in my pack for like
mountain biking road cycling that kind
of thing
msw tire levers they’re basically
knock-off over
michelin tire lever from years ago super
super thin with a really good hook so
very stiff
for a small thin tire lever the michelin
ones were the best
i don’t think they’ve made them in a
while i still have one floating around
these are really good knockoffs
sks digital pump for checking tire
super important on mountain bikes uh
within a couple psi is a massive
difference so really within you want to
be within
a half psi at most so digital makes it a
little bit easier
down the bottom palette again pretty
commonly used tools
tiny little canipex tweezers
just a little steel rule with another
set of tweezers underneath tweezers are
really good for you know removing debris
from tires they’re also really good for
internal routing
um that works fox
digital shock pump accurate and
repeatable which is super important with
suspension to be able to
adjust forks within a half psi and
consistently put in the same pressure
is very important these are consistent
which is just as much important as an
accurate reading
a couple different companies make a
digital shock pump i use the fox one it
works great
below that abbey crombie which is
a cassette tool so this is kind of the
tool that jason first made that started
abby tools
uh can’t be on one side shimano or
sram s group on the other side is what
they call it a hollow handle so it’s
more it’s lighter which helps i
cut mine down a little bit so it’s more
compact to fit in my box
next to that happy team issue pedal
uh cutout for lighter weight 15 mil
standard pedal wrench and then a six and
an eight
a hardened steel bit um so very
sturdy actually takes off all pedals
versus having to reach for multiple
which is great at demos because i’m
taking off and putting on multiple types
of pedals
pro internal routing tool has
connections for so to run
internal routing on bikes e-tube and
then two connections for
uh either hydraulic hose or
brake or shift cable um magnets to help
run through
one compact tool which is nice it
doesn’t fall apart everything’s there
when you need it
stores well holotech tool compression
cap tool for shimano’s
little star bit allows you to tighten
preload on shimano holotec 2 cranks
also saddle height bullet so this
integrates in allows you to
get a consistent reference for saddle
height this indexes into the crank
this allows your uh with a little magnet
holds your
tape measure stands valve core tool
pretty standard
this is another abbey tool decade chain
tool so newer tool from about a year
uh does multi-speed chains um
also because of the design is the
ability to kind of like adapt forward so
this is what they call a mid plate that
is interchangeable
allows you to run multi-speed change
which is currently set up for
eighth inch chain if you’re doing track
unbolts replaces it so one one tool can
do multiple different chain fitments as
well as
sram flat top or the new road chains
require a different mid plate
inside is spare bit storage as well is
grub screw that’s there to pin campy
chains so this will do
current multi-speed chains as well as
ping campy chains correctly which is
super important so again
having multiple tools when you can have
one do multiple things
is multiple tools take up space and cost
money so one tool
saves weight saves hassle
next to that cdi torque wrench mini just
breakaway torque wrench
two to eight newton meters for stems
bars grips you know controls that kind
of thing
um very important as well as the bit set
next to it from where
so just to wear a bit set in a generic
two to six as well as t25 and t30
little tiny tape measure from shimano
sae and metric
allows me to run both this is a
kaizen knife so it’s from the company
that make the kaizen foam it’s got a
very thin blade so it allows you to
turn and follow contours so really helps
cutting your foam pallets out so i would
recommend if you’re doing it
either go with like the hot knife um
like brad
copeland showed in his video or use the
kaizen razer blade and the kaizen marker
most of my pliers are going to be
kinemax found that
smaller pliers work great um i don’t
need giant pliers on bikes there’s
usually a better tool than pliers in
most instances
so i have a flush cutter for cutting zip
cutting small stuff that’s a five inch
this is a five inch needle nose again
general purpose tool
nip x is very high quality uh really
good tools
jumping over here to the other two nip x
pliers uh what they call a pliers wrench
so i carry a 180 or
six inch excuse me seven inch and then a
150 so six inch
sliding um parallel jaws so the jaws are
always parallel works great with bolts
as well as actually tightens it so it’s
basically a better kind
engineered crescent wrench or adjustable
great do everything allows you to
replace a lot of tools if you’re running
a lightweight box
next to this in the middle is an old set
of velcro cable cutters
these are probably 30 years old i was
gifted them from joe sancholte one of
the first guys i started working races
with in about 2005.
he had had them for 15 or 20 years so 30
year old tools that still work great
if you buy quality tools they last so as
an investment it’s always cheaper to buy
tools once that are good that buy
cheap tools twice so
coming back up we have somewhere
ratchets so 3 8 and quarter inch drive
quarter inch drive will be used with
some of the bits
3 8 inch drive will be used for bottom
bracket sockets top cap sockets that
i’ll show you later
a swivel head which is great very fine
tooth count and it actually locks in
place and can be used like a screwdriver
which is pretty cool
so again wear tools make great stuff
that’s that middle palette again kaizen
foam up top
abs plastic which i think is 3 16 with
velcro double sided velcro connecting it
that way if i need to replace this foam
i can replace it without having to
totally rebuild the base
so if tool fitment changes
here in our middle palette um we have
some extra space which is always good
when you’re building a box
fitment change job description change
bike technology changes so leaving some
extra space to add tools
is a really good idea when you’re
building your toolbox
starting over here with some disc brake
tools um
compression fitting tool to insert a
compression fitting into hydraulic lines
just brake hose trimmer super easy quick
clean cut which is important for
leak-free seals also important for leak
to free seals
is the compression nut needs to be
tightened to the cracked torque so
here’s a eight mil crow’s feet which
allows you to run the quarter inch drive
torque wrench
so this guy to tighten it to correct
a couple files here inside deburr
so to debur the inside of seat posts if
you cut them handle bars on the end if
you cut steer tubes
really quick way to deburr that
this is kind of a cool little guy metric
thread repairing file
so if you damage threads on a bolt this
actually is designed to cut
threads uh or clean up threads i guess
is a better way to put it but it’s
uh it’s set up so it has the different
pitches so it actually has
grooves that correspond the different
pitches so a lot easier than
using like one of these files to try to
clean up threads if there’s damage
pretty inexpensive covers all standard
metric sizes so pretty easy way
um to save some stuff that may have been
damaged especially if you’re out in the
field and don’t have spares
it’s the gerber freescape saw so it’s
actually supposed to be a wood cutting
saw but it’ll take 12 inch hacksaw
blades with a little modification
so it’s the only currently that’s the
only great folding hacksaw
but basically you would insert the blade
in between these two lock this and then
you have a folding hacksaw
don’t use a hacksaw that much but when
you need one it’s the only tool to use
lightweight it’s basically aluminum as
well as pretty handy and quick to
set up and deploy
so again a lot of space for extra tools
if we need to add them later which i’m
sure i will
less commonly used tools in the top two
pallets as well as this
so build your box so the commonly used
tools are easily accessible
in the base we have a divider of track
so it’s a corrugated plastic material
with foam on either side so corrugated
plastic like signboard with some foam to
protect the contents
it’s also made by pelicans so you can
get it custom made custom cut for a lot
of their cases
i cut mine down in height and kind of
modified it from stock
but it’s a great thing to make kind of
adjustable dividers in the bottom of a
over here have some greases special
grease or the shimano
green grease sometimes called dura ace
grease non-special grease which is just
kind of assembly grease carbon assembly
paste which is greased with grit
basically so a couple
um greases over here
on this side we have a couple other uh
i guess supplies so thread thread lock
tight um
of two two sides two types and then
a sleeve retaining compound for bearing
press-fitting bbs that kind of thing
over here some suspension top cap
sockets from abby so 3 8 inch drive to
go with the weara
ratchet that we have up top um flush
ground so very small chamfer so again
interface with the top cap of suspension
sockets aluminum so it’s going to be
non-marring and very close tolerance so
suspension top cap sockets are shallow
need a
flush ground wrench to properly uh
tighten or loosen them without marring
it and it’s very visible
if you do mar those next to that some
other suspension tools
a suspension seal press from abby or
fork seal press drivers
so threads together you have basically
your press
there threads to the handle aluminum
impact surface
or steel impact surface aluminum handle
um and this
uh integrates with the upper bushing so
it aligns to the upper bushing so you’re
going to be pressing your seal in
accurately and straight they come in 32
34 35 and 36 currently so
32 34 35 and 36 millimeters
corresponding to most rock shocks and
fox forks
there’ll be some additional fitments
coming along
in here’s a couple of bottom bracket
tools a
double sided tool for ultegra and dura
ace again 3 8 inch drive so does the
the two common smaller fitment patterns
on external bottom brackets from shimano
this is the original holotec 2 fitment
pattern it also works with
center lock lock rings for disc brakes
it’s taller so it’ll clear the end of
a hub for disc brake rotors
as well as 12 and 13 notch oversized bb
tools from abby
so different fitments but pretty
commonly used um
external bb tools try to keep
more commonly used ones if possible in
here um
this is a little star nut setter that
jason made for me small compact
lightweight chunk of aluminum way
lighter than
any other star nut setter and works
better than just hammering in with the
over here is a soccer crombie so this
can be used to either check torque on
a cassette lockring or it can also be
used to remove top cap sockets on
some rockshox forks so basically the
same as the crombie
chain whip combo with the chromebig set
tool it’s just a socket version
over here some beta which is the same
company that makes the t handles
open open-end wrenches 16-17 so the cool
thing with these is there’s two sizes on
so i’m able to have half as many tools
in the toolbox save some weight save
some space
those are from pegasus auto racing is
where i got my beta
tools great italian tools
in here we have abbey bearing presses so
the micro
bearing press with drifts for hubs and
smaller bearings suspension bearings
suspension pivots as well as some
smaller hub bearings
thrust bearing uh very low effort to
um so the right way to install
suspension bearing sockets and
you know vice vice grips and everything
are not the correct way to do that
as well as the headset press so this is
going to cover
bottom bracket as well as headsets um
press fit so this one has a thrust
bearing this is the handleless version
so has an eight mil broach to use uh
with our 8-mil rinse for torque if you
need it i found that you don’t need much
torque on this
there’s such low effort um from the
design of the tool that i don’t usually
a tool to press in a bottom bracket cup
i can usually use my hand butt fitments
30 or excuse me dub
30 millimeters so pf30 bb30 24 mil
spindle and then 22
which is the non-drive side of gxp so
most common bb fitments um drifts for
that come with the tool
put that guys back
over here some small parts underneath my
small parts is my
spoke tools so dt swiss sport squirks
envy square as well as just a standard
dt swiss
uh spoke wrench there a little space to
add a couple more tools if needed and
this is just small parts
a little bits
housing end caps cable crimps
chain master links various hydraulic
hose fittings for disc brakes
uh some headset spacers valve cores
water bottle bolts and some
miscellaneous bolts just some kind of
odds and ends that
come in handy and you need while working
on bikes
um i think that’s most of it so again
1510 case with a mix of kaizen foam
uh and track pack dividers
it’s a good way to go it’s modular
allows you to kind of build your own kit
keep it lightweight keep modular if you
need to you can just replace one layer
and don’t have to go full in
it allows you to build the kit that you
need for your application so
that’s it i’m verge from abbey bike
tools and scott sports
have a nice day

Abbey Bike Tools

When I had finally had enough of messing around with rewinding and changing cassette tapes with cheap plastic tools, asked around as many people as possible, and the same reply kept coming back. Buy Abbey Bike Tools, get over it and fix it all yourself. Well to be quite honest, almost every time I was asked, got sent images of someones favorite amateur tool being dismantled with a smile on their face. Of course it wasn’t always an Abbey Bike Tools either, sometimes it was a screwdriver, sometimes needle nose pliers, but you get the point.

Over the years I’ve seen a lot of the old bicycle frames. Some of them are barely salvageable and others are beyond saving. I have found that when I buy solid Abbey Bike Tools from a reputable dealer, there’s little to no chance that any of the tools will fall apart on me. The tools themselves are well made and the workmanship is great. They can take the roughness out of fixing bicycles, or making simple adjustments to the way things work.

As one of my favorite comedians said “There’s nothing worse than having everything falling down around your neck while you’re watching television.” So that’s why we all need a solid Abbey Bike Tools kit, a “Whip It In” toolbox for the dual sided tape, a case for the screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, nuts and bolts. That’s pretty much it for a beginner. For more complex jobs we need a bigger toolbox, one with double sided tape, scissors, a case, wrenches, levers, locks, bolts, and sockets. You can even stuff a bit of dynamite in there too.

There’s nothing better than getting out of bed one morning and realizing that you had forgotten the toolbox of your bicycle. With our society moving toward green living and “going green”, we’re seeing more people trying to live “greener” – using renewable resources and electric efficient appliances. In an effort to help our environment, many people are finding ways to reuse whatever they can, including bicycles. An old bicycle usually just sits in the corner of a room until you decide it’s time to give it away or sell it, but with an abeyant toolbox and its range of tools, you’ll be sure to be green all the time. Not only do you have tools for fixing or building your bicycle, but you’ve got tools for creating and repairing other tools, like your cordless screwdriver.

We all know that batteries will soon be gone for good as electronic parts become obsolete, but the tools in a tool kit will always be useful. I used to own a Quixote bike with a very limited selection of tools. But my tool kit contained a circular saw, screw drivers, chisels, wire cutters, nuts, bolts and a variety of pliers. The only hardware I didn’t have was a battery charger!

If you have a bicycle that requires heavy duty bicycle equipment, like mountain bikes and road bikes, you should definitely check out the line of Abbey Bike Tools. I recently had to replace a chain due to a bent sprocket and knew I would need the right tools for the job. After reading several customer reviews, I decided that the best tools for the job are the Italian made Bitumen hex bits. They’re strong enough to take care of the task, come in a variety of sizes, and the quality of the bit is excellent. You’ll even find Italian-made Bitumen screws that can take care of those stubborn bolt problems.

Team Issue Toolbox from Abbey Bike Tools
Hanger Alignment Gauge
Park Tool Fourth Hand Cable Stretcher

Abbey Bike Tools FAQ

Abbey Bike Tools cassette

Abbey Bike Tools is the top manufacturer of bicycle repair tools and equipment for cyclists. Their line up of repair tools includes everything from cassette extensions to brake pads to spindle extensions and even a tool for tightening those pesky bottom brackets. The company was started in 1978 by two guys in their twenties; Andy Crabb and John Norton. The two decided to start selling bicycle tools because they were tired of being pushed around by larger bicycle companies that did not make use of the top of the line technology that people needed.

Bicycle companies would make tools that people could use but then went out of business or the tools that they had left would end up being used by someone else who had bought them. This left Andy Crabb and John Norton with the task of finding a way to make bike repair tools that were top of the line and people could rely on time after time. They started out making just a few simple tools and then had to figure out a way to make them durable enough to be used by everyday people. They spent years perfecting the craft of making tools that would last.

Abbey bike tools has gone through many changes throughout the years. In the 1980’s they started making cassette bikes and this turned out to be a great success. They were able to use technology and make tool sets that were not only rugged but also easy to use. The line up of products that they offer now is amazing and you can find just about any type of repair tool that you need. You can get a cassette tool set for just about any make or model of bike and you can get a wide range of different sizes to work on different types of cassettes.

Abbey Bike Tools chain whip

If you have a bike, you need Abbey Bike Tools. You might be asking yourself what makes this chain tool so special? Well, if you’re anything like me, you might already have one of the best looking bikes out there but you still ride it a lot. When I say ‘have’ me mean it, I mean that because if you haven’t got a tool in your trunk to take you on those cross country trips or that neighborhood ride, you’re going to have to purchase one.

Abbey Bike Tools chain whip-it chain spinner allows you to loosen even the most stubborn cassettes without much effort. Global featured Both stylish and ergonomic 100% aluminum design provides unparalleled performance for years of durability. This product can be used for any level of riding. Whether you’re looking to get people who get outside plain and fast or you want to show up at work with the best looking bike possible, this is a must have tool.

If you are looking for a way to connect people with their bicycles, you will find that the bike accessory called “the chain whip-it” is a great way to do it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you will soon when you start shopping around. It’s the perfect way to provide the best outdoor gear to connect people with their bicycles.

Abbey Bike Tools hag

If you are an Abbey Bike fan then you would know about the amazing line of products that this company puts out, and their line of hangers, tools, and accessories just keeps getting better. This company has made a name for themselves as one of the best suppliers of bicycle-related products and accessories. They have a large selection of rack solutions, including different types of hardware such as drop-in and drop-out bike racks as well as wall hook ups for your bike. The hangers and tools offered by this company also include a fair bit of hardware that is designed specifically for touring bikes, so if you’re looking for that type of rack you will not be disappointed.

The hanger tools offered by Abbey include everything from cleats, capo brakes, cage bolts, hubcaps, fenders, chains, and other types of hardware. If you are looking for a new rack, or if you need some repair done, Abbey’s line of products is a great place to start. The tools are made from the finest steel and are designed with quality craftsmanship in mind. This company offers a full line of products for all types of road bikes and touring bikes. Their specialty is in creating racks and other equipment that are used for biking and cycling.

If you need to replace a bolt or a nut, or you need to repair a bent rail, the hag and clamps from Abbey are ideal. You may also need to replace some hardware, and the quality of these tools is top notch. For example, the hanger tool from Abbey can help you with any nut or bolt job that you encounter. This tool comes equipped with both side cutting blades and lateral play abilities, which allow it to cut down on the amount of work that you need to do on a flat surface. This tool also helps you keep the surface smooth and clean.

Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench

Built for the skilled mechanic, the Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench blends all three most important tools into a single awesome product. Features a sturdy stainless steel blade and heavy-duty black anodized aluminum teeth, it is constructed to last and extremely comfortable in the hand. Even the 12in long is not too long as a regular workshop pedal wrench, however it s definitely the longest hexagonal hex wrench available. This really helps to make the job go by faster and with less fatigue. The tool is designed for ease of use and is well-suited to the repair of both track and street bikes and motorcycles.

With the purchase of any tool, whether it’s a drill, pliers, or a socket set, always take into account exactly what it will be used for. For example, an espresso maker uses a different grip than a drill so that it will fit both differently and create a more secure grip. While a regular pedal wrench is great for tightening and loosening bolts, you may need something stronger to do the same job with heavy-duty nuts. Whatever your need, Abbey bike tools have it. Their range of products is truly extensive, which means you’ll be able to find just the right tool for whatever your repair needs may be.

The best place to check out the full line of Abbey Bike Tools would be their online shop. Here you can find any accessory or part that you might require, including the famous Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench. However, one of the most popular features of the online store is the selection of aftermarket products and replacement parts, including gear ratchet pulls, cleats, cleat lifters, and many other accessory parts. If you want to add that something extra to your existing bike, make sure you check out the selection of aftermarket parts from this highly rated and reviewed site.

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