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Safe Routes Philly: Bike to School Day

Philadelphia Bike Ride

Philadelphia’s third annual Bike to School Day takes place on Wednesday May 7th. Bike to School Days are an easy and fun way to engage more kids and families in riding their bikes to school. Keep reading for 5 steps you can take to plan a Bike to School Day!

1. Choose the date(s) in conjunction with the School Principal and then register your event at (Click here for tips on involving principals).

2. Envision the event that is best for your school.

  • Decide if you school’s event will include both walking and biking.
  • Check out these First Time Tips.
  • Consider a Bike Train or Walking School Bus.
  • Decide where to store the bicycles. For schools without enough (or any) bicycle racks, the auditorium stage or an under-utilized room are great options.

3. Involve partners in the event! Parents, local businesses, police officers, elected officials, and community groups can all participate in your event! Here is how. (Finding a sponsor for the event could help provide student incentives, awards, and snacks!)

4. Promote the event in multiple ways leading up to the big day!

  • Make sure the date goes on the school calendar.
  • Customize these flier templates to send home with students.
  • Recruit students to make posters to hang up around the school.
  • Write a press release to let local media outlets know about the event.
  • Closer to the date, ask the principal to include the event in daily announcements.

5. Ask for Safe Routes Philly’s support! We can help answer questions, point you in the direction of resources, and suggest creative ideas. E-mail [email protected]

All photos courtesy: The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadlephia

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