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Hyper Bikes, Prototype Gearboxes And Adjustable Bars

welcome to the GMB and tech show this is
a weekly show coming up on the show this
week we check out some adjustable length
handlebars sick bicycles have a really
cool prototype gearbox bike and of
course we have all the great usuals for
you guys okay so straight into news and
the first thing that’s drawn my
attention this way is the new Hayes
Dominion brake so for those of you that
don’t know Hayes obviously they’re very
popular in a motorcycle world and of
course a motorsports industry as well
popular with their use on
harley-davidson motorcycles and moong
stuffings now Hayes have always been on
the mountain bike scene and way back in
the late 90s all the way through to the
early 2000s the hfx mag was that brake
everyone used to run a sit there on the
screen there I still got some of those
brakes and I still really liked them the
shake of the levers really nice you
could run them on either side of the
bars just by flipping them over so no
need to sort of change the hose routing
or anything if your right or left front
brake specific but this is their new
Dominion brake so it’s a very different
looking brake lever and a caliper has a
few really cool things up its sleeve so
first up the caliper itself has got dual
bleed ports on it so this is very
similar to motorcycle break so you can
bleed it from both ends which means
you’re better you’re dead so to get a
perfect bleed every single time now
they’ve also got seen they’re called the
kingpin so it’s actually the caliper pin
that goes in to hold the brake pads in
it it’s actually structural so think of
this like a sort of torsion body often
seeing cars and engine Bay’s all across
in the boot at the back of the car just
to give a bit more structural rigidity
same sort of principle based there to
actually strengthen and reinforce a
caliper to give it a really positive
feel first time I’ve seen that in the
brake and I think it looks like a really
smart idea now next up is the rotors
themselves so these have got what they
call a harmonics design designed to not
resonate sound or vibration so the FIA
modal shapes of the D Series rotors is
designed to oppose that of the brake
pads basically to cancel out noise and
vibration it translates into more
consistent riding now we have had some
questions in asking abbien tech before
about vibration that’s or isn’t a sound
you sort of get through the brakes so
hopefully there
is going to be one of those answers to
that that’s a very cool feature now also
look at this detail shot here of the
caliper if you look at the mounting bolt
so you can see this in tiny little grub
screws so this is the crosshair
alignment system which means you could
set them up for perfect alignment with
no rotor rub whatsoever why it’s now
I’ve done that sooner that is a great
idea really really simple and then just
to top them off
I got Kevlar hose and they run on 5.1
brake fluid and I have no idea how good
they are but I think they’re gonna be a
very good brake I’m really really keen
to get my hands on the set of those to
try them out so there you go new haze
brake ok next bit of news isn’t so much
news but it’s a really cool little video
so just on screen now you’re going to
see the start of a caliber bike dream
bike build now caliber bikes are a UK
company they sold for a company called
go outdoors which is a huge outdoor
basically clothing and equipment chain
they do camping stuff mountain bikes
off-road running shoes etc now the range
of bikes they do offer incredible value
for money but they’re doing this really
cool bike build video to prove that even
a great value for money bike you can
build up to be a super desirable build
really nice just check it out there’s a
nice video well worth in is watching in
its entirety the link to it is in the
description below this video alright so
I often refer to you know bikes as well
hyper bikes let’s call them hyper box
rather than super bias because there’s
just next-level and a super-expensive so
if they weren’t already expensive enough
in the frame option you can now buy them
as complete bikes there’s two options in
each of the models so that ever which is
there downhill bike with 200 millimeters
travel is available in a factory build
for ultra breath here 9350 euros and the
cheaper cheaper elite build six thousand
nine hundred and fifty euros that’s a
pretty steep price but there is no
expense bed look at the kit on this
stuff so on that factory build you got a
float x2 shock float 4200 mill fork nvm
930 carbon wheels which we all know cost
a fortune
anyway SRAM xo1 downhill drivetrains
Fram code RSC brakes ether teen oh look
at this thing look how nice it is I
could go on about them all day
we’re an thought integral stem rental
Carbon fat bars maxis million thr twos
Liz this the list goes on you really
need to have a look on their site for
this they also do the same factory in
the leak built in other two models the
burn which is their enduro bike so
that’s a 160 mil and probably one of the
more popular ones out of the three bikes
so the factory is eight thousand six
hundred and fifty euros and elite six
thousand three hundred fifty euros and
then there’s the dash which is my
favorite of the three that’s their 29er
with a hundred thirty mill for those you
want to narrow ways twelve point seven o
kilograms fully built in the factory
spec which costs 8650 euros and the
elite is six thousand three hundred and
fifty euros now that firmly puts them in
a class of their own really as a hyper
bike manufacturer they’re very very
niche very small I think they want what
they’re doing is some of the coolest
stuff out there and of course they’re
completely out my reach advisor a
customer but I would really aspire to
one of – I think that’s probably the one
what would you write out of those three
bikes if any now handlebar lengths is
something that’s often discussed
especially when it comes to racing so
you tend to think the taller guys
someone like myself will run something
around 800 and a short guys or girls
might be down 207 40s of course it is
entirely personal preference there’s no
right or wrong to to bar with but we are
seeing people are starting to go shorter
in certain of race conditions where
there may be riding a tighter track or a
wooded sections stuff like that it
really sort of can be a bit restrictive
on a wider bar of course changing a bars
can be a bit of a problem now a few
years ago we saw some ODI bars creep on
to the market with adjustable end boy
the little caps that screw into the end
but Ibis have just done this with a
carbon bar now check this out on the
screen so it’s a carbon fiber bar with
aluminum extensions the max width is 800
millimeters and they’re adjustable
between 750 and 800 so that’s a single
bar and you can adjust the width on the
fly with this thing so you can literally
pull your grips off take the caps out at
the end pig grips back on movie controls
in and you’ve got a shorter bar so this
could be a really good racing solution
for those that do like a wider Bible
what a
with well likewise perhaps you’d prefer
a shorter bar by hearing now if you’re
writing say Alpine or downhill you want
a bit more control and you can just tune
them make them a bit wider I think it’s
quite a cool concept I mean I’m sure
it’s not for everyone
I I like my 800 bars wherever but
there’s a lot of people do like the
so the upsweep is nine degrees back
sweep is five degrees and there’s a low
fire and a high five version so the
is ten mill rise and the high fire is 13
your rice they retail for 169 US dollars
I don’t have a European or UK price
currently for those that’s for the bar
and the inserts replacement inserts are
$14.99 and there’s a seven-year warranty
on them and if it’s their fault they’ll
fix it that’s how it is a great like
that I think that’s pretty cool would
you reckon do we really need adjustable
length and a boss that’s definitely one
for the comments below now although it’s
not brand new tech we have already
reported on the SRAM and its group set
but I just wanted to draw your attention
to one part of it I actually have here
this is the cassette okay so it’s a 12
speed cassette it’s a bit different to
the rest of the SRAM 12 speed stuff in
the fact that it doesn’t use or utilize
this round dedicated XD driver body this
one fits on a standard Shimano splined
profile one that has a conventional lock
ring system at the bottom but because of
that the smaller sprocket isn’t a 10-2
this’ actually an 11 tooth which is a
smallest you can get on there with a
conventional lock ring not the end of
the world though because it still goes
up to a 50s that’s a huge climbing gear
on there but the thing that is so
impressive about this cassette not only
is it budget so the entire group set
including the new SRAM double cranks and
bottom bracket on there is 365 quid in
the UK which is a bit of a bargain for
12 speed transmission but a cassette is
stealth itself is actually steel and
it’s rated as durable and safe for use
on ebikes
so although we know that many
manufacturers are using the conventional
shrine of cassettes we do know that the
e bias do tend to chew up cassettes and
chains a lot more why just wanted to
draw attention to is the fact that it
represents incredible value so you can
build up your own sort of cheap tram
drivetrain but you might want to have
say a posh rear mech on there so you
have an XO one derailleur on there
you could have the cheaper cuz hurt and
chain which actually a lot more durable
so it’s just a well worth considering if
you’re speculative bikes and you want to
go to a speed and finally is the new
Monde rayker 2019 range so they’ve got
promotional video for each of their
bikes which is pretty cool so on the
screen now is the new level so that’s an
e-bike from them I’m sure you’ll hear
more about that on the NBN show and
there’s the Monde record chaser
there’s the June carbon the chrono which
is cross country hotel and the foxy
carbon 29 which of course I’ve reported
on previously because that bike I think
it’s gonna blow the socks off a lot of
people that sling a leg over it
check out the range they’ve got a lot of
stuff in carbon aluminium different
wheel sizes different travel something
to suit everyone just looking pretty
tidy alright so welcome to by cave this
of course is our section the show where
you guys and girls get to send in where
you work on your bikes where you store
your bikes where you tweak your bikes
all that sort of stuff could be the
shared could be the back of the car
doesn’t matter what it is we want to see
them so get your entries into the usual
address and we’ll get them on the show
so first up this week is david bleak
loving a channel I’ve been riding a
married for 20 years and not really
worried about looking after it until
found to a channel learn so much in
terms of maintenance which has
encouraged me to find upgrade to the
white I’ve build a decent bike stroke
mancave keep on a great work Dave oh
that’s a really nice message thanks
David and I’m really glad that we
actually inspire you to work on your
bike as well because it does save you
money in the long run and it’s really
good to know about your bike as well
because you get more out of it in the
end of the day but loving how crammed in
everything is and your workbench nice
pegboard at the back there go you drill
up on there too that’s looking pretty
cool I like the little little shop towel
holder there that’s pretty cool can of
GTA 5 down the bottom there do order
something about the smell of GTA 5 just
reminds me working in Photoshop soon as
a kid so such a distinctive smell I
think in the area kinda reminds with
like Old Spice for bikes it’s got that
kind of pungent smell in a nice way not
suggesting Old Spice is nice though it’s
kind of
of fair and bal paint you’re a man of
good taste my wife is making sure we
painting our entire house and our stuff
costs a fortune that’s in it for tin of
paint a bit of a joke to be honest I’m
really impressed that you’ve got the
white tee 130 actually that’s a really
really nice bike spend a lot of time
riding those in the past it’s a very
underrated bike actually for those of
you that don’t know what the UK branded
bike designed actually in Cheltenham
which isn’t too far from our offices
actually and it’s got really good mud
clearance an especially cool feature
about this frame is both the seat post
junction where the seat goes into the
frames got hidden clamp and it’s got
like a sleeve that stops mud and stuff
getting ingested into that frame and
then also on all of the pivots they’re
actually got caps over the end of the
bearings that you fill up the greased
and actually adders a waterproof layer
so it’s a really really good buy for wet
weather riding yeah always liked white
it’s really cool what they do and like
your bike I’ve set up but look at that
I’ll marrying the rock springs that’s
cool to see that it looks really good
condition as well actually that’s nice
maybe just take some more shots of that
and send that into a rewind for another
another episode this show looking pretty
cool there nice work David thanks for
sending that one in okay and the last
one this week is for Matt Ted right I
live in a 1,100 square foot apartment
with two roommates
neither of who was cyclists so quirky
everything compacted out the way we’re
not using it yeah I feel your pain when
you live with non cyclists have had that
in the past before I have no interesting
your bike stuff really do they so they
do have to keep things minimal my
standard all the tools fall down and
stow away under our bar nice t-shirt
keeps the tool cage from scratching the
wood all right Ted let’s see what you
got here though ah nice Marion yep
you’re liking us out and the petrol
stool case that’s um one of those pro
ones that’s really cool I love those I
was looking at the part first into those
Eurobike they do a wheeled one and like
you’re on the briefcase Darwin it’s
something kind of secret agent about it
when you fold it up walking around Karen
Wyse tools I think that’s way cool
pretty useful as well
and more importantly I love the fit you
got pretty decent boost cabinet and
smooth there’s some good stuff in there
Walter key 101 some vodka all sorts so
you guys have some fun in the weekends
Thank You Ted for sending that in and
thank you everyone for sending your bike
a veg
then keep them rolling in we love seeing
them alright so now it’s tough of rewind
which really that’s probably my favorite
section to show you especially at the
moment because we have so many good
entries than you guys please continue to
send them in they don’t just have to be
bikes that can be components and gonna
be photos of yourselves from the old
days I any of that stuff as long as it’s
vaguely old and it’s got a bit of story
about it at Manor biking we want it on
the show so please send your entries in
use the hashtag rewind we love seeing
them address is on the bottom of screen
right now so please continue to send
resume in the meantime let’s get
cracking so the first one this week is
from Dan Scott me and this one’s great
so Dan says he was in the charity shop
in Kazakh and stumbled across these
folks not sure if they’re retro or
old-school but it certainly looked it
what are your thoughts
they were priced at 18 quid and might be
ideal to tendance some sort of art
creation dude you’ve got to snap these
out right so they’re not super old but
it’s a set of Judy’s I don’t know what
the date is on these but they’ve got to
be late 90s oh I’d have thought
something like that so they’ve got about
60 millimeters of travel elastomer
sprung and they’re I think 18 quick buy
them on principle you should have those
because if nothing else you can build a
retro bike around them but interesting
you say about art creation so all right
an article a few years ago from website
used to work for exactly on this sort of
thing and a friend of mine has a bar in
bath called Juno and this bar is a bikes
and boards themed place and I actually
got him some old broken road frames have
been crashed damaged – stuff like that
and we cut them up we turned them into
lamps if ever look on-screen now a shot
wild ones there’s a Cannondale carbon
road frame mist hanging off the wall as
a lamp so that’s really cool and there’s
a few other ones as well so if you look
on screen now you see some rock shows
Forks turned into table lamps it’s
something I’ve never done myself but
always wanted to and I reckon your Forks
are perfect for that so for 18 quid you
could have a little cool desktop lamp
want one of these definitely think she’d
snap that up because there’s some pretty
cool bike art out there and actually
while we’re on the subject of black art
if anyone’s made any cool bike art
clocks or anything our bike pots send it
in that might be a new part of the show
that we haven’t done yet love to see our
staff recycling bicycle stuff is gotta
be a good thing right
so anything you got fire in and we’ll
talk about it on next week’s show okay
then next one up is from Jerry Woodrow
hi Jerry
so what you got for us now you’ve got
Rocky Mountain RM 7fs I’ve saved this
but from Rossing in a garage and I’ve
also custom-built Rick 3,700 converted
to disc front and rear why let’s have a
well I love to fail you say I’ve never
missed an episode of any GM DM presenter
that is really cool make sure the other
guys hear that as well
man looking at RM 7 so the RM 7 and the
rn9 really made famous by Wade Simmons
and Richie Schley and those Rocky
Mountain throw riders from back in the
day if you don’t know the story about
the throw riders or tell that in the
future episodes that’s a hilarious story
about when Cannondale actually patented
the word free ride in mountain biking
save that for another one though but
this bike is got a monster T Forks in
fact they live under super monsters hard
to tell cuz they’ve got the bigger dips
below knee drop out there in that angle
either way absolutely bonkers freeride
bike wasn’t a downhill bike the geometry
was a bit steep for that it was
basically designed for jumping off
massive stuff and as Wade Simmons proved
in that classic video I forget which one
of the new world disorders it was but he
jumped over that marzocchi truck on what
was a motocross bike step up and he
jumped out because massive it’s about a
forty four hour and their 45th down from
what I remember
if you look on screen now you’ll see a
picture of that very jump using amazake
advert really famous and quite insane
even by today’s standards
man that’s a nice bike to see trail dog
always cool to see and good to see that
you’re keeping that Trek going I guess
that’s really for top mods but nice to
see that you’ve got some disc brake
mounts on there so you’ve made it bit
more relevant now but arm s all about
that rm7
that’s a really really cool bike did
thank you for sending in Jerry apps you
stoked on that love that you love
watching all our shows so please
continue to do so thanks again guys
so the first one is from Nigel stocks
hobby loving a channel keep up the great
content attached is a photo of my
version of a scorpion bike stand I’ve
got an electrician to make it for me out
of electrical conduit nice work
apologies for the seat height must be
long word that day hope you like it
alright now I do let self thank you no
well that’s not bad at all is it oh it’s
pretty cool that you seem to conjure it
so what he means by the conduit is the
sort of the galvanized tubing a little
junction boxes you get when you’ve run
them externally on walls if actually got
oh that stuff my own workshop so yeah I
definitely appreciate that and how it
that’s a really good idea it’s a bit of
a market for those I reckon I wonder how
much do you process up her as compared
to the scorpions looking good and
there’s nothing wrong with having a
saddle I have you saddle Hollis you
could pedal up the hill so you can smash
you back down again
so I’ve looking good nice work Nigel and
thanks for the tip on that one and
finally this week when I say finally
this one’s a monster
so from James Downey my name’s James I’m
16 years old from Sydney Australia and
features my first proper bike it’s a new
proof Mega 290 good choice are like the
big wheels as well and I’m pretty sure
it’s the only one like this in Australia
I’m sure it is just important to it so
I’ve got a whole host of pretty small
mods for you in no specific order the
other day I service my pills and scrape
the seals
clean to stop them moving last nice a
bit more maintenance clutch lever broke
off somehow so I opened up the
derailleur and manually tightened it yes
that’s good
liking all these detail shots of stuff
as well I continually bend my disc rotor
so I continually bend them back I find
it easier if you use some electrical
tape to mark out which arms are bent
that’s smart
don’t forget to twist in some instances
it could be key to getting straight
again I’m curious what are you doing to
constantly bend this rotors I think I’ve
had that once or twice in crashes ever
and the only time I’ve ever managed to
bend them has been from transit really
to be honest where I’ve left with this
rotors on in the bike bag or something
other just curious to know let us know
in the comments and pick this one up so
you put volume spaces in your fork and
shop between the bike a bit stiffer as
you blow through the travel
easily yeah particularly that bike
actually works really well volume spaces
I think I went for three and the newest
dollar shock and I was running five or
six in the old style shock on my bike
last year for such personal preferences
you will know of course had to use cable
ties to neaten on my cockpit yep there
I’m straight you do I’ve actually
markings on my handlebars are stem to
make alignment easier and of course
that’s really useful if you do move
stuff around so you know how to get back
to your preferences nice and easy I
don’t want to pay for thirty bucks for
straps I bought some double sided velcro
and D loops off ebay stitch them
together with whipping twine and box
titties oh yeah so nice hack that’s in
today I’m with myself tomorrow in
fedosya Cho as well I currently I only
have a tube strapped on it but
eventually I’ll go pack less the photo
makes it hard to see by a plaintiff
right every race I do on my top tube
that’s koi Sierra and a koala pros bikes
with the right the achievements and that
Nino shirts is by a fact
have a look at this shot on a screen El
Nino shirt has one a little bit
different to yours I’m sure because
there’s no one like Nina and it’s got
all his winnings basically on the top
tube that’s pretty insane when you look
at some of those it’s like an Olympic
Ryder order stuff he’s done anyway back
to a saddle for a cheaper and narrow
option but I want a different shape is
gives me tight hamstrings never
considered that with the tight
hamstrings as well that’s interesting
maybe it’s not giving you enough support
rounded and shade the m5 holding my
dropper leaver clamps I went to a
hardware store grab some cheap zinc
bolts I could continue my right nice
I’ll tell you what you’ve done a lot of
stuff on this and I also like the fact
that even on top of this list you say
I’m replacing the air spring with a new
debonair model and bumping a fork travel
up to 170 putting some more powerful
brakes on some grippy tires and you’re
dishing Shimano fish Ram man you I can’t
believe how much you’ve done to this boy
it’s basically a new bike and is how
many pictures have you had so far bet 10
so there’s another 414 pictures I just
think looking good there too what
they’re nice bikes good to see well
anyway thank you very much for sending
that one in James and we’ve got some
really cool ones next week in fact to
one of them is something I’m going to
try on the basis of two separate viewers
sent in a really really good top model
that you’re all gonna want to know about
so we’ve tried a lot for next week see
okay so now stuff for tech of the week
and there’s something pretty cool coming
from those chaps at SiC bicycles now
we’ve looked at their bikes a few times
and before like the death from above as
you can see on the screen now but on
their Instagram recently I saw like a
rendered image of what appeared to be an
enduro gear box bike so I took Jordan
aligned and he told me some really cool
stuff about it so the working name for
it is this sleeping here which is named
after Odin’s horse I think that’s the
horse that you wrote to hell it’s a
pretty cool bike name – right to hell
and back I guess it’s designed to be a
privateer enduro bike strong a low
maintenance silent very progressive
geometry as we well know from from their
super long and really slack heavy angles
on their bikes currently is based around
the pinion gear box because that’s what
they believe has the best foot print for
that sort of type platform and I just
want to read out a particular passage
that Jordan wrote on his email here
because I asked him about where the bike
design came from it’s a single pivot
what certainly looks it from that
rendering of course it might change in
production and Jordan said well look at
the bikes
I love the Honda rnai one remember the
Honda so that was ridden of course
famously by a Greg Minnaar and a Matty
laconian what an amazing bike that was a
single pivot that bike had in internal
gearbox which actually ended up being it
looked like an exterior Ilya and a
cassette housed in a casing in the
middle of the bike their mill yard the
mill yard of course was the single swing
on bike using the tank rear shock on it
they had automatic damping on there that
was an incredible bike in fact I feel a
visit to mr. milliard coming on because
he’s always not going out insane bikes
all commonly single pivot and extremely
limited edition really this bike is
designed to be attainable ownable
and a super bike something to stand
aside from the looks like a session
bikes Jordan totally with you there dude
I think what you guys are doing is
amazing keep doing it and please when
you’ve got some more images share them
because we want to share them and tell
everyone about what you guys is sick of
doing nice one guys okay so welcome back
to bike build of course frame is hang up
in the work stand here and today we
put some tires on the bike and I’ll
explain to you why I’ve picked the
particular tires I have so right in
front of me I’ve got a said Max’s
minions got the dhf and the DHR – so the
front tire is fairly fast rolling
despite the big block design on there
and it’s very predictable in most
conditions so that’s a tyre is you’ve
got faith myself so I’m gonna fit that
on to the front now back the DHR – has
got exceptional attraction and
especially under braking is a really
aggressive tire with really predictable
shoulders on there and that’s a great
fire however the time actually gonna fit
on the rear today so I’ve selected three
tires for this bike is a minion SS
that’s a semi slick tire so I’ve got
three tire selection here which is
something I’ve referred to in ask Jimmy
on tape before
gives good value to a bike really so you
make the most of it I tend to do a bit
of a dry fit with tubers ties first
which basically just means you’re
fighting them to check that they go up
without using a seen at this site by I’m
sure that these tires will go up the
first time so I’m going to take a chance
so let’s just get the rims taped up
first and get the valves on there of
course for the valves themselves I’m
going for the milk it’s so we’re going
to inflate with those without the valve
cause inside them just so I can also
demonstrate to you how cool that system
is not letting the air back out again
even without the valve core in place
it’s a really useful feature now when
you’re putting on the rim tape at home
you just want to make sure that the rim
is completely clean your hands don’t
have any grease or anything like that
now this particular one I’m only going
to need to go around once because it’s
designed to fit on this rim but
occasionally if you’re doing this on the
ghetto version using say Gorilla Tape
for some of that you might need to do a
couple of laps and then if the taifa
it’s not good enough you wanted to go
around again so if something you very
much have to choose your particular bike
it’s going to pull this in nice and
tight and fit it into the rim bed there
right so I’ve gone around there now and
I’ve got my hole here so I’m just going
to make a slight hole there we go so now
I’ll push the valve into place now on
these particular valves they have the
o-ring which is built onto that locking
collar so it’s not going to come off to
get lost
just need to nip that up tight
time to get the front tire on if you
look at a sidewall markings on any tire
you’ll find that there is a direction
that normally says a different direction
for front and rear this particular one
the direction arrow is pointed forwards
my disk is on the left so I know that’s
a correct orientation for the tire now
some of you will be fussy about where
tile over goes in orientation to the
logos on the rim so just to please that
I walk
I’ll loosely line up the Maxis logo with
the DT logo here by the rim there so
that’s gonna go on just all the time so
now you might find you get away without
toy levers like just about came in this
case unless you’re fitting a tire with
inner tubes its phone safety toy livers
of course you should always use plastic
base toy live if it’s rather than metal
ones because I can’t damage your rims
actually this is a pretty good fit I
might not even need to use the the soapy
water unless I think this might go up I
might fluke this one the first time I’m
actually going to take a chance on it so
I’m using a Conte sealant because we’ve
got loads of the stuff here it’s pretty
good we use it on our own tires so I
have no issues with that
to be fair most high ceilings are pretty
good these days you do have to monitor
how much you use and health can you top
it up because it dries up off the wall
and we are having a hell of a summer
here in the UK so this will need doing
before the end of the summer I’m sure in
the meantime let’s just get this on I’m
actually quite pleased by how tight this
fit is because that does suggest it’s
gonna seal perfectly first time but now
it’s time for the moment of truth so
when you’re inflating a tube or so I’ve
got to make sure obviously the valve
itself is covered and not hanging
outside with the tri-oval there and I’ve
already got my pump charged up ready so
compressor you can use a regular floor
pump you can use something like a
tubeless inflation kit milk it do them
and various other companies make them
large hallway in this case I’m using the
two peak floor standing pump works
really well now I might need to add in
some extra pressure so I’m just gonna
stand up fingers crossed this one goes
up hope you’ll get pops any second I’ll
leave this at 40 psi leave that aside
and get on with the next one okay so
there we go
front and rear tire so nice and fast
rolling with aggressive shoulders out
back so and then you’ve got the
aggressive all-rounder out front think
of it as business up front party out
back be necessary good combination
Amanda next up I’m just gonna stop and
the cassette on and then it’ll be
disparate rotors so conventional
cassettes whether it’s as Fram XD or the
Shimano system they slide onto body in
the health and buy lock ring and a 13
system is different because it’s got
this tiny 9 2014 it’s actually too small
for a lock ring so the way they get
around is by having an upper piece which
is made of aluminium this slides
straight on in the same way that a SRAM
XD star system would this is held on by
pinch bolt then the lower system which
is made of steel locks directly onto the
outer system using the chamber so pretty
unique system I’d really really like
this now this bit literally slides on
the bottom just have to get the
orientation correct and there are
markings just so you know on the
cassette itself when it’s locked and we
go that is in place as you can see here
you see an unlocked public and there you
go locked padlocked so I think though
that is the wheels loosely setup I’ll
just go take care of the brake rotors
I’ll do that all in a wanna probably in
the next show back show really want to
focus on the drivetrain next and then
it’s nearly there so back to that next
week for a couple more great videos
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Highline unboxing video with Neil we’re
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Hyper Bicycles

The popularity of the two wheeled bike is not hard to understand, and one must have observed with time that the two wheeled bikes are a popular choice in the fitness industry. They are a very good example of the use of technology and science to promote health and well being and make a lot of people happy. They are becoming a popular way of getting exercise for the masses.

It is no wonder that in order to promote people’s health and well being that the use of these bicycles has been popularized and encouraged. There is a wide variety of advantages to be enjoyed by using this type of bike, but this article will focus on one of the greatest. The advantages of the use of a Hyper bicycle in fitness are simply astounding, but these include:

A great benefit of this bike is the ability to ride it without a helmet. It would seem that a bicycle, which is a fairly safe form of exercise for many, would not be a very practical choice for a fitness routine. But what about the safety of the rider. With a helmet on, the chances of the rider hitting the ground or falling are slim to none.

Cycling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. This is because it forces the heart to work harder than it normally would. Because it is more difficult to produce oxygen and nutrients into the body from the blood vessels of a bicycle, the heart will have to work harder, making it work harder. When it does pump out the oxygen and nutrients to the rest of the body, it can do so much better.

This is a great advantage for the use of the Hyper bicycle. It makes exercising much easier, and the result is less tired muscles and a more active heart.

Another great thing about this type of bike is the durability. Unlike a traditional two wheeled bike, a Hyper bicycle is built tough and can last a long time. The frame of these bikes will often outlast the life of the typical bicycles used for fitness, since they are typically made from carbon fiber materials. Since they are so durable, they tend to wear down much more quickly than a normal bicycle would.

Probably the most important advantage of a Hyper bicycle is the ease of use. Many people think that they are hard to ride, and this is not the case at all. They are extremely simple to use, and even beginners can ride them.

The great thing about these bikes is that anyone can use them. If you have never used a bicycle before, or if you are not too familiar with this type of bike, then they are a great choice.

Hyper Steed 66cm Dual Suspension MTB
Hyper Steed 66cm Dual Suspension Mountain Bike
Hyper Steed 60cm Dual Suspension MTB Mountain Bike

Hyper Bikes FAQ

Hyper BMX bike

Hyper BMX bike is manufactured by Scott, a well-known bicycle company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. These bikes are very popular for the quality and performance they offer. Scott bikes are built with a very strong aluminum tubing frame and the front and rear suspensions are made with high performance aluminum and high tensile springs.

Hyper BMX bike is lightweight because the typical frame of this bike is constructed out of high-density carbon fiber. The new fiberglass technologies is lighter and stronger than the older fiberglass technologies used in older Scott bikes. The reason this material is now known as carbon is because it has many of the same characteristics of carbon. The material has better heat dissipating properties than pure carbon fiber, which also means the bike can be expected to have better acceleration and braking characteristics.

Hyper BMX bikes are built with a modern design concept. This concept includes using lighter but more durable materials in its construction. Some of these materials include carbon fibers, titanium, and aluminum. Some of the most popular bikes of this type are the Hyper BMX bike from Scott, the Hyper Spinner, and the Flip Mino. Many manufactures have also ventured into the production of these types of bikes including Scott, Kona, and Sickler.

16-inch Hyper speed bike

The Hyper speed bike is one of the biggest selling bikes on the market today. It was one of the first bikes that I purchased when I first got into mountain biking. There are a lot of different things that make this bike unique. The fact that it’s the largest makes it so great for mountain biking and other types of biking in general.

The reason that I’m so excited about this bike is because it’s such a great value. I paid around $700 US for mine and it still looks new even after all these years. When I got my bike I didn’t really know what to expect, but once I got it home I knew I had found my bike. It was way smaller than I thought I would be. I just love it, and whenever I see one in the store it gets me pumped up just thinking about it.

Bikes are really starting to become popular again now that there have been some major changes in how bike companies produce them. When I got my bike, I was very hesitant because I hadn’t heard much about them before. They have a great bike that everyone should be riding, but you need to know what you’re getting before you spend your money. This is a great bike and if you want to get a bike that is super fast then you should definitely check out the Hyper speed. It is one awesome bike!

Hyper Shocker bike for kids

For parents who have children of all ages, there is no doubt that they are going to need a bike for their little ones – and a Hyper Shocker for kids is one of the best available. The 50 cm Hyper Bike is perfect for little boys who just want their first experience riding a bike to be a fun and exciting one. Features a rugged dual suspensions steel frame and rigid fork, a smooth-action front fork and a comfortable, turn-friendly five-foot drop down handlebars, it’s ready for any terrain from the street to the dirt. Small children are sure to have loads of fun riding on the trails or even the local park. This Shimano bike has strong hydraulic front and rear braking, a deluxe heavy duty MTB saddle and a chrome finish quick-change handlebar.

The frame on the bike is constructed so that it provides a strong base for your child to be able to ride comfortably and safely. This is important, especially if your child has a tendency to wriggle a lot when they are on their bikes. They don’t have to worry about any accidents happening since this Hyper Shocker is designed with two independent suspension systems to provide both smooth and reliable rides.

The suspension system is made up of air pods located on both the front and back wheels of the bike. This allows for superior ride control and absorbs energy so that your child isn’t stressed to the max while they are out riding their bike. A pre-installed rack and bar system allow you to secure your child safely in the seat and out of the way of other riders while they are enjoying their time on the bike. Make sure to check out all the cool features of this bike has and how easy it is to use and ride. With this bike, you’re sure to get a quality ride for your kids!

Last update on 2024-05-17 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The box was discovered in excellent condition. When you open it, the bike is fully assembled with the exception of the seat, one wheel, and handlebars. It just took me 10 minutes to put together and it looks fantastic. The stand is a little rigid, but with some use, it should loosen up more. It’s a great-looking bike with front and rear suspension. Shimano gears, and I believe we will see a lot of use for them. Even with the lowest seat spot, our 8-year-old son finds it a little big for him, but he will develop, and I believe this bike will be fine for the next 3-4 years.

  2. The front brakes were nearly impossible to assemble, the instructions were illogical, and the manual included parts that were not supplied with the bike. My husband eventually figured it out; fortunately, he is really handy. The front tire went flat after the third use, but the tube seemed to be fine, so I pumped more air into it. After a few more uses, it went flay again, and it no longer holds air. It must be brought in to be replaced.

  3. I bought this bike for my 8-year-old grandson, who is a normal 8-year-old kid, for his birthday. Something happened to the bike chain apparatus in less than two months, and the bike is virtually unrepairable. We took it to two different bike repair shops, and both owners said that while the bike looks good, the parts it is built with are garbage.

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