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27.5" Kent Eagle Ridge Men's Bike Comfortable Vitesse Seat - Silver/Red
Vitesse Multi-Use Bicycle Seat, Black
Vitesse Bicycle Seat with Bumpers, Black/Grey
Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover
27.5" Kent Eagle Ridge Men's Bike Comfortable Vitesse Seat
Vitesse Multi-Use Bicycle Seat
Vitesse Bicycle Seat with Bumpers
Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover
Prime Benefits
Product Page
27.5" Kent Eagle Ridge Men's Bike Comfortable Vitesse Seat - Silver/Red
27.5" Kent Eagle Ridge Men's Bike Comfortable Vitesse Seat
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Vitesse Multi-Use Bicycle Seat, Black
Vitesse Multi-Use Bicycle Seat
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Vitesse Bicycle Seat with Bumpers, Black/Grey
Vitesse Bicycle Seat with Bumpers
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover
Vitesse Triple Gel Bicycle Seat Cover
Prime Benefits

Vitesse Bike Saddle Overview

and I have two saddles here this one is
for them GMC Denali the chief bike $250
on Amazon and this is from the sava bike
that I have ok the sava deck and this is
a carbon rail one this one is steel
rails ok now there are both great seats
ok I’m not knocking down on the Sabbath
seat however the material is better on
the Vitesse this one is a little bit
harder there is an advantage here with
the channel ok but other than that I
think we’re gonna stop there that’s what
the only advantage it has to read that
let’s go get the seat here and why I
prefer and why I hope that people look
at this thing and might be interested in
my deceit the saddle the first thing
you’ll notice is something very peculiar
about the Salle is the front what is the
hell is this thing what is that no
that’s not where your Sako us no either
here or over back here if you just if
you’re sitting upright ok so I’m gonna
turn it around this way and I’m going to
show you the angle of it okay but again
a little tool here so we can take a look
at this a little bit better you notice
that it’s all stitched ok so the top is
stitched we also have a ramp here at the
now this ramp is very important shorter
riders will appreciate this it allows
you to get in often on the seat without
getting dragged in your rear end ok
without hitting it because it allows you
to slide in and out that’s what that’s
just slide it in and our channel which
the more expensive saddle does not have
and I’ve seen a $400 saddle that does
not have that this is a critical
critical I mean absolutely critical part
of the saddle and everybody ignores it
nobody puts a slide channel anymore on
them so let’s look at the actual angle
of the saddle you notice that the actual
saddle is very flat on the top ok and
it’s got a wide area in the back in my
sit bone clearance I need 140 to 150
millimeters and that’s this is plain
enough wide front for that
depending on your sit bone clearance you
want to add about 15 millimeters on each
sides about 30 millimeters total so that
you can get some support for your
cheekbones after the sit bones so that
they don’t just go around the seat and
put your sit bones at an angle now I’m
going to talk about fat on your butt
very very important because it’s
critical because it allow me to
determine what kind of how soft hard or
semi soft material you need if this is
your skin area here on the outside and
your sit bone sits on top here there’s a
layer of fat between it okay when you
sit that way your fat gets compressed so
it’s not going to be that same size that
thickness it’s going to compress it’s
critical that you understand if you have
that much of fat layer that when you
compress it it’s going to be here that
means that you can use a harder seat so
this one will be perfect for you okay
still a bit soft but hard much harder
than this one in my case I don’t have a
lot of fat layer in between there so
that means that I need a semi soft seat
I need a softer seat than this one so I
need this one this is perfect for me if
I had okay you know pay attention here’s
let’s say that I had half of that
thickness that I was very skinny and a
sit bone sits very close to the outside
there’s not a lot of layer of fat you
need a very soft seat okay much softer
even did the one you see here the reason
why is because your sit bones gonna be
sitting close to right on top of it
there’s no support so be very careful
and make sure you understand butt cheek
size for the side to side and also the
how thick it is okay that will determine
what type of softness are hard you
should get for your saddle another thing
here that we’re gonna discuss is sack
we’ll go right to these anatomical
issues here with sack now sex ice big
sack more so you need more support up
front so you need a wider seat area at
the front smaller sack okay you can use
one a thinner one and even thinner than
that now the issue with
sack size here is very important because
you do not want your sack your jewels to
be squishing back and forth like this
when you’re writing on the hoods okay
you do not want that so be very careful
with that you know what your body looks
like you should know better so if you
get a very very thin seat here at the
front you’re gonna be hurting another
thing is the size between the front
inside curve this is where your your hip
actually rotates your leg on okay very
important that you measure that this one
here I measured it was 16 centimeters
from this edge to that edge which is
quite large okay compared to this one
it’s pretty much right there it’s not
very big where this one here is very
large so it gives you a nice smooth
opening for your leg to go up and down
on the pedal so we’re gonna get rid of
that right there
we’re gonna look at the profile from the
side what does the seat actually look
like when you’re sitting on it so when
you’re sitting on this this seat does
not sit vertical like this or horizontal
I should say you sit on it like this
okay that’s the angle that you get to
get a zero angle that’s the mind the
horizontal line that you need to get
that angle so for me if we’re using a
horizontal line I actually write it like
this so I sit here
okay the printer bones sit here and I
can slide forward to the hoods and still
have a lot of area where I don’t have
any pain okay that’s usually the angle
that I write out like that
because if you look at the tube here
that’s where the the bike tube the angle
actually sits at comes down that way
let’s look at the bottom the bottom is
hard so hard hard plastic okay
it’s got Phillips screws here so you can
take the the rails out another critical
thing is rails and how wide the angle
they are at because if you have a rail
that has a very acute angle what is up
happening is you can’t put the the seat
tube forward where if this was like this
where my finger is like that angled that
way I could bring it more forward so
this is the max that I can bring it at
and you notice that both of them are in
here that’s what I do I have them both
maxed out okay both of them are always
maxed out because I have to write it
with the front because it’s I’ll be
sitting too far back I won’t reach to
yet the bars okay so we’ll take a look
at the actual roundness of this it’s
very flat here to the back and it starts
and you know where to see this white
area that white a mark there that’s
really the flat top this the after that
white air you’ll start see that it
starts to drop off slightly we’re in
this seat and the SATA seat it drops off
quite fast okay very very fast and I’ve
seen seats where it drops off completely
so you have to have very small a small
gap between your sit bones are you gonna
be sliding it right off okay so that
side view there okay very very thick
okay but not too soft okay it jumps
right back so this is the Vitesse RACI
see the racing seat saddle and it’s one
of my personal favorites
it’s funny how this thing came in with
the cheapest bike that I have and it’s
the most comfortable seat that I have so
if you’re looking for a comfortable seat
bonded leather top stitched look at this
brand I promise you that if you get the
seat either you’re gonna return it
because it’s just remembered too soft or
too hard depending on your thickness of
your buttcheeks be in just a bone or
you’re gonna say this is the best seat
I’ve ever purchased so it all depends on
how your your sit bones are placed if
your sit bones are closer here you’re
gonna have great support so if you’re a
large person to make 250 pounds
obviously you’re going to need a you
receipt ok so again I I really
appreciate people watching this video
and trying to understand what I’m trying
to do here I’m not trying to solve at se
Saddles this is a response to a video
that I watched where somebody asked me
what kind of saddle I have and why I was
so adamant about this one well that’s
because of these features you have the
the sliding channel okay to get in and
off the seat so for shorter riders this
is perfect okay you have the slide ramp
very long between area here between your
legs for your hips so you’re not gonna
rub up against the seat a very wide top
so it’s gonna be comfortable the only
thing that this thing is lacking is what
you’ve seen on the other seat the
channel here for some people that’s
important for others like me by having a
softer seat where this one’s much harder
I can go for hours writing and not have
any pain this one an hour and a half two
hours and I started to feel it
so again ramp critical for shorter
riders to get in and off the saddle a
wide enough saddle for your sit bones
wide enough also for your butt cheeks so
they don’t hang get to the side and pull
your sit bones away and a bigger area at
the front in case if you go to the hoods
if you’re short okay and you have to
write a bit more in the front area you
need a wider front area for your sit
bones so they don’t slide right off and
for your sac here at the front very
critical that you understand that
obviously that’s it’s normally kind of
normal if use your sac is bigger you
need a bigger at the front which is
smaller you can get away with a smaller
one like this one okay so that’s it for
there I hope that the that this
demonstrated on why I think it’s
important why this seat is so
comfortable it has a lot of features
that make it comfortable
number one the bond of the weather the
ramp at the front it’s not too soft not
too hard it’s got its very wide the only
downfall of this thing are those two one
thing I mentioned homage and another one
is the channels missing and the weight
obviously this is a much heavier seat
this is doubled the weight of
so that’s read the downfall however the
dad downfall I would not trade it for
this one okay this one is on a seven
bike I’ll keep it there but I won’t ever
put this one on on the GMC because that
one is the one I write daily and I want
a more comfortable seat so this is like
a kind of a commuting seat I you know
race around town with it no big deal
with it
cars racing against someone I would
definitely go for the lighter see but
I’ve raced many people here on our
streets and just with a seat with the
saddle okay and here’s the saddle at the
bottom here’s what it looks like at the
bottom here so again here’s a name of it
try it out if you like it keep it if not
return it it’s up to you in my opinion
this is one of my favorite saddles
because it has the white contact area
that I need the front area is perfect I
have the ramp to get in and off the bike
I have short legs so it’s easier for me
to get off and on and that’s what came
with a bike so look around online to see
if you can find it it’s 145 140
millimeter here from the stitch line
that’s the measurements for it 16
centimeters from the Setai from the
curve to the front to the side here
where it drops off for your a hip for
the leg position and I recommend it so
again this is de saddle I use it under
GMC Denali it’s perfect I like it I
don’t have any pain with it I can go for
a long time riding no issues this one
it’s much lighter but it’s not as
comfortable ok thanks for watching I
appreciate that you learned something
from this and if you’re looking if
you’re Kirsten – how to find out the the
sit bone gap or just sit down on a lone
member oh man I must in tin foil piece
laid flat on the ground set on it on a
stair and you’ll have an impression of
it I mean that’s there’s a lot of
techniques on how to do that but the
critical issues is look at the seat
itself what does it have that allows you
to you know have an advantage for
example at this ramp here not many seats
have that
nobody ever thought about that how about
putting a ramp so people can slide in
and now if you’re short this one has
yeah the run doesn’t there’s no ramp
here right so thanks for watching hope
that you guys have a good day and that
you learn something Thanks

Vitesse Bicycles

Vitesse bike saddles are a company that is located in the Netherlands and specializes in creating high performance mountain bikes. They have been building bikes for over 15 years now and are quite well known for making great quality bikes. This company started out by simply making recumbent bikes and has since then branched out into other areas including mountain bikes. There are many models and options to choose from when you shop with Vitesse. You will have a lot of choice if you want to find something that best suits your needs.

These recumbent bikes are built to be extremely comfortable while still allowing you to gain a healthy amount of posture while riding. It has the ability to reduce pressure on your back while keeping your legs and back in proper alignment. There are also different riding positions that are designed to suit different levels of fitness. These bikes also offer a variety of different styles and colors. Many people prefer the classic looks of a Vitese bike over others.

Some of the features that you will find on a Vitese bike will include comfortable seats, wide handlebars, and shock absorbing capabilities. You will get a comfortable seat that is made of leather. Some of these bikes also come with a padded saddle and even a footrest. Other features include a suspension system that allows you to choose between hard-rock climbing, smooth riding, and even a hybrid position depending on the level of your fitness. You will also find that most of the bikes have built-in fans to help cool you off in warm weather riding.

If you want to be as active as possible, Vitese bike saddles are designed to give you just that extra push you need. There are multiple options available for this type of bike saddle. You can choose from single-strap or multiple-strap options. With the multiple-strap option, there is more flexibility when it comes to the level of support you feel. However, many people prefer the single strap because it allows more customization in terms of the shape and design of the seat.

Some of the best bike saddles on the market today are the ones manufactured by Vitese. There are many great features included in many of the bikes that are manufactured by this company. For example, many of the Vitese bikes come with interchangeable dropouts. This means that you can easily switch out the part you are not happy with without having to go through the process of ordering a new one. Also, the company offers a lifetime warranty on their products.

When you ride a Vitese bike, you will notice how comfortable it is. The company has spent a lot of time and money making sure that you are riding in comfort. You will get a smooth ride that is very comfortable, even after an hour of riding. These bikes have been known to perform well no matter what level of experience you have with riding bikes.

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