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Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Tony Hawk Men's Dynacraft Aftermath Bike, Grey/Black/Red, 24"
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike 24"", Matte Black
Dynacraft Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Tony Hawk Men's Dynacraft Aftermath Bike, 24"
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike 24"
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Dynacraft Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Tony Hawk Men's Dynacraft Aftermath Bike, Grey/Black/Red, 24"
Tony Hawk Men's Dynacraft Aftermath Bike, 24"
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike 24"", Matte Black
Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike 24"
Prime Benefits

Tony Hawk Boy’s 20″ BMX Bike Demo Video

this video is informational only and
does not replace the owners manual or
any other documentation supplied with
the bike you should thoroughly review
the manual including the assembly
instructions and warnings contained
you should also heed the warnings and
directions on the label found on the
bike itself always remember to be safe
when riding and wear a helmet enjoy our
video hello everybody
I’m rad and I’m Marley and welcome to
Xtreme extremeness so normally we would
start off the show with gnarly here
doing some gnarly tricks on a skateboard
but on account of his sciatica we’re
gonna do something else today it’s
totally extreme tickets and buildest are
totally so we got today we’re gonna put
together a 20-inch boys being their
style bike what a bra it’s right here
maybe we should put it on extreme oh man
breathe flat 400 Marlies in the pit of
pain sorry brother checking part of the
heavy lifting on it’s alright oh yeah
maybe we should get it open you don’t
the box for this extreme Tampa wait
bottom the top that’s silly right you
know you’re totally right there’s
equality onward okay there’s like see
what we got in the box huh
whoa bonus well man I love TV land oh
that’s really awesome love Nickelodeon
hey it’s a box what could be inside
I don’t know don’t my job burgers right
and finally
that’s really heavy for Noriko whoa well
I gotta watch out for you yeah check
that out – two petals one – I put that
out by the blue recycling well here they
come on Thursdays is it Thursday or is
it Freddy oh man really Freddie I’m not
sure I’ll put it out there and just
leave if they come today either if not
already another homeowner you suppose
okay get on yeah all right all right
let’s get started
totally cool first I shall partake of
this manual I shall partake as well all
right always make sure you read through
it thoroughly
now that we’ve read through it
thoroughly we’re ready to begin fine hey
you knew it would be really cool and rad
well doesn’t me a good one Brad face is
if there is a video to go with the
manual okay all right let’s go what
shall we begin with dear gnarly
well why we start with a seat so you
could sit down what a wondrous idea I’ll
let you go my good friend
what thank you very much all right
here’s the seat no if you take a look
here there’s a minimum insertion mark
all right now I shall tighten the binder
bolt with this doohickey
all right good job someone who doesn’t
have 20/20 vision that’s true my area
yeah my contacts are all fogged today my
little itchy side together
all right what’s what’s next dear
brother I think we should put it on the
front tire
alright good idea alright put down the
kickstand first well perhaps we should
do this
lift it I’ll put it in there all right
line up the fork right over the axle all
right now right make sure that’s the air
you help put the retaining washer in the
proper position indeed I have gnarlie
all right I’ve also tightened it with
the nuts
you mean the axle nuts oh I do all right
okay now turn through the proper tool to
make sure this axle nuts are tight
indeed I will generally there we go
there righty tighty what direction did
you see me go no I can’t tell this
righty-tighty really upset I’m 38 years
old USA righty tighty – hey righty to
the right to the right to the right here
is one turn and another turn
it might take three or four or five or
six turns to get it fully tight yeah
doesn’t only two – all right as I’m
totally rad provided this is totally
installed and I did it what’s next well
I think we should do the handlebars look
but first we have to put in the stem
turn it around that way so this is
facing forward now once again there is a
minimum insertion mark it must never be
visible look at that it’s not visible is
it not at all right
maybe you should tighten the stem bolt
gnarly good idea over tighten it all
right here we go it’s around and a
couple more of those
here we go alright couldn’t tie it right
then we should move on to the face plate
okay now these can unscrew to release
the face plate right why do we need to
release the face plate well you could
put your face on it well that or or to
put in the handlebars yeah so I still
hand you the handlebars all right I’ll
hold the handlebars on and then you put
the face plate on top well thank you
dear gnarly all right four different
screws you’re gonna have to put in on
this all right if we call them screws
one two three and four keep them
straight you can call them a B C and D
if you want as well there’s lots of
things you can name it Alpha Beta Gamma
Delta all right you know there’s other
things as well you can eat them after
the planet didn’t come like Mercury
Venus and even gamma I’m just trying to
stall for time all right there’s a lot
off for time we’re just a few two braids
are you comfortable I’m sorry I’m just a
little cranky what’s the matter well I
just you know I need some Tylenol that’s
right lots of Tylenol well you know you
owe me guys oh no it’s fine you’re good
it’s got a little R Jesus Martin I did I
my arthritis is acting up really it’s
okay if you I’m gonna maintain all right
there we go
hey Warren stop all right you know what
that makes them extreme all right now
next step is we want to make sure they
can’t move the handlebar independent of
the wheel all right so I’m going to take
the tire and put it between my legs
like so right he’s got trying twist back
and forth that’s what I was gonna say
all right go ahead back and forth I
can’t turn it no whoa it’s almost like
I’m on a jet ski down the Missouri River
hello polar bear you’re quite done okay
all right here we go
okay all right next we want install the
brakes whoa grace would be cool right
lakes are clean do we really need to
install the brakes yeah okay
brakes are cool yeah let’s do the brakes
I’ll guess right okay all right well the
brakes are installed we just got install
the brake cables absolutely all right so
why don’t you hold this you got it and
I’m going to install the brake from
underneath there I did that extreme high
extreme it was sort of extreme even –
screaming I got it all right here we go
let’s check the bad placement all right
the pad placement appears to be fine all
good alliteration there why thank you a
proper pad please Linds no this appears
to only be the front brake right and yet
we have yet another handle what we’re
gonna do with that I’m pretty sure that
should be the rear brake yes and we have
these lovely rear brake cables yes well
you know according to the manual it says
it’s required you have a great
professional install the rear brakes
professional we don’t have a
professional though ue gnarly are you a
professional I’m not a professional
well I’m not either thanks for asking
but only one would walk by then maybe we
could complete this bike that would be
totally awesome all right what’s up guys
pardon me good sir would you happen to
be a bike professional plan
with us that you’ve ended up here on
this day we are in need of your services
if you don’t mind what can do for you we
would like you to install our rear brake
thank you thank you you’re most welcome
kind sir may I observe you closely in
your native area
all right rad – Wow watch you work here
we go so we installed a break I’m a new
cable into the lever okay that was super
EXTREME you see how his fingers hop on a
short cable to the near side
alright to the near side or the extreme
side you showed us a lot of stuff we
can’t understand on ourselves long cable
the far side first I got far side
calendar on my desk Wow still yeah from
like 12 years ago you know it’s not okay
bump the cable heads into the rotor yeah
cable heads that’s what they called you
in high school
cable anything else you got to do that’s
all whoa thank you my good man here your
services were quite the professional we
had a celebrate with a wonderful high
five high five very much he’s gonna
weird touching yeah don’t worry yeah
well thank you good sir you may continue
right and there he goes riding off into
the sunset what a kind-hearted gentleman
turned out to be indeed
a heart of gold that’s right we continue
it’s a good idea what should we do next
no how about whoa what about the pedals
huh let’s not do regular pedals
let’s do I found an elf I believe that
would be four left all right
we’re legendary well let’s go with less
all right and our four right J or just
right all right you’re killing my buzz
man all right you know I have to
understand there we go the left goes in
counterclockwise right goes in clockwise
make sure that you’re not pitting
spinning the pedal itself dear gnarly
not giving this pedal is that what you
said I said spinning the pedal all right
so make sure that you’re only spinning
the pedal spindle whoa that’s kind of
hard to say I drew hard to see you said
it like three or four times he’s got it
rolling every time all right
pretty sure I got that right all right
what hitting the pedal spindle all right
there you go you go ahead and try it
mister I’m not gonna try it 40 years old
all right
remember Ethan you that’s true a little
bit even eating keep the pullover lately
all right I’m guys they’re really worth
I don’t think so no I think it was just
a thing all right we’re gonna tighten it
all the way to the Craig thing yeah mine
is tighten to the crank fish all right
I’m gonna tighten mine to the crack face
right now whoa it appears to take you
more than a little torque to tighten it
all the way yeah a little more torque is
what took whoa all right all right
what’s the next step well I believe we
should install the pegs here they are
you take two for the front I’ll take two
for the back okay so let’s install these
right now well these things are spin on
so easily they just screw right on don’t
they gnarly they they sure do all right
left and right now I can hand tighten
them but that won’t be tight enough will
it no indeed we have to use a
screwdriver to tighten it the rest of
the way I’m gonna put to this hole just
give it twist one all right
where’s the other one all right oh my
god dodgy shoulder I’m gonna do with the
left side yeah all right I should do
both of – well all right here we go
that was so extreme they are extreme we
forgot to do we got checked to make sure
the brakes really stop the bike did we
forget I think we’re about to do it
right now okay
all right look at this I’m driving along
really fast and we’re gonna hit the
brake stop
whoa steady careful not to squeeze them
too hard gnarly why you could go flying
over the handlebars and that would be
most bogus that would be totally bogus
all right that’s left huh I believe we
need to check the tires that’s good
let’s make sure that they’re properly
seated they appear to be properly seated
here we go
I’m not seated I’m standing up nowadays
school meanings these appear to be
properly inflated right but in the
instance that they’re not you should use
a low pressure pump like this right well
look at the actions nice hey Brad what
happens if I take this like a gas
station we’re trying to use a
high-pressure air compressor oh that
would be totally unimpressed our
compressor to inflate these tires all
right though it may be extreme it may
blow up your tires – wouldn’t want that
to happen no not at all right well looks
like we’re pretty much ready to go right
I think we’re done all right just in
time – because I need a nap are you me –
you want to come over later and we’re
gonna do an entire Cosby Show marathon
well it’s probably going to be season 1
cuz I’m gonna go to better yeah me too
oh yeah all right that’s it
see you later on extreme

Bestseller No. 1
Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
  • Custom Tony Hawk design and graphics
  • Freestyle bike with custom grips
  • Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Front and rear pegs
  • 48 spoke wheels

Tony Hawk Bicycle Review

Tony Hawk’s bike is designed for the casual rider as well as professional riders who enjoy the mountain bike or cross country mountain biking. If you are looking to buy a new mountain bike or cross country mountain bike then it is worth considering buying a model from Tony Hawk which includes the features mentioned above.

The pedal assist system has been designed for beginners as well as experts and works on your pedals by applying force to them when you push the pedals down. The pedal assist system helps your Tony Hawk bike maintain good balance when pedaling down a hill and is especially useful for people who are overweight or have weak legs. Pedal assist also helps your bike maintain speed as you pedal down hills.

If you have been using standard mountain bikes and cross country mountain bikes then you will be familiar with the problem of pedal chatter. Pedal chatter happens when you start pedaling hard and feel that the bike loses some of its speed and control, and then as you pedal down again, your bike will start to chatter. This problem is caused by the chain rubbing against the pedals and can be greatly reduced by using the pedal assist system.

Another feature on many of the models of pedal assist systems is an integrated computer. This means that the computer can measure your pedaling cadence and help you control the bike by adjusting the pedal assist levels according to how much effort you are putting into pedaling. Using this computer to help you control the bike means you don’t need to think about your body position while pedaling or worrying about the bike losing its balance. Instead, the computer senses your pedaling and then provides the appropriate pedal assist level. It is like having a personal trainer at your disposal, helping you to improve and control your Tony Hawk bike.

There are other advantages to using the pedal assist system. You get to use the same pedal power in any situation where you want to. For instance, if you are going off the road or on a long and gentle climb, you can use your standard mountain bike to ride. If you are trying to tackle a steep hill to climb, you can use the pedal assist system to accelerate quickly on your bike so that you can make it to the top safely.

A pedal assist system is the way to go if you are looking to make the most out of your Tony Hawk bike. A pedal assist system helps you to ride safe and steady and comfortable and improves your balance and posture when riding.

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