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Thruster Fixie Upgrades

all right so this is my thruster fixie
after the upgrades adjusted the upgrades
today I’ve had the bike for almost two
years now
and I’ve been riding it fully stocked
for two years I really just wanted to
upgrade it so the bike was originally
black with red tires and I painted it
silver and then put black tires on it I
put a better seat on the ice I think
it’s a better seat I don’t know what
that what it is exactly just that just
has that be on there I got it for two
dollars at Goodwill the one thing I
really wanted to do is change the stem
here to put to be able to put different
handlebars on which I want to do in the
future I got this adapter a profile
design adapter there was a used one on
Amazon for twelve dollars and then I
also got a this is a project fixie stem
see there so you just slide the stem up
onto this adapter here and you take the
old old one out with the allen key but
the new one end that’s about as far as
it would go I’m not sure if it’s
supposed to go farther than that so I
got that stem and adapter and then I got
these tires swap them out from the red
ones I think they’re called bel inertia
tires they’re at Walmart the 700c there
are $20 each
I might be able to get them cheaper
online yeah I kept the original inner
tube it worked just fine yeah so I just
changed the the seat yeah tires and that
a stem here with the adapter so rode the
bike for two years stock then spent
seventy dollars in upgrades I mean just
tires and stem tires are 4d together
this was 30 together
and this was two dollars I’m gonna count
that and then after that I’m not sure
what handlebars I want next I did have
these mini BMX handlebars they’re packed
away somewhere we moved after I bought
them and uh they’re like the mini BMX
style they were like $13 on Amazon so I
might put that on because I’m a little
bit of a shorter guy you might be better
um so I’ll try those that’s mainly why I
wanted the stem to try out those also on
Amazon for $13 they had the bull horn
ones and they had the drop bar ones so
you know for twelve or thirteen dollars
each doesn’t break their big break the
bank try out some handlebars so yeah
I’ll test around with the handlebars so
yeah I guess um I guess this is one of
the McDonald’s rusty wheels you can see
the red the yellow is coming through
there but mine was not the McDonald’s
color fixie mine was the original black
and red ones yeah I painted the UH the
bike to match my car yeah you have any
questions on anything uh I’ll probably
put some links in the description to the
conversions there cuz I had a little
trouble finding it finally someone on
YouTube had it and I did the exact same
thing as him so if you have any
questions or anything you know just let
me know in the comments and I’ll try it
I’ll see if I can help I did have a
original video on my bike on YouTube
and a lot of people were coming on there
and they I’ve helped a lot of people out
on that video and then this is finally
the first upgrade video after that so
yeah thanks for watching

Thruster Bicycles

The Kent Thruster 700C Men s Fixie Bike features both stunning looks and optimum performance for a unique one-of-a Kind ride. You’ll get both sleek looks and optimum performance in one tough, durable package. This single-speed Fixie thruster bike has a steel fork and aluminum frame with a chromed steel spindle and alloy rims. The men’s version of the bike comes with a black leather riding suit, while the ladies’ model is available in a beautiful pink satin finish.

The all-black design gives you a muscular appearance. The powerful red tires give you that extra pumping power you need for a vigorous exercise. If you are looking for a bike that can give you a powerful ride without giving you problems with the weight, this is the one. The dual chain guards give you extra protection against scratches as well as prevent rubbing against the chain. The black design gives you a rugged look while providing a sporty feel to your ride.

The Thruster is very lightweight. Its frame is made of high quality parts, which makes it highly durable. The bike also features an aluminum fork, which is great for going on bumpy trails or mountain biking paths. It has a rear rack bike carrier for storage and easy transport. Other than that, the bike also comes with an impressively long wheelbase for easy steering and stability even in steep mountain trails. However, if you need an off-road machine, you can get the Thruster in tan finish which is very suitable for rugged terrains.

The bike is also available in a low price range, which allows almost anyone to buy it. Since it features an aluminum frame, it can be bought at a more affordable price compared to other premium mountain bikes. Even with its excellent performance and durability, you can still find a cheap Thruster bike by searching the internet and looking for a second hand dealer.

The Thruster bike is not like all other bikes available in the market today. You don’t have to go on a wild goose chase in order to buy one. Indeed, you can simply enjoy the ride and experience the amazing workout without worrying too much about how much the bike costs. This is because most people who buy a Thruster five men find out that they can easily take care of the bike and use it for lengthy periods of time without having to worry about buying another one after only a few months.

It is definitely not easy to ride a bicycle when you are going down the road to run errands or to simply enjoy your morning jog in the morning. There are several things that you need to consider when you want to stay healthy and fit. For instance, you should always keep in mind to eat nutritious foods so that you will remain fit and fine. You also need to take your bicycle along with you whenever you are travelling within the city or even outside the city if you want to witness the beauty of nature. Of course, there are a lot of other tips that anyone looking for a good low cost bicycle would find very useful.

Thruster Bike FAQ

Thruster freestyle bikes

Thruster Freestyle Bikes is a well-known bicycle brand that has been manufactured in the United States since 1969. They were started by Richard Thruster, who began selling them in New York City under the name Rocket Bikes. Since then they gained much popularity throughout the country, as well as around the world. Thruster bikes are made from aluminum, which is one of the stronger and lighter materials that can be used for bicycle frames. This means that these bikes are better for individuals that may have difficulty with weight, or just getting on and off of a bike.

The company produces many different kinds of bicycles, and each of them has their own unique look and style. One of their most popular models is the Thruster Freestyle, which has been produced in both fixed and freestyle designs. These bikes feature a high performance frame that is both lightweight and strong. They can be customized with a range of different accessories to help you customize your bike, and they can also be purchased with many different components.

The company has received a lot of national publicity over the years for a variety of different reasons. Some of the more famous biking controversies have involved them, because of their designs and parts. They have received many awards over the years for their quality of work, and also their designs. Many people are now choosing to buy a Thruster Freestyle Bike, and there are many online stores that are dedicated to selling them.

Thruster BMX bikes

The Thruster BMX bikes are a new bike that will make riding BMX bikes a fun and exciting adventure. These bikes have been introduced by Thruster Bikes in the market and they are being manufactured by Kustomcycles. These bikes are one of the most popular bikes that are used by stunt riders across the globe for their stunt biking adventures. When you go to buy these bikes, you must be very careful because they are a complete package. Before buying any bike, you must tell us what kind of ride you are going to do and that bike that will suit you best.

The frame of the Thruster BMX bike is made up of a high-performance aluminum alloy frame with the help of modern welding technology. This technology will make the frame stronger and more durable so that the wear and tear on the bike can be minimized. The wheels of the bike are also made from a tough and flexible chrome and carbon fiber composite material. They are designed in such a way so that they give maximum support while the rider is doing his tricks. These wheels have been designed in such a way so that they can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The wheel hubs and the shock absorbers of the bike are made up of the toughest and flexible materials, so that they can survive all kinds of dangerous terrains.

If you are planning to buy a new BMX bike, then you must tell us the type of ride that you want to do. Once you know the type of ride you want to do, you will be able to choose the best bike that will suit your needs. We would surely offer you the best deals and prices in the market so that you can make the best choice.

Thruster mountain bikes

The Thruster mountain bikes have become a very popular model in the world of mountain biking. This company has built some of the most durable and reliable bikes for all kinds of conditions. These bikes have all the components that are necessary for a bike to perform well even under the most demanding conditions. They offer bikes that come with everything you need for comfort and safety but without spending much money on unnecessary accessories.

The Thruster bikes are available in a number of different colors such as black, white, yellow and red. There is also a version of the Specialized TUBA that is called the Team UP Aluminum frame which is made from aluminum. This aluminum frame offers excellent performance even under extreme conditions. There is a version of the Thruster that is equipped with the new eZee seat and handlebars which are designed to give you the best in sport bike riding. With this combination the bike can be adjusted for different levels of performance and comfort. The result is a bike that gives you the best possible performance both off and on the road.

If you want to purchase a good quality bike at an affordable price then you will certainly like the Thruster mountain bikes. The best thing about these bikes is that they are readily available from a number of places including retail shops and online dealers. You will definitely find the right bike from the market as there are many sellers out there who sell them. You can choose your bike by checking out its specifications, reviews and prices before making the purchase.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. So when I got the bike…all of the parts (i.e. screws and nuts) were missing… Instead of going through the hassles of a third-party purchase, I wanted to take it to a bike shop… For the cost of return shipping, the bike shop assembled, aligned, and tested everything. Probably the best choice… I’m 5’9″ and the bike suits me well enough that I tip toe while sitting, and that’s with the seat just slightly elevated… I don’t think someone shorter than 5’7 would be able to ride this because the bar would be too high. It has the feel of a solid bike. All of the stickers were removed, and the seat was restored… The handlebars would most likely be painted later. The ride is easy, and the bike isn’t too big. I haven’t had a bike in years; the last one was stolen. So, for just under $200, this fixie did not disappoint. I’m quite pleased.

  2. After trying another company and having his order cancelled, I ordered this bike as a birthday present for my son. They were excellent in terms of customer service and promptly responded to my inquiry. The bike was just as I expected; all of the parts were present. All fit perfectly, and my son loves the bike he made with his father. The bike also arrived a week early…

  3. The bike itself is adequate, despite some odd complications. The rear brake seems complicated and unstable, while the front brake is hidden within the steering tube, which I don’t recall seeing anywhere else. It significantly complicates assembly, especially since no screw drivers or wrenches are included in the box. Since the brakes were not calibrated from the manufacturer, it took me about 1.5 hours to get the bike completely operational.

    Worst of all, the package arrived entirely destroyed, with some auxiliary plastic parts still damaged; luckily, nothing vital was corrupted, but the overall appearance was as bad as it had never been for my orders. Perhaps since this distribution was handled by Fedex.

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