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Final version of the specialized expedition sport

one man where you going you said you
want it’ll be in the video not this time
alright that’s my wife guys and she’s
done that specialize I just uploaded
final version of it once again
specialized expedition sport I just
remembered my brother-in-law has the
comfort version of this and it’s a
workhorse I honestly just like I just
hit and he uses his all the time before
he got his new Fuji he did several rides
on it and he had a lot of fun on his his
is a one by this is the three by but
pretty much it’s the same thing shocked
in the France quom in the front high
rise bars his did have the shark saddle
which we took that off it doesn’t have
the shocks in the front which never
replace it just kind of stood there so
let’s see what I did to this one guys
let’s see so I switched off the tires to
these Candice and these are 26 times
1.50 so they’re a little bit more
cushion or so it’s just it’s not gonna
be as fast but she’ll get you there and
you know that’s what I’m saying like
guys like I understand what the bike is
gonna do for you and then either a buy
the bike according to that or build the
bike according to that this one for a
grocery getter a commuter around town
this one is just gonna kill it and let’s
see what size she is this she’s a so she
is a large she’s a 21 size 21 inch frame
here to here and you have the shock so
he can’t go that much lower here either
so it is a grip frame is a large frame
I’m in it for $15 I mean 25 $25 you know
I got used tires which look pretty much
new did absolutely nothing else
I put matching grips on her cuz she
didn’t have him she didn’t have one my
bad hey she didn’t have one so I just
ripped some use grips I had down there
and I mean a fit and now you know it’s a
three by eight setup
she’s done she’s gonna be put to sell
pretty soon and not much more to say you
know once it just keep an eye what’s out
there guys you know do some work you
know even if you buy a cheap bike you
can’t mess it up because even you got to
fix it you got to fix it anyway so just
tickly the bike shop if you mess it up
that bad you know I’m just like cycling
is not expensive if you if you aim for a
mich low-end bike if you aim for a
high-end buy carbon fiber yeah that’s
but this bike right here will do an
awesome job for you know slow group
rides anything under fifty miles an hour
this bike will completely be able to
handle that if you’re in better shape
maybe even twenty miles an hour but just
look what’s out there guys you know your
arsenal cycles out

Specialized Expedition Bicycles

When choosing a specialized expedition bike it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, a specialized bike is usually more than a regular bike. This means that the suspension system is better, the wheels are better, etc. Also, you may be able to take your mountain bike to other countries, or just ride it around the city. However, the one downside to specialized bikes is that they will cost more than regular bikes. If you can afford it, then go for it.

The Specialized High Tour cycling jacket has a reflective graphic area which is located in the chest. This allows other riders to easily see you while biking in any kind of weather. The Specialized expedition sport bike has a liner and a shell, which makes it the perfect jpeg biking gear.

Specialized expedition zip-fly seat has an integrated leash holder which makes it very easy to go over short hills. When on the back of this seat is a specially modified jpeg frame which fits a standard cross country bike and adds an extra five centimeters of wheel height, which makes it a very comfortable bike for family cycling tours or weekend road trips. The Specialized zip-fly seat has a nylon post to help prevent road rash from occurring.

If you are planning on touring without your own jpeg bike, then this is the one for you. The Specialized All Terrain bike has a rear mud flaps which can be used for both mud and loose soil riding. The bike is equipped with a single shock absorber in the suspension system. This helps to absorb the shock for your sensitive body parts like the handle bars, saddle and the handle bar grips. A thumb screw on the throttle grip prevents the bike from going too fast when stopping.

The Specialized All Terrain bike is also available in several other models. Each model varies from the other, but they all have similar specs including the suspension and bike frame. They are also available in several different colors, but the most common color is black. When choosing between models, it is important that you consider what kind of riding you will be doing on the bike. Some people prefer a sport bike with a full suspension, while others want one with only a little bit of suspension.

Specialized Expedition Bike FAQ

Specialized Expedition women’s bike

Specialized Women’s Bike is a high quality women’s bike that is both stylish and functional. It comes with all the same features as a traditional Women’s mountain bike such as comfortable leather saddle, rigid frame, front wheel disc brakes, dual suspension, and aluminum fork brace. You are also getting a great riding position that makes you feel more confident while riding. The Specialized expedition is a great women’s bike for anyone who is looking for a bike that will help them get to where they need to go. These bikes have been designed with the biker in mind.

The Specialized Women’s bike features the same rugged durability that you would expect from a mountain bike. In fact, the company works hard to make sure that all their products are high in quality. This is evident by the fact that you can find the company’s products available for sale online. When it comes to getting what you need, it is very easy to shop online for these types of products.

The Specialized expedition women’s bike is one of the most well designed women’s bikes out there. It is light weight, which makes it perfect for those who are just starting out in the sport. However, it also features a rigid frame that allows for plenty of comfort. The bike has many of the same safety features that you would expect from a full suspension bike.

Specialized Expedition mountain bike

A Specialized expedition mountain bike offers a great way to get around. They have an aggressive yet smooth ride to them. Specialized put some serious thought into this bike, making sure that it has many of the best features out there. These mountain bikes offer up everything you would expect from a Specialized bike:

The Specialized expedition bike is equipped with a rigid but flexible fork. Specialized put a lot of thought into this part of the bike, making sure that you can easily change your riding style according to the type of conditions you find yourself riding in. The Specialized expedition bike has large rear mud flaps that keep your mud and dirt completely out of your front wheel. Also on the rear are shock absorber pads that can be adjusted for more or less comfort. These are great for enjoying the ride but can be comfortable during real climbs.

The Specialized expedition bike also comes with a wide range of road biking tires. The tires are designed for all road types and can handle anything that you could throw at it. The tires are also tested and tweaked to make sure they’re ready for anything you want to throw at them. So whether you want to go mountain biking or pavement racing, the Specialized expedition bike can give it all. You can choose from mud, gravel, and synthetic tires, or just a normal tread to ride any terrain you want. These tires make riding easy and fun no matter what the conditions.

Specialized Expedition hybrid bike

A Specialized Expedition hybrid bike is one of the best bikes for mountain biking, which is suitable for all levels of riding styles. The Specialized expedition series is known for its stiffness and durability as well as being a lightweight and efficient bike. This bike is designed with both comfort and performance in mind, and it comes with a wide range of different features depending on what you’re looking for. The Specialized expedition range has some great models to choose from, including the Endurance series, the STP series and the XL and SLX groups. These are just some of the popular models available:

If you’re looking for one of the best hybrid bikes on the market, then the Specialized expedition range is definitely the one to look out for. Hybrid bikes offer the best of both road and mountain biking, and you’ll find plenty of options here. For instance, if you want a bike that offers a little bit of everything, then you should look at the Specialized All Season. These bikes offer a stiffer ride that’s perfect for those who enjoy riding off road, but they also have been specially designed for smooth rides up to moderate levels of difficulty. The Specialized expedition range also offers a range of off-road hybrid options, including the All terrain series, which has been designed to be as versatile as possible.

If you’re looking for a bike that offers a great performance at a great price, then the Specialized expedition range of bikes should definitely be a consideration. There are plenty of different models available to suit your own personal preferences, so make sure you find a bike that suits your own riding style. By buying a Specialized bike, you’ll be able to make the most of any cycling event you participate in, as well as enjoying a comfortable and effective commute to work or school. Don’t forget to add in the fact that by using this type of bike, you’ll save yourself a lot of money compared to driving, as you won’t need to pay road tax.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I read several reviews before making this purchase, and I’m very happy with it. The bike is both beautiful and well-balanced. However, since I am new to riding, I don’t have a lot to compare it to. It’s heavier than more expensive bikes, and the mag wheels add weight as well. However, I’m using this bike to exercise to get in better shape, so I’m fine with the weight to improve muscle strength without spending a fortune.

    This bike is only suitable for beginners, in my opinion. Firstly, since the chain wheel has a diameter of 42T. That is small in comparison to regular road bikes, which have 52T or 53T gear ratios. The larger chain wheel allows you to generate more electricity, which allows the bike to go faster. However, it is more difficult to pedal, which is why, as a beginner cyclist, I prefer the smaller chain wheel. I also live in a hilly place, so the smaller chain wheel is ideal for me.

    The seat is very uncomfortable, but replacements are inexpensive. I covered mine with a gel cover before I could find a better seat. Apart from that, I have no other concerns. I didn’t like all of the stickers because the graphics were too busy, so I removed some of them from the wheels.

  2. “Recommended for riders 56″ to 62″ inches tall,” according to the packaging for the 24″ bike. I weighed the bike after it was fully assembled. It weighs 36 pounds with the kickstand and reflectors (which are pre-assembled on bike).

    It was easy to put together: Install the handlebars, front wheel, bench, and pedals (which are numbered left/right and indicate thread-direction) and inflate the tires. Everything else is already assembled and adjusted (even the brakes and shifters, but I needed to tweak the brakes slightly). There are clear directions, but you will need supplies.

  3. For the price, this bike is excellent. With no prior bike assembly experience, it took me about an hour to unbox and assemble; just make sure you have a set of Allen wrenches on hand. The most important thing to remember when putting it together is to inflate the tires to the correct psi. I figured I could use a small hand pump, but not inflating them to the correct psi made the first few rides much more complicated than they should have been (about 70 for a hybrid bike like this one). I ended up purchasing the Schwinn Air Center Plus and discovered that the tires were under 40 psi on my first few trips; once I got them up to 70, the bike rides much quicker, smoother, and with less effort on my part. The seat isn’t particularly comfortable, but it serves its purpose, so I’m unlikely to replace it. The 18-inch frame is ideal for my height; however, if you are shorter than 5’3″, it will be too large for you. I’ve put about 50 miles on it so far, riding it to and from work, which is 8 miles away and takes 30-35 minutes. So far, this bike has been fantastic, and it makes the everyday commute to work a lot more enjoyable.

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