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SCHWALBE Marathon GG RLX Wire Bead Tire (700X35)
SCHWALBE Black Jack Active Line Tire, 24x1.9-Inch
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 440 Road Bike Tire (700x25, Allround Wire Beaded, Reflex)
SCHWALBE - Big Apple Hybrid and Touring Wire Clincher Bike Tire | 26 x 2.35 | Performance Line, RaceGuard | Black/Reflective
SCHWALBE Nobby Nic HS 463 Addix Performance TL Ready Mountain Bicycle Tire - Folding Bead (Black - 29 x 2.25)
Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire
Schwalbe Black Jack Active Line Tire
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348 Road Bike Tire
Schwalbe Big Apple HS 430 Fatty Bicycle Tire
Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Tubeless Ready Folding Tyre
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Product Page
SCHWALBE Marathon GG RLX Wire Bead Tire (700X35)
Schwalbe Marathon HS Wire Bead Tire
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Product Page
SCHWALBE Black Jack Active Line Tire, 24x1.9-Inch
Schwalbe Black Jack Active Line Tire
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Product Page
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 440 Road Bike Tire (700x25, Allround Wire Beaded, Reflex)
Schwalbe Marathon Plus HS 348 Road Bike Tire
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Product Page
SCHWALBE - Big Apple Hybrid and Touring Wire Clincher Bike Tire | 26 x 2.35 | Performance Line, RaceGuard | Black/Reflective
Schwalbe Big Apple HS 430 Fatty Bicycle Tire
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SCHWALBE Nobby Nic HS 463 Addix Performance TL Ready Mountain Bicycle Tire - Folding Bead (Black - 29 x 2.25)
Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance Tubeless Ready Folding Tyre
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First Ride of the ALL NEW Schwalbe Tires

this is pretty exciting
brand new box of yet to be released
schwalbe tires let’s flip it open
we’ve got the decade of super flipping
look at this superhero that is so cool
thrilling tires around
a decade of superstars now you know
there’s something pretty special is
going to be in here
such a cool graphic first thing we’re
going to pull out
this brochure get an idea of what it is
so it’s all new mountain bike
instructions you’ve got super race
super ground super trails super gravity
super downhill
that is a lot of supers put that there
get rid of that packaging let’s pull out
something that is very familiar to us
the magic mary but the difference with
it is it comes in that new super trail
now this sits just below super gravity
it’s a little bit lighter
it’s still got puncture protection the
compound is soft which i’m really
familiar with
excited to get that onto the ransom and
this this is what i’m really excited
about already been testing one of these
on someone bikes secretly it’s a big
a brand new rear specific tire for sort
enduro and downhill take a look at that
there we go we’ve got great side knobs
we’ve got good braking we’ve got good
and rolling this is a 29 by 2.4
it’s in the super gravity casing you’ve
got added protection
that’s going to go on the rear of my
bike with that on the front we’re going
to fit them to the ransom
in a little bit but let’s continue
unboxing because we’ve got this new
knobby neck this has been completely
redesigned and
taking out of the box
let’s see i think it’s almost like
it’s almost like a mini magic mary look
at those side knobs right there
they’re reinforced you’ve got great
braking again
i think that’s gonna be a really good
trail tire this is in super trail
casing soft compound but we’ve got one
that is in the speed grip compound again
super trail so that’s perfect for like a
trail bike
all mountain kind of stuff i’m going to
put these onto a spark a little bit
later on
i’m going to take it out for a ride what
else are we going here well
i’ve also got ceiling because all my
tires are going to be set
and get up tubeless um we’ve got some of
the new
new schwalbe valves as well um super
a few more of them in there i can’t
reach them we can get onto the super
race tire now this is designed for sort
high level cross-country racing got the
racing ray
you’ve got it in the speed compound that
red that’s what marks it
fast rolling lightweight i mean picking
the box off
there really isn’t much too i’m going to
pull it out for you just to
just to show you because i’m actually
really excited about these
and they’re in that tremble definitely
tin town wall
depending on the bike of course so there
you go i mean
there’s honestly nothing to it at all
it’s so
light just picking it up it’s really
fast rolling
lightweight perfect cross-country tire
we’ve got the racing ralph as well
that’s going to go in the rear of a
cross-country bike a little bit faster
compared to ray it’s got better side
knobs better traction perfect for up
and then there’s two more tires in here
we’ve got the eddy current
um that’s a real tire that’s in super
that’s just to give you a bit of added
protection you’ve got a little bit more
cushioning with it being super gravity
as well
comes in 29 by 2.6 that one
and then we’ve got the eddy current
front it’s a front tire specific
i mean look at those huge blocks it’s
going to give you
loads and loads of grip and that’s also
a 29 by 2.6
super trail so you’ve got the super
trail which is a little bit lighter than
super gravity
i think that’s going to be a perfect
front tire sort of a trail bike tire
super gravity kind of enduro and then
super downhill is obviously for downhill
i don’t have any of those tires right
but i think what we’re gonna do now is
i’m gonna grab big betty
and this is magic mary the magic mary
we’re gonna get them fitted to the
and head out for a ride
gives me the fear every time
all right well i think that was a very
successful first ride of the new
schwarbe tires
magic mary super trail casing up front
brand new big betty on the rear
super gravity casing both soft 29 by 2.4
let’s first of all talk about that magic
mirror up front the main difference
because i’m already really used to that
tyre pattern is the fact that i was
running super trail it’s about 200 grams
lighter than super gravity
i could feel it if i was going out to
the alps i might opt for the super
gravity casing just to give you a little
bit more
support cushioning and get rid of some
of the vibrations a little bit more
but for where i’m riding right here and
trail stuff
absolutely perfect on the rear well
let’s talk about that new big betty
if i’m right at home on it straight away
you’ve got great braking edges
acceleration goes really well with these
ramps right here
the tread pattern while the side knobs
they’ve got extra support right here
so if you do push really hard they’re
not going to fold over
tire pressure well i was running 26 in
the rear
22 psi up front really really happy with
now i’m going to get back into the
workshop i’m going gonna prep a spark
we’re gonna take that out i’m gonna try
the new knobby nick in super trail
casing let’s do it
first round of the nobby nick done that
was actually the first time that i had
actually taken out two
and the first impressions really
impressed by it as
i thought it was going to be it’s like a
little brother of the magic mary so
you’ve got
really nice side knobs great breaking
edge as you saw from those trails that
we’re riding they’re fast they’re flowy
but there’s some turns you could really
rip into you had to slow down
quick for there’s some steeper sections
and it performed really well
running the attic soft up front just to
give me a little bit more grip on the
front tire
i’ve got the speed grip on the rear
which is faster rolling
the new casing the super trail both
front and rear it’s just a really nice
fit just below the super gravity it’s
having a little bit of weight perfect
for this bike because
it’s a little bit easier to pedal around
all day and then under the sense i can
really push it pretty hard we’re going
to go back into the workshop
i’m going to talk through all the tires
i’ve even got super downhill now
so i can show you them and talk about
where you might run each of them
and why all right so now that we’ve
taken it out for a first ride you know
about the tires
i’m going to talk you right through the
range and try and decide decipher which
casing might be best for you so we’re
going to start with the super downhill
because it is the most protected and
with the name
downhill is what it’s designed to do so
it’s the heaviest tire it’s going to
give you the most amount of protection
the casing is the thickest and think
there’s six layers in there
to give you maximum protection against
if we pick up the super gravity picking
it’s just a little bit lighter not much
but there is a difference
as suggests gravity is in the name so
it’s designed for sort of gravity riding
it’s a great tire sort of all-rounder
that you can pedal up to the top of the
and then ride back down however this
is where the addition of the super trail
becomes really exciting
because picking up is lighter again a
great trail tire
um it’s just lightweight it makes it a
little bit easier to pedal up
you have got i think it’s three layers
under the tread right there so giving
you a lot of protection still
and but not quite as much as the super
gravity or the super downhill
and then moving on to the super ground i
don’t have a super ground right here
it’s got a little less protection again
but i do have a super race
there’s nothing to it is really a
lightweight tyre that’s designed for out
and out cross-country racing it’s the
lightest tire that schwalbe offer in the
mountain bike range
that kind of talks through the casing
for me
for my bikes on the spark i’m gonna
stick with running super trails
on the ransom i’m gonna go with the
super trail up front
super gravity in the rear and on the
downhill bike
i am probably gonna go for a super
downhill both front and rear
but i could put a super gravity up front
just to save
a little bit of weight now what i think
i’m going to do i’m going to talk
through where the
big betty sits in the range because i
know that there’ll be questions
about that the big betty well it is
as a rear tire it’s an aggressive tyre
you’ve got
great side knob that’s going to give you
really good grip as you’re pushing into
the ground
you’ve got nice breaking edges you’ve
got acceleration right there so it’s
going to slow you down really well
it fits right below the magic mirror in
the range above the hands down
so it’s a really good enduro tire and
then grabbing the knobby neck
while the knobby neck is just below the
hands damp
a little bit faster rolling and the
tread pattern
is a little bit lower you’ve still got
great edges
great breaking edge too so it’s going to
slow you down and loose terrain like you
saw me riding
earlier in the edit really good
all-round tire
perfect for the spark for the ransom
definitely magic mary big betty for me
that is a great combo
i’m super stoked on the new casings on
the release of the big betty
the revamp of the knobby nick if you’d
like to know more i’m going to leave a
link in the description of this video
you can click through to schwalbe’s
website you can learn everything that
you might possibly need to know about
tires setting them up tubeless
but if you do have any questions please
leave them in the comments down below
i’ll do my best to answer them
give this video a thumb up like if
you’ve enjoyed it and i’ll see you guys
out riding these bad boys real soon

Schwalbe Bike Tires

Schwalbe is a prominent manufacturer that produces high-quality bicycle tires. They have a long standing history and have been making tires for over one hundred years. Their product line extends from mountain bikes to recumbent Schwinn bikes and they are well known for the quality of their design, engineering, and construction. When looking for Schwalbe tires you should know exactly what you are looking for so that you get the right tire for your specific situation.

There are several types of bicycle tires, but all have something in common. The most basic type of tire is a tubeless sealant tube with a small air tank. Tubeless bicycle tires use a sealed tube that is filled with air between the protector and the wheel. The air is allowed to fill the tire and help provide traction as well as keeping it properly inflated. Tubeless sealants usually come with a built in air inflation device that is easy to use.

Schwalbe tubeless tires are available in two different forms, which include the regular and the advanced tubeless tire. They are usually available in an off the rim or an inside rim style and are designed to seal with a sealant that is not immediately airtight.

When looking for tubeless tires, there are several considerations that should be kept in mind. First, you should know that tubeless tires can only be used on bicycles with rim locks. If you bike does not currently have this technology then you should upgrade your lock to one that will accept a tubeless tire. Next, you should know that you may need to purchase a tube if your bike does not already have one. There are many retailers that sell tubeless tires and an internet search should give you a list of places that sell them.

Schwalbe tubeless tires offer great advantages, but they have their disadvantages as well. One of the biggest disadvantages that people face when using tubeless technology is the lack of durability compared to a typical rigid tire. Since the tire has no sealant, there is nothing to stop the leak from getting on the road which causes a significant increase in rolling resistance. People who use these types of tires without a sealant often find that over time the tube begins to lose air because it has nowhere for it to go.

The next disadvantage to be aware of is the increased weight of the tire with v-guard protection. This is especially true for people who are trying to use a heavy bicycle. The Schwalbe tire with v-guard protection will increase the weight of the bicycle by approximately 50 percent. Another disadvantage to these types of tires is the extra cost that is associated with purchasing these tires. You will pay more money for each tube that you buy which increases the cost of your bicycle significantly. If you are going to use Schwalbe, you may want to consider another type of tire that offers better traction and durability.

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