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Pacific girls Sport Mountain Bike, Light Blue , 24-Inch
Pacific Cycle Vortax Kids Bike, 20-Inch Wheels, Silver (204054P)
Pacific Mountain Adult Sport Bike, 24-26-Inch Wheels
Pacific Cycle Kids Vortax, 12-20 inch Wheels
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Product Page
Pacific girls Sport Mountain Bike, Light Blue , 24-Inch
Pacific Mountain Adult Sport Bike, 24-26-Inch Wheels
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Pacific Cycle Vortax Kids Bike, 20-Inch Wheels, Silver (204054P)
Pacific Cycle Kids Vortax, 12-20 inch Wheels
Prime Benefits

Pacific Derby Dual Suspension Bike

Pacific is a bike brand that I haven’t
shown any love for my most despised bike
was the Pacific evolution and I took
great joy and seeing it destroyed and I
still have the heart of that frame I
thought that would be the last Pacific
seen on this channel it’s not a brand I
see in big-box stores often these days
Plus how could a bike seem more weirdly
designed than the evolution or so I
thought because apparently Pacific has
upped their game because I found this at
Redstone Arsenal ‘he’s post-exchange
the pacific derby the bike that clearly
has pacific evolution routes but with
the addition of a rear suspension chuck
so that makes it better right does that
just step up weird to a whole new level
it’s confusing for sure and not just the
looks even the pricing doesn’t know what
it wants to be depending upon which tag
I look at it’s either 139 95 or 119 I
don’t want to prejudge this bike because
I’ve been surprised before and usually I
can find some value if I look hard
enough and I can say that at 119 I see a
lot of what I expect like the quill stem
these are slowly going away but on these
ultra low-priced dual suspension bikes
they’re a bit of a hold up there are
lots of sacrifices like this they have
to be made to keep a specific price
point especially in today’s tariff
environment now there’s nothing
inherently wrong with a quill setup but
on a bike with a rear suspension it’s
not really confidence inspiring to see
the handlebar held on with a single bolt
the bars and everything on them are very
familiar cheap rubber grips twist
shifters these are td1 twisties I get
flack every now and then for saying
cheap looking plastic people say you
can’t tell quality by looking I disagree
especially when it comes to plastics
like on these power brake levers
functional but visually not of the
highest quality these work rim brakes
fit to both the front and rear wheels on
the derby the Pacific brand goes back to
1977 and I’m told that at one point they
were well above what they are today and
the low-end components continue like the
suspension fork I’ve seen this on bikes
down to the $59 level and the wheels
single wall in the hubs the most basic
type these 26 by 1.9 five tires generic
cheapies yes but I will say that
sometimes these super cheap tires can
have amazing traction thanks to the soft
compound but they will
we’re fast the drivetrain to functional
but cheap plastic no bushing pedals thin
crank arms stamped still triple chain
rings all the usual the front derailleur
is a TD one the same for the rear it has
an integrated hanger the rear gearing is
a free will void of branding this is a
steel-framed bike in 18 speeds for
roughly 38 pounds I know from history to
be less than pleasurable on Hills but
this bike at least to me isn’t about
gearing or components it’s all about
that frame so freakish I mean look at
all the tubes no wonder it’s heavy and
don’t understand where they were going
design was because even the cable
routing doesn’t make sense
cables start on the top of the top tube
and then dart into the jumble of Steel
running right through the frames only
moving parts with one cable riding up
against the bottom of the seat post I
guess it’s a good thing this bike
doesn’t have hydraulic brakes and aside
from design the welding doesn’t do the
frame any favors either well these
should keep this together they look less
like welds and more like caulk that was
shot through a toothpaste tube and left
to harden though I doubt most people are
ever gonna see the welds because of the
frame design it’s a perfect distraction
and in the middle of all this busyness a
coil shock and curiously there are no
pivot points for the suspension aside
from a single down at the bottom bracket
with only one point of movement I don’t
see how this suspension can be very
effective but the shock itself has a 750
pound per inch rating that said there is
movement so I guess some comfort though
none from this saddle these are
notoriously bad in my opinion all this
being said I don’t want to sound overly
harsh because someone somewhere may have
a derby and enjoy it and that’s what
plus one more bike being made is one
more option on the market always a good
thing that makes me thankful to see
bikes like this exist let me end this on
a positive note
there’s the previously mentioned
nostalgia for the Pacific brand maybe
you had a Pacific as a kid and you want
one for old times sake so some people
may be happy the brands still out there
and I do like the graphics not typical
big bucks over the top and they’ve
cleverly designed the AR and Derby to be
a horse hat Derby horse racing I like
the subtle reference so they’re two
things positive in all seriousness this
is a rideable bike and one thing about
both the evolution and this Derby
certainly unique designs that are gonna
stand out from other bikes in the
and equipment wise it’s not really any
better or worse and comparatively priced
dual suspension big box box I want to
end this with a question for you and
this is a toughy if you had to pick
either this or the Pacific evolution if
those were your only two choices which
would it be and what I’m really looking
forward to seeing the response is on
this one so comment below with your
answer be sure subscribed and you have
the notification bell active also check
the description for links to more keV
central content Thanks to everyone for
watching and have a great day

Pacific Bicycles

Pacific has today released its latest range of classics’ bikes, which are part of its new ‘Revenge’ range. The new range features some excellent renditions of some of the most popular and long-standing Pacific designs such as the iconic Gavrielle and Ralide racing bikes from the 1980’s. The company also markets some retro inspired models from the likes of the 1980’s Masters of War movie series. The company has long been associated with building quality motorcycle parts for Hollywood films and with Pacific being one of its biggest fans, it comes as no surprise that these models are as high quality as they are beautiful. In fact the latest models feature some really high tech design and functionality, which are reflected in the company’s website.

The company has today released its first range of Pacific Classics’ bikes, featuring an impressive cast of upcoming releases that include their very first official adaptation of the classic Japanese superbike V-star model. This a really nice looking red V-star bike with grey stripes running through the frame and featuring Autobot logos and official insignia on it. It also features a neat chrome front fork protector, which is placed underneath the seat. The bike also features a neat little badge which has the official logo printed on it, allowing you to spot it easily.

The second release in the line-up is the Predacon 5000, which features a great looking red bike with a neat little two-speed transmission. It is certainly one of the classiest bikes in the range, which makes it a hugely popular bike amongst the Pacific fans. The bike runs on a 500cc liquid-cooled engine, which produces a reasonable amount of torque. The engine covers the entire rear wheel in blue, which makes the bike look great and very striking overall.

The third release in the series is the Pacific Satellite, which is actually the Pacific’s take on the Honda Civic. Taking design cues from the Japanese mini bike, it sports a long windscreen, horizontally expanded tyres and it is basically the same design as used on the Civic. The biggest difference is in the handling and suspension of the bike, which is lower than most of the other models in the range. The result is that the bike is more handling than the others, but it still manages to be quite a pleasant and comfortable ride. The bike also features a neat little twin tail brake, which helps to make it more attractive.

Finally, there is the Pacific Grand Prix, which takes its styling cues from the real Grand Prix bike of the same name. The big change is in the colour of the bike, which is red all the way up to the red exhaust that completes the look. The bike also sports a full body kit, which completes the look, and includes an all aluminium triple tree with a single disc brake caliper. This is a bike that will look great in any Honda garage and perform excellently thanks to its powerful engine.

Overall, there are four different models of the Pacific bicycle range. Each has its own personality, which is enhanced by the different looks that each bike shares. For riders looking to upgrade from a base model with little performance to one with a bit more of it, the Pacific bicycle range is definitely worth checking out.

Pacific Bike FAQ

Pacific Evolution mountain bike

Pacific Evolution mountain bike has a very unique and well-conceptualized design, with the handlebars positioned a bit lower than usual on any bike. It also has a short front end, with a deep seatstays and wide peddles. The rear is beefy and made out of a very tough ABS plastic. And because this is a mountain bike, you can expect the wheels to have a little more grip. All in all, the bike looks great, but does it perform well?

Well, first and foremost, it runs very well, which you would expect from a company of such quality. My only issue with the bike was that it did not run as fast as I would have liked. Although it got to a point where I could pedal faster than what I could normally do on pavement, the overall pace of the bike was much less than what I would have liked. This, however, could be said for most of the other Evo models, and in fact, may be said to have been a good thing. If I had gone to the Pacific Evolution Mountain Bike and Auction sales with the intention of buying this bike, I might have gone with it for the price that they were selling it for (which is a lot cheaper than what I would have expected).

Another thing that struck me about this bike was the fact that the front wheel and rear shocks had a very small amount of rubber built into them. I thought that this would mean that the bike would be more forgiving when things got a little bumpy, but it just made the ride a bit more smooth. After all, with most of today’s bikes, having a little more rubber means less stress on the suspension. So in conclusion, if you are looking for a solid mountain bike that can easily get up a hill, and give you some smooth rides, the Pacific Evolution Mountain Bike will fit that bill. You can save money at the Pacific Evolution Mountain Bike and Auction sales, and still have a great bike that is made with quality parts.

Pacific Dualie tandem bicycle

The Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle makes it possible for two people to enjoy the scenery while commuting to work. The lightweight aluminum frame and sleek alloy wheels provide strong and durable riding, while the steel fork provides sturdy and durable use. This adult tandem bike is the perfect way to cruise around the city, take a leisurely ride along the beach or ride through your neighborhood in style, all while saving money on gas. All of this can be done on a budget that’s less than what it would cost for two separate car trips.

The Pacific Dualie Tandem bicycles come equipped with a variety of features including: comfortable seating with a flat, low and contoured seat cushion; comfortable saddle; front and rear suspension system with front and rear shock absorbers; built-in chain guides; alloy wheels; and an efficient motor. In addition, the tandem bike comes with a wide range of accessories, from a built-in map pocket to a rainproof gear carrier. If you want to bring the family along, the adults will find that the comfortable seating and lightweight framework of the Pacific Tandem Bicycles allow them to do just that. Even those who want to get up to speed and go on an adventure can do so thanks to the smooth, 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, which is equipped with an automatic brake pedal system.

For those who want a bicycle that’s easy on the budget, the Pacific Dualie Tandem Bicycle is the one to get. With its low price tag and rugged construction, it’s easy to see why this bicycle has become a popular option for commuters and those who want to go on a tour. At a price that is lower than most second hand options, it’s hard to find a better investment than this one.

Last update on 2021-09-22 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The bike arrived with some pre-assembled parts, one or two of which were damaged (due to stripped threads) on non-essential parts. Not a big deal; the bike was simple to mount, and our grandson enjoys it. I have not yet contacted the manufacturer for replacement parts, but I will do so in the future and will provide an update.

  2. It was delivered on schedule, and it mostly came out together, which was awesome—no messing with the break lines or chain, for example. My husband was able to finish the job fairly quickly, but be aware that the instructions are generic for more than one model, and it irritated my husband because some of the instructions had already been completed for us—so if you get confused, that’s because the factory did the steps ahead of time. At 5′ tall, it is the perfect height for my child, and he has space to develop and lift the seat, so it should last him a long time. I’m assuming the standard is good—only he’s ridden it for about an hour and isn’t yet familiar with changing gears, so I’m guessing.

  3. When we got this in, my toddler was overjoyed. This is very solid. The only complaint I have is that the chain cover is a little flimsy. It has now broken off, although it is of a thinner material. It has lasted a year in the country for a four-year-old. He rides it on a regular basis.

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