MINI COOPER Touring Bike Holder Fits Hard Top and Clubman
Mini Cooper 82-72-2-326-515 RACING BIKE RACK
Mini Cooper Touring Bike Holder Fits Hard Top and Clubman
Mini Cooper 82-72-2-326-515 Racing Bike Rack
Mini Cooper
Mini Cooper
Prime Benefits
MINI COOPER Touring Bike Holder Fits Hard Top and Clubman
Mini Cooper Touring Bike Holder Fits Hard Top and Clubman
Mini Cooper
Prime Benefits
Mini Cooper 82-72-2-326-515 RACING BIKE RACK
Mini Cooper 82-72-2-326-515 Racing Bike Rack
Mini Cooper
Prime Benefits

How To install A Bike Rack on a Mini Cooper

k today we’re going to talk about how
to put a rack on a Mini Cooper this is a
king Joe – rack i yeah kuma it’s a
really good rack
the reason it’s pretty good is because
it has anti sway bars keeps your bike
from moving and it’s pretty easy to put
it also supports two bikes on a mini
cooper they recommend that you don’t get
the three bike option and it looks
pretty cool when it’s on the Mini Cooper
so we’re going to go over how to install
this because basically the instructions
on that come with the king joe to Yakima
rack are not accurate they’re good but
they just don’t cover where to put up
where to put the hooks and how to set it
up so here we go so as we can see this
is a standard back for Mini Cooper and
nothing special here pretty much this
setup will work on any Mini Cooper so
we’re going to kind of go over how to
hook it up from here so you basically
want to make sure the small bottom is
the two pieces that are closest together
the two rubber feet are angled down to
big feet are angled up to smaller feet
are going to sit on the back bumper the
two bigger feet are going to sit on the
windshield right above the windshield
wiper so that is kind of how it should
look when it’s positioned
notice that these two bottom feet are
rested in between the hatch and the
bumper and the two upper feet are on the
windshield okay
see that from
a different angle so that’s how it
should rest on the Mini Cooper so you
will see that the top hook that has the
buckle the gray buckle should attach
above the car where the hatch is the
hatch creases out not on the windshield
crease right there where they tell you
to put it it’s not very stable if you
put it there you need to attach the top
hook to the crease right there it will
be secure and there’s enough gap in
there so it will not mess up your car
notice that you’re able to close the
roof and it’s not going to leave any
scratches there
now if you are concerned about the hatch
closing or messing up your paint there
you can put the little adapter that
comes with the kingjoe – it allows you
to slide it into your hatch and tie it
up through that way I’m going to show
you how to do that okay now I’ve put in
the dongle it allows me to open it up I
have a little piece here right here I’m
going to hang it right there through
there close the hood now pull it tight
that’s going to allow me to
get it into the buckle here
so they say you’re really not supposed
to be able to do this on a Mini Cooper
but it actually provides a little bit
less possibility that you’re going to
mess up the paint then the actual cooked
piece that you may put in especially if
you’re not going to love your trunk a
lot good to have it set up envisioned
this way
they say don’t use these on the Mini
Cooper I’m really I’m sure why because
it’s better than using that’s actually
true so
it’s pretty secure using a couple of
twist ties can be very good dealing with
this excess strap here so basically I’m
going to pull this up
going to use the twist tie to secure it
because you have a smaller back it’s
almost impractical to use the little
rubber hooks that they give you right
here to put the strap in it’s better
almost getting the twist ties now for
the side straps kind of a little bit
easier this is the side strap it’s the
other one with the buckle so you got one
that’s the top strap with the buckle and
you got the bottom you got the side
strap with the buckle and you see that
that’s going to hook to the bottom of
the car but we’re going to take this and
put this right right there I got this
hood job now I’m going to sign it up a
little bit both sides
that’s very secure now I’m just going to
take this cord and wrap it up and tie it
onto here with the twisty tie like I did
the other wrap the straps are hooked in
right there below the license plate on
each side you have that strap hooked in
there I have cheese and optional hatch
adapters that come with the king geo – I
go inside the car and we can see the
overall configuration of the bike rack
and it’s are using these hooks instead
of the dongles that kind of hang over
the hatch is that you would be able to
open up your trunk easier with bees than
you would with the hatch toggles and of
course all you need to do to open it up
further just to pull those out then you
can extend it
find a good blocking spot seating them
back into
their seats that should lock into place
and you’re ready to put some serious
bike weight on there again for maximum
support those feet are on the bumper as
opposed to being here they’re resting
here so this weight is applied it’s put
on the bumper of the car

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The Mini Cooper bike rack is a unique bicycle carrier designed just for the mini. It holds two bikes, instead of one, with ease. This bike carrier is perfect for your minivan or pickup truck. This is a rack that is very easy to install. The front wheel of your minivan or pick truck can be locked to protect it from theft. This bike carrier comes with two sets of straps to hold your bike on either side. The two straps are made of two pieces of webbing which hook together. The rear strap is adjustable so that it can be used to hold multiple bikes.

This Mini Cooper bike carrier can fit into the back of your pick-up truck, van, minivan, or even in the trunk of your minivan. You can use this bike carrier on any type of vehicle that you drive. When you add the second bike, there will be one more piece of hardware needed to lock the bike into place. You will need a couple of bike lockers or two lockers that are compatible with this particular carrier. This means that it is compatible with all types of vehicles.

These racks are a great idea for anyone who is driving with their kids. It is a safe way to secure your kids while they are riding. The rear-mount Mini Cooper rack of this bike carrier is great for keeping things in case they fall off or become damaged.

If you are traveling with your minivan, pickup truck, minivan, or minivan then you should consider using a front-mounted mini bike carrier. This is also a great option if you want to make the most out of your time and money on a vacation. Since you will be using your truck to transport both bikes, then it makes it very convenient to have at least one bike carrier in case the truck breaks down.

This rack is a perfect choice for any mini-owner and is very safe to use. It is very secure so that your belongings will be safe. You can have extra locking bars on the Mini Cooper rack for added security. It is easy to install and is very secure.

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