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ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike 26'' Electric Bicycle, 20MPH Adults Ebike with Removable 10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears
ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 350W
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Better alternative
Product Page
ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W Ebike 26'' Electric Bicycle, 20MPH Adults Ebike with Removable 10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears
ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 350W
Prime Benefits

Magnum Metro+ 48V 700c Electric Bike Demo Video

a bit like
this is the Magnum Metro plus 48 volts
Magnum is a US brand designed in Germany
made in China somewhere and popular in
New Zealand the ui5 which is the
previous generation bike the live step
is probably one of the most popular
bikes maybe second to the smart motion
II city but it’s certainly a very very
popular bike and well loved by those who
bought them in this next generation
Magnum have stepped up to 48 volts over
36 volts in the previous iteration what
this effectively means is more power
when there’s a constraint around the
electronics 48 volts means that you can
supply about 1/3 more power to the motor
and so you get up hills faster I’ve been
very impressed so far with the spike in
the way that it rides and and its power
it absolutely smoked it up my Grafton
gully hill test I haven’t looked at the
times yet but I’m pretty confident it’ll
be one of the fastest bikes I’ve tested
they’ve also gone with this one for a
means style frame and I hate to use that
term because anyone can ride this bike
of course but it has got the traditional
cross bar and they’ve gone for the 700c
wheels when I’ve tasted different bikes
others similar configuration having the
bigger wheels definitely makes it feel
more stable on the road and a little bit
more comfortable too they’ve gone with
schwabe marathan tires which are nice
pretty puncture proof and in
they’ve gone with hydraulic brakes this
time as well I’m ticked ro brand with
the cutout switch so that it stops the
motor stops when you pull the brakes up
a little bit they’re smooth and powerful
and and perfectly adequate and this time
as well they’ve moved away from betting
light it is something called des kit
I’ll turn the display on so that you can
see it it’s nicely laid out display
tells you what you want the speed is as
big and central and you get to see
everything else you you might possible
want possibly want all controlled
through this fairly neat and low-profile
remote here you can scroll through the
options of two different trip times and
the overall time you can see your
battery voltage at the moment it’s forty
nine point five it was at 52 and when I
was freshly charged six different levels
of power assist even on one it’s got a
fair amount of they’re all for start
this bike probably needs a throttle and
I suspect that is mean to be one here
and because of this little clue here but
this being a demo bike they’ve probably
taken it off
and because sometimes having that
throttle might surprise people a little
bit it’s also got a an adjustable steam
here it’s very easy to adjust the the
height and and rake off the stem I’ve
got it a bit done further because that’s
how I prefer to ride really nice rack
it’s wide enough to fit things without
them flopping off comes with bungees I’m
sure you’ll be able to hook a penny on
there no problem at all
nice mudguards again that dares kid
motor it looks very similar to a bear
thing rear hub so I wouldn’t be
surprised if it actually is a betting in
disguise everything seems to be just
fine it’s got a little guard to to
protect the derailleur and the and where
the power comes in to the rear axle nice
well go pedals decent-sized platform
pigs aren’t too sharp and it’s got
reflectors on you’ll see this is my six
which is this generation the old ui5
wasn’t the fifth generation this is six
also want to mention this battery
damn it’s a 13 empower battery which
doesn’t sound like anything remarkable
but remember it’s running at 48 volts so
if you’re looking at it in watt hours
that’s over 600 watt hours of battery
that’s actually pretty jolly good and
and the other thing about this bike is
its price at two seven nine nine
as it stands here that is remarkable
value it’s one of the cheaper bikes you
can get and if you look at it there’s
really nothing and to fault it it’s got
everything you you want it’s got a
decent sized battery so the heavens
skimp there it’s got tremendous power it
really is impressive up hills it’s got
these nice tires that are puncture
resistance she won’t be mouthing and
that’s quality stuff everything about it
is actually very impressive I believe it
might even come with a suspension
seatpost as well although this one being
the demo model tend not to put a seat
post on because you can’t get it low
enough with the seat post on sir
the most in my bikes tend to just have a
normal fixed seat seat post
the only criticism I have and this is a
seems to be a magnum thing is to make
the light such that you have to manually
turn them on so this headlight you have
to turn it on and off this little switch
on top I don’t know why didn’t I just
leave them on it would be so much better
similarly around the back here you’ve
got to turn this light on and off
manually it’s not powered by the main
battery either so you know it’s got a
little can see through here it’s
actually got regular old batteries now I
imagine they last quite a long time but
it would be really nice if if it could
just be powered by the motor so by the
main battery and just came on when you
turn the bike on so here we have it 48
volt Magnum it’s also available by the
way in similar configuration to the ui5
and in that one it has the the the low
step frame which is a very popular frame
it’s been copied by just about every
other brand as well and it has the 26
inch balloon tires it’s probably a good
idea to do that and for smaller riders
they might find this one a bit tall you
know you do need to cater to smaller
riders to this one I think it’s you get
it in one size I’m reasonably tall and
it fitted me just fine safer but shorter
I probably want to go for the the metro
low step version which is the 26 inch
wheel one
and really as I say it is an absolute
bargain at two seven nine nine these
sell in the u.s. at two thousand US
dollars if you do the maths that works
at it and once you’ve included the
exchange rate and GST that’s over three
thousand dollars so we really are
getting a steal here under the three
thousand dollars I think this is
probably the one of the best bikes that
you can get at the moment in New Zealand
I’ve had an opportunity to ride it a
fair bit now and still very impressed
and the speed and power is fantastic
even one out of the sixth power of
is perfectly used as you going along at
a nice pace I would thoroughly recommend
this bike
and they’ve been told with starting in
the bike not a stroke sensor it’s a kite
and then he starts giving evening
Sidwell into something around about 36
this is the steep part of course
there was a pretty good run I’ll have to

Magnum Electric Bicycles

The Magnum electric bike is a new product in the realm of electric bicycles, and it has been launched in the USA by the company called Magnum. It is one of those electric bikes that you can use almost anywhere, as it is not restricted to urban areas where electric bicycles are popular because of the lack of space.

What makes this electric bike different from its competitors is the fact that it has features that make it very convenient for you to use, especially if you live in an apartment or have limited space for your home. With the Magnum electric bike, you do not have to lug around a bag full of tools with you just to use the bike. Just plug it in, and you are all set to go.

The Magnum electric bicycle works on your pedal power. This means that you will be able to enjoy using the bike even without a lot of physical exertion. Unlike most electric bicycles, this one does not require you to attach any special devices to your pedal, which would restrict you to working on roads.

The features that you will find on the Magnum electric bicycle are much like other electric bicycles out there in the market. There are gears to choose from so that you can go up or down the gears. You can even get them with different pedals on the front, depending on your preference. It is also safe, as it has an active braking system that stops the machine once you step on the brakes. This makes it safe and reliable for even beginners who may think that they would be unable to handle it.

You can also get a battery pack to use as well. This is an option that is available for most of the models that Magnum produces. This option will allow you to recharge the battery pack whenever you need to do some physical work.

So if you are looking for an electric bicycle that is easy to use and lightweight, then this is the electric bicycle that you should consider. You will definitely appreciate the convenience that this machine offers you. If you are interested, then you can get one online and start using it right away.

There are electric bicycles that are affordable. You do not have to worry about paying extra money just to buy a bicycle just to get the same advantages of having an electric bike but at a lower price.

Magnum electric bicycles are designed by experts, so they have built in features that ensure that they are safe for everyone to use. Plus, they come in different models so that you will not be limited to using the one you prefer.

Magnum Electric Bike FAQ

Cover for Magnum folding electric bike

The cover for Magnum Folding Electric Bike is designed to protect the motorbike from any sort of harm and also to protect it from the elements. This type of cover is available in many forms that include the ones that are made out of cloth as well as ones that are made out of heavy duty materials that will protect your bike from rusting or any other damage that might be caused due to weather conditions. The cover for this type of motorbike can be used during off-roading as well as during rainy conditions. You can just keep in mind that you should clean it often because dirt and mud tend to get trapped on the bike which will reduce its performance and could even put a dent in some parts.

In terms of the size, this cover for Magnum Folding Electric Bike varies in different sizes. It is usually advisable to buy one that is slightly bigger than your bike since you will be able to cover more area with this cover. This is one advantage of buying a cover that is slightly larger than your motorbike since you will be able to utilize more space when it comes to storage. The downside of buying a cover that is a bit bigger than your folding electric bike is that it might be difficult for you to put it on and remove it when you need to. You might need the help of another person in order to put the cover on and take it off your bike.

Since there are many designs of the cover for Magnum Folding Electric Bike, you should make sure that you go for one that complements the overall appearance of your motorbike. If you buy one that does not look good with your motorbike, then you might end up spending extra money for something else that looks better. If you have spent money on a good cover for Magnum Folding Electric Bike, then you should always consider protecting it by taking care of the maintenance of the same. This is because the cover for this type of motorbike is quite expensive and you should always ensure that you maintain it well in order to keep it in good shape and for your safety as well.

Last update on 2021-09-22 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I chose Magnum Ui6 after months of testing. I purchased this e-bike a few months ago. It just took a few minutes to put everything together. I discovered a broken bell handle on the left break during the assembly (the break was fine, just the bell). So I called Magnum Bike, and their customer service was fantastic; within a few days, I had a whole new break system. I still need to install it.

    The build quality of this ebike is outstanding, the colors are appealing, and the ride is pleasurable. I can pedal up to 26 mph with no effort (and I’m not even a “biker”). In my view, this is the best commuter/hybrid bike on the market.

  2. Excellent value for money. I live near the ocean and its relatively flat. I get at least 60 miles per hour on a 1 to 2 pedal assist mode (I weigh 220 pounds). The ride is quick and of high quality. I’ve made a few 30-mile trips with no issues. I like being able to travel further without having to think about the 15 miles back home. My top downhill speed was 46 mph. (I’m sure I could have gone faster.) The throttle is also cool, providing a good boost from a stop. Breaks are also beneficial. This is my favorite style because it helps me to go on light trails with ease.

  3. I adore this bike. I live just 4 miles from work, so it’s now my everyday commuter, every day! I’ve taken it on 20 and 30 mile rides; 20 is no issue for the battery, but 30 needs caution. I added road tires and lights; nothing else is needed. I occasionally ride off-road. In my view, the lowest setting is too aggressive for off-road use. The power setting ranges from 1-6, and I’d prefer 1/2 or 1/4 for off-road use. That is my only criticism. Strong, well-made, with excellent craftsmanship and components. Oh, and it weighs 60 pounds, which might be a problem for others.

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