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F2C 7.5ft Foldable Loading Ramp/Truck Ramp/ATV UTV Ramp/Motorcycle Ramp/Trailer Ramp with Strap for Pickup Truck, Snow Blower, Lawn Mover, 750 Lbs Capacity(Aluminum, Single)
TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Carrier Hitch Rack Hauler Trailer with Loading Ramp and Anti-Tilt Locking Device
7BLACKSMITHS Steel Motorcycle Scooter Dirt Bike Carrier Hauler Anti Tilt Hitch Mount Rack Ramp&2'' Receiver Trailer Hitch Pin (Carrier)
TUFFIOM 7ft Aluminum Foldable Loading Ramp/Truck Ramp, 750 lbs. Capacity for Motorcycle/Dirt Bike/Trailer/ATV/UTV/Garden Tractor/Lawn Mower, Single 1 pc (Gridded 7Ft)
Smartxchoices 7.5 FT Aluminum Folding Truck Ramp w/Strap for Loading Pickup Trailer Motorcycle ATV UTV Lawn Mower Tractor, 750 lbs Capacity, Single
F2C 7.5ft Foldable Loading Dirt Bike Trailer Ramp with Strap
TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound Heavy Duty Dirt Bike Trailer with Loading Ramp
7BLACKSMITHS Steel Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Pin
TUFFIOM 7ft Aluminum Foldable Loading Dirt Bike Trailer
Smartxchoices 7.5 FT Aluminum Folding Truck Dirt Bike Ramp w/Strap
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F2C 7.5ft Foldable Loading Ramp/Truck Ramp/ATV UTV Ramp/Motorcycle Ramp/Trailer Ramp with Strap for Pickup Truck, Snow Blower, Lawn Mover, 750 Lbs Capacity(Aluminum, Single)
F2C 7.5ft Foldable Loading Dirt Bike Trailer Ramp with Strap
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TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Carrier Hitch Rack Hauler Trailer with Loading Ramp and Anti-Tilt Locking Device
TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound Heavy Duty Dirt Bike Trailer with Loading Ramp
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7BLACKSMITHS Steel Motorcycle Scooter Dirt Bike Carrier Hauler Anti Tilt Hitch Mount Rack Ramp&2'' Receiver Trailer Hitch Pin (Carrier)
7BLACKSMITHS Steel Dirt Bike Trailer Hitch Pin
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TUFFIOM 7ft Aluminum Foldable Loading Ramp/Truck Ramp, 750 lbs. Capacity for Motorcycle/Dirt Bike/Trailer/ATV/UTV/Garden Tractor/Lawn Mower, Single 1 pc (Gridded 7Ft)
TUFFIOM 7ft Aluminum Foldable Loading Dirt Bike Trailer
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Smartxchoices 7.5 FT Aluminum Folding Truck Ramp w/Strap for Loading Pickup Trailer Motorcycle ATV UTV Lawn Mower Tractor, 750 lbs Capacity, Single
Smartxchoices 7.5 FT Aluminum Folding Truck Dirt Bike Ramp w/Strap
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I Love My Dirt Bike Trailer

hey guys Kyle with dirtbikes channel
here a lot of you who have asked for a
trailer tour to see kind of how I have
things set up in here so that’s what
we’re gonna do stick around
most the time when I go riding I’ve just
got one or two bikes and it’s fine in
the back of the truck but anytime that
I’ve got more than two bikes I want to
take a trailer
now I’ve had big long toy haulers in the
past where my family and I camped
but I’ve downsized to this trailer and I
really like it what I’ve got here is a
21 foot Vino’s trailer this is like a
snowmobile trailer this is a deck over
trailer meaning the deck is over the
axles so it’s a little bit higher but
that gives it a lot more ground
clearance and I really like that and
then because it’s this Vino’s here you
can like the snow is basically designed
for snowmobiles to drive them up in the
front and then or drive them up in the
back and then drive them out in the
front but I love it because I can
actually load dirt bikes in from the
front and the back and when you open
both doors on both sides it’s really
really nice in the summertime because
you get a little bit of a wind tunnel
inside of there and it’s really really
cool so I really really like this
trailer again 21 foot so it’s basically
16 feet in the square part and then 5
feet up here is essentially what it ends
up being so 21 foot deck over Vino’s
trailer I love this thing let’s take a
look inside see what I’ve done right
here up front I put a propane bottle
holder right there because I use a
heater in here a little propane heater
for when it’s really cold if I’m camping
with my family so that keeps that there
I put in this cabinet here this is a
cabinet that will open up and I can
install gear in here it’s got a shelf
inside of there I can’t really show you
because I get a dirt bike right next to
it as you can see the floor cabinet
doubles is a really nice work space for
putting helmets or making sandwiches or
just whatever else you want and then I
really love the overhead cabinet here
where I can put helmets and gear and
goggles and paper towels and you know
first-aid kits and anything else I need
like bolt kits I can put tools up in
here it’s a really nice way to kind of
do that and then over here on this shelf
I’ll keep oils and certain tools and
paper towels and maybe a mosquito
repellent and nitrile gloves for working
on bikes and just some you know random
items up there that are off the floor so
that’s kind of cool I put these hangers
up on both sides of the trailer and they
I bought all this stuff I think I bought
these things off Rocky
TV but that way it can hang jackets and
I can hang chest protectors and helmets
on there if you want to and I’ve got
knee braces and things that just helps
to keep stuff off up off the floor
because you end up having a lot of stuff
down on the floor so if I’m changing in
here I’ll hang my pants up on there and
or hang here up on there the pants
there’s jerseys whatever and keep it off
the floor similar deal over here just a
little bit different style hanging thing
but I love the hooks and then I also
love obviously you’ve got a man door
here that you can come in and out of
this trailer it also has a fuel door
where you can just open up this little
door here and get a fuel like a you know
a fuel hose inside here to fill things
up I never really use that but that is
there I’ve got a tie-down rack so that
when I get everything out of here I can
kind of hang up the extra tie-downs on
this rack and because I end up with a
crap ton of tie-downs
I had six bikes in here just as I here
you go one of them is over there and so
I’ve got a lot of tie downs in here so
it just there’s a nice place to organize
them I’ve done a number of different
things to hooked Hook bikes down in here
the thing that I found that works the
very best is by installing the D hooks
down into the floor wherever I need to
where you know on to it onto a
crossmember down under here in the frame
and then I installed a track along the
side of the walls right here and then
I’m using the easi chocks these are the
Moto Pro HQ easy chocks because I can
move them anywhere I want I can
customize them and you can see that I’ve
got the bikes on an angle and that way I
can slam more bikes in I can put a ton
of bikes in here I put six bikes in here
and we still have plenty of room for a
gear and it’s really comfortable and I
can still walk through the trailer with
this setup at other times when I’ve done
it perpendicular like on a 90 degree
angle you can’t get the bikes that close
you can have to offset them you have to
have you know one up against the wall
and the other one would have to have a
like an offset clear out here and it
makes it impossible to walk around so
the e chocks on the angle has solved
that problem for me as you can see there
the trailer has lights inside of it and
it also has a skylight slash event up
there that you can do one thing I want
to do with this trailer is actually
install a battery on the outside of it
so that I can use these lights inside of
here without having to have my truck
running there’s a switch right over
there if you can see it that’s the
switch to turn the lights on and off
it also has lights on the back loading
lights right here but again I have to
have a plugged into my truck because I
haven’t installed like that you know
dedicated battery power for these these
lights on the trailer
like I was saying before loading the
bikes is a snap because you can do it
from the front or the back and I love
that so it makes loading up at the end
of the day or the beginning of the day
much much easier and it’s just that
simple really easy in this way out that
way whichever you want to do I love it
so that’s my little trailer tour video
for you guys maybe you got some ideas on
some of the things you could do I did
not install any of any of the paneling
inside of this trailer I bought it just
like this and I did buy the trailer new
and it is then awesome for me I’ve
preferred this over my big 37 40 foot
toy hauler
you know luxury thing because I this is
so much more useful for me I can use it
for anything from hoeing couches and
fridges to dirt bikes and camping and
that type of thing so it’s been a really
good trailer for me I love the ground
clearance of it and I love how modular
it is with what I can do inside of here
and it’s where it’s just worked really
really well for me if I was gonna camp
in at long-term with my kids I’d
probably want more overhead storage and
some different things in here but
usually we’ll just set up a tent outside
of the trailer when we’re camping so
anyway it’s worked out really really
well and then I love the fact that I can
just pressure wash this thing out that’s
what I do want to get back from every
camping trip is I unload all the gear
out of here and then I just pressure
wash the floor because it it isn’t a
wood floor it’s coated you know so I can
just pressure wash the walls and
pressure wash everything out and close
up and we’re good to go so I’ve really
really enjoyed that if you like these
videos please remember to like and
subscribe if you want to support me you
can go to over to patreon you can also
over just go over to my website and do
set up a monthly tip on paypal this is
how I’m supporting my family now also if
you’re interested interested in these
moto pro HQ calm easy chalks I have a
promo code for them if you go to moto
Pro and you enter the promo code
DBC promo you will get a discount on
those things and that helps to support
my family so I appreciate it guys anyway
thanks for watching and remember that
wherever you go make sure to leave a

Dirt Bike Trailer Review

The best thing about a dirt bike trailer is the comfort you get while traveling. It is a must-have when riding on the road, in case there are any accidents or breakdowns. However, you have to know what you are looking for before buying one. Road riders can easily get carried away by the excitement of going on their first bike trail. However, they need to be aware of the risks involved and should prepare a rough time line for the trip, to avoid any mishaps during their vacation.

The most important thing is to choose the right one. You need to make sure that it has sufficient space for the bike and is mounted securely on the ground. Dirt bike trailers also come in different lengths and widths. Choose one that is long enough for your dirt bike and is capable of carrying it comfortably. What else are you going to be towing it with?

The second thing to consider is the safety of the trailer. You should ensure that it is properly attached to the vehicle you want to use it on. There are many types of dirt bike trailer available for the dirt bikes. There are also several manufacturers to choose from. All you need to do is do some research and choose the one that has the right features to suit your needs. The most important features are suspension and safety.

Make sure the suspension is not loose. If the wheels get loose, they can hit the ground while you are going down the trail. Also, make sure that the tire is the proper size so as to provide traction to the ground. You also have to check the suspension height. It is better if it is comfortable and not too high because otherwise you risk falling off the trailer.

Some dirt bike trailers also have lighting facilities. This is very handy especially when you are not able to see well. Just check whether the lights are functioning and if the battery is in good condition. Another thing that you have to think about is the weight of the trailer. You should know how much weight it can carry comfortably. If you want it to be pulled along on foot or on your back, it is important to choose one that is durable and light.

Buying a dirt bike trailer is not as difficult as it sounds. If you spend some time browsing the internet, you can find the right one for your needs.

Dirt Bike Trailer FAQ

Dirt bike trailer for car

In general, the dirt bike trailer for car generally is designed for the sole purpose of transporting your dirt bike. In addition, these dirt bike trailers also are attached to the car by utilizing a conventional ball hitch that is referred to as a soft-hook to be best suited for hauling over long distances or even hauling an off-road motorcycle with more weight. With this said, you must keep in mind that there are also numerous dirt bike trailers for sale for those who only wish to haul their dirt bikes as personal means of transportation. These types of dirt bike trailer for cars have proven to provide individuals with convenience and comfort whenever they opt to ride their dirt bikes for longer periods of time.

However, before you purchase your dirt bike trailer for car, it is important that you first determine which type of vehicle you wish to purchase. There are two primary types of dirt bike trailer for cars; the hard-side hitch hauler and soft-side trailer. For those who live in states that ban riding motorcycles, such as Massachusetts, you will have to choose a hard-side bike trailer as your vehicle. This means that if you are residing in or near Massachusetts, you will need to abide by the various laws pertaining to motorcycle riding so that you will be able to drive your dirt bike along with other vehicles. If you reside in or near California, however, you will most likely want to opt for a soft-side trailer. This will ensure that you will not run afoul of state laws should you wish to transport your dirt bikes on your vehicle as a recreational vehicle.

Once you have settled on a particular dirt bike carrier seems to best suit your needs, you can then begin shopping for your new dirt bike carrier. One of the most popular brands of dirt bike carriers for cars is the Harley Davidson Drive Home Tour Series. This series of trailers, also known as the Street Scribe Series offers a steel frame for maximum strength. The series consists of four models, all of which include front and rear drop down bars. In addition to the standard drop down bars, some models also feature a seat as well as cargo netting.

3-rail dirt bike trailer

Dirt bike trailers are manufactured to fit lighter vehicles such as off-road motorcycles, dirt bikes or ATVs. They also come in different styles, shapes and sizes. You can choose from among the most popular models such as the Minni Koston, Optimo and the Kurt Kinetic. You will also find custom trailers that can be made according to your specifications and needs.

In choosing your 3-rail dirt bike trailer, it is best to assess your budget first before making your final purchase. If you plan to transport bikes often then you can get the one with a larger capacity. You can tow dirt bikes several times in a single trip, since the weight of the trailers is spread out over a wider area. But if you use your bike on occasion only, you can get the smaller trailers that can carry only one bike. If you intend to let your children ride the bikes without any supervision then you can go for the one that is capable of loading and unloading the bikes without supervision.

There are many types of 3-rail dirt bike trailer available in the market. You can either get one with a frame with casters or with a frame with tracks. If you plan to transport your bikes in the city, you can opt for the ones with casters so that you can easily roll it down the curb and push it into the parking. However, if you are planning to transport dirt bikes in the woods, you can go for those with tracks so that you can lock the bikes in place. You can also find one with a folding top for easy storage.

Small dirt bike trailer

So you’ve purchased a dirt bike and now it’s time to get a small dirt bike trailer to transport it. Before you get started, make sure that you have the correct size hitch for your vehicle. The hitch is mounted to the back of your vehicle and will either come as a tie-down hitch, or as a hitch that you have to manually slide into place. If you’re not sure how to fit the hitch, I would suggest getting a friend to help, or if you have any question about it, take a trip to your local bike shop and ask them a few questions.

When you decide on a small dirt bike trailer, there are a few things that you need to look at before you purchase it. If you want the best price, go with the larger hitch-mounted carrier, instead of a smaller one. The reason is that with the larger carriers you can usually find a lower rate, even sometimes less than half the cost of a smaller hitch carrier. If you don’t mind driving around with a bunch of extra weight, go with a smaller hitch mount. You can usually get one that is mounted on a truck rack, or on the back of a car.

One thing I would also recommend, especially if you’re going on a long bumpy road, is to get an extended model of truck rack. There are many that are sold as rear-facing, but most of them aren’t designed for overnight travel, like say in North America, and they just can’t handle the weight of an off-road motorcycle, like the one you’ll be driving in most cases. And I have to say, I have seen these extended units fail miserably in a hurry, so go with the rear-facing models for your small dirt bike trailer if you have to. You can get good deals online and even buy these directly from the dealer at times. Or you could go to your local bike shop and try to negotiate a deal with them, but I wouldn’t take chances with this type of gear.

Last update on 2021-09-22 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This product was relatively simple to put together and arrived quickly with all parts intact. The carrier is rated for 600 pounds, which I believe is a little excessive; however, for lighter bikes under 400 pounds, this should work fine. An add-on anti-sway item that installs in the main tube that is inserted into the receiver is not mentioned in the definition, and its installation is not covered in the restricted instructions. Overall, I am very happy, and I anticipate that this will fit well for my motorcycle and bicycles. This product may also be used to stretch the bed of your SUV or truck to accommodate larger items such as 4×8 sheets of plywood or a kayak.

  2. I bought an older house and added a comfortable storage building (12×16) lofted barn to it. The entry is approximately 16 words long “away from the ground My mower is a 38-inch model “Toro cut that weights about 450 lbs. Like most people, I looked at a lot of ramps, but this one seemed like a good buy for the money; it wasn’t the cheapest, but it was significantly less than many others.

    When I put them in place to move the mower into the storage building, I set the deck to the highest setting and there is no problem at all. The clearance is adequate, and there is just a slight decrease in height. Tools are for what you need them for, and these ramps are excellent value for money. Since the price is for “One Ramp,” order two. They’re just around 15 pounds each, making them very manageable. The only disadvantage is stated in the product description as well. The machining has many sharp edges, which is to be expected at this price. The sides and edges are perfect, but the sharp spots are on the ramp itself. Only be conscious, and you’ll be fine. I’ll spend an hour or so with a file soon to clean up the edges, no big deal.

  3. I couldn’t be happier with the value you get in this hitch (for the price you pay.) I haul several dirt bikes and dual sport bikes, including a KTM 300 XCW, a KTM 450 XCRW, a Suzuki DRZ400SM, a Yamaha TTR125, and a Kawasaki KLR 650, and have never been worried about the system’s or my bikes’ stability. You’ll be really happy if you have a nice set of four ratchet straps and maybe four of the “loops” that you can tie around handlebars, etc. to make a good attachment point that won’t scratch your bikes. The anti-tilt feature is fantastic, and you’ll notice very little “wobble” of your bike when turning or going off road (at a slower speed of course.) Wrapping a strap around the rear tire will lock it to the carrier and prevent the rear suspension from bouncing the tire off of the carrier frame. I’m very pleased with my purchase, and I’m confident you will be as well. Highly recommended; some of my friends have also purchased these after seeing the quality I got for such a low price.

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