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E-Bike Overview: Micargi Cyclone

Welcome to Bike Berry. Today we’ll be taking a look at Micargi’s newest
electric bike, the cyclone. The Micargi cyclone is a 500 watt, Fat Tire, electric
bike made in the style of a beach cruiser.
The bike runs off a Bafang engine provides
five levels of pedal assist. A 48 volt Panasonic lithium battery powers the
motors, LCD screen, and electric controls. To handle the increased speeds the
cyclone comes standard with front and back disc brakes.
Massive fat tires and a comfortable seat provide the perfect pair for it’s long
beach cruiser frame. If you have any experience riding fat tires
then you’ll already know the advantages it has over standard sized tires. You’ll be
able to ride on snow, sand, loose gravel, mud, and almost any terrain
you can think of. Typically larger wheels tend to cause the riding experience to
feel a little sluggish. The cyclone aims to offset this with its 500 watt engine
which makes an incredible difference. Set To its highest level of pedal assist we
were able to reach up to 26 miles per hour. We got the opportunity to take a cyclone out
for a ride. Take a look and see the results for yourself
If you’re interested in purchasing the Micargi Cyclone check out the link in
the bio. If you want to learn more about electric bikes check out our other
videos and reviews. Thanks for watching and enjoy the ride.

Cyclone Bikes

Cyclone Bicycles is a bike parts distributor based in Portland, Oregon. They offer high quality cycle parts and accessories from leading bike manufacturers such as Shimano, Giant, Schwinn, and Nike. Cyclone Bicycles has a wide variety of recumbent bikes for recumbent riders and free ride bikes for road bikes. They have many professional and non-professional product lines for customers to choose from.

All Cyclone Bicycles stores are operated by a full-time certified mechanic with sales experience. All bicycles are subject to rigorous testing and inspection before they are offered for sale. All bike parts and accessories are accompanied with full customer support. A staff of professional sales people is available to help you every step of the way. You can also request them to assist you with any questions you may have about bikes or bike parts.

The company was started in 1977 by Richard Gerspach who had previously made wheelchairs and mobility scooters. As he discovered the advantages of owning an upright bicycle, he decided to enter a cycling company and sell his equipment. He designed and manufactured the first recumbent bikes. Now, he offers recumbent and upright versions of each of his bikes. Some of the models that are offered for sale include the Cruiser, Team rider, Breeze, Tourist, Elite, and Beach Bike.

The Cruiser model is suitable for users who are interested in general bicycling activities, while the Beach Bike is suitable for riders who are looking for a good workout. The Tourist is great for cyclists who like to travel and explore the local countryside. The Elite and Breeze series are meant for serious cyclists. You can also find a few models of the Recumbent Bikes that are meant for sedentary users.

You can shop for Cyclone bicycles at many of the company’s authorized retail locations and online. If you prefer to shop online, you can do so by visiting the Cycra Enterprises website. This website offers a great variety of recumbent bikes that are sold at affordable prices.

When you are looking for recumbent cycles, you should keep in mind your overall fitness level. It’s a good idea to shop with a knowledgeable sales representative to ensure that you are getting the best model for your needs. The rep will be able to evaluate your physical condition and help you choose the best bike for you. In some cases, there will be additional options that are available. For example, there are models that have been designed especially for women and for senior citizens.

Cyclone Bicycle FAQ

Cyclone electric bike

Electric bikes are ideal for trips for school and work, for many reasons. They are ideal rides such as ordinary bikes only with more power and would be a more convenient mode of transportation for you to get to school or work. The main reason why these bikes are so popular is due to their overall cost effectiveness and their convenience of use.

A Cyclone electric chopper bicycle is the most efficient electric bike on the market at the moment, but this does not mean that it is the most powerful. It has a similar power output to a regular bicycle except for the fact that it is four times as powerful. This makes it the perfect commuter bike to make your daily commute safe and simple so that you get to save money on gas and oil. If you own a car, you will be able to save fuel by stopping when you need to and simply turning the key into an alternate lock than having to stop and go around your car.

The Cyclone electric cruiser bike features a single speed, gear ratio, clutch free drive, anti-tip, and an efficient high torque motor for smooth acceleration and powerful stopping. There is also a nice touch from the Cyclone battery, which allows you to add an additional 48v battery on the fly should you need it. This gives you a powerful bike that will last you for many miles of riding pleasure and you will be sure to appreciate the quiet performance of this bike even after months of daily use.

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  1. Mine is running well so far after a few changes and about 90 miles of break-in. When climbing a hill, you must pedal. It’s doing well so far.

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