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Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders, Steel Frame, 20-Inch Wheels, Black
Elite 20” & 16" BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike (20" Gunmetal)
Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike, Throwback 1983 Design, Single-Speed Drivetrain, Hi-Ten Steel Frame, Rattrap Pedals, Front and Rear Caliper Brakes, 24-Inch Gum Wall Tires, Chrome
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR
Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike White Sz 29in
Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner to Advanced Riders
Elite 20” & 16" BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike
Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR
Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike Mens
Elite Bicycle
Rocker BMX
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Product Page
Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner-Level to Advanced Riders, Steel Frame, 20-Inch Wheels, Black
Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner to Advanced Riders
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Product Page
Elite 20” & 16" BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike (20" Gunmetal)
Elite 20” & 16" BMX Bicycle The Stealth Freestyle Bike
Elite Bicycle
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Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike, Throwback 1983 Design, Single-Speed Drivetrain, Hi-Ten Steel Frame, Rattrap Pedals, Front and Rear Caliper Brakes, 24-Inch Gum Wall Tires, Chrome
Schwinn Predator Team 24 Freestyle BMX Cruiser Bike
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Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR
Rocker BMX Mini BMX Bike iROK+ Metal RKR
Rocker BMX
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Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike White Sz 29in
Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike Mens
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Since the eighties, BMX bikes are popular in the USA. The name BMX derives from the term “Bicycle Motocross”. These special wheels are for the exercise specific types of cycling thought. The oldest of these is “Race”, where the rider can compete against each other on a race track.

Given the special requirements of a BMX, there are differences in terms of material and structure. For example, the spokes of a BMX are usually crossed several times to increase stability.

In this guide, you will learn how to distinguish a BMX bike. It also provides information on what to look for when buying such a bike.

Rooster 20 “BMX Big Daddy Spokes 360 Degree Rotor

The bike from Rooster is delivered mounted 85%. Front-wheel, pedals, pegs, and handlebars must be fitted by the buyer. Thanks to the detailed assembly instructions, no special tools are needed. We quickly notice the high-quality processing of the individual components, especially in the most safety-relevant areas, we look closely. The construction gives a very stable impression. The bike boasts a high, technical level, especially the 360-degree rotor and the four Grindpegs we like well. V-brakes, a novel street-park frame, and lightweight aluminum rims are also part of the technical equipment. We test the BMX on different surfaces and are satisfied. The Rooster Big Daddy has ideal driving characteristics, both on paved surfaces and in nature.

Details: Manufacturer: Rooster, Model Name: Big Daddy, Color: Available in several colors (Blue, Yellow, Orange, White), Brake: V-Brakes, Frame: HI-TEN Park Oldschool (Steel), Frame Size: 28 cm (11 Tires): Meghna ETRTO 54 406 (20 x 2.2 inches), Rims: Aluminum rim (23 mm), Cassette: 18 teeth (freewheel), Chainring: 44 teeth (steel), Crankset: 165 mm (one-piece) , Stole).

Conclusion: The BMX bike Rooster convinced in the BMX test with its high, technical features and good handling characteristics. Workmanship and construction give a very stable impression. The bike is suitable for beginners thanks to its simple installation. Experienced BMX fans will enjoy the high, technical level. The bike of the manufacturer Rooster is completely convincing in the BMX test.

Rooster 20 “BMX Big Daddy Skyway

The English manufacturer Rooster also represents the second bike in our BMX test. Rooster Big Daddy Spoked. The buyer should have a full BMX Test – Rooster 20 “BMX Big Daddy Skyway tool kit and basic crafting skills, otherwise, we recommend taking the help of a professional.” Good news for BMX fans, the great value on design: The Rooster Big Daddy Skyway is available in 20 different colors Good, as well as the Rooster Big Daddy Skywa, which is typical for the manufacturer Rooster, masters this part in the BMX test with flying colors. Meadows, forest trails or mixed trails The BMX brand BMX bike achieves an outstanding rating as expected in the BMX test.

Details: Manufacturer: Rooster, Model Name: Big Daddy Skyway, Color: Available in 20 colors, Brake: V-brakes, Frame: HI-TEN Street / Park (alloy steel), Rims: SKYWAY TUFF II, Includes: 360-degree rotor and four grind pegs.

Conclusion: The second bike from Rooster also achieved the BMX test best results. The noble design represents a unique feature. Also, the bike can be ordered in 20 different colors. The BMX bike brand Rooster scores with very good handling characteristics on different soils. Result in the BMX test: A bike with a high, technical standard and impeccable driving characteristics.

deTOX 20 “BMX Freestyle Kids BMX Beginner

The manufacturer deTOX is the next bike in the BMX test. It was designed especially for children and beginners, the top tube is relatively short with a length of 18 inches. The bike is therefore suitable for children from a height of 125 cm. The BMX from deTOX is delivered almost completely assembled. Saddle, pedals, front wheel, and handlebars must be mounted by yourself, which is easy thanks to detailed installation instructions. Point one in the BMX test, the assembly, masters the bike of the brand deTOX so with flying colors. We then take a close look at the processing and construction methods. Also, Part Two in the BMX test uses the bike for self-promotion because workmanship and construction give an excellent impression. Now it goes in the BMX test to the preserves because the outdoor test is pending. The bike shows on asphalt very good driving characteristics, which is why we quickly go to the off-road test. This is where the entry-level BMX scores and thus achieve the best results in the BMX test.

Details: Manufacturer: deTOX, Model Name: Freestyle, Color: Available in several colors (Blue, Gray, Black / Orange, Black / Red, White / Green), Brake: V-Brakes (Aluminum), Frame Size: 28 cm ( 11 inches), tires: 20 x 1.75 inches (black), rims: 36 holes (aluminum), cassette: 18 teeth, chainring: 36 teeth, crankset: 170mm HI-TEN Hot Forged (alloy steel).

Conclusion: The bike is ideal for beginners and children and achieves the best results in the BMX test. We like the workmanship and design very well, the technical equipment of the bike is impressive. The supreme discipline in the BMX test, the outdoor test, uses the bike from the deTOX brand for plus points. The beginner BMX can convince on all floors and thus ensure the best rating in the BMX test.

Mountaineer Tokyo 20 “BMX 360 ° Rotor System

The next bike in the BMX test comes from the manufacturer Bergsteiger and is referred to by this as a versatile all-rounder. The frame height is 29 cm, the bike can be used according to the manufacturer from a height of 130 cm. Adolescents and adults are indicated as the target group. We are excited and start with Part One in the BMX test, Montage. Here, the climber Tokyo can score directly because it is delivered almost completely assembled. The further steps are explained in the assembly instructions well and can be easily understood. After about 15 minutes the bike is ready for us. The BMX from the house of mountaineers also convinces in terms of design fully. The dynamic look is complemented by the Fat Tires great. We then take a close look at workmanship and construction and come to a positive rating. Following is the most important section in the BMX test, namely the assessment of driving characteristics. Driving with Fat Tires is getting used to. After a short time, however, one develops a feeling for the particularly thick tires. The bike can be properly steered and braked on asphalt, which is why we quickly move to the final in the BMX test: It follows the off-road test. Here, the BMX of the brand Bergsteiger collects plus points, whether on forest roads, meadows, trails or mixed terrain. The bike convinces in the BMX test by a strong performance.

Details: Manufacturer: Mountaineer, Model Name: Tokyo, Color: White (Matt), Brake: V-Brakes 70mm (Aluminum), Frame: ECO Freestyle 360 ​​° (290 mm), Rims: Double Wall (Aluminum).

Conclusion: Mountaineer Tokyo scores top marks in the BMX test. The bike scores with high, technical equipment, successful design, and very good driving characteristics. It is suitable for both teenagers and adults. Mountaineer Tokyo is delivered 90% assembled, which is another bonus point. A bike that knows how to convince in the BMX test.

KS Cycling Boys Bmx Freestyle Hedonic Bike

A BMX for hedonists: The KS Cycling Hedonic stands out first by its cheeky name and sporty design. It is considered a BMX with high, technical standard and very good workmanship. Whether that’s true, we want to find out in the BMX test. The assembly is well described in the manual and requires only basic technical knowledge. We need about 30 minutes to set up. Then we examine processing and construction. In both areas the KSX brand BMX scores points – a successful start to the BMX test. We go outside and test the driving characteristics of the bike, which is suitable for teenagers and adults. On asphalt quickly catch the very good driving characteristics of the bike. The BMX convinced with short braking distance, good dynamics, and fine steering. The KS Cycling Hedonic also has these characteristics on different off-road tracks, which gives it the best rating in the BMX test.

Details: Manufacturer: KS Cycling, Model Name: Hedonic, Color: White / Green (Black lettering), Brake: V-brakes, Saddle: BMX Freestyle, Including 360-degree rotor and four Grindpegs (steel).

Conclusion: Even the last bike in the BMX test achieved a very good rating. The KS Cycling Hedonic trumps with very high technical equipment. The design is dynamic and refreshing. The assembly is described in detail in the manual and does not require special craftsmanship. The bike has the best driving characteristics on different terrain. Both teenagers and adults can use the BMX. We give the KS Cycling bike the best rating in the BMX test.

Is a BMX allowed for road traffic?

The BMX wheels to be tested in your test are, like all bicycles of this type, designed as sports equipment. They usually have neither the necessary lighting nor fenders or sufficient brakes to be considered as safe bicycles can. The required equipment is regulated in the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO), including § 64a and § 65. This means for BMX riders that they can not participate in the road without “retrofitting” with their bike.

What is BMX?

The BMX is a bike that is modeled on a motorcycle, as it is used in motocross sports. The wheels are usually 20 inches tall and thus smaller than conventional bicycle types. The handlebar, however, is unusually high in the BMX. There is generally no gearshift. The BMX, which should be subjected to your test, although most have brakes, this does not have to be the case with every model.

Another special feature is the arrangement of the spokes, which are crossed several times. This should give the bike more stability, among other things. The load capacity of a BMX is also increased by a frame made of aluminum or steel alloys.

A BMX bike that performs well in the test often has additional elements such as: As the so-called pegs. These are footpegs attached to the axles of the wheels. They are needed to perform certain tricks on the BMX.

The 360-degree rotor is also part of the special equipment of many BMX. In your test of the wheels, you should also check this. This makes a complete turn of the handlebar possible.

What is a BMX used for?

BMX wheels that should be tested before you decide are not designed for simple locomotion. The BMX bike was created for a particular sport. Over time, different variants of the BMX developed for the different sports activities. Among the disciplines that can be practiced with the BMX include race and freestyle. The latter sport can still be divided into other special disciplines.

BMX Sport Race

The first discipline in BMX driving was the so-called Race. It’s about speed. The racetracks are similar to the tracks in motocross sport and usually lead over elevations and through tight curves. The first obstacles allow the riders to complete high jumps. Accordingly, BMX tends to be lighter for the Race discipline. For example, a BMX wheel, which is designated as a race type, has an aluminum frame.

The brakes that you should check on your BMX test and which are called V-Brakes, usually have a higher braking force than those of other BMX. There are usually two brakes, one in the front and one in the back of the BMX. A 360-degree rotor or pegs are not necessary for use in the race, which is why such BMX usually do not have these additional elements.

In summary, the best BMX wheels for Race are as lightweight as possible and have two high-impact brakes. Pegs or 360-degree rotor are usually not required.

BMX Sport Freestyle

The discipline Freestyle developed a little later than Race. Freestyle is about the presentation of stunts and tricks, so tricks, with the BMX. Above all, dexterity is required. Therefore, a BMX designed for freestyle has some differences in comparison to a model for Race, depending on what sub-discipline is exercised.

Freestyle can be subdivided into different subspecies. Of these, Flatland is probably one of the better known. As the English name, whose translation means “flat land” indicates, the tricks are performed on a flat surface. For this BMX used often have pegs and a special form of the rear hub. This hub, called the Freecoaster, allows the rear wheel to reverse, without the pedals also turning. Besides, a flatland BMX is comparatively easy. Top and down tube are often short and bent. The frame has a shortened rear triangle on many of these BMXs. Another special feature of this BMX variety is the lack of brakes.

Subcategory Street is practiced in the city. The driver shows tricks on urban architecture such as house walls or stair railings. Wheels used for this often have an aluminum frame to save weight.

Other disciplines of freestyle are Dirt, Park, and Vert. At Dirt or Dirt Jump you jump over mounds. Not only BMX is used, but also a special version of the mountain bike. Dirt BMX bikes usually have no pegs. Park can be considered a form of street.

The tricks are shown in a designated area with various obstacles such as ramps. In the Vert version, the skateboard is used in the halfpipe. Both at the park and the Vert, the bicycles must be light.

In conclusion, it’s not so easy to define what the best BMX for freestyle should look like. That depends on the particular sub-discipline the driver wants to devote to. Most models that should be tested in your BMX test are generally suitable for freestyle.

Advice on your BMX test

To find your comparison winner among the BMX, not only knowledge about the different disciplines are necessary. Other factors like the size of the BMX also play a crucial role. In the following, we explain all criteria for the selection of a BMX, which you should test in the test.

Wheel type

As already explained, there are roughly two categories of BMX sports: Race and Freestyle. The wheels for it differ in certain points. Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of which sport discipline you want to practice before making a purchase. Then you are already a big step forward to choose the best BMX bike for your needs after your test. Most BMX is suitable for freestyle.


Your BMX comparison winner should have the right size. Even the best BMX in the world or the best BMX brand is useless if it does not match the rider’s body measurements. Not only the size of the bike must be right, but also the distance between the saddle and the handlebars. The table shows which body size a BMX is suitable for. Your test should also include this criterion.


A BMX for Race should be as easy as possible. That’s why the BMX for this discipline has a lower weight compared to the models for freestyle. This is where the material of the frame comes into play. Aluminum is mostly used for race models as it is relatively light and sturdy enough.

Freestyle wheels, on the other hand, often have a frame made of steel (usually high-tension steel) or steel alloy (usually chromium-molybdenum). The former frames are usually heavier than those made of chromium-molybdenum. Freestyle is not about speed, which is why a heavier but more resilient material can be used. The frame of most BMX that should be tested before you choose one is made of high-tension steel – Hi-Ten for short. Many professional bikes are mostly made of chromium-molybdenum – CrMo for short. But for a beginner, a BMX equipped with a Hi-Ten frame is usually enough. By testing the bike, you will find out which material you like better.


Common for BMX wheels are so-called U-brakes or V-brakes. The former are so named because they lead around the wheel in a U-shape. This type of brakes is mainly used in freestyle BMX. The braking power of U-brakes is not very big, but it is easy to dose. In addition, these are not far from the frame, so they are not easily damaged in falls.

However, some freestyle bikes have no brakeless brakes. Because in some tricks such. For example, when the barspin (The driver rotates the handlebars during the jump by 360 degrees and lets go of it during the rotation) brake cables and levers may be distracting under certain circumstances. However, the alternative to a braking system, the stopping of the wheels with the feet, not everyone convinced. Race bicycles are mostly used by V-Brakes. Their braking power is higher than that of U-brakes. However, this force can not be dosed as well as U-brakes.

Additional elements

Possible additional elements on a BMX are z. Pegs. These bolt-on footpegs are needed to perform a variety of tricks, which is why freestyle wheels usually have pegs. Also required only for the discipline freestyle is a 360-degree rotor. It allows complete rotation of the handlebar. This feature is essential for certain tricks. Almost all BMXs that are suitable for freestyle have both pegs and a 360-degree rotor. Do you want to use the wheel especially for such games, you should pay attention to such additional elements in your BMX test.

Conclusion: Which criteria are important for a BMX test?

Based on the information provided above, it should now be possible to find the model that can be considered the best BMX bike for you. If you want to face BMX bikes through a test, you should note that many have been constructed mainly for the discipline of freestyle. Your frame is made of Hi-Ten steel.

In addition, most of them have both pegs and a 360-degree rotor. Furthermore, in your BMX test, you will probably notice that many wheels are 20 inches in size.

Depending on the discipline that a buyer wants to practice on the BMX – race or freestyle – the bike should be chosen. The best BMX, however, can only be the model that corresponds to the size of the driver. For beginners, it usually suffices to buy a bicycle made of Hi-Ten steel. In general, the price of several hundred euros is assumed. Generally, the lighter a BMX bike, the higher the price.

Numerous manufacturers produce BMX wheels. However, what you consider to be the best BMX brands depends on your personal experience with the respective BMX models. It can be differentiated between manufacturers who produce complete wheels and those who sell individual bicycle parts.

Driving on the BMX – not without a helmet

A BMX helmet is recommended in any case, regardless of which bike you choose after your BMX test. Both the race and the freestyle there is an increased risk of falling. In the former discipline jumps with the BMX are common as well as driving in tight bends. Also in freestyle much is jumped. In addition, the tricks require a high degree of skill.

BMX helmets tend to have a harder outer shell than regular cycle helmets. Also, the protection of the neck is more comprehensive with head protection for the BMX sport. A good BMX helmet is definitely enough for the highest cervical vertebra. If a driver falls so that his head bounces on the side, the BMX helmet protects him through the cover of the head flanks.

A variant of the helmet for BMX sports is the so-called full-face helmet. This is similar to the head protection of motorcyclists. So he assigns z. B. on a chin guard.

BMX bikes for kids

For children, there are special BMX bikes to buy. These are usually characterized by wheels that are slightly smaller at 18 inches than the models for adults, whose wheels are usually 20 inches tall. The frame for a BMX for children is normally smaller. The same applies to the BMX wheel for small riders as it does to the adult version: the wheels are not roadworthy and therefore not allowed on the road.

A child should already know how to drive on the normal bike before it gets on a BMX. From what age the necessary skills for cycling are present, can not say all-inclusive. It depends on the individual development of the child.

The ADFC recommends parents to train the motor development of the little ones early on by scooter driving. The child’s sense of balance and body control and responsiveness could be improved in this way. This would make the little scooter riders prepare for cycling.

Even though there is no helmet requirement, the child should wear a bicycle helmet on a conventional bike as well as in BMX driving.

History of the BMX

The BMX bike emerged in the 1960s from bicycles mimicking motocross machines. Teenagers in the USA rebuilt their bikes by attaching cross tires and motorcycle handlebars. The first races on these bikes also closely followed motocross competitions.

In addition to this original form of BMX driving developed over time with the so-called Freestyle another discipline of BMX -sport, which is about the performance of tricks on the bike, the tricks. Freestyle, on the other hand, differentiated into various areas. Since 2008 the sport BMX-Race is Olympic.

As a forerunner of today’s BMX, which should meet your requirements in the test, the Stingray or Bonanzarad applies. This type of bike already featured the typical 20-inch wheels. The handlebar was relatively high. However, the Bonanzarad had an exceptionally long banana-shaped saddle, the current BMX is missing. These are also much more stable, which is why they quickly displaced the Bonanzaräder.

BMX competitions

The bikes appearing in your BMX test are usually sports equipment, for which there are now a large number of BMX competitions. At the national level since 2012, there are the BMX championships. Older is BMX Cologne, also known as BMX Masters. In the US, BMX riders compete at the extreme sports event X-Games.

In addition, there are several international competitions. In addition to the European Championships since 1987, the World Championship in BMX freestyle instead. In 2008, the discipline BMX-Race became Olympic. At the Summer Games in Beijing 2008, BMX riders were the first time at the start. Also in 2012 in London and 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, the sport was one of the Olympic disciplines.

Winner in Beijing 2008 was the men of the Latvian Māris Štrombergs and the ladies of the French Anne-Caroline Chausson. In 2012, the BMX sport was represented for the second time in the Olympic Games. Māris Štrombergs and Colombian Mariana Pajón won gold in the men’s and women’s competitions in London. At the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, the Colombian Mariana Pajón again won the gold medal in BMX driving. Winner in the men’s BMX competition was the American Connor Fields.

Well-known and successful BMX athletes

One of the well-known BMX freestyle athletes is the American Mat Hoffman. Because of his driving style, he is nicknamed “Condor”. At the extreme sports event X-Games, he won the bronze medal in 2001, the year after Hoffman won in these games in second place.

The Latvian Māris Štrombergs not only won Olympic gold in the BMX race in 2008 and defended this title in 2012 in London. He also became European Champion in 2008 and 2013.

Also successful at the Olympics and other competitions are the Colombian BMX athlete Mariana Pajón. She won the gold medal in 2012 and 2016. In addition, in 2011 she became Panamerican Champion in the BMX Race and in 2014 South American Games Winner in the same discipline as well as in the individual time trial on the BMX.

A year later she was also able to win the title of Panamerikameisterin in the latter discipline. In the same year, 2015, Mariana Pajón also became world champion in the individual time trial.

Tricks in freestyle

To give a little insight into the BMX Sports Freestyle, we recommend an overview of popular tricks. There are several well-defined tricks at Flatland or Park can be shown. These can be loosely assigned to one of the three following categories: tricks, lip tricks (on-ramps) and grinds (on the pegs). However, there are many overlaps between the categories. Some tricks or lip tricks are for example:

  • No hand: The driver takes his hands off the handlebar during the jump.
  • No foot: The driver takes his feet off the pedals during the jump.
  • Frontflip: The driver makes a forward swing.
  • Backflip: The driver does a backflip.
  • X-Up: The driver turns the handlebar 180 degrees without letting it go. Therefore, his arms form an X.
  • Barspin: The rider turns 360 degrees during the jump and releases it during the turn.
  • Three-Sixty (360 degrees): The driver turns around in his jump once on its axis.
  • Tabletop: The driver brings the bike in a jump in a lateral “flat” position.
  • Tailwhip: The rider turns the back of the wheel completely in the jump around and the front of the wheel around.
  • Wallride: The rider jumps his bike against a wall and drives there for a few seconds.
  • Manual: The driver pulls the front wheel upwards and only drives on the rear wheel.
  • Bunnyhop: The driver first pulls up the front wheel and then jumps off with the rear wheel, so that the whole wheel is in the air. In this way, obstacles can be skipped.


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  3. This is a great bike. I’m 39 years old and I’m just getting into BMX. I’ve had a lot of bikes over the years. This is a well-made bike, all chromo, with functional welding that is adequate but not exceptional. The 21″ TT is a good fit for a larger person; I don’t feel squished. Landing jumps at the park feels good and solid, instilling confidence in this old want tobe. I didn’t like the stock grips, but that’s a simple and inexpensive fix. The gyro tabs can be removed with a small hex key. The stickers are also simple to remove; I peeled a bunch right away. When I showed my kids the bike, they exclaimed, “Whooaaa, cool!” Now if I could just figure out how to use a manual…

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