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Graber All-Star Bike Rack Assembly

prior to assembly lay out all the pieces
while it is easiest to assemble this
rack while it’s on the car it is not a
requirement and the all-star can be
assembled in other environments to
assemble in the hitch follow these steps
place hitch tight into the receiver
lining up the hitch tight nut with the
hole and the receiver determine whether
your hitch receiver is one and a quarter
or two inch if two inch you must use the
adapter block sliding adapter block over
the receiver tube place receiver in the
hitch and tighten bolt and washer to the
vehicle now assemble the horizontals
hold horizontal bar so holes face you
and the set screw faces down slide wheel
trays on to the horizontal bar so that
the trays face opposite directions with
first wheel trays nob facing you repeat
with the second horizontal bar place
first horizontal bar between the
receiver plates lining up the holes
insert carriage bolts into the square
holes and secure with the nut repeat
with the second horizontal bar Orient
vertical mast with buckle straps at top
slide short hook up vertical mast and
repeat with long hook note that there
may be bike fits where the hooks must be
reversed place vertical mast into the
receiver plate lining up the holes
insert carriage bolt into the lower
whole place lanyard loop around the bolt
and secure with washer insert pin with
cage into the upper hole and that’s it
you’re ready to hit the road enjoy the
ride the Graber all-star is made in
Madison Wisconsin and comes with a
lifetime warranty
to load bikes follow these steps always
place the heavier bike in the position
closest to the vehicle bike should face
opposite directions prior to loading
bikes raise both hooks to the top of the
vertical mast adjust trays to fit the
placement of bikes so that the bikes sit
completely within the trays tighten
knobs loosen knob to push longer hook
onto the cross tube of the bike tighten
knob secure bike wheels using wheel
straps repeat without ur bike finally
wrap buckle strap around the top tube of
the bike and secure the strap in the
the also Iraq is a modern 2-bike tray
rack that uses an easy to load platform
with wide wheel trays high quality
ratchet straps and padded hooks to
securely hold down two bikes up to 50
pounds each the rack fits either one and
a quarter or two inch hitch receivers
making it versatile easy and secure

Graber Bicycle Racks

Graber bicycle racks are one of the most versatile bike carriers available in the market today. A lot of people use this type of bike rack to transport their bicycles. There are different styles of bicycle racks made of different materials and designs.

The different models of bicycle racks are made of many different materials. They are mostly made of steel or aluminum. There are also rack that is made from wood or plastic. This kind of carrier is called the Graber bike rack.

When it comes to safety, these racks come with several safety features. Some carriers feature a safety harness that prevents you from hitting your bicycle against the side of the rack. Another safety feature of the Graber bicycle carrier is a hand grip. With a hand grip, you can easily control your bicycle without your hands falling off of the rack. Most bicycle racks come with a built in alarm.

One of the major differences between these racks and the standard bicycle rack is that this kind of rack comes with more features. It has a locking mechanism. When you want to take your bicycle out for a ride, just lock the rack to the ground. This kind of locking mechanism is commonly used on the bike carrier Graber bicycle rack.

Graber also offers a number of accessories for their bicycle racks. Some accessories include racks, carriers, and brackets. A wide variety of racks is available in Graber bicycle racks. The standard bicycle racks are designed to carry just one bicycle.

You will find that buying a bicycle rack does not mean that you need to buy a high-end rack that would cost you thousands of dollars. There are bike racks available in affordable prices. So, instead of spending lots of money to buy a rack that will only serve you for a few years, consider buying one of the Graber bicycle rack.

Grabber bicycle racks are very light-weight. And it is because of this that they are easy to install on the roof of your car. In fact, you can easily carry your bike with you when you drive around with Graber. You can easily put your bicycle on the Graber rack while traveling by bus or train. This rack is easy to install on the car roof.

These carriers are made from a very strong material. These racks are very easy to install. They are made from very tough steel or aluminum and they are very durable. They are also designed to last for a long time so if you want to get a second or third or fourth one of them, you do not have to spend much for a new one.

Some of the advantages of using Graber bicycle rack are that it is very sturdy, easy to use, and very simple to use. It does not take much to install these racks. These racks are also very lightweight and they can be carried over the shoulders easily. It is very easy to attach the bike to the carrier without lifting the bike off of the ground.

Graber 2-Bike Trunk Rack Model 175
Graber Bike Rack
Saris Graber Bike Hitch

Graber Bike Rack FAQ

Graber 3 bike rack for SUV

A Graber is a great way to go if you like to travel long distances with your bike and not worry about how you will transport it or if you will get a rental. It has a hitch in the back, which allows you to lock your bike up so that it is protected from people that might try to take it off or steal it. It is designed for SUVs and comes equipped with a cable that you use to strap the bike rack to your SUV. This works well, but some people are a bit apprehensive about whether or not the rack will work properly, especially since it is something new. There are a few things that people should keep in mind when they are purchasing this type of rack for their SUV.

The first thing that a person should do before they purchase a Graber rack is to find out if it will work with their vehicle. If the Graber will not fit into the car or truck that you currently have, then you can also purchase a bike carrier that will allow you to easily load the bike into your vehicle without having to worry about getting a rental car to get around town. Some people do not have a lot of room in their trunk, so they may need to get a bicycle carrier to be able to easily load a bike on the back of their SUV to go long distances.

The next thing that you should do is figure out how much space you will need in your vehicle. If you plan to go on a long distance trip with your bike rack for SUV, then you will need to know how many bikes you intend to ride regularly on the road. The more bikes you ride, the larger the amount of space you will need in your car. The Graber bicycle rack for SUV is a good option if you want to get an easy to store bicycle rack for the back of your vehicle that is out of the way. There are many people who choose to use a regular bicycle rack when traveling long distances on a road. It is very convenient, but not something that you should rely on when it comes to long trips.

Outback Graber bike rack for Toyota Prius

For those people who love the outdoors and the open road, they are probably all about a good old fashioned outback bike rack. After all the space on the back of a vehicle can be utilized in so many ways and there is no reason why the outback should not be one of them! By installing a pickup hitch on your truck, you will be able to bring your bike inside any place that you desire. Not only that but it also adds protection for your vehicle from weather conditions and the like.

But before you purchase an outback Graber bike rack for your Toyota Prius you need to take it one step at a time. First and foremost you need to make sure that you have adequate rear clearance on your vehicle. You see, if your vehicle does not have adequate clearance, your rack will definitely not work properly. If your vehicle is over-crowded or has over-sized tires then your chances of having your rack install properly are pretty low.

The next thing you need to look out for is compatibility. The reason why you want a grabber bike rack for your Prius is because it will be easier for you to park your car and go for a ride with friends when you have this type of rack. So you need to make sure that your vehicle will be compatible with the outback Graber bike rack for your Prius.

Replacement foot pads for Graber bike rack

If you own a Graber bicycle rack then chances are that you will require some foot pads to go with it. As with any other bicycle rack on the foot plates are used to prevent the bikes from rolling on the ground when you are not using them. It is very possible that the foot plates of your bike rack could become damaged over time, especially if you live in an area where there is high traffic or you get off your bike at the same time as someone else. These foot plates can also become worn out and can no longer hold the weight that your bike may put on them. This is especially true if you store your bike on your bike rack for long periods of time because if you have a flat tire you will need fast access to a shop to have your bike repaired or replaced.

Graber bicycle racks offer several different foot pads that you can purchase to go with your rack. They offer leather pads that are very comfortable to wear while you are riding your bike. These are very easy to replace if you get tired of the style that they are wearing. The synthetic leathers that are offered come in several different styles and colors and you can choose one that you prefer. Another popular style is the polyurethane foam pads that are available and these are the most expensive of all the types of replacement Graber bike rack pads that you can purchase for your bike rack.

If you have a Graber bike rack that has open tie down straps then you should make sure that you always purchase some new ones so that you do not fall off your bike. If you are going to use the open tie down straps, make sure that you buy some extra ones so that you can change the strap over if it becomes damaged. There are plenty of places that sell extra Graber bike racks so you should be able to find exactly what you need without having to spend too much money. These pads can also be very comfortable to wear and there are plenty of people who like to ride with a pad on their feet. These kinds of bike racks will usually come with a very comfortable saddle that you can sit on and you can also purchase a nice comfortable leather jacket so that you are not sweating as much while you are riding your bike.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This Graber Guardian 3 Bike Trunk Rack is reasonably priced, but it includes some higher-priced features. It’s extremely light and simple to set up on its own. One bar unfolds from the other and snaps into place before being adjusted into one of three places. It took some trial and error the first time I put it on. For me, it was important to try the bottom bar in various positions before deciding which location would be the most safe. Straps with hooks are attached to the trunk via the rack. They, too, took some fiddling to get into the right places before tightening up. I might have gotten away with two straps because the rack was stable enough, but I used all three because they were given. Now that they’ve all been adjusted to the proper lengths, it’ll be simple to decide which ones go where in the future. The rack was designed to accommodate three bikes, but we only have two. The hold downs that protect the bikes are simple to tighten and untighten, and they adapt to accommodate various frame sizes. If you purchase this, keep in mind that the straps are held in place by small strings of string until they are used for the first time. I threw them away, but I would have kept them for protecting the rolled-up straps when not in use. For the time being, rubber bands from the junk drawer would suffice. Overall, this is a very easy setup that I hope will become easier with practice. It impresses me with its simplicity and ease of use, and I believe it is reasonably priced.

    1. Always double-check the straps between destinations. They all relax a little bit, which isn’t surprising and is forewarned about in the manual. Unfortunately, one of my rack’s straps becomes excessively loose. There is no concern as long as it is the only one. If something changes, I’ll let you know.
    2. DH drove my car to the store with the rack still attached but no bikes. He was stopped and warned that the rack obstructs the view of the rear plate, which is a ticketable offense. I’m still a fan, but I’m lowering my rating to four stars because I’m afraid of getting pulled over if I have it on my car. Hopefully it was only because the rack was empty; I won’t keep it on between uses, but in any case, the rack obscures the view of the rear plate.

  2. Graber consistently produces high-quality products, and this is no exception. Solid, heavy welding, strong bike connect hardware, and simple assembly with a basic toolkit. It comfortably accommodates four bikes.

    My only criticism is that this rack wears and scratches the bike. I had a brand new bike and used the rack I was wearing to remove the paint from the area where the bike was mounted.

    It does keep bikes well, which is good if you don’t mind scratches/damage to your frame.

  3. For the past 30 years or so, I’ve had one of those strap-on style bike racks, and I finally got tired of the hassle of installing it as well as the hassle of lifting and securing the bike. I just needed a bike rack that I could throw my bike on and go. This seemed to suit the bill, and at less than a buck, it was also reasonably priced. I have to admit that installation couldn’t have been simpler, and having the bike on and off is a breeze. The rack fits tightly in the hitch receiver thanks to the provided bolt-in hitch pin, and when not hauling a bike, you can fold the middle support tube down for easy access to the trunk. It’s even manufactured in the United States, which is a plus.

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