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ROYCE UNION RTT 24" Mens 21-Speed Mountain Bike, Aluminum 15 Inch Frame, Trigger Shift, Matte Tangerine (74408) reviewed by Philly Pedals
ROYCE UNION RMT 27.5" Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 22" Aluminum Frame, Twist Shift, Matte Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
ROYCE UNION RMA 27.5" Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 20" Aluminum Frame, Trigger Shift, Red reviewed by Philly Pedals
ROYCE UNION RCF Lightweight Carbon Mountain Bike, Gloss White, 27.5 inch Wheels / 16.5 inch Frame reviewed by Philly Pedals
24" Royce Union RTT Mens 21-Speed Mountain Bike
27.5" Royce Union RMT Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike
Royce Union 27.5" RMA Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike
Royce Union Men's Mountain Bike Lightweight Carbon w/ Shimano DEORE
Royce Union
Royce Union
Royce Union
Royce Union
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ROYCE UNION RTT 24" Mens 21-Speed Mountain Bike, Aluminum 15 Inch Frame, Trigger Shift, Matte Tangerine (74408) reviewed by Philly Pedals
24" Royce Union RTT Mens 21-Speed Mountain Bike
Royce Union
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ROYCE UNION RMT 27.5" Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 22" Aluminum Frame, Twist Shift, Matte Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
27.5" Royce Union RMT Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike
Royce Union
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ROYCE UNION RMA 27.5" Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike, 20" Aluminum Frame, Trigger Shift, Red reviewed by Philly Pedals
Royce Union 27.5" RMA Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike
Royce Union
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ROYCE UNION RCF Lightweight Carbon Mountain Bike, Gloss White, 27.5 inch Wheels / 16.5 inch Frame reviewed by Philly Pedals
Royce Union Men's Mountain Bike Lightweight Carbon w/ Shimano DEORE
Royce Union
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Royce Union Mountain Bike Assembly Tutorial

thanks for purchasing your new Royce
Union bike with proper care and
maintenance your bike will give you
years of enjoyment but before that first
ride you’ll have to assemble it we’re
here to help so let’s get started first
things first let’s open the box remove
all the protective covering one thing
you’ll need for this is a pair of
scissors or wire cutters now let’s grab
a seat post and put in the seat tube
you’ll notice the safety line make sure
you put the seat post past the safety
line and then you clamp it down
it may be tough if it’s too tight you
adjust the nut but it needs to be a very
snug fit
she feels some pressure and when it’s an
right adjustment we now have the bike in
the bike stand if you don’t happen to
have the bikes in at home you can use
your box place his sideways and rest the
bike on there when placing this on the
bike stand you recommend using the seat
post rather than mounting it to the seat
frame where you’ll damage the frame
itself inside your bike box you’ll find
a parts box with instruction manuals a
derailleur protector left and right
pedals and tools needed for assembly
these are the tools needed that comes in
the part box but to make your job a
little bit easier in case you have them
at home you recommend just bull wrench
Phillips head screwdriver flathead
screwdriver and a metric set of allen
keys next step is to mount the
handlebars make sure the cables aren’t
tangled this is pretty much how you want
it to be if this is not loose you just
need to undo this bolt for easy
insertion of the bike and there is a
safety line just like the seat post make
sure you’re below that and use a six
millimeter allen key tighten that bolt
if you notice your handlebars are not in
the proper position like these are
there’s two bolts always make sure you
on loosen and tighten these evenly it
could cause slippage and the crash for
this installation we use six millimeter
allen key
now rotate once you loosen these two
bolts rotate the handlebars forward
where these bends are putted upward make
sure when you tighten this down that the
space between both these sides are even
or will cause handlebars to slip so
always keep an eye on the space on both
sides of the handlebars
while you’re tightening down evenly
there we go now it’s time to install the
front wheel but before you do so needs
to squeeze the brakes and pull out the
noodle from lover in order to have
enough space to put the front wheel in
these notches right here easy to go on
these notches once you install the bike
wheel these going to go in the grooves
prior to locking them down be sure to
get these nice and tight now that we
have the front wheel mounted it’s time
to go and reattach the front brakes you
may need some minor adjustments if the
noodle is not fit back in the housing
what you would do is use a five
millimeter allen key loosen this up
hold on this cable while you do so and
you pull some out
retighten this down and then should give
you enough room to reattach your front
brakes now that we have the wheel
Mountain brake secure it’s always good
to double-check that the brake pads are
correct it comes in the factory already
mounted but that’s too high and if you
ride this it will rip a hole through the
tire so we do is use our five millimeter
allen key and readjust this slightly
make sure you place your finger
underneath the brake pad so it don’t
slip all the way down and you want to
Center it to the side of the rim worse
not touching the tire let’s go ahead and
check our work squeeze the brake lever
make sure both pads are spaced and
hitting evenly actually this pad is
touching their rim in this pad isn’t so
we grab our Philips head screwdriver and
we adjust and press the brakes the
tighter you adjust this you get more of
a gap and make sure they are hitting
evenly at the same time
there we go
now both sides of the break is hitting
the rim evenly and spaced evenly apart
all the methods we have used to adjust
the front brakes can also be applied to
the rear brakes if you don’t feel
comfortable to any of the adjustments we
have made here today you can feel free
to visit your local bike shop now it’s
time to test the pedals there’s markings
on both pedals are an L mean left and
right please make sure the left goes in
the left and the right goes on the right
or you will strip the cranks when
attaching these hand tighten it and use
an adjustable wrench at the end and
really make sure these are secure when
detaching these pedals now it’s time to
move on the right this goes on clockwise
as opposed the left side which goes on
counter clockwise and tighten it and use
it an adjustable wrench to secure it in
now it’s time to check the gears to make
sure everything runs correctly you want
to stay on the gear side pedal with your
left and shift gears with your right if
you don’t happen to have a bike stand
you want to have one your friends hold
the rear of the bike well you can check
these gears to make sure they run
smoothly if something does look out of
place feel free to go to your local bike
shop to get everything adjusted
correctly gears seem to be running
smooth and it’s off to the next step
make sure you put in a derailleur guard
use a Philips head screwdriver and take
these screws out this would help of a
fall on this side of the bike will
protect the gears
after checking the gears to make sure
everything runs correctly it’s time to
move on and fill up the tires on the RTT
mountain bike the tire pressure is on
the sidewall these are rated at 40 psi
also be sure that the arrow is pointing
forward on both tires to make sure that
travel is correct
partner taking your bike off the bike
stand double check to make sure the
reflectors are adjusted properly you’ll
need a Philips head screw driver there’s
one in the front and there’s one behind
the seat this one is a little loose
just tighten it down and move on the
back both are secure now it’s time to
take your plate off the bike stand last
two thing to check before hitting the
trails need to check the handlebars make
sure everything is adjusted correctly
and in line you want to keep in mind
that these bent part of the handlebars
should be facing upright and the last
thing before we hit the trails the seat
height should be just above the pelvis
when you’re at completely down your
knees should be slightly bent so bring
this down check worse Jeff’s above the
pelvis lock it back up and now we’re
ready for the open road

Royce Union Bicycles

The Royce Union Bicycle Company of Canada has been around for almost a century. This company is a popular brand among both amateur and professional cyclists alike, and there are many companies that make bikes that are made by the Royce Union company.

The bike that you want to buy should be chosen based on several factors, including whether you will be riding it for leisure purposes or as a recreational bike. You may also choose between bikes that are used for racing and those that are used for general use. You should also take into consideration the comfort that the bike offers you, since you’ll probably be carrying it with you while you’re going about your business.

One of the most popular models available today is the Royce Union. The bike is often used by cyclists who prefer a lighter and more affordable bike than some of the other high-end ones that are on the market today. If you’re planning on buying a low-priced bike, then you’ll want to look at one of the many low-cost bicycles that are available today. Many people opt for these bikes because they aren’t as durable as the high-end ones, and they offer the same performance as the more expensive bikes.

The models made by this company are usually used by amateur and professional cyclists alike. These bikes were originally designed to be used on the Olympic track, so they are designed in such a way that they are able to handle rough terrain and provide an excellent experience for the riders.

Since they are used by professionals, they have a good quality of construction, and many of them are built to withstand heavy use on the track. When it comes to purchasing one of these types of bikes, it’s important that you consider how much you’re going to be using it, since some of these bikes can cost upwards of one thousand dollars.

In general, the Royce Union Bicycle Company makes a wide range of bikes that are both high quality and affordable. They also produce bikes that are designed for both casual and professional users. Whether you’re looking for a brand new bike or an antique model, this company has a bike that will fit your needs.

If you don’t want to buy one of these bikes from their local stores, you can purchase one through online stores that sell this type of bicycle. You’ll find many online shops that sell both models of this model and other models, including ones that are made by other manufacturers.

When you go online to shop for your bike, you should make sure to choose a store that offers a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the product you purchased. This way, you can avoid having to spend money on a replacement that doesn’t work, as well as risking your safety.

Royce Union Bike
Royce Union Defiance Bike
Royce Union Breakaway Bike

Royce Union Bike FAQ

Royce Union mountain bike

Is it just me, or does Royce Union seem to have a bad press? Royce Union was known as a high-performance brand when it first started out. In fact, this company was established because of the need of cyclists worldwide for high-performance bikes. The company has built its reputation on providing high-quality bikes and accessories for cyclists of all skill levels. They have continually been innovating, trying to find ways to make cycling more fun and challenging.

Although they don’t always announce it, you can tell that there’s a new model coming out by reading the news from their website. The company does have a bad-mouthed attitude towards their competition, so you might want to take a look at their website to see what kind of news they’ve released lately. The bad-mouthed attitude doesn’t seem to apply very often to any other area of their business, but I’m sure you realize that anything can happen in a manufacturing environment. When you get to ride the newest model of the Royce Union all-terrain mountain bike, it’s definitely worth looking at the specs and reviews. You’ll be surprised at how good these bikes are!

Many people consider buying bicycles an addiction, and it would be a shame if you didn’t learn to love riding your bicycle and you ended up addicted to it. It will take some time, and even though you may not feel like getting behind the wheel every day, you’ll probably realize that you’ll enjoy it if you’re able to. Once you master the skills of riding a bicycle with ease on rough terrain, you may start to consider it a hobby instead of just a pastime. With the proper training, you’ll be able to ride almost anywhere with your bicycle, including tight mountain trails.

Royce Union BMX bike

Royce Union BMX bike is a great piece of Americana, with its sleek design and low-profile carbon fiber frame it’s the bike to get in shape. It’s been designed by professional stunt bike builders, so you’ll be sure to get the most out of it, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete looking to step up to something a little more serious. Shipped directly from the factory with FedEx Ground or FedEx Residential Delivery. No bikes are complete without FedEx Ground, let your conscience not be placated by the cost of shipping (this is why the frames come with free ground shipping). Great condition requires some cleaning however, so please check photos close up for any areas that require attention, feel free to contact any and all questions at all.

You can upgrade to a full-featured model with upgrades such as a hard tail, custom graphics, or a full suspension system. We found the hard tail model was very easy to ride and seemed to respond well to being pushed as hard as we tried. Regardless of which category you’re in, you’ll want to upgrade to a high top or a drop bottom. These will ensure maximum aeration in any given position. Some top quality bikes also have drop bottom handlebars, which we did not test due to them being on the pricey side. However, they make it much easier to change direction when you’re riding quickly.

The bike’s frame is what dictates how aerodynamic your ride is, and the faster you pedal the more wind resistance your bike generates. For best results we recommend that you ride a couple different brands to see which style feels best for you. After testing several, we recommend the Royce Union because of its stiffness, and fit. For starters, the seat is contoured to your body allowing for complete control while you’re riding. If you want to take it further, there are a couple extra drop down handlebars available from the bike. While they aren’t that useful, it does allow for better handling.

Royce Union cruiser bikes

The latest trend in urban cycling is to look towards Royce Union Cruisers as the choice of a bicycle for commuters. As such, the company has released a number of bike reviews that highlight the various benefits of these cruisers over competing brands. In this sense, it can be said that such reviews are valuable sources of information as they allow individuals to make a more informed decision about their possible purchase. Such reviews also give information about the various models available and the pros and cons of each one.

When browsing through the various reviews, it is apparent that all share a common platform with Royce Union Cruisers, and this is where the brand name comes into play. What is more interesting however, is that the company does not limit itself to just road bikes. Other categories include mountain bikes and even urban commuter bikes as well. All of them however, fall under the same category as the cruiser series as such; and all share the fact that they are built with comfort in mind.

If one were to look at the different models and options available, it would be clear to see why Royce Union Cruisers is a popular choice amongst cycling enthusiasts. Their lightweight frame is easily maneuverable while also being very resistant to the forces placed upon it. At the same time, the suspension system of the bike is designed to provide a smooth ride even during high speeds. One might argue then that it is not much of a bike but more of an average bike. That said, they make a very strong statement indeed, and one should certainly consider one if they are looking for a basic, reliable bike.

Kickstand for Royce Union bicycle

The Kickstand for Royce Union bicycle is designed so that the biker can more efficiently and safely store their bicycle while riding it. When a biker does have to take their bicycle off the rack, they will find that this item will allow them to store it in a much safer manner than most other racks are capable of doing. This item has three levels on it’s base that allows the user to raise the bike up in order to use it at an angle that is appropriate for the height of the bicycle. It also has an extendable footrest that will allow the rider to fully recline at a thirty-five degree angle if needed, as well as two securely padded bench seats.

Some of the advantages to using the Royce Union bicycle rack include the fact that it will not damage or scratch the bicycle, and it comes with a warranty. Many of the bicycle racks that are available on the market today are made from very poor materials and will either dent or destroy a bicycle that is equipped with protective wheel lockers. These bicycle racks also do not provide a comfortable or stable platform to ride on, and will in fact make the situation of riding much more dangerous.

If you are a serious cyclist then purchasing the Kickstand for Royce Union is definitely worth the investment. This rack will provide you with an efficient storage area for your bicycle that will keep it secure, while giving you the comfort and support that you need to ride with confidence. Once you have purchased the bicycle rack and begun to use it, you will notice a vast difference in how easy it is to store and ride your bicycle.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Advantages: I’m 6’8″ tall with a 38″ inseam. The sturdy aluminum frame comfortably supports my weight while remaining light enough to raise and place on the storage/carry rack with minimal effort. The heavy-duty suspension fork is also durable, and the big wheels and tires provide a comfortable ride. The gearshift is smooth and accurate.

    Cons: If you’re going to design a bike frame for people with inseams of 37 inches or more, keep in mind that most people aren’t cartoon characters with legs twice as long as their upper half. The seat tube, head tube, and pedals were all of normal dimensions. I couldn’t raise the seat to the proper height while still inserting it to the minimum safe length; the handlebars were just too low; and my feet fell off the tiny pedals. To make the bike rideable, I had to purchase an extended seat tube, head tube, front brake cord, and pedal extensions. Furthermore, the manual was standardized, making assembly more difficult.

    Overall, despite the additional time and money required to fit this bike, it’s still a nice deal as compared to the $700-plus my local bike shop wanted for anything to fit me.

  2. My package arrived on time and undamaged. I’m 6-2, 180 pounds, and have a mechanical and electrical experience. I was able to put the bike together fairly quickly, but be warned… This is not something you can only put together and ride; YOU MUST MAKE SEVERAL ADJUSTMENTS BEFORE RIDING. I’m a little rusty and don’t like the front derailer style, but it only took me a morning to get it just right. Since the manufacturer just threw it on the bike and the chain was scratching, I had to change the height and everything else. For my part, I wish the handlebar road was a little higher. It also has the weight on your arms and the forward lean of a 10 speed old style. I think it’s a good bike; I’m sure there are more expensive ones out there, but I’m pleased with it so far. Just don’t expect a fast set up; instead, take your time and everything will be perfect.

  3. This was purchased for my son’s birthday. He likes it a lot, and the color looks great with the black rims. After delivery, this bike arrived quickly and in good shape. It appears to be well-built, with high-quality components. Nothing fancy, but sufficient for the work. It came together quickly and easily and was ready to use. I had to slightly change the gears, which was to be planned. It wasn’t something serious. My only criticism is that it is a little pricey for what it is.

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