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Roadmaster Granite peak Bike Demo Video

okay I’ve got a project I’m gonna do
it’s going to be an electric bike but in
the meantime I’m just going to do a
review on this bike bike the Roadmaster
this is the machine that tells the road
what to do it’s clear I bought it from
Walmart just now it’s like 80 blocks
seventy nine nine it’s something I’m
gonna talk about it some pros gone but
everything you need to know everything
you need to know
okay 26 inch wheels say five foot two to
five ten I already exceed that whatever
I’m still gonna ride it let’s start by
looking at the tires the tires look
pretty decent the feel good they’re
squishy like you’re gonna hit some bumps
and you’re going to get some squish
going luminal rims not bad fuel sturdy I
don’t see this seam usually these things
break at the seam no there’s the same
and will probably hold itself together
you like spin the wheels and they’re not
all like wobbling all over the place not
all the bikes are like that though so
you might if you get one have to like
adjust the spokes tightening and
loosening or whatever ground assault
okay there it’s got front suspension
that’s cool I like that because I don’t
like bumps as much without bumps hmm
front to back go front to back post con
details you can remove the front wheel
like any normal bicycle that’s good so I
guess that’s the problem but there’s a
con because there’s no quick disconnect
so you’re going to need a wrench or
something to get that wheel
cantilever brakes not bad I liked me
some cantilever brakes get you some real
good squeeze on that RIM the night your
standard cantilever brake like you get
on like a Schwinn like a nice Schwinn
they’re like this stamped steel lever
portion and anyway does the same job but
essentially it appears weaker than your
like name-brand high-dollar cantilever
brake but hey what do you expect for 80
bucks con you can’t adjust the front
suspension like no gas or well maybe you
like to work it down someone I don’t
know what’s the brand it’s got a brand
red master maybe that’s just the brand
oh gosh I just realized her road mouse
is a brand the name of the bike is
Granite Peak hmm bro the front is
labeled pro get yourself a reflective
piece you know when you’re going ahead
on to the car it knows hey man there’s a
bike there ah
so the brakes yeah the cantilever but
let’s go to the con on this because
they’re made of this like plastic ah it
just feels like if women if you really
need to call on these brakes like you’re
freaking on you’re just squeezing the
life out of these brakes it might break
on you literally hmm hey I’m
figuratively I don’t know they’re
pushing they’re pushing the quality here
through rubber grips not bad
twisty gearshift seemed solid enough
like I said work well too for being in a
hit dollar bike the frame it’s a pretty
decent like whip so skinny gonna lead
isn’t with I feel like you know sick
enough metal like yeah all of the metal
on this bike feels like it’s thick
now if that’s what you want like is
equality and I’m like but you sick
enough works get a warning label on the
back one of the forks here says hey read
the read the manual yeah that’s kind of
weird place to put a hey read the manual
rear brakes and gear shifter cables run
along the frame exposed that’s a normal
the cranks once again they keep thick
enough metal plastic pedals how bad I
feel a little bit of a drag on the
bearing wouldn’t be surprised if those
go seconds what would go first oh yeah
they feel they feel good
they’ve got a good spin to UM they’re
not like grinding straight out of the
store chain to decent shape it’s got a
stamp on every whatever link is HP yeah
put it on you want Packard they make
chain the front gears seem to be decent
some rivets some screws got a kickstand
you know you want some kickstand
I mean you kick it and it’ll stand
yeah the seat is nothing to write home
about but is everything they’ve put in a
product view so definitely do that if
you’re making review oh that’s weird
I’ve got what appears to be I would say
that that was probably a rear reflector
that was on that plastic thing because I
just didn’t see that missing in or I
knocked it off quick release on the seat
stem not bad also the seat stem itself
is actually pretty pretty impressively
long-dead uh yeah you could ride this
thing with still tapping the brakes down
I would say that thick thick metal not
just thick enough I did a thick
Roadmaster the brain I don’t know what
don’t know why but I just got it ah
firstly get back towards the rear we got
handling or brakes again
I like how you know look the way the
wheel spins there on the rear side so
that just in case they fail they’ll also
get like munched up between the frame
and the wheel oh look at this made in
go figure just like a Walmart a lot of
stuff is made in China I mean it’s one
of the best ways to get a lot of China’s
best where’s there’s a decent amount of
made American stuff there but about the
bikes moving backs is gear set the gears
which are decent so you’re not going to
find yourself a Shimano with this this
one’s a torque Drive system CD one it
was actually adjusted fairly decently
but you know you might need to adjust
the gears when you buy a bike from
Walmart for $80 because it’s a bike from
Walmart for $80 and
like when I was thinking about doing
this review I was like man’s gonna be
great because I have so much to say I
said I didn’t
I don’t it’s really not that much to say
there’s a pro there’s reflectors in the
in the wheels Pro all of my spokes are
tied probe it’s got 18 speeds
that’s one better than 17 and one less
that is in nineteen con the seat is
cheap not comfortable get the job done
let’s look pro front suspension con the
pedals are cheap they’re like is
plasticky look it just feel so cheap be
safe wear helmet nice
yeah pro it’s got a manual look at there
they go ahead manual is huge is it so
big I’m just kind of like it’s in every
language on the planet okay so if you
want to see this bike turn into an
electric bike you should subscribe if
you haven’t subscribed yet got some
plans big plans with this bike okay and
how does it ride you ask so this thing
as an $80.00 bike normally would be from
Walmart it rides smooth enough
no I’ve owned a lot of bikes in my day
and it’s just it’s a normal bike my toes
aren’t like revin up against the tire
when I’m turning and the C does go up
high enough for me I’m 6 feet tall yeah
you can like out accessorize a bike to
make it better in a lot of ways
I’d imagine you’re probably thinking
about buying this because it’s $80 and
you probably do not want to spend any
more dollars on it you need a bike and
you don’t have one you should maybe
consider buying this bike starting
questions about the bike leave a comment
below alright well I hope that helps see
you later Internet

Roadmaster Bicycles

Roadmaster is a well-known American bicycle company that designs and manufactures a wide variety of bicycles, both road and off road. Roadmaster Granite Peak bicycles are not all that expensive. These bikes can cost several hundred dollars, but the quality of the bike itself is worth it. The design of the bicycle is a perfect example of how to make a bike that is light weight yet durable. It has a very low center of gravity, meaning it has a longer wheelbase than most bikes.

Roadmaster also makes a variety of clothing. Some of these clothes are made from light material, while others are made from heavier materials and are not nearly as durable as their cheaper counterparts. The cheaper ones tend to get damaged more easily, and the heavier ones tend to last longer. The lighter ones also come in different styles, such as long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, vests, jerseys, and much more.

Roadmaster also sells accessories for their bicycles. These include things like helmets, saddle bags, and other items. These accessories make the bicycle more attractive and can be used to dress up the bike when not on a regular bike ride. Many of the accessories are only available at the company’s stores, so if you do not live near one you will need to purchase these from the company online, or at their stores.

Roadmaster also makes some very nice frames. There are a number of different frames available. They are also available in a number of different sizes and types. The main type of frame used on Roadmaster Granite Peak bicycles is the hard-tail frame, which is a very lightweight frame with an aluminum steerer tube.

When looking into buying a Roadmaster Granite Peak bike, you should look for the parts of the bike that you want. These parts will make the bike more attractive and will also make it more durable.

Roadmaster Granite Peak bicycles are known for having very good suspension. The suspension provides the smooth ride that is required to keep the tires on the road. You can find many different types of suspension that Roadmaster uses, including air shocks, coil shocks, and a combination of both. Roadmaster also has a system called the Power Assist Suspension. This helps to prevent the suspension from overshooting the bumps and dips that a normal road trip can encounter.

One of the best features of Roadmaster Granite Peak bicycles is that they have all the components made in the United States. This makes it easier for the company to compete in the global marketplace. The parts used on the bike are also made in the United States, which means it is less likely that the parts will get discontinued.

For those who are serious about mountain bikes, Roadmaster Granite Peak bicycles offer a very competitive product. They have some of the best and most high-quality mountain bikes around. If you are looking for the very best mountain bike out there, you should consider buying a Roadmaster mountain bike.

Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike
Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike
Granite Peak Bike

Roadmaster Bike FAQ

Vintage Roadmaster bikes

The Roadmaster bikes from the late 70s and early to mid 80s were well liked by many bikers of that era. Bicyclists who enjoyed riding bikes during that time period would often collect them or keep them in their garage for future use. Some even went so far as to build their own restoration project and restore the original Roadmaster bike. In fact, it was not uncommon to find a vintage Roadmaster bike being used as a practice bike for racing by professional bike racers. This gave even more incentive to biker collectors to get their hands on vintage Roadmaster bikes.

Most of the vintage Roadmaster bikes recovered by enthusiasts are either in good condition or they’re in great shape. One thing that most collectors of vintage Roadmaster bike’s share is a love for the historic importance of the models. All the various models were produced at the famous Long Island State Park in New York City. Some of the more popular Roadmaster models that were produced during those days include the Deluxe, XL, Sport Touring, and the SLR. While no one model was a sure bet when it came to performance and style, all of the Roadmaster models were sporty enough to suit the needs and desires of any biker.

If you’re looking for a great way to spend some time with your bike, check out an old vintage Roadmaster bike. Although many of the bicycles sold today are very sleek, they don’t have the vintage “look” that most vintage Roadmaster bikes have. You can enjoy many years of use and enjoyment from your Roadmaster bicycles. You’ll be able to ride it into the future or enjoy it for decades to come thanks to its sturdy frame and all-around good looks. Check out what’s available online to see how affordable these vintage Roadmaster bikes are today!

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This is a decently priced bicycle. I hadn’t ridden in nearly 20 years. I have a small acreage and thought it would be fun to go mountain biking on it. The bicycle works, but there are a few issues I’ve had with it.

    1. When making a sharp turn, your feet may collide with the front wheel. This appears to be a common issue with some bikes and even has its own term, toe overlap. This has a lot of toe overlap, and my feet aren’t all that big.
    2. The tires are not very durable. It only took a few days of riding around on my property for the tires to begin leaking air due to the presence of small thorns on the property. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by injecting a small amount of tire sealant into the tubes. There will be no more leaks.

    If you haven’t ridden in a while and aren’t sure if you want to keep riding, I’d say this is a good first bike. However, I wouldn’t classify it as a serious rider’s bike. At some point in the future, I’ll probably go to my local bike shop and purchase something of higher quality.

  2. This is my second Roadmaster. My first was a used one that I traded for in 2013, and it is still in good working order. This bike is just as nice as my old one, and I’m hoping it lasts a long time. Assembly was relatively simple until I got to the brakes, which were a pain and took a long time to complete. After a few weeks of daily riding, one of the pedals shattered. The plastic crumbled just as I was beginning to pedal. I have no idea why.

  3. I wanted a low-cost bicycle with which I could begin by taking short rides around the neighborhood. My husband put this bike together quickly, but we had to tighten the handle bars a little more because they came loose on my first ride. I currently ride my bike with a toddler trailer attached to the back and take my daughter for rides at the park. My only complaint is that the seat is uncomfortable on longer rides, but I will replace it with a gel cushion. Overall, great value, and I enjoy my rides!

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