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“Joker” Themed Motorized Bicycle from Bicycle Motor Works

what is going on youtubers to hear from
ma G and J today we are looking at the
latest motorized bike built this one has
been in the make for the past month and
a half or so and it is a very
interesting bike right now I don’t have
the official pipe that is going on it I
have a YC 80 pipe with a silencer be
made by Steve luhan’s and of course I’ll
be leaving all the links down below so
you guys can see exactly where I got all
the parts and everything that I used so
this one also has the dual brakes on the
front and back we’re going to be talking
about that in just a second this
particular theme is about the Joker I
like to add a little personality to
bikes so I add you know stickers Yamaha
Honda I was planning doing a Kawasaki
next by the way this is a felt Fraker
frame the first time that I use it it is
a little bit different in many great
ways on the front here we have 10 spoke
mag rims we have the non suspension
triple creep forks I got these from MC
I believe I paid about 75 bucks here we
have the clip-on handlebars these also
came from MC Miami
I believe the pair was 40 bucks I got
the waterproof front headlight and it is
rechargeable as well you got here the
same thumb throttle and a lot of you
guys asked me also why I use this well I
don’t know I guess I find it to be
comfortable and I have a better grip
here when I’m writing instead of having
to twist all the time and you know with
long-term use that kind of messes up
with my wrist so that’s why I prefer to
use this method here we have the maraca
headset these headsets are 100%
recommended so that you don’t have
play here between the frame and the
actual suspension here we have the
little kill switch this time is a little
bit different as you guys can tell and
this one is intended for this particular
motor which is cool here you had the
clutch with a little pin as always here
we had the dual brake handle as well so
one handle breaks the front and the back
as we have done in the past then here we
have the front disc I left it 160
millimeters makes it a lot easier and
it’s just a plug-and-play you don’t have
to be playing with a you know with the
adapters and all that it can make it a
little bit uncomfortable so here we have
the caliper and these tires are 1.95 26
by 1.95 and they work absolutely great
with these bikes here we had the wiring
for the kill switch and here we have the
supercharged CDI I like these because it
makes it so that when you’re starting
and cold it starts a lot faster so the
setup is a little different normally we
have them here with the standard CDI
with this one being a little longer I
have it here on the very bottom of the
engine that protects it from water
coming on every angle see the motor is
protecting it from the upper side the
frame is protecting it from the lower
side so you don’t get a lot of water in
this area you want to keep it away from
that here we have the spring tensioner I
like these now I needed to cut it as
much as I could so that the tension
works even better and I added a dual
spring on here you guys can basically
copy and paste what I did now you had to
be careful because I’ve seen different
spring tensioners or the arm is shorter
the shorter the arm the heart is going
to be for you to tension it the longer
the arm the better just keep that in
mind here we have the mikuni vm 18 this
is a very well
nice carburetor we have here the CD hg2
intake and this motor was built by
bicycle Motor Works dot-com this motor
it’s a iron sleeve forty eight
millimeter piston and it is a 277 CCS
and the bottom is a run well brand which
is great again the pipe is a stock one
for now I’m just using it for break-in
purposes but it’s gonna have a badass YC
80 pipe what a silencer on it and it’s
made by Steve luhan’s
so here we had a little gas valve you
had the choke everything is super
I got a 45-degree angled filter just so
that it doesn’t interfere with my
pedaling and I also customized here the
support for the banana seat and I
drilled a hole on the frame so that way
I can lower it to the best of my ability
here that’s what I did and here you guys
can see that this rack or this I’m tired
this mount I got it from a bicycle rack
a lot of people asked me and all I did
was just cut it a little more because
this frame being different in terms of
design I didn’t need the whole thing as
it usually comes with the other frames I
used it as it is and it was just a
plug-and-play again this time I needed
to cut it maybe I can show you that here
from the inner side of the seat you can
see it right there it’s been cut it’s
hard to focus but you guys get the idea
here we have the rear this brake setup
this is a little harder to do but here
we have one of the tensioners for the
rim itself this is so that it doesn’t go
forward in case you know the vibration
makes these loose your chain won’t fall
off and again here we have the this one
is the 230 millimeter disc here you
can’t add any other size it will work
correctly so I have a 108 180 excuse me
millimeter adapter which is this right
here and I got the frame adapter for the
caliper from MC Miami this bike doesn’t
come with it
Elise here on the frame side so the 32 t
sprocket came from Russia as you guys
know these are not found already made
you have to get a custom made and that’s
the sprocket it is made so that you can
add the disc brake so again these are
not easy to find but if you do you know
you have to wait about two weeks and a
half to get it and here you guys can see
that I double knotted the rear mount and
I used C&C clip on mounts so that way
you know we don’t weld it to the frame
it makes it so that vibration crack the
frame with these mounts is a lot better
by the way these frames don’t come with
any mount welded just keep that in mind
inside here we have Ryan’s CNC clutch
plate and the pads as well so again here
we have a better look at the gas valve
and I believe these are ten millimeters
by 1.25 the threat so that it fits on
the frame itself and here we had a
little rechargeable brake light and
that’s pretty much it guys again a very
good setup these motors are super
reliable and in case you have any
problems with it the parts are just
remove the cylinder remove the piston
put a new cylinder that’s all you have
to do once again this motor is ported as
well as it is right now it does about 51
miles an hour I’m hoping to go a little
faster with a new pipe also known as the
expansion chamber as it gives you the
true power band so I’m assuming this
bikes gonna do closer to 60 miles an
hour when it’s all complete so again
let’s go for a ride and I’ll be right
there you have it for the test ride on
my Joker built let me know in the
comment section below what you guys
think about it again I have provided
most of the link down below as well just
for your convenience so please let me
know what you think I might do an
updated video once the pipe arrives it
is the YC 80 pipe you can search it on
eBay just type it like that y as in yo
yo Z as in zebra 80 and you will find
exactly the pipe that I’m getting for it
it’s coming very shortly by the way I
decided to install the white pedal
cranks just so that in the event that I
decided to upgrade the engine or change
it to a four-stroke I can do so easily
without having to update the frame so
again let me know what you guys think
thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you on my next one

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  1. Excellent value. SLOW DELIVERY. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase. It took my husband about 4-6 hours to put together. It has a lot of power; my son is 6’4 and 250 pounds, and it hauls him very well.

  2. I do not recommend these two-stroke bikes or cycle kits. I assume that four stroke engines are superior.

    To start a two-stroke bicycle engine, you must first pedal and then release the clutch. It can be challenging to get started.

    4 stoke bicycles do not need to be pedaled to start. It starts right up when you pull the starter cord (just like a lawn mower). There is no clutch to keep in place. After it starts up, twist the throttle and go. Also, 2 stokes necessitate the mixing of oil and gas, while 4 stokes do not necessitate the mixing of oil and gas. Two strokes are quicker, but four strokes are smoother, produce less smoke, and last longer.

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