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ANCHEER 27.5'' Electric Bike 500W(Peak 750W) Electric Mountain Bike, 55 Miles Range & 22 MPH, 3H Fast Charge, 48V/10.4Ah Removable Battery, Electric Bike for Adult 21 Speed Incl. Free Bike Lock reviewed by Philly Pedals
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ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric Bicycle
Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike 350W
MICLON Cybertrack 100 Electric Bike for Adults
Jasion EB7 2.0 Electric Bike for Adults
Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 350W Motor
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ANCHEER 27.5'' Electric Bike 500W(Peak 750W) Electric Mountain Bike, 55 Miles Range & 22 MPH, 3H Fast Charge, 48V/10.4Ah Removable Battery, Electric Bike for Adult 21 Speed Incl. Free Bike Lock reviewed by Philly Pedals
ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'' Adults Electric Bicycle
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Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike 350W(Peak 500W) Electric City Cruiser Bicycle Up to 40 Miles Removable Battery, 7-Speed and Dual Shock Absorber, 26" Electric Commuter Bike for Adults reviewed by Philly Pedals
Heybike Cityscape Electric Bike 350W
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MICLON Cybertrack 100 Electric Bike for Adults, 2X Faster Charge, 350W BAFANG Motor, 36V 10.4AH Removable Battery, 20MPH 26'' Mountain Ebike, Shimano 21 Speed, Suspension Fork, LED Display reviewed by Philly Pedals
MICLON Cybertrack 100 Electric Bike for Adults
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Jasion EB7 2.0 Electric Bike for Adults, 850W Motor 28MPH Max Speed Folding Ebike, 48V 10AH Removable Battery, 20" Fat Tire with Dual Suspension, 7-Speed Electric Bicycles, UL Certifiled reviewed by Philly Pedals
Jasion EB7 2.0 Electric Bike for Adults
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Swagtron Swagcycle EB-6 Bandit Trail Electric Bike with Removable Battery and Dual Disc Brakes, Black, 20" Wheels reviewed by Philly Pedals
Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike 350W Motor
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20 mph vs 28 mph Electric Bikes: Which Should I Choose?

hey guys today I wanted to talk to you
about a topic that comes up in the shop
all the time this difference between a
twenty mile an hour bike and a
twenty-eight mile an hour bike and more
specifically what might be best for you
or somebody else so you might be
shopping for there’s a lot of
considerations when you’re thinking
about 20 miles an hour versus 28 miles
an hour on an electric bike one there’s
regulations on where you can ride them
two there might be some differences in
price because there might be some
changes in the specifications of bikes
and then also you could just consider
like what do you actually need is it you
know safer just to have that twenty mile
an hour bike it’s supposed to
twenty-eight miles an hour I’m gonna
cover some of these different topics in
more of a general way but if you have
more specific questions always feel free
to reach out I’ll just say from my side
these are some more practical things
that I think about when people ask me
this question for one I think if you’re
often thinking in your head of whether
or not twenty eight if you’re like you
know I think that I want twenty eight
but I’m not really sure I’d say you
should probably really strongly consider
going for it because it’s the sort of
thing that you might regret not having
it later I found that some people have
that sort of experience although I think
I generally encourage people to go for
twenty eight if they are considering it
when you don’t have it when you hit that
twenty mile an hour marker and you feel
like you want to peddle beyond that a
lot of times you might feel a bit
limited there but it really depends on
your use scenario one of the details I
consider in relation to that is like are
you using the bike for transportation
commuting or are you using it for
recreation I mean I think for the most
part if you’re just using it for
recreation twenty miles an hour is fine
like you’re not necessarily in a rush to
go anywhere but some people might feel
like they want that exhilaration of
going a bit faster so that’s kind of
another consideration in relation to
that if you’re commuting though if you
need to get somewhere quickly if you’re
kind of contending in your mind am I
gonna take a car or am I gonna take my
electric bike it might make the electric
bike a little bit more appealing if you
have that twenty-eight mile an hour top
speed some other scenarios that exist
specifically in that instant
is that you know you might be commuting
and have to ride with traffic and in
these scenarios oftentimes if you can
ride a bit faster you might actually be
safer if you can ride with the speed of
traffic as opposed to riding you know
much slower you know quite often a lot
of cities are moving in the direction of
having twenty five mile an hour speed
limits on their inner city roads and so
if you’re riding a bike that’s capable
of twenty eight you can ride in the lane
with traffic and maybe you won’t feel so
uncomfortable with the cars like or the
cars might more so not feel so
uncomfortable feeling like they have to
go around you to speed up and I know
that that’s kind of been my experience
and I definitely appreciate that some
other details some of the motor systems
that are twenty miles an hour
oftentimes can have a bit more torque to
them in comparison to the motors that
are specifically designed to go faster
so this is another important
consideration say for example if you
live in a place that has a lot of hills
or maybe you’re not as fit you want the
bike to do more work for you having that
twenty mile an hour system that had
potentially has a higher torque level
could be helpful in those scenarios so I
think that that’s something that people
battle with a lot one of the things that
has changed this a little bit recently
especially in our shop where we work a
lot with Bosch so Bosch has this
generation 4 motor system and it has the
same amount of torque as their highest
torque 20 mile an hour system so the 28
mile an hour system has 75 Newton meters
but the 20 mile an hour also has 75
millimeters speaking specifically of
this generation for speed and CX motor
respectively so when you think about it
in those terms like oh well I’m not
really necessarily giving up anything
with the speed motor that that would be
your inclination but actually the motors
are still technically built differently
so the CX motor is built more
specifically in the way that the motors
actually wound it’s made to be able to
deliver more torque in that low end
power where the speed motor it is built
a little bit differently to be able to
deliver more power at the top end
my experience riding it when you go over
20 miles an hour you actually get more
power so it’s almost like you get 80% of
power below 20 miles an hour and a
hundred percent of the power above 20
miles an hour whereas with the CX motor
you get a hundred percent of that power
in that low-end so I think a lot of
people really appreciate that especially
if you’re in a very hilly area but at
the same time I find a lot of people
that they don’t necessarily use even the
highest level of assistance or if you
use the gears more effectively or if you
have a wider range of gears you can
impact that so if you’re starting out in
that very low gear with the high speed
motor you can have a similar effect as
you would in one of those higher torque
motors in the past with the Bosch
generation 2 motor you kind of had to
make this trade-off you’d get 63 Newton
meters of torque with the high speed
motor or 75 Newton meters with the CX
motor now both of the motors have the
same amount of torque although as I
mentioned before the way that they’re
applied is a bit different so this is
you know these are some of the topics
specifically around the practical
application of these different systems
there’s other details to consider as
well one of the things to think about is
where you can ride them we’re seeing
more and more mountain bike trails
opening to electric bikes and for the
most part you’re only gonna see those
open to class 120 mile an hour bike so
the 28 mile an hour bikes technically
you’re not really supposed to ride them
I know some people do but really got to
be careful here and long-term we don’t
really know what the rules are gonna
look like or what the oversight and what
the potential repercussions of like
breaking those rules are so it’s really
something you want to consider of like
you know how you’re gonna conduct
yourself in those scenarios so to put it
in simpler terms for the most part 20
mile an hour pedal assist bikes are
really treated largely as bicycles
whereas 28 mile an hour pedal assist
bikes can be in some jurisdictions
considered almost something a little bit
more like a moped for the most part you
can still ride them
in places that you can ride a bicycle
but there are some restrictions there’s
certain bike lanes that you can’t ride
them on and certain bike trails that you
can’t really ride them on now I’m just
gonna be real with you there’s plenty of
people that are riding these 28 mile an
hour bikes where you’re not supposed to
and there’s kind of a lot of these
arguments of like why are these rules
this way you know will they be like this
long term in my mind to some extent I
think about you know you could drive a
Ferrari in a school zone that has a 15
mile an hour speed limit why should you
be you know limited I mean it’s really
about being responsible right but I
guess maybe there’s this concern I think
there’s so much hype around electric
bikes and the potential damages and
concerns on trails etc so people want to
be really careful and kind of ease into
this thing so that makes sense if you
are kind of one of those people that are
maybe riding in places you’re not
supposed to just be really mindful of
that because you can have an impact on
the industry as a whole and access as a
whole but in in my mind I mean I’m
really appreciative of people that are
moving away from a car into a bike and I
think that there’s not that much
infrastructure out there so I could see
to some extent if there was
infrastructure specifically made for 28
mile an hour bikes and 20 mile an hour
bikes but the idea that all 28 mile an
hour bikes are gonna have to like ride
with cars it’s maybe not so practical or
ideal I guess the point being just check
with your local jurisdiction or you know
specific trail systems away how those
rules exists how they’re enforced some
other details that might be not as
common but there’s still a thing one
there’s less 28 mile an hour bikes out
there than there are 20 mile an hour
bikes 20 miles an hour is kind of the
standard if you will we’re 28 miles an
hour might be a little bit more special
so if you’re shopping for a bike you’re
gonna have a lot more options if you
look specifically at a 20 mile an hour
system in our shop specifically we sell
a lot of twenty-eight mile an hour bikes
particularly we focus on really special
bikes bikes that maybe are not as common
so maybe that’s part of it
and we have a lot of bikes that are over
built so a lot of those bikes can handle
that higher speed a little bit better
than maybe some can and and the price of
the bikes can vary because sometimes the
equipment on a 28 mile an hour bike
might be a bit different now in the US
there’s not any specific special
requirements for 28 mile an hour bikes
but in Europe there is and actually a
lot of these bikes come from Europe so
they’re gonna probably have specific
parts on them that are made for
twenty-eight mile on our bikes which
might cost more for example the lights
generally are gonna cost more because
they might be brighter in theory if
you’re riding at a faster rate of speed
you need a light that can shine further
so you don’t you know ride beyond it
some other details in Europe for example
you’re required to have a horn on a high
speed bike our general recommendations
if you have a horn it might be a good
idea to have a bell as well because if
you are riding in a bike path or riding
an area where there’s pedestrians or
other cyclists having a bell or using a
bell it’s a lot better etiquette than
using a horn I think that could be a bit
uncomfortable although at times having a
horn could be really helpful at the same
time some other details you might find
brake lights on high speed bikes that’s
also a requirement now in Europe these
requirements actually just came on board
within the past couple years but it’s
you know it’s becoming more and more
common that some of these brands are
starting to roll that stuff out and and
it really makes sense
you know it’s just improved safety
that’s some of the equipment stuff and
speaking on safety we should really talk
about that like what is a safety
difference there there is certainly you
know if you’re going 20 miles an hour
you’re generally gonna be less likely to
sustain a really serious injury than if
you’re going 28 miles an hour but at the
same time as I said share before if
you’re riding with traffic you might
find that going 28 miles an hour you
might actually feel a bit safer because
you’re not competing with traffic as
much you’re actually like riding with
the flow of traffic so there’s details
on both sides one other detail speaking
specifically on different regulations in
many places you might actually be
required to wear a helmet on a 28 mile
an hour bike
whereas a twenty mile an hour bike
generally speaking you won’t be required
although there are certain places where
you’re always required to wear a helmet
on a bike or electric bike otherwise
since we’re talking about electric bikes
I think it’s only natural to talk about
battery power and range and this is a
really important factor to consider when
looking at twenty and twenty eight miles
an hour because actually as you go over
20 miles an hour your range is gonna
drop off pretty significantly because
you have these forces of you know wind
resistance Road resistance and all these
details are gonna have a bigger impact
as you go faster so something to really
consider if you’re really looking to get
the longest range out of your bike or at
least staying under 20 miles an hour is
gonna be helpful like if you went on
average ten miles an hour you’re gonna
have much better range out of that
battery than if you’re going on average
18 or 20 and then to go to 25 or so it’s
gonna be you know dramatically less all
that being said I mean if you have a 28
mile an hour bike and you’re really
looking to you know improve your range
you can use a lower level of assistance
you can also stay at that lower speed
all these things are largely within your
control so it just depends what what
you’re looking to do some other things
just kind of thinking anecdotally of
like what I’ve experienced talking with
customers recently had a conversation
with somebody live in very hilly area
and he’s just battling between high
speed and high torque and not really
sure which way to go specifically in
this instance we’re talking about a bike
that has the gen 4 motor so both of them
have the same amount of torque but that
20 mile an hour bike has that ability to
climb Hills a bit more and his thought
in this specific instance was you know
what one I’m riding for recreation so
it’s not as critical that I go super
fast to I have very big hills so on
those very large hills it’s probably not
that likely that you’re gonna go above
20 anyway and if you’re going downhill
it’s actually not going to make that
much difference so if you’re
consistently going up and down hills you
might want to consider just going with
20 miles an hour you’ll have more
freedom where you can
ride the bike legally and yeah and
you’re gonna have more torque in those
instances where you actually need it the
last detail I wanted to really talk
about is is the way the motors work
maybe after that 20 miles now or
specifically on the bikes that are
limited to 20 miles an hour because
historically there’s been motor systems
at at 20 miles an hour you find it to be
very difficult to pedal beyond that a
lot of the bikes are getting better and
better with this specific system in that
they’re creating you know as little drag
as they can in the motor so if you go
and you pedal to 20 miles an hour you
stop getting assistance you might have
an easier time pedaling beyond that and
now keep in mind if you go from you know
you’re at 19 miles an hour you’re
getting up to 300% assistance and then
you go to 21 miles an hour you’re
getting no assistance at that point so
all those forces which are weighing on
you become a lot more challenging to you
so in theory you almost have to like
shift down a gear in order to you know
keep the same sort of speed and cadence
and and momentum there I think that I
pretty much covered all the details that
I wanted to certainly if you have any
questions about this you know leave them
in the comments below or reach out to us
we’re always happy to help I hope this
video is helpful to you guys if you are
considering between these two different
systems and yeah I look forward to
seeing you in future videos and feel
free to make any requests for for some
of them too so we’ll see you soon

Electric Bicycle Under $1000 Review

In this piece I will promptly run through a number of the most popular electric bikes that can be had for less than 1000 bucks. There are a number of things to take into account when selecting a bike, but in this article I will specifically look at 7 models that fall within that price range. These are:

The Nakto eb-5-foldable bike is one of the most reasonably priced electric bikes on the market today. It features all of the best features found in high-quality eBikes such as a durable drivetrain, suspension and front shocks. The main negative is that it lacks anything truly revolutionary, and overall appears to be pretty well built. Despite this, the price is very reasonable making it one of the best electric bikes under $1000. Despite this, I would not recommend this bike for beginners as it is not especially light-weight.

The Stagesonic eBike from eBay is another one of the best e-bikes under $1000. It has a smooth-looking design along with a well-poured suspension system. This is lightweight and features a rigid cargo bed that can fit most standard size bike frames. Due to its simplistic design it is suitable for people just starting out, who do not necessarily need to become a biking expert to be able to use it.

Another relatively cheap e-bike that could be considered good is the Nakto 250W throttle electric bike. It has a neat looking black and silver throttle, which gives it a cool futuristic vibe. The throttle responds quickly to your input and offers great control when compared to some of its more expensive counterparts like the eBikes that have hub motors.

The Shoei Arita is another inexpensive bike with a nice design and motor. It comes with a powerful motors and has a very responsive throttle. Riding this bike will give you a smooth ride, but it also gives you the ability to change gears at your own convenience, thanks to it’s front wheel drive. It has a strong motor kick that can easily overcome hills.

When comparing ordinary bikes to these more affordable ones, you will realize that they are not only less costly but also give you more options. You can choose between riding on level terrain or going higher. You can choose between pedaling easier or making your rides more convenient. You can adjust the amount of throttle available for greater control over speed and weight transfer. These are all very important factors to consider when looking for an electric bike that gives you all the same benefits as those of a real motorcycle, but for a lot less money. So, keep these things in mind when comparing electric bikes and you will surely get a bike that suits your needs.

Lightweight Affordable Electric Bike
LYTE Electric Bike
Crossroads Electric Bike

Electric Bike Price FAQ

Electric bike under 500 USD

There are a lot of electric bikes in the market and a lot of manufacturers. If you are in the market for one, then the first thing that you need to do is determine your budget. An electric bike under 500 USD can be very expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best choice. You should be able to find a high quality electric bike that is not too expensive. Some of these bikes are made in China, Indonesia and India and they may work very well, but this isn’t always going to be the case.

The next factor that you need to consider when buying an eBike is its mileage. The more mileage that the bike has, the more you can expect it to run for. For instance, if the bike has 600 miles on it, then you can safely assume that it will run for at least that much mileage. On the other hand, higher priced eBikes will tend to have higher mileages as well.

The last thing that you should take into consideration when looking for an e-bike is its battery. Most of these bikes will use an ordinary bicycle battery, which is pretty standard. Some will use a lithium-ion battery, which has proven to be a lot more durable than the standard type of battery. However, it will require a regular replacement of the battery. If you are looking for a cheap, low maintenance bike, then you may want to consider an e-bike with a lithium ion battery.

E-bike under 300 USD

When you are looking to purchase a cheap e-bike the first thing that you have to understand is the e-bike prices and where can you find them. This is because there are several different types of e-bikes and prices can change quite a lot from one place to the next. This means that if you are trying to find an e-bike that has been displayed in one particular area on a website and then you go to another website and see another e-bike displayed for a slightly lower price you are probably going to be getting it from a retailer that is selling refurbished e-bikes. This is because the retailer doesn’t want to put the e-bike on their site and then sell it for the retail price because they know that they will lose money on the transaction. Instead they will try to get people to buy it through them and they are willing to sell it for a lower price than it would normally be sold for.

It is important when you are looking at purchasing an e-bike that you know what you are looking for so that you don’t end up paying too much for one. There are many different types of e-bikes such as the recumbent bike which is very comfortable and easy to handle, the stationary bike that you just sit on, and of course there are e-bikes that are propelled by both electricity and gas. These are called electric-powered e-bikes and you will pay a little bit more money for one than you would for an ordinary e-bike. If you want to see all of the e-bikes in action and you want to compare the prices of the different ones you should turn to an online store that has a marketplace so that you can compare the prices side by side from different stores.

You should also look at where the e-bike is being purchased. Many places have e-bikes available on the site but they have them priced differently and you will find that some places will have the e-bike priced so that it appears to be cheaper than other places. Keep in mind that if you want an e-bike that will last you for several years then you will need to spend a little bit more on it. However, there are plenty of e-bikes that are inexpensive and you can find a great one to ride so that you save money and you enjoy the ride that much more as well.

Last update on 2024-06-12 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This Ebike was purchased for recreational purposes and is an excellent value. I used to enjoy riding a long park trail with small hills about 10 back street blocks from my house, but I was getting too tired and had back problems, so I stopped going. The 500W motor does the heavy lifting, and I simply pedal as much or as little as I want. When you get off the road, the 2.2-inch-wide tires do not get stuck in the grass or dirt. I also purchased:

    1. FOMTOR 31.8 Adjustable Stem 090 Degree 80mm MTB Adjustable Bike Stem for 31.8mm(1.25″) Handlebar for a more comfortable bike ride; now my upper body can stay vertical and reduce strain on my back.
    2. Suspension seat post and Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle to absorb pothole shocks When I received the Ebike, the front brake disk was bent. I took the bike to a shop to have it repaired, and Macwheel / the seller reimbursed me. Everything is working properly, and I am pleased thus far.

  2. The bike is cool, but it needs to be tuned up.
    When you hit a bump, the handlebars will shift away from the wheel, so tighten them.
    The chain is formed by bouncing down two steps.
    The brakes must also be tightened.
    The back tire also came flat, which I believe was caused by shipping.
    The bike is simple to put together.
    Overall, a great buy for a short commute over flat terrain.
    This is my first ebike, and I’m pleased with it overall.

  3. I own an Ancheer 27.5 Hummer. It has a little more than 200 miles on it. All of my expectations have been met or exceeded. I did a lot of research before purchasing, and this bike is better or equal to bikes that cost twice as much.

    The Ancheer brand piqued my interest due to the numerous positive reviews.

    SIZE: The small wheel size and frame size of the other Ancheer models concerned me. I am 6′ 1″ tall and weigh 200 pounds. The bike is large enough for me, even though I intend to purchase a taller seat post and raise the handle bars in the future.

    POWER: 500 watts is adequate for my needs. I never use the throttle. I primarily ride my bike to get some exercise. I live in the foothills and ride in them, so the pedal assist makes the steep hills more manageable. I used to use 35 percent pedal assist when I first got it, which was plenty for the hills. I’m now only using 30% pedal assist.

    DISPLAY: The LCD display is incredible. It appears to be of high quality, and you can program an incredible amount of information. Each bar of the battery level indicator can be set to a different voltage. You can also specify whether or not you want the throttle to be available while using pedal assist (I didn’t).

    BATTERY: The battery appears to be of high quality, and it provides ample range. At 30 percent power assist, I’d guess a 40-mile range for the type of riding I do on hilly roads. I’m a little disappointed that the battery lacks an on/off switch. When I press the battery’s battery level indicator, it always says “full.”

    BRAKES: The lever quality is good, but all brands in this price range use mechanical cable-powered brakes that are not very powerful and require constant adjustment. The stock brake pads were abysmal, but for less than $15, I was able to upgrade to Shimano brake pads, which vastly improved braking performance. I plan to upgrade to hydraulic brakes in the future.

    GEARS: This is a fantastic 21-speed bike (3×7). The shifters appear to be cheap, but they function perfectly. Because of the hilly roads I ride on, I use all of the gears. Many competitors do not have 21 speeds. This is an absolute must for me. Having said that, you can only comfortably pedal at a top speed of 20 miles per hour. The bike will accelerate, but you must use the throttle.

    SEAT: Everything is fine. I have no plans to upgrade.

    DISLIKES: Not many but I worry about getting a flat in the rear tire. The cable that connects the controller to the hub motor on most high-end ebikes has an external connector. This bike lacks that feature. I anticipate that obtaining manufacturer support will be difficult. I attempted to contact them but was unsuccessful.

    VERDICT: This is not a motorcycle. I bought it to make my workouts more enjoyable. I didn’t buy it to go fast or to ride with only the throttle (which it will do). The quality appears to be satisfactory. I’m glad I got an ebike, and I’m very pleased with this one.

* only verified buyers can leave a review.