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ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26'' Commuter Ebike, 20MPH Adults Electric Bicycle with Removable 10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears reviewed by Philly Pedals
ANCHEER 27.5'' Electric Bike 48V 500W Electric Mountain Bike with Large Capacity Battery, Adults Mans Electric Bike with Suspension Fork ans 21 Speed reviewed by Philly Pedals
ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W, 26''
ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'
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ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W 26'' Commuter Ebike, 20MPH Adults Electric Bicycle with Removable 10.4Ah Battery, Professional 21 Speed Gears reviewed by Philly Pedals
ANCHEER Electric Bike Electric Mountain Bike 350W, 26''
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ANCHEER 27.5'' Electric Bike 48V 500W Electric Mountain Bike with Large Capacity Battery, Adults Mans Electric Bike with Suspension Fork ans 21 Speed reviewed by Philly Pedals
ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 27.5'
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Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike 26 inches Demo Video

hi everyone welcome to another video
showcasing the antia electric bike that
has been modified with a phone holder
which is a must-have this day and age
with digital gadgets to help us better
understand and enjoy the stuff we have
in life
so today I’m just going to take it for a
quick ride oh that’s weird I wasn’t
moving that he was showing six point
seven miles per hour
alright that’s not fitted well okay
perfect so we have everything in place
so far I’ve covered a distance of eight
point three I don’t know if that’s miles
or kilometers that’s the current time
looks about right
average speed pretty slow current
elevation temperature it has to connect
the Internet
okay cool alright so we’ll go ahead and
turn the bike on like we do usually
press the middle button and hold the it
flashes on now I can start pedaling if I
use the paddles I will have this low
assist I can push this on the ride the
button on the right
medium assist and that’s high assist now
this bike actually has a throttle on the
right handlebar you can see that that’s
the throttle right there you can twist
it just like you would on a motorcycle
and so we’ll go ahead and go to Meade
low and one more time when all the
lights are off
it means I’m now in pure electric mode I
believe the batteries it wasn’t fully
charged I’ve used up one bar but it’s
been about two weeks since last I
charged the battery all right I had a
bike folded so that’s very fine here
make sure I have everything tight lift
that up turn it once make sure I have it
tight and snug there chain is in place
everything is looking good kickstand is
up I did not check the tire pressure so
there might be a bit low
alright let’s get going twist a little
bit and here we are on the road and
we’re moving fast
I believe we’re going slightly uphill
even though the elevation is not
changing but I believe we’re going
uphill slightly check for the Train
no train no train cross 10 right here
break loose gravel yes I have to be
and parked right here so we can go buy a
few things real quick I have to tighten
that I got this from Walmart wasn’t very
expensive it was just like probably 11
bucks that should be good okay
jump off the bike set the kickstand and
that’s what the bike looks like if you
are taller than about 5 foot 7 you might
need a taller saddle this is not nearly
as tolerant enough to give you a very
comfortable ride the other thing to
watch out for for these bikes or these
bikes when you first get it check your
bearings make sure they are not too
tight especially in front and then if
you look at the caliper you need to have
that clearance if it’s too much on one
side it will be touching at this keypad
and that will rob you of some of your
the fenders are very tricky to install
as you can see mine dropped a little bit
for the rear wheel you just have to try
as much as you can to avoid getting any
kind of moisture in there because the
bike is not the best protected against
moisture and damage to the electronics
also they say Kadence sensor right here
which i think is pretty cool right there
that that functions like a crankshaft
position sensor and it senses how fast
you’re paddling and of course here you
have the folding pedals when you go to
store the bike you just fold them like
that push in and they fold the shock
absorber is up adjustable that is
adjustable zipped I have wonder what was
oh yeah I think this that held this in
place but it could not resist so it’s
gone that’s for the react gearshift and
most of the bikes you realize when you
get a bike this de Rio might be twisted
so nothing to stress about for me I used
a pair of pliers and I straighten it out
it doesn’t look perfect but it works
everything is in alignment straight as
you can see
and did I have to add alright I think
that’s pretty much it for now for for
these bikes so if you get one of these
go ahead enjoy it as much as you can
because to get that same kind of
satisfaction you might have to spend big
bucks to get some of the brand-name
bikes but they do essentially the same
thing so this one for the price point
it’s a very very excellent value and you
have the battery in there the back is
very well made see that almost as if you
can seal it sealed against the element
it’s got a horn and a headlight LED
headlight alright
that’s all what I call for now hope you
enjoyed the video remember the wheels
this is the 26 inch wheels very good
Aipom them up to 55 psi if I remember
but the first time when I first got the
bike I had them at about 30 psi which
was nearly not nearly enough need to
bump that up to about 50 psi alright
have any questions about this bike the
antia bike go ahead and let me know
comment below and I will respond as soon
as I get
as soon as I can if I have the
information but so far enjoying my bike
and I like it thanks for watching

Ancheer Electric Bicycles

A new way of transportation has been introduced to the market with the Ancheer electric bicycle. It is a bicycle that is powered by electricity instead of gas, thus avoiding the harmful effects of air pollution, which is a major cause of global warming. The electric motor of Ancheer produces a torque which makes it easy to pedal along, and it also generates an electric charge when the pedals are released.

In fact, when an Ancheer electric bicycle is used, it does not require any gasoline or oil to be used, and it does not even need any type of converter. All that is required is batteries to store electricity. These batteries are designed to be durable, lightweight, and very small in size, which means that they are quite easy to carry around.

The Ancheer electric bike does not have a motor attached to it which means that it can be operated by anybody. This feature makes it very easy for people who suffer from back problems or muscle strains to use these bicycles. Apart from this, it is also very safe for children to ride as they are designed to have a handle which helps them to control the bicycle easily. They are also designed in such a way that they do not generate noise, so the child can enjoy themselves while riding safely and comfortably in an environment that is completely controlled by their parents.

The Ancheer electric bicycle has a range of twenty miles and it does not require any type of charging. This means that it is easy to ride anywhere. As the battery of the bicycle is charged by the sun, it is very easy to charge the battery of the bicycle in the early morning. Furthermore, when it is used, it does not emit any harmful emissions from the motor or the battery, which makes it very friendly for the environment. The electric motor is also very clean, and hence the pollution levels associated with it are minimal.

The Ancheer electric bicycle is extremely easy to operate, and people of all ages can ride them. Children who are just learning to ride bikes can easily learn how to operate them easily by following the instructions provided on the manual. Even if someone who has used a bike for years already uses the Ancheer electric bicycle, he or she is still able to operate it very easily because it is very light and small in size.

There are many reasons why people use Ancheer electric bicycle. They are mainly used to reduce the pollution level in the air and to save the environment. Moreover, they are very easy to use, especially if you use it at the office or anywhere else, where you need to commute regularly.

Ancheer Electric Bike
Ancheer Electric Bike
Ancheer Electric Bike

Ancheer Electric Bike FAQ

Ancheer folding electric bike

The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike is a modern creation of the best Indian companies working in the field of bicycles. The product has been tailor made keeping in mind the safety, comfort and performance of an ordinary bicycle. The main focus of this product is safety, which can be achieved by fitting it with Electronic Speed Control (ESC). The Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) helps in regulating your speed which in turn helps in saving energy and therefore reduce carbon emission, which in turn helps in saving Mother Nature.

Easy to Assembly: Ancheer Folding Electric Bike is very easy to assemble as it comes with a comprehensive manual which is Kobo Easy Rider that helps in teaching the users how to ride an ordinary bicycle and its functioning mechanism. The manual also helps you in understanding the working mechanism of Ancheer Folding E-Bike as well as Ancheer’s Folding Smart E-bike which are manufactured by Ancheer. There are three variants of Ancheer Folding Electric Bike i.e. the single-tone electric motor drive variant, the two-tone e-bike and the triathlon version which is manufactured using the most advanced technology. You can choose the e-bike to suit your needs as there are three variants for the same i.e. single-tone, dual-tone and triathlon version.

350w Powerful Motor: The Ancheer Folding Electric Bike has a modern design with lightweight folding frame and is very strong. This folding frame not only provides a compact but powerful motor which is capable of kicking up a lot of torque. This makes it possible for you to accelerate even while pushing or pulling the peddles. The bike’s weight also ensures safety and that it does not put much pressure on your joints. The fact that this bike is light in weight also means that it can be transported easily. This is one important feature that every should possess as it allows you to move around easily and gives you freedom of movement.

Ancheer electric mountain bike

When looking for a low budget electric mountain bike, this is without doubt the top of your list. When you first ride an electric bike you will almost immediately notice the big difference in a regular bike’s handling. With its instant response to your commands, whether spinning the rear wheel or simply pedaling on the pedal assist mode you will find yourself taking on less traffic at busy intersections in complete confidence, as the bumps in the road that might have previously held you back from riding on an ordinary bike are now almost non-existent. In addition, riding an electric bike without getting wind resistance or battery depletion means that you can go out for longer rides with the same amount of enjoyment as you would have had with an ordinary bicycle. You will also enjoy the added control and agility afforded by the e-bikes hydraulic disc brakes.

Ancheer offers a wide range of bicycles with an array of modern features. Their most popular models include the N’Lit red Ancheer ERC Carbon Copy, the silver finish Freeline FHT Superbreak and the chrome frame Procoat TK PE edition. All these models have been designed to deliver excellent performance both in wet and dry conditions. The wide range of features enables Ancheer to cater for all levels of riders, giving a great opportunity for people to get their required fit. Furthermore, all these models come with free worldwide shipping to the continental USA and many European countries.

This powerful all-round machine makes use of a strong, aluminium alloy frame. A strong, aluminium alloy frame is much lighter than a steel one, which makes it easier for Ancheer to make the frames to suit all kinds of riders. This strength coupled with a drive system that delivers maximum power allows the motorbike to cover long distances very easily. When riding on rough terrain, Ancheer’s aluminium alloy frame produces a smoother ride, and a quieter experience. The result is that many people prefer to ride an Ancheer electric bike over a conventional bicycle. With powerful motors and smooth drive systems, these bikes make long distance cycling comfortable and enjoyable.

Ancheer electric bike battery

Ancheer electric bikes are a great all in one solution for anyone who is looking to buy a complete electric bike kit. Ancheer electric bikes are extremely well built, have top of the range technology, and best of all use a Lithium ion (Li-Po) battery which is lightweight and has an extremely long lifespan. This means that Folding Electric Bike ranges are great value for money. They are also available in a range of powerful models which should ensure that no matter what your needs are, you will be able to find a model that suits you.

Ancheer’s lightweight and long lasting Lithium ion battery means that even with constant riding it will last you many years. Although Ancheer advise users to be careful when charging their Li-Po battery, they still advise that users only charge their bikes when they are about 10% complete to ensure that the battery has enough power for a comfortable riding experience. In addition, Ancheer also manufacture a matching charger so that the user can continue to ride even if their battery has run out. Folding Electric Bike Battery is made from quality parts, making this model particularly good value.

A big advantage of Ancheer’s Folding Electric Bike is that users can take their bike on a bumpy path which will reduce the risk of losing charge. Many models come with a carrying case but for those who prefer to travel light, most Ancheer electric bikes come with a simple carry case. Although there are other brands of battery available, one thing that every battery can’t compare to the performance of a Lithium ion battery.

Last update on 2022-11-22 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. This bike is incredible. I’ll post another comment as I ride the bike. I put two orders. Both arrived perfectly because of excellent packaging. I opened the box on the center kitchen island to get a better look at the items. My bike was well-protected by foam packaging and wrapping. I watched a video on YouTube about the assembly of this brand of bike (someone should add the video to this page). I then followed the instructions. A supplement page is included with instructions on how to loosen and spin the top piece of the fork. It was incredibly simple to put together. All is clearly numbered. I am a person who requires clear and simple direction. This is really plain and straightforward. My only gap was the top piece on the fork, which I zip tied so it didn’t nook wonky. The bike is 85 percent put together, all tools are included, and anyone can do the assembly. It took about an hour to complete the first bike. It took about 25 minutes to assemble the second bike. I recommend plugging in the battery when unpacking. Everyone needs to get on their bikes as soon as possible.

    Both bikes, batteries, and parts were clearly labelled and packaged with care. You can tell that these were packed as if they had to be perfect when delivered.

    I’ve finished putting the bikes together. Over the weekend, my wife and I will put these to the test, and I will report back. Follow the instructions for a simple assembly. This is the bike to purchase.

  2. I bought the model with the 500W motor and have driven it for around 70 miles in 5 days. The bike appears to be of high quality, despite some flaws. Both the front and rear brake disks are warped, preventing the wheels from freely spinning and causing drag and loud squeaking. When driving off smooth pavement without rear shocks, the ride is a little rough. To make the trip more comfortable, I’ve ordered a more comfortable seat. Throughout the bike, cables are kept in place on the frame with zip ties at a low cost. Since it prevents the derailer from shifting the chain to gears 6 and 7, the guard that protects the derailer is either improperly mounted or faulty (bent). Therefore, I have a 19 speed bike and not a 21 speed bike as advertised. I’ll have to remove/adjust the guard and reposition it, bend it, or both.

    On the plus side, the 500W motor is extremely powerful and torquey, making hills and inclines seem effortless. On a level surface, I hit 21 mph at full throttle. Since I have knee problems, the five levels of “Assist” mode are ideal for starting the bike and climbing steep hills. I normally turn off assist mode and ride manually once in motion, so I don’t have a good battery life review.

  3. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the bike arrived in 5 days. I’m almost 63 years old, have COPD, and had two heart attacks in February 2020. One was from shoveling heavy snow, and the other was from not being completely healed and riding my normal bike too hard. So I purchased an e-bike! Inexpensive e-bike. It’s not cheap.

    It arrived in excellent condition. All worked well when it was put together. It’s a nice looking bike. Using an engine on my bike allows me to ride it again. I’d never be able to ride a normal bike again. As a result, this is a Godsend. The handlebars already have all of the accessories bolted on, so mounting them is a breeze. No problem with the front wheel, and no problem with connecting the wires. For the motor to operate with only the thumb button, the mode selector must be in any mode other than the first. It took some time to work that out. That is a very cool bike! Goes plenty quick and no trouble assembling it. All was fine-tuned and ready to go. Only had to change the front pad so it didn’t brush against the rotor. It is a really simple fix. I looked up how-to videos on You Tube.

    This bike is an excellent purchase! Extremely tough and long-lasting! I’m really pleased with this. My first e-bike, and I don’t want to get off! Great workout, and without the engine, I’d never be able to ride a bike again!

* only verified buyers can leave a review.