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Amelia Rides Her Disney Frozen Bike For The First Time

welcome to 85 years are you going
octopod you’re riding your bike to the
park yeah hi everyone and welcome back
today Amina is going to ride her bike to
the park yeah okay let’s go we’re gonna
race but you’re on a bike though you’re
beating me you forgot to bring your baby
on your bike what
hi Apollo that’s Paul of laughs guys
this is Milla’s first time riding her
bike and she’s doing so well oh what’s
that noise I hope you don’t get us
go down go down over there Oh pedo alert
I’ll be here look you’re going the wrong
watch out and fall off the curb okay
rights other side over there look look
over there Mila there you gotta go on
there you can’t go on the road cuz the
car is gonna get
are you guys doing back there Paul are
you okay you’re gonna win yeah what kind
of bike do you have
okay stop
it’s not Mina there’s a car take off
watch regoing come oh yeah you’re not
oh yeah oh yeah
uh-oh she stuck go hello
Milas doing so good riding her bike for
the first time yes you’re being a big
girl yeah let’s go hurt me okay watch we
going you’re going to fall again
got it turn over there let’s go see you
she can turn oh she got it she got it
now she’s going a lot faster cuz we just
arrived to the park
Sarah Mila good job
do you want to take off your helmet
you’re gonna play with your helmet on
I’ll go and take it off okay – yeah
going around
huh are you okay
why is it hot it’s not hot huh okay
oh gosh yes no daddy can’t fit in here
oh boy do you want to go down the slide
hmm you’re going to fall
be careful
this job I told you
be careful me that
what are you gonna do now
ah you got to step on this the higher
one first huh
why are you trying to climb up there
okay hold on to the thing look
alright guys we just finished here at
the park it’s kind of hot so kind of
call it quits
no I’m just trying to be a boss okay get
on your bike me and us we can go home we
can’t write at every school every school
is very far we’re have to call the
ambulance for daddy if we walk there fix
your steering wheel it’s backwards
fix your steering wheel it’s backwards
all right guys you tell me is that
backwards they said yes
fix your steering what you’re gonna
crash like that okay you have to turn it
turn that around this way milla turn you
around baby he’s gonna miss backwards
turn they go take a decade
and we’re going back home all right guys
we’re about to make our way home so
we’ll see you when we get there and we
got to get Aubrey from school and so
when we were carrying Aubrey we’ll be
back when we come back with sissy
alright guys see you in a bit alright
guys so we just got our B from school
now she had to get ready and towards
your next close and we’re heading
towards in Max’s class I’m hopefully
looking at some footage of her and show
you guys what she’s been working on how
she’s building her muscles and
okay guys so we just got back from
gymnastics and but give the muscles a
bit much oh these I can’t I can’t
yes honeymoon hi okay so yeah so we just
got back from new now sticks so I hope
you guys like this video if you did
please give the video a big thumbs up
and subscribe if you subscribe and we’ll
see you all next yeah peace out guys

Disney Frozen Bicycles

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Although the handlebars can be adjusted so that she can ride it in any way that she wishes, most girls prefer to have the bike folded up before taking it out on the road. That way, she won’t feel so small when she is riding it.

I am sure that many of you are thinking that the price of this particular bike is just too expensive, but you can rest assured that it is not really a very expensive bike. In fact, some of the more expensive models are made with very high quality materials.

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The only disadvantage of buying this bike is that it will not come with a car adapter, which means that you will not be able to drive it on the street. However, it does allow your daughter to enjoy the ride on the sidewalk or a parking lot, whichever way you wish.

Disney Frozen Bike with Doll Carrier
Disney FROZEN Bike
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Disney Frozen Bike FAQ

Frozen bike for 4-year-old

If you are looking to get your child a toy for the Christmas season, you might want to consider getting them a frozen bike. A lot of parents buy their kids’ toys in anticipation for them opening them on Christmas morning. If you do not want to spend the money or you are concerned about the safety of these types of toys, you should skip them this year. Frozen bikes will not be safe for your child, and they are just a waste of money. It is not worth the risk to put your child at risk.

Even if you want to wait until the holidays to get your child a bike, it is still a good idea to do so. Your child is too young to be riding around on an unpadded bike, and he or she is not going to learn how to balance the bike properly or know how to wear a helmet properly. These things are not taught when a child first receives a bike. As a parent, you need to make sure that your child is as safe as possible. Buying your child a frozen bike is a great way to start. You can also try offering to pay for the bike and watch them get used to riding one without your help.

Just because you are buying a bike for your child does not mean that you can give him or her any sort of free ride. This is usually a strict no when it comes to bike rides in general. You need to take them to the local park so that they can get some exercise. After all, you would not let your child ride around town on a brand new bicycle. If you live in an area where there are no bike trails, you can even let them ride in the family car instead. You will save some money by not buying a brand new bike, and you will give your child some quality time with mom or dad while they get some good exercise.

Last update on 2024-04-10 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. We bought this for our niece’s birthday, and she adores it. She drives it on a regular basis and enjoys riding her Frozen-themed bicycle. It was easy to put together, and the best part was putting a smile on her face.

  2. My four-year-old daughter adores it!!! And it was so easy to put together. Although it does not state that tools are needed for assembly, a Phillips screwdriver is required to assemble the baby doll carrier. It’s that easy. I had it together in about 5 minutes.

  3. My 38-inch-tall daughter can’t reach the pedals far enough to pedal it yet. If the seat were flexible (which I think isn’t possible with the current arch of tricycle design), it would be available for more than a year or two before my child outgrows it. It’s also manufactured cheaply – mostly of plastic, with no ball bearings (as far as I can tell), and the handlebar rotates 360 degrees so that it can face backwards, which seems to pose a risk of causing an accident. But, given how little time my child can use it, I guess it’s a case of you get what you pay for, and huffy makes a tidy profit.

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