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Royalbaby RB14B-6B BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with training wheels, Gifts for children, 14 inch wheels, Blue reviewed by Philly Pedals
COEWSKE Kid's Bike Bicycles Steel Frame, Toddler Girls Bicycle Little Princess Style 12-14-16-18-20 Inch with Training Wheel for Age 3-5 (14" Pink) reviewed by Philly Pedals
RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls, 14 inch
COEWSKE Kid's Bike Steel Frame Children Bicycle Little Princess Style 14 Inch
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Royalbaby RB14B-6B BMX Freestyle Kids Bike, Boy's Bikes and Girl's Bikes with training wheels, Gifts for children, 14 inch wheels, Blue reviewed by Philly Pedals
RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike for Boys and Girls, 14 inch
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Product Page
COEWSKE Kid's Bike Bicycles Steel Frame, Toddler Girls Bicycle Little Princess Style 12-14-16-18-20 Inch with Training Wheel for Age 3-5 (14" Pink) reviewed by Philly Pedals
COEWSKE Kid's Bike Steel Frame Children Bicycle Little Princess Style 14 Inch
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5 Best Bikes for 3 and 4 Year Olds (12 Inch and 14 Inch Bikes)

hi guys it’s Kristin from rascal rides
calm today I’m going to talk about the
best first pedal bike for your child so
these are for kids transitioning from a
balanced bike in between about two and a
half and four years old and these are
twelve and fourteen inch bikes and
they’re for kids who aren’t really ready
to start pedaling you start going
without training wheels I’m gonna give
you my 5 favorite pedal bikes for kids
this age and then I’m also gonna give
you a couple of runner ups and then I’ll
also talk about how regardless of the
brand of bike that you picked what you
should be looking for things like no
training wheels things like freewill is
kind of a coaster brake so I’ll talk
about that at the end so the by taking
our number one spot is the womb two it’s
without a doubt our favorite favorite
bikes for kids who are just learning to
cuddle and we’re not afraid to call it
the very best 14-inch kids bike on the
market the quality of the bike is worth
every single penny you’re gonna spend on
this bike no detail has been overlooked
has color coded brake levers so kids can
tell the difference between the right
brake on their left leg break and they
don’t end up with that over the bar
situation as upright geometry that makes
pedaling really easy for kids this is
the bike that my son actually learned to
ride on you’d put them on a couple other
pedal bikes and you’ve got some pedal
strokes in but this is the leg where he
took off flying and just went overnight
from being a felon spec writer to being
a pedal bike rider it’s also
extraordinarily light which is probably
why it’s our favorite bike it weighs
just over 11 pounds which is phenomenal
and I’ll talk a little bit more later on
about why weight is so important for
kids at this age the light or the bike
of butter we also really like the 14
inch wheels on the 1/2 as opposed to a
12 inch bike and just allows kids to get
up and over obstacles a lot easier lets
them go faster so we’ll talk a little
bit more about that in a minute but
for like three and four-year-olds boom –
is as good as it gets you know want to
go any further you can hit pause here
and just go get the one – it’s truly the
best you can’t do any better the number
two bike on our list is the Cleary gecko
now this is our very favourite bike for
kids who are like really really young
and already ready to pedal you have two
and a half year olds who is already been
riding their balance bikes there were 12
months old they’ve got the balance and
they’ve got the physical ability to do
it this is the bike to teach them to
pedal on and yes it is possible for a
two and a half year old pedal to do it
well so things we like about this bike
is a tiny tiny little size it has easy
to pull petrol brake levers three well
options you don’t have to bother with
coaster brakes and it’s also great for
writing whatever kind of train you want
if you’re a mountain biking family and
you are already ready to go take your
child on some single track this bike
will do it but it’s also great just for
riding on the sidewalk and the driveway
around the neighborhood so no matter
what you want to do with your child this
bike is gonna make it possible for them
again it’s not our favorite bike for
kids who are already three and a half
four years old but for two and a half or
just barely three year old they’re
really tiny petite children this is the
best bike the bike in our number three
spot is the prevail Oh out so one and it
is prevail Oh smallest hello bike it’s
14 inch wheels on it has an optional and
highly recommended free-will kit which
we’ll talk about again later and the
rest of the bike is built up with super
high quality components including Kenda
tires and easy to operate hand brakes is
a really really pretty bright bite
without brushed aluminum it looks like
the grown-up bike so if you were in a
bike lover you’re really gonna love this
bike it looks fast kids like it this is
also one of
Spike’s in my sentence able to really
take off in our number forced by is the
spawn Yoji if you are a mountain biking
family and this is the bike for you if
you’re not a mountain bike family you
can probably skip over this one because
it’s definitely more oriented towards
off-road riding it is a bit pricey like
all good mountain bikes are but the high
quality components and low weight make
it worth the price video G has real
off-road tires textured brakes and is
built up to a mere 13 pounds and if you
want to go to the pump track or go
mountain biking this is your right you
don’t need to look any further and our
number of five spies the pillow romper
this is a 14 inch bike also it has
really nice beefy Pyrus so whatever kind
of train your child wants to ride in if
they’re you know writing off that
driveway into the gravel and into the
grass is going to be able to handle it
without any crashes it’s a bike we
really like just for the price tag it
has the high quality of some of the
other bikes from this list without quite
as high of a price and the paint job is
really pretty on the bike it comes in
orange or hot pink so whatever your
child’s presence is it has a nice
beautiful frame for them has really nice
components on it especially again when
you compare it to that the price has
king creek headset kenda tires aluminum
a head stem it’s such a good bike it’s
such a good price that it should
definitely be on your short list of
considerations and so these guys are in
our top five that should still be
considered the first one is the Frog 43
frog is a really great kids bike company
out of the UK and we don’t see them as
often in the US but that should really
change because they are great bikes
becoming really cute paint schemes which
especially for young kids like three
years old why not them a really adorable
bike another ones for comment seller
Alone’s there are no comments on them
for their adult mountain bikes but this
is a 14 inch right though it’s cool
enough to hang
the grass it doesn’t just look good it
rides well as well offers tapped Rohan
breaks no coaster a comfortable saddle
and deep iers best of all it’s far more
affordable than most the bikes out there
with free will in fact it’s only two
hundred and fifty nine dollars so if
you’re on a budget or if you want to
show shop locally at your local comments
all dealer okay so now I’m going to talk
about just what you should look for when
you’re choosing a good bike for a two
and a half to a four-year-old the very
first one is to understand what bite
size they need if your child is
two-and-a-half or nearing their third
birthday they’re probably gonna need a
12 inch bike because it has the smallest
frame size and again I’m gonna top picks
for those really tiny riders is the
Clery gecko but once they are three or
four I would start looking at a 14 inch
bike 14 inch wheels are able to roll up
like cracks from the sidewalk a little
easier they’re able to keep up so if
you’re going for a family ride with
older kids you’re going to be able to do
a lot better on that 14 inch bike as
opposed to a 12 inch um the other
important thing to think about is that
each child is different size right so
one child might be three and they’re
already really tall and they might
already be ready for 16 inch we’ve got
other kids were five years old and they
are what for whatever reason really
really short and they’re still gonna
need to be on these 40 minutes so the
best thing you can do is measure your
child’s inseam you want to make sure
especially for a first bike that your
child didn’t seem is it at least as long
as the minimum seat height that’s
because when your child hasn’t learned
to pedal yet they need to be able to put
their feet flat on the ground so don’t
buy a bike that has 17 inch minimum seat
height when your child’s in scheme is
only 15 inches look for a bike for their
inseam and the minimum see I match after
size we think the weight is the single
most important factor in picking a bike
for your child
when I’m comparing two bikes I’m always
gonna pick the lightest one so even
these bikes have both have equal
components the lightest one regardless
of the price is gonna be better it makes
a huge difference in your child’s
enjoyment level and how long they can
ride look for a bike that’s no more than
30% of her child’s body weight really
tough thing to do of all the bikes on my
list the womb 2 is the lightest it’s
also my son’s favorite when he was that
age and I don’t think that’s a
young kids maybe weigh like 30 pounds
you don’t want to buy a bike that’s
gonna weigh 15 or 20 pounds when I’m by
a big bank like the womb – that weighs
11 pounds it’s gonna be about 30% of
their body weight the next thing I want
to mention is that get what you pay for
you guys they hear so many parents say I
need to find a bike cost 100 bucks
like those things in life the more you
spend on a bike the better quality it’s
gonna be and that’s just the truth you
go to Walmart or to Target or wherever
and you buy a bike it’s gonna be really
heavy it’s gonna fall apart quickly it’s
gonna end up in the landfill don’t do
that to your child and don’t do that to
our earth um the good news is that when
you buy a high-quality bike that costs a
little more it’s gonna be a good
investment if you have younger kids
you’re gonna be able to pass it on to
them I was doing her kids are done with
it you’re gonna be able to sell it on
Craigslist the other thing to know is
that a lot of the bikes on this list
like will prevail low pay low they have
trade up programs some of those IRA
membership programs and some of them are
just free so once you start your child
on a twelve inch or a fourteen inch bike
and then be able to trade up to the
sixteen inch bike for a better price so
it’s worth spending the extra money up
front we’ve seen so many parents who got
crappy half huffy bikes with their child
they never learned how to ride they were
unhappy on the bike and then later on
they bought the more expensive bite in
their childhood off and they wish they
hadn’t wasted their money in the first
place I’m I’m healthy so you know if you
really only have $100 to spend go spend
$100 by finding a good bike on Craig
we’re at a local bike swap or on a
Facebook group as opposed to go into
Walmart the next thing that you should
look for when shopping for a bike is
what kind of breaks it has does it have
coaster breaks or does it have a free
will and a lot of these nice bikes are
gonna come automatically with a coaster
brake but you can buy an upgrade kit to
get a free will and I highly highly
highly recommend buying a bike with a
free well the reason being is that
coaster brakes actually hinder kids from
learning to pedal so when they’re
peddling they’re gonna take a little
back pedal and they’re gonna come to a
stop and they’re gonna fall over kids
who just learned bike without a coaster
learned that pedaling motion a lot
faster the other benefit is just having
kids less those handbrakes at a young
age that’s what they’re gonna use in
life adult flakes have pancakes why
wouldn’t you start teaching your child
to use hand brakes – and we really think
that kids as young as like two and a
half years old they’re perfectly capable
of using a hand brakes my son used to
learn to use them it’s also a good idea
to pick a balance bike ahead of time
with a handbrake so when they finally
switched to a pedal bike and they can
use them but even if they haven’t
started on a balance bike with hand
brakes would still recommend starting
them on a pedal bike with coaster with
hand brakes another thing we’re going to
say it’s a little controversial is stop
using training rails just skip the train
none of the bikes on our top-five list
have training wheels um that’s good for
the reason you don’t really want your
child to learn tried with training
wheels it’s gonna make it harder for
them to ride on a sidewalk if you’ve
ever seen a kid on the sidewalk they’re
constantly giving their training wheels
off center and it’s dangerous experience
it makes them less likely to be able to
go fast and keep up with everybody so
just don’t use those training wheels if
you’re trails hasn’t already mastered a
balance bike get them balance bike first
and then transition to a pedal bike
later or if they think they’re really
close to already being able to ride a
without training wheels then go ahead
and get the pedal bike take off the
wheels or take off the pedals and just
have them use that pedal bike like a
balance bike until they’ve got the hang
of it
don’t use the training wheels so thanks
for watching today I will say that if
you want to learn more about any of
these one these bikes head on over to
our website rascal rides calm and you
can find each held reviews of each of
them you can also find a comparison
chart so all those bikes I talked about
today you can find out their prices and
their weights and frame material and
minimum seat height post and all that
kind of stuff so go over to rasterize
comm to find out even more information
to help you make a wise decision we’d
also appreciate it if you hit subscribe
so you see all of our videos all of our
video reviews all of our tips and if you
have any questions please feel free to
reach out in the comments below or head
over to our website and get our email
we’re happy to help you pick the very
best bike for your child thanks for
watching and we’ll see you next time

14-Inch Bicycle Review

The majority of people, when they think about buying a new bicycle, will go with the large size bicycle that is called a “14-inch bicycle.” While a 14-inch bicycle is certainly the perfect size for many riders, they can also be dangerous. It is important to be aware of how the size of the bike will affect your riding experience.

This size is a big problem, especially for beginners and for people who live in small towns or are living in apartments where a bigger bike will have a better fit. If you ride a big bicycle, you will find that it feels much heavier than a 14-inch bike. The weight makes you feel much more unstable, which can cause you to crash and hurt yourself. For most people, this isn’t a good thing to happen, so a small bike is definitely a better choice.

If you are considering a 14-inch bike, you will want to know what kind of safety features you are going to need to be comfortable while riding the bike. For example, you should definitely make sure that the safety chains on the back of the bike are long enough. While the chain may seem like a minor feature, this is something that can cause serious problems if it isn’t long enough.

Also, it’s always a great idea to have an extra helmet or other protective equipment on board so that you can easily cover yourself from head to toe. Of course, there are many different kinds of helmets, so it’s a good idea to go with one that best suits your needs. Some helmets have padding so that your head isn’t completely exposed, but other helmets offer a full-face coverage that covers every bit of your face.

Of course, you will also want to make sure that the 14-inch bike is comfortable riding it. There are many different types of bikes, and it’s a good idea to figure out what type of frame, handlebars, and other parts you need to get before you start shopping for the bike.

If you ride a bike for a long time, you will need to replace your bike at some point, so you need to make sure that you’re prepared to buy a new 14-inch bike as soon as possible. Buying a new one can be an expensive purchase, but it will pay off in the long run as you’ll be able to enjoy your biking adventure more often.

Kink Pump 14” complete bike
14 Inch Bike
Electric Folding Bike D3+ 14 Inch

14-Inch Bike FAQ

14-inch bike for girl

If you are a parent of a little girl and considering purchasing a high-tech bike for your precious little girl, you might be interested to learn that there are actually many “girl” bike brands available. These include brands such as BMX, dirt biking, and mountain bikers’ bikes. You also have brands like Specialized, Penny bikes and Horizon. All of these companies make great bikes, but which ones are best for your child? This is the question that should be answered by parents who are shopping for their children’s next bike.

First, let’s define what “girl bike” is. In short, this is a bike specifically designed for girls. Most companies do carry models for boys, however they usually focus on more “boy” items, such as mountain bikes and motocross. You will be hard pressed to find any serious bike manufacturer that sells a girl bike that is designed and targeted for use by a girl.

Now, which of these companies make the best bikes? The answer is simple. For superior quality, top-notch technology, easy maintenance and durability, you have to check out Specialized. They are probably the most well known bike brand for both boys and girls, and they have been selling great bike products for years.

14-inch bikes for boys

If you’re a parent who has decided to get a bike for your son or daughter, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a bike. Of course, just because there are many choices doesn’t mean they all will be perfect for your child. You’ll need to make the decision based on your child’s needs and your budget. For example, while some bikes are built for stunt riders, others will suit a little fidget with a tricycle – so you’ll need to consider that as well.

If you’re trying to find a bike that will give your son or daughter some exercise, you’ll probably be looking at bikes that are in the five or seven-inch range. This is the perfect size for a younger child, since they’ll be able to get a good amount of exercise without causing any damage. While they won’t be able to do anything crazy, they’ll be able to ride their bike for a few minutes before having to put it down. This way, they’ll get some cardiovascular exercise while making their way around your neighborhood. Of course, if you’re shopping for a bike for your teenage son, you’ll probably want one of the longer bikes like the eight or even ten-inch ranges, since this will give them a little more distance.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to think about the safety features of any particular bike. This means that you’ll want to make sure the brakes are strong enough and that the gears are easy to change. Also, since you’re going to be pushing your bike a little, you’ll need to make sure the suspension is sufficient – and remember that older boys may have a hard time keeping up with the stronger, heavier bikes. For this reason, many parents are now opting for bikes with a little less clearance. They’re still strong enough to give a sturdy workout, but the less space they take up, the easier it is for them to move around when they’re tired.

Last update on 2024-06-12 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I’m completely smitten with this bike. Purchased for my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, who adores it. It was so simple to put together, and I love that it came with the equipment! It also comes partially assembled, which is a huge plus.

  2. This bike received five stars from our family because it is a stylish, well-designed choice for small children looking for a big-kid trip. What we liked about it was as follows:

    — This bike appears to be a mountain bike. There are no cartoon-themed plastic shields or silly padded bars.
    — It has a clever spot for a water bottle, which few bikes of this size have. It’s a hit with our kid. He believes his bike resembles the style of his older brother.
    — It comes in a hard-to-find 14″ scale that is ideal for many riders between the ages of 4 and 5. This bike was a gift for our five-year-old son’s fifth birthday. He was riding a 16-inch bike with training wheels, and although he had gained the balance required to ride without them, he was afraid to ride without them because his feet couldn’t touch the ground. He was riding without trainers in minutes with this bike.
    — Our son appreciates the bell, and we appreciate the handle on the back of the seat. It makes loading the bike into the truck for family bike rides easier.
    — The seat is more comfortable than that found on most small children’s bikes. That helps; our son rode it for nine miles one day. It’s also a little lighter than most.

    We had one complaint: after a few weeks, one of the pedals cracked. They were regular size, so we used one from an old bike instead. Overall, the build quality of this bike is satisfactory.

    So, if you want a nice-looking “big boy” bike for your little rider, the Royalbaby is a good option.

  3. This bike was bought for my three-year-old daughter. She adores it!! It takes about 15 minutes to set up. All you need is a Phillips screw driver and an 8 mm wrench, and the whole thing takes about 15 minutes to put together. It comes with stickers that you can use to personalize the bike. There is only one set of capital and lower case letters used. Aside from that, this item is of high quality. My daughter has already ruined it a few times. and the handle grips show no signs of wear. The frame seems to be powder coated because it has not been scratched. I’m really impressed. Also, delivery was lightning quick!

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