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Smith Signal MIPS Bike Helmet Cloudgrey L reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS Mountain Cycling Helmet - Matte Gravy, Small reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet (Large, Matte White) reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Convoy MIPS Bike Helmet Black M reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Trace MIPS Bike Helmet Matte Gravy L reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Optics Signal MIPS Men's Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS Men's MTB Cycling Helmet
Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet
Smith Optics Convoy MIPS Men's MTB Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics Trace MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics
Smith Optics
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Smith Optics
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Product Page
Smith Signal MIPS Bike Helmet Cloudgrey L reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Optics Signal MIPS Men's Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics
Prime Benefits
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Product Page
Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS Mountain Cycling Helmet - Matte Gravy, Small reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Optics Forefront 2 MIPS Men's MTB Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics
Prime Benefits
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Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet (Large, Matte White) reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Venture MIPS MTB Helmet
Smith Optics
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Smith Convoy MIPS Bike Helmet Black M reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Optics Convoy MIPS Men's MTB Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics
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Smith Trace MIPS Bike Helmet Matte Gravy L reviewed by Philly Pedals
Smith Optics Trace MIPS Adult Cycling Helmet
Smith Optics
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Smith Overtake Helmet Demo Video

hey guys and welcome back to bike geeks
now I thought I’d do a video on a
product that I got a couple months a few
months ago now and that is a new helmet
this is the helmet that I’ve been
running for quite some time before this
I had a bell helmet this is a G ro e –
very it’s getting a little old and
that’s why I kind of had to replace the
the actual pads start falling apart and
they get like black stripes that I’ve
read this helmet a lot longer than I
show admittedly how much you should be
replacing more frequently because they
do break down over time now I store mine
in a cool place without any UV light so
it’s only in UV light when it’s actually
on the open but even then I probably
should replace this a while back that
said I now have the Smith / take which I
got this nice bright orange to kind of
match my style I like bright colors this
also kind of makes my new bike but it’s
also orange the overtake is kind of the
Smith’s road bike version of their their
helmet series kind of one of their
premium helmets they have two of them
this is the overtaking them the
forefront which is kind of a mountain
bike takes version of it and I went back
and forth which one do I really want
I’ve always had a mountain bike um
because I’m a big moment I used to be a
big mountain bikers and I always liked
the visor but all told the visor is not
something that I necessarily needed and
I was kind of going back over a whole
bunch of different helmets from Giro and
a whole bunch of other companies and I
kind of locked down on this Smith
because well the retail price on this is
like 250 bucks I got a I think this is
to be honest a last year or two your
model it’s new but it’s an older model
and I got it for like a hundred bucks or
97 bucks which I will post a link down
at the top of the description to
purchase through Amazon and full
disclosure if you do purchase the lake
Yaris or in the program thank you
but that said a lot of things that I
liked about this and you’ll hear a lot
of goods and plus and minuses and
everything all over the place if you
actually read all the reviews on the
Internet what I really like about this
is a couple holes so first
course system of this you can see this
honeycomb system kind of on the inside
here which is what gives the stirrer the
helmets its strength so you kind of
think it goes as the crush zone right if
I was to actually have a hard impact
those little straw type things or what
actually crush an impact it actually
lessen the impact and the trombone your
actual head itself which is different
than traditional Houmas that just use
hard solid core foam I really like that
thought because it makes more sense to
me in terms of its impact capability the
other thing is that because of that they
can actually lessen the hard structure
or the hard foam section of the helmet
reduce that and then you know basically
use the skid plate still so I can like
slide across the ground but really high
reduction in weight ah the one thing
that I was kind of worried about a
little bit nervous about it first was
how good is the airflow no I haven’t
actually tried this out in hot weather
yet I’ve had it in mild weather and
cooler weather hot weather will
obviously tell the tale but from my
current what I’m actually used before I
think actually airflow is gonna be
plenty for myself at least now I don’t
get to the point where ever I’m wearing
a helmet device I get this helmet off is
just too hot but you definitely want a
helmet that has a good airflow otherwise
you will sweat more you will heat up
more there’s no doubt about that um and
I think the airflow is actually pretty
decent on this but that said the thing
weighs a lot less than my my old Giro
did but the Giro has a visor on and I
understand that but this thing weighs
nothing it’s fantastic the actual
harness that holds over the back of it
your head is easily adjustable just like
a lot of month or today just quick and
easy adjust on that the padding system
is : it keeps your head far enough away
from the actual honeycomb structure that
you don’t you don’t feeling any of that
on there and it just it fits and feels
good I mean and that’s the point right
it should feel without even having
straps on it should feel like it’s not
gonna just pop off your head and it’ll
actually sit on you right now
I am NOT a female or nor do I have long
hair or any ponytails or anything like
that I just have nice short hair and
this fits great if I had longer or more
hair that I’d probably want to go up a
size but you should know the size of
your head I’ve always had medium helmets
and this it’s just like any other medium
development that I’ve had but that said
there are a couple of nice things that
it comes with so I do want to do is real
quick a nice soft kind of a backpack
strap cinch bag that’s kind of your
storage bag you definitely want to use
this to just you don’t need to use the
store but obviously don’t want to have
this in an enclosed space after you get
done using it’s gonna be wet and moist
and want some and that’s why they have
the the mesh side of the bag they do
give you a nice little emergency contact
sticker that I haven’t filled out yet
but that you’ll stick you you should
stick on the inside of the helmet that’s
a good it’s a good idea at least they
obviously give you the owner’s manual
and then all the tags and stuff telling
the size and all that jazz in the box
right so that’s kind of what comes with
it I figured it might be best if you
want to actually take peak in it a
little bit close to how that honeycomb
system actually looks inside the helmet
it’s pretty cool and then the rear
harness yeah so the helmet itself is
pretty awesome but I think it’s pretty
neat well I mean just looking at its
kind of it adds a little talking point I
guess if nothing else what do I really
think of it I really like it I really do
know it this is a really bright orange
and it’s kind of what I was going for
it’s a little bit more bright than my
bike is if you’ve seen my other videos
my salsa bike it’s a little brighter
than that but the same thing people will
see you see you if you ride in this
there’s no doubt about that and that’s
obviously one of the thoughts now the
forefront which is the mountain bike
version also has a GoPro mount which I
was really this close to doing it but at
the same time I liked the structure of
the overtake better I liked the look of
the overtake better and the weight I
know is gonna be less so that was what
and eventually ended me to this now I
might get the forefront in the future as
a secondary helmet but at the same time
I like it for I like the overtake it’s
pretty solemn a little bit and what I
recommend to people yes I absolutely
what I do really like it I have a hard
time finding things that I don’t like
about it so far so with that said I
think Smith is doing some great stuff
with their new helmet series lines and
of course this has been out for a little
while now but like I said I’ll post a
link they have it in a whole bunch of
colors they even have two toned colors
where they’re you know different things
or different colors
it looks awesome they really do I just
the orange grab my attention like it
always does so with that side guys
cut up below let me know what you think
of it if you actually have this bike
helmet or any other specific home with
that you recommend plug it below
subscribe to the channel of way we get
more people here watching and viewing
our videos like the video that way it
actually comes up in the you tube feeds
better but also check us out with social
media by geeks but if you have any other
questions for me let me know otherwise
we’ll see on the road and see you next

Smith Cycling Helmets

A Smith bicycle helmet is one of the best helmets on the market and when you wear a Smith bike helmet, you will have an unmatched level of comfort. You may think that there is little difference between a regular motorcycle helmet and a Smith helmet, but in reality there are several major differences that will make you feel like a million bucks.

If you are in the market for a Smith bike helmet, you should know that this company is known for producing helmets that are designed specifically for motocross and off-road use. They are also well known for creating helmets for people who are into extreme sports like mountain biking, scooter riding, and motocross racing. These are just some of the many activities that these types of helmets are used for, so it is only natural that you would want a helmet that will offer these benefits.

You should know that all of the Smith bicycles that are available on the market come with a lifetime warranty. This is the same warranty that is offered by every other helmet manufacturer. In addition to having a lifetime warranty, they offer a host of extras like padding, straps, and a host of different colors for their helmets. These additional features will allow you to feel confident when you ride your bike or when you wear your helmet.

The Smith bicycle helmet has become one of the most recognizable brands in the entire helmet industry. There are a variety of different styles that you can purchase as well as a host of different colors and textures. This is very important because not all helmets are created equal.

Smith offers helmets in both full face and half-shell designs, so you can choose the one that works best for your needs. They also have a range of different sizes, so you can find a helmet that fits your head securely without making it feel uncomfortable or like it is going to fall off at any time. Some helmets come with removable shells so that you can change the style and color without having to purchase another helmet. You also have the choice of purchasing helmets that have a full ventilation system so that they will keep your head cool when you are riding your bike or riding off road.

If you want to feel like a million dollars when you ride your bike or if you want to look like a million dollars while wearing your Smith bicycle helmet, you should definitely consider purchasing one of these helmets. If you are looking for a good fit and style, there are many different styles and colors to choose from. Make sure that you are completely comfortable and look for a helmet that offers you a good level of protection and looks great with your bike.

Smith Optics Forefront Helmet
Smith Persist Mips Bike Helmet
Smith Engage Mips Bike Helmet

Smith Bike Helmet FAQ

Smith Overtake bike helmet

Smith has taken the motorcycle gear market by storm with the creation of the Smith Overtake bike helmet. This helmet combines the best features of a hard-shell DOT approved helmet with the benefit of interchangeable visor and cheek pads to customize comfort, fit and safety. Smith has designed the Smith Overtake in such a way that it is both compliant with the DOT and ANSI standards for helmets while also providing added ventilation and light transmission. Smith has designed and developed the Smith Overtake bike helmet so that it can be easily and quickly adjusted to accommodate either a full face or just a narrowed face.

Smith has made several changes to the Smith Overtake bike helmet to make it even more comfortable, functional and safe. The vents located on the sides of the Smith Overture are easy to clean and are washable. The front ventilation is situated in such a way that it is not susceptible to clogging, allowing air flow to pass freely through the helmet. In addition, all of the vent areas are covered with a high-gloss polycarbonate shield, preventing scratches from occurring on the helmet without compromising the safety and comfort level.

When it comes to the Smith’s unique take on ventilation, you will be hard pressed to find another manufacturer that offers this much ventilation without compromising comfort and safety. With Smith you get a hard shell, but with Smith you get a hard shell that is comfortable and yet offers superior ventilation. The Smith Overture carbon fiber reinforced foam has been purposely designed to work as a thermos within the protective shell. This helps to disperse heat away from the rider and keep the rider cool throughout an encounter. A Smith motorcycle helmet review will give you all the information you need to make a decision on the best Smith for your ride.

Smith bike helmet for men

Smith Bike Helmet For Men is one of the best designed helmets in the world, specifically designed for men. There are a lot of bike helmets available in the market, but Smith is known for its quality, so it is always a good choice when you choose your next bike helmet. The Smith bike helmet for men is made from fiberglass and this is what accounts for the light weight and durability of the product. It can be easily fitted on most bike models and is designed to fit snugly without any gaps. You will be quite happy with your purchase when you will find out how durable and impact resistant the helmet really is.

The Smith bike helmet for men comes in different colors, such as black, white, satin and graphite. It also features interchangeable visors, which you can easily change according to your preference and the season. The helmet has a very modern and minimalist design, which does not sacrifice the protection ability. The modern look is made possible by the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. One of the main features of this helmet is that it is covered with Smith Carbon Kevlar lining which is proven to be impact resistant and offers superior comfort.

The helmet has an easy grip on the handlebars and it is comfortable to wear. The price is reasonable and if you have the money, then you should buy a Smith bike helmet for men and use it every day. They are well-designed and are suitable for any season. The Smith bike helmet for men comes with a two year warranty, which is a good thing, because a lot of other products are not as reputable when it comes to the warranty period. This helmet is truly a great investment, as it can provide adequate protection and it is really easy to use and it makes you look cool too.

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