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Stack Folding Bicycle Helmet

most of us have a favorite helmet I’ve
been a loyal Bontrager solstice user for
over two years
and this is my third solstice I’ve
crashed to so they’ve done their job but
the reality is that most bike helmets
all have kind of the same look even a
roadie helmets are pretty much the same
thing just without the visor no matter
how good you think you look in one of
these trust me yeah don’t look as good
as you think you do and for the helmets
that look different companies try to
change things up like this slaughter
helmet from Ikea
but they tend to usually get the
wearability wrong it’s just not that
comfortable and ironically it was while
I was looking up slaughter info online
that I found priority bicycles and you
know how I love my priority bikes
priority does bikes good but can they do
other stuff good too they have their own
helmets and now they have a new one
called the stack it’s a folding helmet
it’s light weight comes in two sizes and
four colors and fortunately for us
priority sent one of each for me to show
to you let me introduce you to the stack
and I’ll start with a color that I’ve
secretly been wearing for about a month
it’s black with grey trim now how many
bike helmets have you ever seen that
came in a box this small there’s really
a full sized adult helmet inside this
other than the helmet there’s a
protective bag some instructions and
some safety info that’s about it
speaking of it here it is the stack I
mention this helmet one that I’ve been
wearing is black with grey trim you can
see the bulk of this helmet is black all
the collapsing sections are black the
gray is isolated to the lower back it’s
a trim area and it’s a very light gray
almost a whitish color there are no
graphics on this helmet aside from the
Classica designer brand on the back and
the 174 Hudson which is priority’s brand
on the front to use the stack you just
pop it up there are two sections and
each independently pop and that’s it
you’re ready to ride and as far as bike
helmets go I think this looks better
than a standard helmet the very least it
adds some individualistic style to your
writing style aside it’s what’s on the
inside that makes this stack a good
helmet for me because it’s surprisingly
comfortable to wear styling usually
means that there’s a sacrifice on
not here not with the stack so that’s
the black-and-gray stack the one that
I’ve been wearing next let’s look at the
red and blue this helmet has a more
feminine color scheme with the blue
being a seafoam blue or at least two
sections of it because it’s a two-tone
blue the top section being a very pale
blue with both sections unstacked you
can really see that two-tone blue you
can also see that the red of this helmet
isn’t necessarily red it’s more of a
terracotta color that contrasts
perfectly with those blues and gives
this kind of a classy appeal so the blue
and red also nice-looking and with the
same interior it’s gonna be equally as
comfortable we’ve already seen black
with gray and the gray being whitish
grey in the next helmet this is white
with black trim this will look great if
you paired it up with a white priority
classic plus and I didn’t mention it but
all these colors have kind of an
eggshell appearance to them meaning they
are at glossy but they also aren’t
totally flat there’s a subtle Sheen like
an eggshell and speaking of eggshells
this white captures an eggshell
perfectly on this white you can see that
black trim on the back but you can also
see that there are air vents all in the
white grooves that the expansion joints
on the helmet now the air flows well on
this surprisingly well
I will fairly say that I haven’t tried
this in the peak of summer because I
haven’t had it all that long but we have
had a few 70-degree plus days and it’s
done well on those so that’s three of
the four in this fourth color this is
one that I didn’t think I would like but
it may be my new favorite this stack is
gray and I remember the gray on these
tends to be on the wider side of grey
but the trim color is a high-vis yellow
trim whatever you’re seeing on camera
doesn’t do the colors of this helmet
justice here you can see the gray
stacked on top of the white so you can
see there is a difference and it’s more
prominent in person than it is on camera
but the gray once it’s not just a trim
color it looks really good this covers a
helmet well and the hive is yellow it’s
kind of like a highlighter this color is
most certainly gonna add visibility when
you’re riding around on the street
especially from the back and that’s
where you want people to be able to see
when they’re coming up from behind you
in a car I don’t know if this was
planned or if it just happened but the
gray also works well with those black
expansion joints to give some added
depth so there we have it all for
possible color combinations of the stack
from priority and they’re 174 Hudson
Brandt let’s look at the pivot mechanism
and see how the stack works see it’s
very simple it’s in two stages so that
each section can collapse under the one
below it and collapse the stack is
compact enough that it can easily fit in
a backpack and that’s a good thing
because then your helmets not out
getting banged around or exposed to
everyone that tends to want to put on
someone else’s helmet what is up with
that but you can always pack a stack and
keep that from happening
there are three surprises that go with
this stack video surprise number one is
that if you want your very own stack
priority has provided a coupon code for
Kev Central viewers you can get $20 off
just by using the code kevstac that will
be down in the description and that is
good until January the 25th so if you
want one of these now is the time to get
it at a discount they didn’t stop there
because their surprise number two which
is they want to give away five helmets
to some lucky keV central viewers one
helmet for five people now the trick is
they only ship in the US so this is only
open to us viewers but all you have to
do to get a chance to win if you’re a US
viewer is comment below and in your
comment say my priority is Kevin Trull
if that’s included in your comment I’ll
put all those together and on Friday
January the 18th I’ll do a drawing and
I’ll announce the winners on my website
keV central and I’ll also comment to
your comment letting you know if you
have one see the description for full
rules and restrictions and if you really
want a stack don’t forget there’s that
coupon code it’s $20 off and it’s only
good until the 25th so don’t get lulled
by the giveaway and then forget that you
can also use the coupon code cuz hey if
you buy one and then you win one that’s
two helmets so that’s great and then
there’s surprise number three and that
is that priority sends some stickers so
even if you aren’t one of the five lucky
viewers that want a helmet ten more of
you will have a shot at some priority
stickers it’s the same entry phrase my
already is kev central to my
international subscribers i’m sorry that
we can’t get you in on the helmet
giveaway but you are eligible to
interfer a sticker just make sure you
also comment that you’re international
so I’ll only put you in the sticker
giveaway and that’s 15 winners that are
gonna get something and that’s a pretty
good start to 2019 so remember if you
like the stack and you want to buy one
there’s that $20 off coupon code kevstac
good until the 25th of January if you
want to enter to win the helmet or
now remember helmet US subscribers only
comment below and include my priority is
kev central then I’ll draw on Friday the
18th and announce the winner on keV and I’ll also reply to your
comment letting you know if you’ve won
so good luck to everyone thanks so much
for watching subscribe if you haven’t
already and have a great day

Folding Bicycle Helmet Review

If you ride your bicycle on public roads or bike paths chances are good that you are bound to come across at least one folding bike helmet. There are several designs available for this type of headgear, all of which have had good reputations when it comes to protecting the rider from injury in case of an accident. This article will focus on just the helmet itself and how it is affected by being folded into a manner that is both compact and lightweight.

The first folding bike helmet to meet according to the CPSC standards was the Motorika Snapit. It was designed in order to be able to be folded into a tiny triangle, minimizing its overall size in half. It worked in that the triangle kept the upper shell in place as it folded back in, preventing the lower portion from collapsing and injuring the rider. It worked out to be a huge success because it looked sleek, was comfortable, and also didn’t weigh a pound. It quickly sold out and was promptly followed by several follow-up models that were just as successful.

The next helmet that received its share of press attention when it was released was the Bell Trigger. This design was released as a new series of helmets for children and adults, replacing the old line of flip-up helmets. These were designed using a new kind of hinge in order to keep the helmet secured in place and without causing it to fly off the head. It worked well, especially because many bikers like to ride with their helmets on their heads while in open areas. This is certainly the best folding bicycle helmet according to most bikers.

A few years later another new series of folding helmets was released by Bell trigger. This time, instead of focusing on kids, the manufacturer aimed its efforts at adults. These helmets featured a more aerodynamic design, keeping them from impacting like they had during the first wave of folding bike helmets. They still retained the safety benefits of the previous models, though, such as the hard shell that keeps a crash impact to the rear of the head. This one is definitely worth looking into.

Recently, a new helmet called the mother helmet has entered the market. The mother helmet is named after Tony morpher, who invented the thin plastic layer that lines most helmets today. The thin layer of plastic serves to dissipate the force of any crash through the thin membrane, rather than the thicker material used in previous models. The result is a better protection for the wearer, which translates into a better performance from the helmet.

The best foldable bike helmets are really determined by your requirements, safety standards, price, size, looks, and even how you ride. A lot can be said about each helmet, but the best thing to do when buying is to test it out first. The best way to do that is to visit a store that specializes in these helmets and test it out. If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ll like it, then it’s best to save your money and buy the regular version of your choice. You may find it’s just what you need!

PLIXI FIT folding bicycle helmet
Overade Plixi Folding Bike Helmet
Folding Bike Helmet

Folding Bike Helmet FAQ

Bike helmet for men

The bike helmet for men is often considered a waste of money because it does not provide any additional safety that cannot be had by using a helmet designed specifically for women. A bike helmet for men is simply a hard shell helmet without any inner liner or padding. They do not protect you like a full-face helmet would and there is nothing that you can add to these types of helmets to make them more protective. If you were to look at a bike helmet for a man, you would probably see a big empty hole on the top that can be filled with anything you want.

If you want a bike helmet for men, you need to find one that is a good design, that offers padding, and that has some sort of inner liner. The purpose of the lining is to reduce the crash impact on the head in case you were to fall off of your bike, but the most important part of the inner lining is the padding. The padding will prevent your brain from absorbing the shock of the impact, which will help your head to absorb the impact and not shatter into a million little pieces.

If you have a serious bike enthusiast or are looking to start riding bikes, you should definitely invest in a high quality mountain bike helmet. However, you should also wear at least a street bike helmet when you are out cycling on the weekends and maybe even on residential streets. You want to wear a bike helmet for biking that is comfortable, lightweight, offers reliable protection, and one that looks good as well. You should get a bike helmet for men that fits you well, is comfortable, and has a protective outer shell.

Bike helmet for women

MOKFIRE adult bike helmet that is sleek, light and cool, just like your favorite bike helmet! We have all seen those great looking helmets that really capture your attention. In our minds, we can only imagine the helmets that were designed with the guys who rode bicycles with their hair flowing down over their faces. But, as attractive as those helmets are, that isn’t the only reason why they are great. The other great features of the MOKFIRE adult bike helmet are:

The MOKFIT liner around the perimeter of the helmet makes this one of the best helmets for long-term protection. No matter what kind of riding you do or what kind of weather you may experience, the MOKFIT liner of the MOK bicycle helmet for women will keep you safe and comfortable while you’re out on your bike. Even if you don’t have thick hair, the liner of the MOKFIT is specially designed to conform to the contours of your head so it fits comfortably without puckering. It’s also extremely breathable, so your head is kept nice and cool.

The other major feature that makes this helmet superior from other products is that there are vents at the sides and top of the helmet which allows airflow to enter your head. This also helps to keep your head cool, even in warm temperatures. There are two removable zippered face masks that are attached to the sides of the mask. These are great features that give your face more comfort. So, if you are looking for a very comfortable and stylish helmet that has superior protective qualities, the MOKFIT adult cycling helmet is exactly what you are looking for!

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