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Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike for Men and Women, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Cargo Rack, Carrying Bag, Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike for Men and Women, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Cargo Rack, Carrying Bag, White reviewed by Philly Pedals
Schwinn Hinge Adult Folding Bike, Mens and Womens, 20-inch Alloy Wheels, Single Speed Drivetrain, Rear Cargo Rack, Carrying Bag Included for Storage, Grey reviewed by Philly Pedals
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, Black
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, White
Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike, Grey
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Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike for Men and Women, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Cargo Rack, Carrying Bag, Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, Black
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Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike for Men and Women, 20-inch Wheels, 7-Speed Drivetrain, Rear Cargo Rack, Carrying Bag, White reviewed by Philly Pedals
Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, White
Prime Benefits
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Schwinn Hinge Adult Folding Bike, Mens and Womens, 20-inch Alloy Wheels, Single Speed Drivetrain, Rear Cargo Rack, Carrying Bag Included for Storage, Grey reviewed by Philly Pedals
Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike, Grey
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Schwinn LOOP folding bike Demo Video

the Schwinn loop I’ve gone 25 miles it’s
time for review the loop came in this
box it’s a bit banged up but the bike
didn’t suffer any damages from it I had
actually thought about an unboxing but
it would be a waste of time because it
was nothing in here but the bike all
folds up it came out unfolded and off
you go
stay tuned for at the end of the video
I’m gonna attempt to put the bike in
this carry bag oh yeah this is a
good-looking bike now I was gonna do a
review on this thing but I think that
the review is best served after I’ve
done a few miles I can say one thing for
sure the seat was small and hard so I
have only gone 13 miles on this thing
I’m gonna give it about 25 miles come
back and see how I feel about this I’ve
had the seat cover on here and there’s
another one underneath it I’m going to
take both of those off and see how that
feels I have not ridden it without it
there we go that is the original seat it
looks like more of a racer seat than it
does a leisure Cruiser like this thing
so I’m gonna go up the street and see
how this thing feels I don’t think it’s
gonna work out now in case you’re
wondering I got this as a Christmas
present my phone fits right in here
perfectly a small water bottle will fit
in there it’s just clamped on it doesn’t
want to stay on real tight because this
is a steel and a bar that is very
I found this odometer at Walmart and it
does I think a pretty good job you can
set it for 20 inch wheels and once the
pin the magnetic pin goes past the
pickup then this thing will come on
I’ll show you there it is
now this thing has seven speeds and I
typically like to take off in third
first gear is so so low that you can
pedal as fast as you can and get a whole
total of three miles an hour get out of
the wind and go downhill
I typically hold between 8 and 10 miles
an hour it gives the perfect workout
typically 5 miles is what I like to go
and I did 6 miles yesterday and when I
got 30 miles now so I found a lot
further than yesterday okay
I suffer from dgs diminished glutes
syndrome I saw it on Hank Hill yeah it
really does happen well it gets the best
of us and this seat it’s just not
working out there are no springs
underneath and it’s hard as a rock
so I’m going to get myself a new seat
with new Springs and for now I’m gonna
put the cushions back on let’s do this
however high it let’s hit the road okay
because this hinge point right here is
simply some sort of a great big rivet or
whatever being the joint is just a
little bit loose and because it’s loose
and rocks back and forth I can hear it
squeaking and that’s quaking means wear
and tear so I the only thing I have
right now I need to put something on it
is this blaster penetrating oil it’ll
it’ll do good for now
I’m gonna give it a shot oops
and there it is 25 miles on my new
friend Luke time to head to the house
and do a review let me start off by
saying I love everything about this bike
except for two things number one the
seat I had to get another one that thing
was so hard what it’s your typical like
off-road seat or racing seat but this is
a casual bike it should have a casual
comfort seat on it so I found one and
this works out real well the other thing
I am concerned about mm less less of a
dislike but a concern is that this hinge
point right here this is where this
tightens down real good
but the folding point here the fulcrum
or whatever you want to call this hinge
it’s loose it’s not real tight and snug
and I think I pointed it out earlier
that I had to spray some oil on it to
get it to stop squeaking and anytime you
have something that is rubbing like that
it’s going to create wear and tear so my
guess is that this shaft here this rivet
or whatever it is it’s not a bolt and
it’s going to Waller out as time goes on
and get more and more loose and at some
point in time I’m probably going to have
to put a bolt in here to replace it or
something along those lines because this
this is going to be the weakest point in
this whole bike now if you Schwinn folks
are watching you did good job here this
is gonna be my my main exercise bike I’m
not in a hurry I just want to get out
and do five miles a day and make my way
up to ten but I was really surprised at
how sturdy this thing isn’t I feel like
this this thing back here really does
add to the sturdiness of the back part
of the bike and I love that it has seven
speeds it doesn’t need any more than
that this guard back here this is a
really really nice thing if I ever drop
it over on that side it won’t hurt the
Shimano and then the speaking of gears
it has two protectors one on each side
which I really really like
a lot in this folding pedal I haven’t
used this yet but I’m going to want to
put it in the bag and then the quick
drop down seat I really really like that
let’s talk about the handlebar this is
what he called a handlebar because it is
one long shaft down to here and then
there is another one that goes down and
through here so with that being said
this thing here is quite sturdy I don’t
ever have to worry about any bolts or
anything along this any adjustment here
this is actually in a very good place
it’s high enough I don’t have to feel
like I’m bending over in a racing racing
bike the brakes are more than adequate
they stop this thing quick enough for me
I really really like the fenders a lot
and then these tires these things are
close to motorcycle tires they are quite
sturdy as well they offer a really
really nice ride I bet I get a thousand
miles out of them so last but not least
check this out
that’s a nice that’s a real nice
kickstand I like to extend
okay I’m gonna do a time lapse to get
this thing in the bag and before I start
the time lapse let me show you how this
pedal works push in lift up that’s
pretty cool and then it protects the bag
takes up less room but it’s the only one
that does it the one on the other side
is permanent
okay it clearly takes practice this is
my first attempt to getting it in there
and it’s just too wide at this point
right here so something is sticking out
too far and all I got to do is figure
out what that is it might be the
location where these pedals go and take
it out fry okay I got it in there
however it is now I carry on like this I
go go am i back in my car easily now
getting it in there it was quite tricky
you had to have everything just so I
think that if Schwinn had made this
thing a little bit wider right here even
as much as two inches would have helped
but I got it on and the reason why I
think it needs to be a little bit wider
regardless there are some sharp points
sticking out one right here that’s gonna
rip and right here so there are a couple
places now it could be that I I still
don’t have it exactly right I think with
a little more experience I’ll be able to
tell whether or not that’s a true
statement but I feel like I’ve got it in
there as best as I can get it
okay you can see it quickly goes back
together and it’s easier if you have two
people but it is doable by yourself just
be careful now here’s the tricky part
this pin here it doesn’t just slide
together it’s actually a safety catch
went out I like the idea but as you can
see you have to pull that up in order to
close this and that’s why it would make
it easier to have two people to build
and pull this up and close this is
come on it is once again a bicycle
now tricky part in review that pin right
there you have to look that up
don’t try to pry that part you’ll
eventually break the thing another
tricky part is getting this thing down
and the pedals in the right places in
order to get it in that bag the bag
could be just a little bit bigger but it
is doable at this point the other thing
is don’t forget to fold this back up and
that it goes by pushing it in we can do
this one-handed though go like that push
it in and fold it I thought about it if
it were me watching this video I’d want
to see this thing in the car so I
decided to do that I would not use the
bag if I was just throwing this thing in
and going down to the trails or whatever
and let me tell you a good strong bungee
cord is all you need to wrap around all
three pieces I don’t even need to put
the seat down because there’s plenty of
room for that any time you put it down
you got to find your spot again so this
thing is gonna go in the car and come
out real quick and easy and I don’t even
have to put the back seat down this is a
win-win situation
or should I say this is a Schwinn win
situation oh yeah so there it is ladies
and gentlemen thanks for watching my
little video if you’re considering a
bike just a tool around throw in your
car go down to the beach or anything
like that to the park and ride around I
like this bike because I’m not in a
hurry to get anywhere and I wanted
something sturdy enough yet still is
foldable and now I can write any time I
feel like it almost anywhere I want to
go thanks for watching have a great day

Schwinn Folding Bicycles

The Schwinn folding bicycle is the ultimate in comfort and portability. There are many different types of Schwinn bicycles available, and they each offer something unique to their rider. Whether you’re looking for a simple, affordable way to get around, or an extra mile per hour, there is a Schwinn folding bike that will fit your needs.

If you plan on doing most of your riding at home, you can also get a folding Schwinn mountain bike. You can take it with you to work, as well as ride your way through the neighborhood or town in a stationary bike mode.

These Schwinn folding mountain bikes offer you the ultimate in comfort and portability. It’s great for someone who wants to get in shape but isn’t interested in spending all that time peddling the same old bike. You can enjoy your workout, while you’re taking a break from work, or when you’re just relaxing in the comfort of your own home.

The Schwinn folding bicycle is designed for both men and women. When you go mountain biking, you should ensure that you’re wearing the proper gear and that you don’t become over-tired as you may be in a windy area. You should always wear your helmets and gloves while you’re riding, and it is important that you have adequate lighting on the road. You should also check your tires and brakes for wear and tear before you go for a ride, and take some basic protective equipment with you.

For beginners and people who aren’t used to riding in the open, these bikes are a great way to get the hang of riding without getting into any accidents or mishaps. When you’re learning how to ride, it’s important that you always take the necessary precautions in order to avoid having an accident.

When it comes to Swiss mountain bikes, there is a Schwinn folding bike for you. Take your time, and look into the various options that are available to you. You’ll find one that is right for you.

The best way to make sure that you’re making the right choice is to do some research online. There are many options out there for you to choose from, and you’ll quickly see which models are going to meet your specific needs. Once you find a few models that you’re interested in, you can compare them side-by-side to ensure that they have everything that you need.

In addition to this, you need to make sure that you are purchasing quality equipment, so that you’ll get the best out of your purchase when you’re riding your Schwinn folding mountain bike. Even though you may pay less than you would for a new bike, there are some things that you’ll have to think about when it comes to purchasing the right one for your needs.

Buying from a reputable dealer is always a good idea, as you can buy from them directly. This means that you can test drive their bikes and ensure that you’re buying what you think is going to work the best for your needs. You can always return it if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Schwinn Tango Folding Bike
Downtube Folding Bike
Folding Bike

Schwinn Folding Bike FAQ

Schwinn folding mountain bike

When you are buying a Schwinn folding mountain bike, there are a lot of factors that you will want to consider first. Schwinn makes a great line of bikes, but each of their bikes will fall into a category of a type or design. There are the recumbent style bikes that allow you to sit back and pedal with your legs in a reclined position, while other models are upright and offer a forward posture. Finding the best bike for you will depend on your preference, but regardless of which one you choose, your purchase will be a good investment in your health and well-being.

One of the first things that you will want to look at when you are shopping for a Schwinn folding mountain bike is the frame. Each of the bikes made by Schwinn have a slightly different construction, and you will want to pay close attention to this when making your decision. The materials used for the frame will determine how strong it is and whether or not it will be prone to rusting, both of which can prove damaging to the frame. You will also want to consider how stable the bike is in your hands, because if you encounter any kind of bumps or instability while you are riding the bike, the frame may become weak and collapse in on itself.

The next thing that you will want to consider when you are looking at a Schwinn folding mountain bike is what type of seat you will want to purchase. Most people prefer a sit-down seat, since it allows them more control over the bike and they do not feel as constrained when they are pedal-less. However, if you like to pedal, the recumbent bike may be a better option for you. In addition, many of the Schwinn mountain bikes have handlebar grips that have a cable pull to make it easier to get your hands into the best position.

Schwinn loop folding bike

Discover the convenience and utility of the Schwinn Loop Folding Bike. This unique folding device folds compactly into a bike that is large enough to comfortably accommodate a six-foot rider. Ideal for overnight camping or long road trips this durable aluminum folding bike packs up small so little that no bike carrier is needed. With a simple fold and carry design, one can easily travel with this bike.

The Schwinn loop folding bike features a recumbent design, which means it lays flat on its frame. With its handlebar-mounted lever, it can be effortlessly folded down to a tiny frame that is only a few inches thick. A sturdy aluminum frame and heavy duty tires provide years of dependable riding. The recumbent design means there is no weight shift when the rider’s legs are extended and the same weight distribution is maintained when the bike is folded up. A padded saddle and padded foot rest provide ergonomic comfort as well as adding support for the rider’s legs.

Although the Schwinn Folding Bike is fairly lightweight, it is not wimpy and it does ride a bit uncomfortable when you first try it out. It is especially a bit uncomfortable if you store it in your car because it tends to take up a fair bit of space. However, it folds up to quite a small size so if you only plan to use it once or twice a year, it is not an unbearable burden. Also, the built-in rain cover makes it somewhat weatherproof although it does not do a great job. Nevertheless, the Schwinn Folding Bike is a great purchase for anyone looking for a recumbent bike with a bit less kick.

Last update on 2024-07-18 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. If you’re looking for a bike that you won’t have to fold and unfold often, this might not be the bike for you; your back may not appreciate it.

    Bike pros:
    It rides nicely and smoothly, has a decent appearance, and seems to be designed to last a lifetime.

    Cons of the bike: it weighs a lot, the folding mechanism is difficult to master, and things collide when folded, especially the fenders and pedals.

    By the way, I also have a Citizen bike, which is an amazing bike.

  2. My biking history: Until last month, I commuted by bike most days. I went for a 10-mile ride with a few gentle inclines (no more than 200′ elevation change over the course of the ten miles). That was something I’d been doing for about a year.

    I didn’t have high hopes for this bike, but I purchased it for a particular reason: I now work from home, and the nearest grocery store is a mile away. I’d like something that can transport me around the neighborhood during the day, as well as for quick (no more than three-mile-long) jaunts in the afternoons and on weekends. I live about .7 miles from a light rail station, and I can see folding the bike up for rides into the city where I may want to bike around once I’m off the train, or where I can get off the train early and enjoy the miles of bike path around my home.

    My commuter bike is a Trek Crossrip Comp, which I enjoy riding but dislike using for short rides because it has SPD pedals (which require cleats) and does not promote upright riding.

    The Loop arrived in excellent condition. The packaging was excellent. There are no dings or other flaws. All I had to do was cut the ties that held it folded, screw on the right pedal, unfold it, and lift the seat to the proper height. The brakes were in good condition right out of the box, but the shifter needed to be indexed.

    I ordered the Cloud 9 seat that Amazon recommends along with the bike because I’d read so many reviews about the saddle. I did, however, ride a few miles on the stock saddle, and I don’t think it’s as bad as people claim. It’s more comfortable than my Trek’s stock saddle. That being said, if you’re not a regular biker or are just getting back into it after a long absence, I can see how the saddle could appear hard and unpleasant. I’d wait until you’ve put a few miles on the one that came with the bike before changing it, particularly if you’re going to ride every day. After a week or two, you may have a different opinion. Even if you don’t see yourself as a normal rider, you should give it a week and see what you think. I’ll probably keep the Cloud 9 because it’s so comfortable, but I’m not sure I wanted it after all.

    Overall, I think I’ll enjoy this for what I bought it for: grocery runs and cruising around the neighborhood. It rides well, is easy to navigate, and at my height (5’11”) offers a more upright ride that allows me to look around easily. It’s set up to have a comfortable cruise pace.

    I’m deducting one star because:

    1. It does little to keep itself intact when folded up. I’m sure I’ll just buy some Velcro wraps and use them to keep it together for transit journeys, but it’d be cool to have a built-in solution.
    2. The handlebars cannot be adjusted. They’re adequate for the situation, but an inch or two of wiggle room would be good.

    Given my lack of knowledge about the folding bike industry in general, I’d say this is a three-star bike on a more honest scale. It’s bulky and seems to be designed to be thrown in a trunk or kept in a small apartment rather than toted around for mixed-mode travel. I’m starting with five stars and working my way down based on my own needs and desires. I’ll come back and refine the score based on longevity based on how well it holds up for the next year. At this point, it appears to be very durable and stable.

  3. This is an excellent folding bike for both recreational and commuting purposes. I bought this bike in the midst of the COVID-19 quarantine for both fitness and mental health, and it has improved in both areas.

    I read the feedback and was worried about some mentions of missing pieces, guides, and even a couple of people mentioning a lack of a kickstand. Well, mine arrived perfectly packed and with all parts included. Yes, it has a kickstand, and assembly was easy. Many of the bike’s components are flexible, so if anything is misaligned, it’s just a matter of loosening and re-tightening a bolt or clamp. When assembled, it is very robust, and the quality appears to be high.

    The manual should be improved since it is just a general folding bike manual and not unique to the Loop or Adapt models. But it’s a bike, not a car, so it’s not a big deal.

    Since there are no shocks and 20″ wheels keep you intimately aware of the terrain, it is ideally suited for paved and smoother surfaces, as others have said. Off-road capability is less important to me than the ability to fold the bike up and store it in a small car trunk or corner of the garage/house.

    The bag is good for folding and storing, but it isn’t very useful for everyday storage. It was easier for me to keep the lower seat shaft cover attached so that it could serve as a stand to keep the bike upright when folded. A velcro band or bungie cord may be used to hold the wheels together when folded. Otherwise, it seems to flop around a little.

    There are no regrets or reservations about this purchase.

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