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Mongoose Legion L20 Kids Freestyle BMX Bike, Intermediate Rider, Boys and Girls Bikes, 20-Inch Wheels with 4 Axle Pegs, Hi-Ten Steel Frame, Micro Drive 25x9T BMX Gearing, Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
Dynacraft Tony Hawk 20-Inch Boys BMX Bike For Age 7-14 Years reviewed by Philly Pedals
HILAND 20 Inch Kids Bike BMX Bicycles Freestyle for Boys Teenagers Black Green reviewed by Philly Pedals
Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16" Freestyle Bike - Stealth and Peewee Model (White, 20") reviewed by Philly Pedals
Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheel) reviewed by Philly Pedals
Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner to Advanced Riders
Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle Bike
Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16" Freestyle Bike
Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch
Tony Hawk
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Mongoose Legion L20 Kids Freestyle BMX Bike, Intermediate Rider, Boys and Girls Bikes, 20-Inch Wheels with 4 Axle Pegs, Hi-Ten Steel Frame, Micro Drive 25x9T BMX Gearing, Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
Mongoose Legion Street Freestyle BMX Bike Line for Beginner to Advanced Riders
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Dynacraft Tony Hawk 20-Inch Boys BMX Bike For Age 7-14 Years reviewed by Philly Pedals
Tony Hawk 20" Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike
Tony Hawk
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HILAND 20 Inch Kids Bike BMX Bicycles Freestyle for Boys Teenagers Black Green reviewed by Philly Pedals
Hiland 20 inch BMX Freestyle Bike
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Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16" Freestyle Bike - Stealth and Peewee Model (White, 20") reviewed by Philly Pedals
Elite BMX Bicycle 20” & 16" Freestyle Bike
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Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike (20-Inch Wheel) reviewed by Philly Pedals
Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch
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The Best BMX Bike You Can Buy

yeah we recorded you know I’m just
giving the people an update on my life
my life for the past three days ever
since we got home pretty much you put
this thing in here inside this bottle
you pour a little bit of that salt or
whatever over a little square right
there let’s see what we got clogged up
in there
oh that’s a nice morning with me for
like the past three days that’s gnarly
but yeah that’s a little update on my
life what I’ve been having to deal with
the Neil’s met it’s been really killing
it this isn’t a paid advertisement I’m
just showing you guys that you know it’s
been rough since we’ve been home from
from Barcelona but we’re pushing through
and yeah this has been my life literally
been super sick but we’re back in the
space it’s been crazy two weeks from
Tallinn Estonia to Barcelona I mean you
guys seen it in all the videos this
guy’s going and I come back my grandpa
was talking about Stefan my mom’s
talking about Stefan my girlfriend’s
mom’s talking about stuff uh my
girlfriend’s talking about everybody
talking about Stefan about how many
girls this guy was dancing with but yeah
Raymond Don Zito I told myself last year
that this was gonna be the last year
that I was going to cymbal session
symbol session 2020 that was the last
time that I was going back there and I
think I’m sticking in my word and I’m
not going you guys could shake your
heads behind the camera do you yes I
know I know but yeah I don’t think I’m
going back it’s it’s too much but I had
a great time in talent and I had an
amazing time in Barcelona it was like
two different scenes completely one was
just straight partying and one was
rotting every day literally coming over
like 10 o’clock at night passing out and
then doing it again but we’re back in
the office now I’ve been having my
girlfriend pack a bunch of orders lately
she’s been holding it down thanks to her
we got a bunch of tires in stock
actually we have about 200 of them here
black yellow camo blue camo pink camel
purple camo blue camo get we got a lot
of blue camo this is the way that you
guys can support me because literally
the YouTube monetization I looked at my
video yesterday a hundred thousand views
I made like six dollars you know they
literally D monetize all the content
that I post whether or not it’s you know
so much smoking there’s a little bit of
blood for my cut my ankle when I fall
someone’s drinking cursed
is this that literally the content that
I put out is not up to their gaga so if
you guys want to support me a cop a
sweatshirt combo beanie I mean we just
restock we got some red beanies over
here these are pretty dope anything that
you guys purchase pretty much goes back
into the business goes back into the
trips that’s how we make these videos so
thank you for all you guys that purchase
shit I mean you guys literally hold it
down you make everything possible this
this Barcelona this talent trip it
literally cost me like five grand
without you guys
it wouldn’t be impossible so the main
reason we’re here the main reason we’re
filming this video is because I have my
signature complete bike I’ve had this
for about three weeks I haven’t been
able to talk about it because I’ve
literally been in Barcelona traveling
around Europe from talent Russia it’s
been a nightmare but this thing’s been
sitting here for the past three weeks
and we’re gonna build it up today this
is my signature complete bike for all
you guys that always ask you know what
bike should I buy getting it to BMX bike
you need so we’re gonna go out we’re
gonna build this out of skate barça’s as
you can see we can’t build it in here is
so compact with all this shit I think
we’re gonna go to hunts cuz it’s been a
minute and we’re gonna build it up there
and we’re gonna show you guys what this
bike is capable of straight out of the
straight out of Bethpage you’re smoking
crack well you couldn’t even pay me to
go to that spot watch out awesome the
truck is coming through
they really come prepared to build this
bike I guarantee you can’t even break it
that’s exactly what I’m saying we
literally can’t even open the box the
bike just comes out mangled because
we’re stomping on it
this is embarrassing I look like a mole
Rob Rob opening this boxes in the middle
take a good look at my complete bike I
didn’t have the right tools here at the
skate park to you know take it out of
the box so we literally had to
obliterate the box to get the bike out
comes halfway assembled you have to put
the seat on you have to put the
handlebars on and lastly you have to put
the front wheel on but other than that
it’s pretty much ready out of the box to
a rip and that’s exactly we’re gonna do
we’re at the skatepark gonna build it up
we’re gonna rip it around
oh shit we finally got this bike built
up after destroying that box and not
having any tools and then later finding
out that we had a knife in the car but
this is my 2020 Anthony pans a signature
cult devotion complete bike this thing
is awesome yeah there’s been a big
demand for a complete bike I always get
hit up from you guys asking what bike
should I get
as a beginner getting it to BMX and I
was like listen Robbie we need to do
this so huge thanks that all the dudes
that Colt Robbie Neil everyone else that
that holds it down over there I know I
say this literally in every bike build
video but literally without these guys
it wouldn’t be possible just running
through a couple key aspects of the bike
it does come with some aftermarket parts
including the seat you got the Colt big
logo seat you got vans tires front and
back 2.4 in black you got cool a K grips
chrome bars a salvation’ stem jack
pedals two metal pegs and I think that’s
about it it comes with a normal chain a
normal sprocket comes with brakes it’s
got all sealed bearings front back
bottom bracket and headset literally
straight out of the box all you have to
do is put the front wheel on handlebars
on teton and then the pedals and you’re
ready to rock this bike comes halfway
assembled it’s really easy all you need
is the six mil five mil and a 17 and
you’re ready to go five hundred and
thirty nine ninety nine all my website
Anthony Panzer calm as of now I’m the
only person on Cole with a signature
complete bike which is pretty cool we’re
gonna be taking this thing everywhere
with us that way Austin doesn’t have to
bring around the gold crusty bike that
we literally switch parts off when we
brake parts on our bike we’re gonna find
out what this bike is capable of
straight out of the box you guys see it
right here we just built it up I’m gonna
go inside the skatepark and get a little
now with these fucking brake levers no
bar soon as that I haven’t done a bar
spin yet single one that was a brake
lever I add a little bit of spice to it
not bad
no we grabbed out here we’re back in New
York Ocala for Nia
talk about paw holy shit
the new Anthony Panzer bite gives you so
much pop so much pop hey pass that
compactors 990 not get it now
we have to show you guys that this bike
is secured for the streets but on some
real shit if you guys need a bike and
you’re looking to get into BMX this is
the bike that you need the cult devotion
2020 Anthony pads the colorway you could
get it right now at Anthony Pez calm for
only five hundred and thirty nine ninety
nine shipped to your door like I said
earlier in this video all you got to do
is get a five mil a six mil a 17 and you
could put on the front wheel the
handlebars and the seat and you’re ready
to rock and you’re ready to do tricks
like this

Since the eighties, BMX bikes are popular in the USA. The name BMX derives from the term “Bicycle Motocross”. These special wheels are for the exercise specific types of cycling thought. The oldest of these is “Race”, where the rider can compete against each other on a race track.

Given the special requirements of a BMX, there are differences in terms of material and structure. For example, the spokes of a BMX are usually crossed several times to increase stability.

In this guide, you will learn how to distinguish a BMX bike. It also provides information on what to look for when buying such a bike.

BMX Bike
BMX Bike
Custom BMX Bike


BMX bikes for adults

BMX bikes for adults are a great way to get into shape or challenge yourself on with a sport that requires a lot of energy but doesn’t always require the high levels of physical exertion that younger people need to do in order to succeed. The sport of BMX biking requires a lot of activity, but it also requires a strong mind in order to stay motivated during long rides. Many BMX bikers are older than they look, which is why many riding enthusiasts are adults. That means BMX bikes for adult riders can be a great way for them to get in shape, challenge themselves and stay motivated at the same time.

One of the most popular BMX bikes for adults is the Rockman 40cc, which offers both excellent performance and a smooth ride for those who aren’t looking to go all out on the action. Many consider the L100 as one of the top BMX bikes for adults for a number of reasons, and for very good reason. This popular dirt bike is ideal for beginners to the dirt biking movement and it is often the kind of bike you can become comfortable with thanks to its high tensile steel frame and rigid spring suspension. Those looking for a lightweight, reasonably priced dirt bike that offers a sturdy ride should definitely consider the Rockman.

For riders who prefer shorter, smoother rides the Baby J-hop is a perfect choice. The frame of this dirt bike offers a sleek design with a high-tensile steel frame that will surely impress any serious rider. The frame also offers a rigid dropout system for those who might want to try the sport without the need for a bigger back wheel. With both the frame and the suspension system of the Baby J-hop, you have a dirt bike that offers high performance and a smooth ride.

BMX bikes for kids

The Mongoose brand name is synonymous with BMX bikes for kids and they have been doing it for a very long time. When you go to their website you will see that they are located in California and also have a showroom full of BMX bikes for kids. You will see that they have built a lot of trust with kids riding bikes and with them becoming a very popular choice in the field of BMX racing. Kids are beginning to follow in the footsteps of their favorite stars in this sport. BMX stands for Big Motorcycle and those kinds of bikes are just what they need to take their excitement to the next level.

The Mongoose Title Junior BMX Bike for younger riders is probably one of the best beginner’s BMX bikes on the market today. It provides a T1 steel frame with both durable and lightweight properties at the same time. You get to enjoy adjustable front and rear shocks, a fully adjustable dropout handlebar, and adjustable handlebars for a comfortable ride. You will also get a comfortable seat with a shock absorbing feature and the perfect combination of performance and style.

The Kid Bike FX bike is perfect for kids who want to get started in this sport but are not sure if they will be able to do it with the other models available. This is the BMX bike that allows the kid to ride on a professional level. It has a drag racing style carbon fiber frame and it also features a two-pipe exhaust system that helps push air towards the back of the bike when you perform tricks. Kid bike bikes usually don’t have any kind of protective parts on them, so they are very good for kids that love to race but don’t have any experience with riding a motorcycle.

BMX racing bikes

BMX racing bikes can be a very fun way to get to move or stay in shape. There are many different styles of bikes out there for you to choose from and some are more affordable than others. There are also many options when it comes to customizing your bike to suit your needs. Let’s take a look at the options available to you when it comes to choosing BMX racing bikes.

One of the most popular BMX racing bikes is the free ride stunt bike. These are built with a high performance racing bike look with a low bottom bracket and chain stays that allow the rider to go as fast as possible. They typically come with a large tire that has a knobby feel to it to help riders keep the tires’ grip on the dirt. A common full-suspension bike will have 20-inch tires, a rear brake and a standard single speed transmission. A front disc brake is also offered but not required, while a rear rack bra is needed for those wanting to take their stunt bike to a big competition.

Another bike type that is popular with those who like to take extreme motorcycle racing is the dirt jumping bike. These BMX racing bikes are much lighter in weight than the free ride and they feature special shocks and breaks for a more responsive ride. They typically come with shorter front and rear gears to mimic the characteristics of the dirt bike and even feature side skirt attachments for added fun. For those who enjoy taking part in dirt bike racing competitions, these are the best type of BMX bike to use for this type of riding because they can provide you with the control over how far you want to go while still providing you with a safe ride.

Last update on 2024-05-17 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Let me begin by saying that I am a BMX collector. My bikes are mostly high-end. I was skeptical at first, but I figured what’s 300 to see for myself? I received the bike today. I genuinely enjoy riding the bike. I did, however, replace the pedals, wheels, seat, and grips! It’s an excellent platform for anyone looking to ride around the neighborhood. I’m not sure I’d race it. Schwinn did a fantastic job recreating the original 24″ Predator. My only quibble is with the “chrome” finish. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not true chrome, but for the price, how can you complain? I think I’ll put this bike on display and enjoy it for its timeless beauty.

  2. This BMX is very stylish. It does not come with assembly instructions, but it is very simple to put together. To build it, you’ll need a few wrenches and Allen wrenches. It has a very smooth ride and is very light. FYI There is not a kickstand nor reflectors (except on the pedals) (except on the pedals). Overall, it’s a fantastic bike.

  3. This is a great bike. I’m 39 years old and I’m just getting into BMX. I’ve had a lot of bikes over the years. This is a well-made bike, all chromo, with functional welding that is adequate but not exceptional. The 21″ TT is a good fit for a larger person; I don’t feel squished. Landing jumps at the park feels good and solid, instilling confidence in this old want tobe. I didn’t like the stock grips, but that’s a simple and inexpensive fix. The gyro tabs can be removed with a small hex key. The stickers are also simple to remove; I peeled a bunch right away. When I showed my kids the bike, they exclaimed, “Whooaaa, cool!” Now if I could just figure out how to use a manual…

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