Less than two weeks ago, Philadelphia played host to the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC13). This stingily geared, two-wheeled circus steamrolled its way through Philadelphia for three days of fun, bike riding, spirits swilling, and racing. Without a few key folks, this event would still be out on the West Coast, missing that special Philly flavor. We had an amazing time the whole weekend and we wanted to honor those who brought the party to the shores of the Schuylkill.

The people who made SSCXWC13 possible: Mark Elsasser, Jamie Harris, Mike Kuhn, Jason Gabriel, Dave Pryor, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, First Lady of Philadelphia Lisa Nutter, Darrin Miskiewicz, Stephan Kincaid.

We want to start by thanking Stephan Geronimo Kincaid because he planted the idea in the head of Selene Yeager and Dave Pryor when they were headed out to SSCXWC 10. He stayed on for the long haul and used his extensive race experience to help craft the course and did a ton of work behind the scenes.

Jason Gabe Gabriel, Jamie Harris, and Darrin Miskiewicz were brought into the fray for their race organizing skills, personal race experience, and their dedication to the cause of throwing the best race ever.

Mike Kuhn has brought some of the best races to the region for a long time. If you have ever raced on the Oesterling Farm in Marysville, Pennsylvania, endured the Wigwam climb at Iron Cross or dreamed of racing the Transylvania Epic, you have Kuhndog to thank for those events. Race organizer Dave Pryor called Mike Kuhn his Yoda. Mike helped with everything from registration planning to sponsor attainment to course setup.

Ed Bush and Mark Elk Elsasser are behind the Belmont Plateau Trails Alliance (BPTA). The BPTA brought the cycling community together for multiple trail clean up days over the past year. In addition to being great stewards of the trails, they were crucial in procuring the city sign off on the permit for the event.

 Your faithful author served as the volunteer coordinator for the event. I volunteered for this post since I tell teenagers what to do all day; I figured that skill might come in handy while trying to get some bike folks to do all of the jobs that come along with putting on a World Championship bike race. I can not even begin to thank all of the folks that came up huge for us. They know who they are and we are planning a party and group ride to thank them properly.

Ring leaders Dave Pryor and Selene Yeager kept the pedal to the metal and made the whole event happen. Just about the entire weekend came from these two minds.

Of course, there is no way to mention everyone who helped with this race but it took an effort from all sorts of folks completing all sorts of tasks.

The entire organizing crew has been very humble during the entire race planning process. They know that there is no way this race would not have happened without the tight-knit cycling community and the love for Philadelphia that we all share. If you were a racer, fan, volunteer, or organizer, thank you for being part of the best weekend in Philly cycling history.