On this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, Philly Pedals staff and contributors wanted to share what keeps us thankful about riding a bike and about what makes Philadelphia a great cycling city.

Creative Director Sierra Skidmore is thankful that the cycling community has welcomed Philly Pedals with open arms. I’m excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and can’t wait to see how this all turns out. Thanks Philly! Her sentiment is loudly and continuously echoed by the rest of the PhillyPedals staff!

Philly Pedals family biking columnists Dena Driscoll and Kate Mundie shared what makes them grateful. Dena says, I’m thankful for my rain cover, as it keeps my children warm and comfortable (no whining, yay!) on the worst weather days. And my children are the reason I’m most thankful everyday. Kate loves that my family likes to ride bikes, the great conversations my kids and I have while riding together, and the health and strength that riding has helped me maintain.

Dena Driscoll’s children stay warm and dry.

Photographer Thom Carroll appreciates living in a truly great city for biking. There is an incredible network of biking resources, an extremely diverse and interconnected trail system and a multi-faceted biking community that are a huge part of my life here.

Publisher Topher Wright shared this missive, We live in a city where it is acceptable to show up for a meeting or date panting and sweaty. Why? Because we biked there, on our 300+ miles of bike lanes, in the fire and rain, and we’re proud of it. I am ever thankful to be surrounded by the panting, smiling, one-pant-leg-rolled-up riders who have made that happen. Thanks Philly! You’ve made bike commuting awesome.

Publisher Travis Skidmore kept it a little more concise: I’m thankful for long gravel rides with friends and cross-town cruises with my family.

Writer and Photographer Pat Engleman is most thankful for the friends, extended family, and shared experiences cycling has brought into my life. Without all of them, I would be a solitary fat man riding a kids toy in a stretchy plastic suit.

Contributor Troy Mustache is thankful for sturdy welds, strong wheels, and sippin’ whiskey.

Contributor Alex LaBant lauded Philadelphia’s network of bike lanes, the great bike shops of the city, making special note of the dedicated monthly riders that always show up to the Full Moon Bike Ride, and each and every new cyclist that comes out to ride with us.

October Full Moon Bike followers stop to look at the ride’s inspiration.

Philly Pedals is thankful for all of those who have supported us, readers, advertisers, and folks who have helped spread the word about our arrival. We are fortunate to share the work of these talented and passionate writers and photographers. You’re sure to see all of those bylines and photo credits again soon along with many new ones.

Two new contributors whose work we’ll publish in the next couple weeks sent us their e-postcards to Philly. Katie Monroe, Founder of Women Bike PHL, wrote to us from her parents’ home in Virginia where she’s spending the holiday. For her it’s about the bicycle community in Philadelphia. I am continually realizing that it’s not just the bikes, or the rides, that keeps me passionate about biking in this city it’s the people. Thanks, everyone! I love you!

Welcoming Katie Monroe (in red helmet) and Evan Perrone (right picture) to the Philly Pedals family. Photo of Katie courtesy of Fairmount Park Conservancy.

Evan Perrone, a Philadelphia ex-patriate living in Florida, misses Belmont and being on a mountain bike within in two miles of my doorstep, giving me my wooded fix in a sea of concrete. I miss having a big city that allows the cyclist to leave it whenever they want, up through Fairmount Park, out through Manayunk, and onto wonderful roads that satisfy the cycling soul. He also misses Philly drivers. Evidently, they’re much worse on the Gulf Coast.

Editor-in-Chief Steve Taylor may not ever leave the city long enough to miss our drivers. He is, however, thankful that most drivers of bikes, cars, trucks, buses, and even taxis really are doing their best to get where they’re going with respect to the others on the streets. Mainly, he’s grateful for merino wool and post-ride naps with his cat, Zoe.