After taking photos in beautiful spring weather while riding the Hell of Hunterdon in New Jersey last weekend, photographer Pete Bakken braved some much nastier conditions to give us a gallery from the Fools Classic in Bucks County. Here’s how he describes the ride, first held on April 1, 2007:

It was cold and overcast as I sat in my truck downing coffee and the complimentary waffles. I was trying to decide what attire to wear, finally deciding to stick with shorts and a windbreaker. No matter what I wore, it was going to rain, and I was going to get wet. The rolling countryside was filled with hills, rain, mud, dirt, rocks, gravel, pavement, and more hills. The rough pack of riders grinded through the day mile by mile and crank by crank through the heavy rain and strong winds. Somehow, even with numb feet and fingers that felt like they were being jabbed my needles, we kept our spirits high. It was a good day.