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Best Electric Bike Under $1000 [2019 Review]

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An electric bike under $1000 is not so easy to find – at least not high quality. In the first part of our article, we inform if there is an affordable electric bike. In the second part, you will find a comparison to Electric Bikes under 1000 USD.

We looked at the above-mentioned magazines for a test report for Electric Bikes under 1000 USD. If we did not find anything, this was also stated in the test overview. There are no special tests for these very cheap electric bikes, but there are not many general tests on electric bikes. Although most of the wheels in the reviews are more expensive than $1000, occasionally cheap electric bikes have been there.

If reviews for Electric Bikes under $1000 appear in the popular magazines, the overview will be updated. Special bike magazines would be another point of contact in search of information.

Electric Bike under 1000 USD Comparison: NCM, Rex & more

It starts now our Electric Bike under 1000 USD comparison. Product evaluation was based on publicly available manufacturer product information and existing customer reviews. The most important criteria for our assessment can be found to the right of the product image. The electric bikes under 1000 USD were not tested by us in practice.

Electric bikes are very popular. For example, they are perfect for older people or those who want to travel a longer distance relaxed by bike. All electric bikes below 1000 USD are legal to drive without registration and insurance because they are sealed off at 25 km/h.

  • NCM Prague 27.5 inch electric bike E-MTB
  • 28 “Alu electric bike Trekking Shimano Deore 21 G
  • NCM MUNICH 2015 28 Inch (700C) Electric Bicycle for Ladies
  • Rex Mens E-Bike ETK 500, Graphite Gray, 28 Inch

Purchase recommendation: BTWIN – ORIGINAL 900

  • Color: gray-blue
  • Weight (including battery): 26 kg (for size L)
  • Rim size: 28 inches (in size L)
  • Battery Details: Battery 36 V, 11.6 Ah (418 Wh)
  • Drive: Brushless 250-watt motor on the rear wheel – Engine torque: 30 Nm
  • Range: 50km in mode 2 but highly dependent on an incline, the weight of the rider and how strong the rider supports by pedaling
  • Features: 21 gears and gear changes via “push/pull” handle, aluminum brake lever

Our buy recommendation in comparison comes from the Decathlon brand BTWIN. The motor of the electric bike has 250 watts of power and is powered by the 36V battery. The sturdy frame could be slightly lighter with 26 kg thanks to electric drive, the weight does not play a decisive role in an e-bike. The look of the bike is very sporty and with the 7 gears, you can easily adapt to different slopes. Review: A high-quality e-bike from Decathlon under 1000 USD!

Price Tip: Decathlon – Elops 500

  • Color: Black
  • Weight (including battery): 25.6 kg
  • Rim size: 28 inches
  • Battery details: Battery 24V / 8.8Ah / 212Wh. 2-year warranty (350 to 500 charge cycles to 100%)
  • Drive: 50-watt brushless motor (to EU standard) on the rear wheel, engine torque: 26 Nm
  • Range: 30-45 km
  • Features: 6 gears with SHIMANO twist grip switch, steel frame, aluminum V-Brake brakes with exchangeable pads

Decathlon’s entry-level e-bike has a rather low frame and is therefore only recommended for people of 1.60-1.8m. The 8.8Ah battery soft for a range of 30-45km and has 2 years warranty. The frame shape is primarily for ladies but it speaks well against any use by men. Review: Cheap and high-quality electric bike from Decathlon!

NCM – Prague 27.5 Zol

  • Brand: NCM
  • Color: white, black, light blue detail application
  • Weight (including battery), payload: 22 kg, 100 kg
  • Rim size: 27.5 inches
  • Battery details: Li-NCM, 36 V, 11 Ah, (= 396 Wh), Brand cells
  • Drive: 250 watts, rear-wheel, hub motor
  • Range: approx. 40 – 60 km, 80 in ECO mode
  • Features: 6 power levels with traction help (adjustable via a 2.5-inch display), SELLE Royal saddle and grips, Smart Sam tires from Schwalbe, TX Tourney Shimano gearshift, aluminum frame, disc brakes

This E mountain bike under 1000 USD is our buy recommendation. It is light and the equipment can convince. The range of 40-60km is not particularly high but this can be reliably achieved. In Eco mode, even 80km is feasible.

Rating: Not for nothing Rated 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Our buy recommendation!

28″ aluminum electric bike

  • Brand:
  • Color: Black with white lettering
  • Weight (including battery), payload: k.A.
  • Rim size: 28 inches
  • Battery details: Li-NiCoMn, 36 V, 11 Ah, (= 396 Wh), Panasonic cells
  • Drive: 250 watts, rear-wheel, hub motor
  • Range: 70 – 100 km
  • Features: Shimano gearshift, Selle Royal Freeway saddle, aluminum hollow rim, hub dynamo, LED lights, V-brakes

This bike convinces by a very reasonable price. While our buy recommendation is a mountain bike, this model is a trekking bike. The range of 70-100km is respectable and the remaining technical data are consistently good.

Rating: Cheap electric bike with a long-range.

NCM – MUNICH (28 inches) ladies

  • Brand: NCM
  • Color white
  • Weight (including battery), payload: 23 kg, k.A.
  • Rim size: 28 inches
  • Battery details: Li-ion NCM, 36 volts, 13 Ah, (= 468 Wh), Samsung cells
  • Drive: 250 watts, rear-wheel, hub motor
  • Range: 60 – 80 km, up to 100 km in ECO mode (adjustable in the 2.5-inch display)
  • Features: Selle Royal saddle and grips, Schwalbe Marathon tires, 7-speed Shimano Tourney shifter, 6 power levels with traction help

From the electrical components ago this electric bike is very similar to our purchase recommendation – logically, is indeed the same manufacturer. Although it has no disc brakes and is a bit heavier, it has a larger battery. The structure is a classic ladies electric bike and also has a luggage rack.

Rating: High-quality electric bike under 1000 USD touring. For women a good alternative to our buy recommendation!

Rex – Men’s E-Bike ETK 500, graphite gray (28 inches)

  • Brand: Rex
  • Color: gray, white and green finishes
  • Weight (including battery), payload: about 28 kg, 122 kg (starting from 28 kg weight including battery)
  • Rim size: 28 inches
  • Battery Details: Li-Po, 36V, 10Ah, TRIO
  • Drive: 250 watts, front-wheel, scar motor
  • Range: approx. 60 km
  • Features: TRIO control display with LED indicator, LED lights, Selle Royal trekking saddle (gel), aluminum luggage rack, V-brakes, 21 speed Shimano Acera circuit with Rapid-Fire

An electric bike under 1000 USD with all the trimmings. The bicycle manages 60km with one battery charge and has a 21-speed Shimano circuit. The range is not impressive and so offers the bike especially for city traffic and small tours. Rating: High-quality components. Somewhat smaller battery but otherwise top!

E-bikes up to 1000 USD: How good are the beginner models?

Cheap e-bikes for less than 1000 USD are not easy to find and if you also value extra high-quality components, you are looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Even the well-known test portals such as Stiftung Warentest or ÖKO test have not yet tested low-cost entry-level models. Therefore, we have searched for the best e-bikes for you up to 1000 USD and would like to present these models to you.

For further general information about e-bikes, we also recommend our E-Bike Test Guide. Now we wish you a lot of fun with our article about the good cheap E-Bikes up to 1000 USD.

What should I look for when buying cheap e-bikes up to 1000 USD?

At first, this question can not be answered so easily. Unlike the higher-priced models, you have to go a little further into detail and pay attention to the subtleties of the low-priced e-bike offers. In any case, you will find on an e-bike for less than 1000 USD no components of the well-known premium manufacturers such as Bosch or Yamaha.

But that’s not particularly bad either, because the suppliers from the Far East now also have the necessary know-how to manufacture flawless and durable e-bike components. In another guidebook, we have now treated the e-bikes to 2000 USD.

The e-bike brakes

Highest respect is required for the brakes because they can decide in doubt between life and death. Pay attention to the brakes of cheap e-bikes up to 1000 USD on a major manufacturer such. Shimano, Magura, Tektro or Hayes. E-mountain bikes should also be equipped with high-quality disc brakes. For city, trekking and folding e-bikes, the well-known rim brakes (V-Brakes) are generally sufficient.

The e-bike engine with good cheap e-bikes

As the largest supplier of good cheap e-bike engines, the manufacturer Bafang has established itself. Bafang now produces the engines for about 50% of all e-bikes sold (including NCM) and was able to make a name for itself due to high processing qualities. In addition to Bafang, there is another variety of different engine manufacturers such. the company Panasonic, Xion, Shengyi or Trio. However, if the e-bike offers no information about the electric motor at all, you should keep your hands off the model.

The e-bike battery

Many cheap e-bikes are offered with very short ranges of only 20-30 kilometers. Such low figures are always an indication of a particularly inferior battery and should, in any case, make the alarm bells ring at you. We strongly advise you to keep your fingers off such offers. Because even in the low price segment can be found e-bikes with high-quality batteries and high ranges of 80-100 kilometers.

In summary: Do not expect to find an e-bike for under $ 1000 components of major premium manufacturers. Instead, look for a good mix of parts from known third-party manufacturers.

Our tip: A purchase of e-bike offers on the Internet is worth it for you!

In online trading you have a large selection of good cheap e-bike offers, so you can choose from many models. Furthermore, you can save yourself with the help of an e-bike test and our guide, the advice in retailers and quite comfortable from home to order your new dream e-bike. It is not uncommon for you to get the most popular e-bikes for absolutely special prices when placing an order on the Internet and thus save a lot of money.

Also, you can often see on the various online portals a variety of different customer opinions and their reviews. Also, note that many retailers can not afford cheap e-bikes up to $1000 due to the cost of rent and staff.

Another particularly positive aspect when buying online is the 14-day right of withdrawal. You can easily order an e-bike on the Internet, test the e-bike and send it back to the dealer free of charge and without justification within 14 days.

When you buy online, you not only have a much wider choice, you also save a lot of money. Discover today attractive e-bikes under 1000 USD in the online shop of your choice.

Good cheap e-bikes up to 1000 USD: Our recommendations!

Below you will find our current purchase recommendations for e-bikes up to $1000. To provide you with comprehensive information, our recommendations are based on several different test sources. In addition to the information of existing test portals, we have also evaluated the customer reviews of Amazon and incorporated into our texts. We also make a comparison based on the technical data provided by the manufacturer. We expressly emphasize that we did not carry out an e-bike test on our own. We hope to be able to support you sufficiently in the choice of your new E-Bikes and wish you now much fun with our comparison.