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The Velo Twista Balance Bike Demo Video

cobalt niche set out to change the way
children learn to ride we studied how
parents and children interact with
Rhydon products and the results is the
Velo twister biwi evolution an
innovative tune one balance bike that
grows with your child two years of
engineering and prototyping culminated
in a very cleverly designed rear wheel
mechanism an intuitive twisting click
hub transformed the product from a
three-wheeled trike to a two-wheel
balance bike children as young as 18
months can learn to ride in training
mode until they can confidently swerve
around on two wheels graduating to a
pedal bike is then a natural easy step
with no training wheels we hope that you
and your child love the velar twister as
much as we do the villa twister designed
by cobalt niche

Velo Balance Bicycles

The Velo balance bicycle is a simple yet sophisticated way to improve your fitness. Designed by a cyclist with the same passion for fitness that you have, it has a unique design and construction that will make you limber and less stiff than any other bicycle. These bicycles are made out of high quality materials such as carbon fiber, which is made to be light and durable. They can also go through the most rigorous of training regimes.

Velo balance bicycles were developed to meet the needs of many people who are looking to improve their health and performance. The Velo balance bicycle has been designed to take you places you could not get on an ordinary bicycle. The Velo is a great exercise bike that is designed for the serious cyclist who wants to achieve their fitness goals and have fun at the same time. It is a great way to increase your body strength and stamina without having to spend a lot of money.

The Velo balance bicycle has been designed to give you all the comfort of the best bike in its class. It is very comfortable to ride and is designed to handle the pressure put on the frame and wheelbase when you are pushing yourself to the limit. It also has an adjustable seat, which is perfect for those people who like a bit more support while they ride. Because of its smooth ride and comfortable seat, there are a lot of people who want to ride the Velo balance bicycle for longer periods of time, instead of spending the money on buying a fancy bike that is just a glorified exercise bike.

When you decide to purchase the Velo, you are purchasing the highest quality riding experience available. These bicycles are designed by someone with years of experience in cycling and is backed by a lifetime warranty. In addition to this, you will receive a free Velo bike when you buy one, which comes with a two year warranty. So not only do you have something to work towards, you will also be able to rest assured that the bike is safe and in good working order. You should also note that the Velo comes in both men’s and women’s models.

One of the main benefits that you will enjoy when you buy the Velo is that it is a low impact exercise machine. This means that you can ride it with no worries about damaging your knees or spine while you are working out. Since it is a low impact exercise bike, it is also perfect for those who have back problems and are experiencing pain due to heavy exercise on regular bikes.

Assemble a Y Velo Jr
Yvolution Y Velo Junior
Y Velo Balance Bike

Velo Balance Bike FAQ

Velo balance bike for girls

The Velo Balance bike for girls is definitely a toy that every little girl should own. It’s been designed with the safety of children in mind, so if you are thinking about buying one of these bikes you will not end up breaking the bank doing so. It comes with a safety riding mat which will go a long way to protecting your little one’s legs and ankles from any possible harm when they are riding on the back of this awesome bike. The Velo Balance bike also comes with a number of different pedals, which are colour coordinated to make it easier for you as a parent to pick the ones that your child will most enjoy riding on.

The Velo Bike for girls comes with a number of different options that will ensure that it will be easy to get to work. You can choose between an upright or a recumbent bike, you can choose between a safety helmet and padding, and the bike seat comes with a cup holder. This makes it very convenient for parents to bring their children along with them whenever they go out shopping or to visit the mall. The Velo Balance bike even has a basket and saddle bag, and it is made from all-weather materials to ensure that your child will be comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. If you want to take your kids to the park or anywhere else that has some sort of surface, you will not have to worry about them getting wet, because this bike is made to ride comfortably on grass or dirt.

Since this bike is made from all-weather material, it means that your little girls can ride on it for hours on end without any danger of them getting ruined. If you are looking for a bike that will last you for years to come, and that will make your daughter look forward to her next ride, then the Velo Balance bike is definitely the bike for her. Just be sure to choose the one that she will like. Velo bikes are known for being especially durable, so make sure that you do not buy any cheap balance bikes that you will get stuck on at the very end.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. We purchased this bike eight months ago and are really in love with it!!! We already had a Strider (which we love!) but wanted a smaller balance bike for our petite 20-month-old. The Twista was ideal because it has a lower seat height than the Strider and isn’t as long as the Strider, making it easier to navigate. At first, I was concerned that the Twista wouldn’t hold up well due to all of the plastic parts, and it didn’t seem as “good” as the Strider. But it’s been used almost every day for the last 8 months and it’s still working and looking fantastic! It has a lot of miles on it.

    There was a small plastic burr in the handle bar post that stopped the handle bars from spinning 360 degrees….that broke off in the post the second day we had the bike, but it hasn’t been a problem. It also took a few weeks for our toddler to become used to the big rear tires (at first, the toddler kept getting a foot caught under them). But, aside from that, this bike has been fantastic, and I love that it can stand upright on its own. I thought the price of the bike was a little high, but after seeing how much use and enjoyment my toddler has gotten out of it, I will definitely buy it again.

  2. I run a nursery, so I wanted a balance bike that could accommodate kids of all sizes. I did some research on what was advertised as “the best” on online forums, and what I discovered made perfect sense and seemed reasonable. For example, while air in the tires would help with bumps, solid foam tires would not go flat. The foam tires were combined with a rubber outer layer by Y-VELLO. I cannot emphasize how fantastic that feature is! Since we have snow for the majority of the school year, our children just ride indoors in our gym. Solid foam tires slip and children fall much more often than the rubber-covered foam tires on this vehicle. This element, in my opinion, should be highlighted more by the business. We also purchased high-end bikes with air tires. They are excellent bikes, but they leave black marks on the gym floor. The bottom line is that this bike would benefit children both inside and outside, and I would recommend it to everyone.

  3. Our girl is now a little more than 2.5 years old, but we got it when she was about 26 months old. She was always too short, and the back only had one wheel. 1) It was a higher height, and the seat is flexible, and 2) Having two wheels on the back gave her a better sense of balance. It took her maybe two days to ride this like a pro, and I’m confident it will support her when she’s ready for a bike!

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