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Topeak TC2261B Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount for Bicycle, Medium reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels, 36x25x21.5-29cm , 1380ci, Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak 63009648 MTX Trunk Bag Dx W/Bottle Holder Compatible With UTV reviewed by Philly Pedals
TOPEAK MTX Trunk Bag EX Black One Size reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EX Black One Size
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Product Page
Topeak TC2261B Aero Wedge Pack with Strap Mount for Bicycle, Medium reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak Aero Wedge Velcro Pack
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Product Page
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels, 36x25x21.5-29cm , 1380ci, Black reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels
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Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EXP Bicycle Trunk Bag with Rigid Molded Panels
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Topeak 63009648 MTX Trunk Bag Dx W/Bottle Holder Compatible With UTV reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag DX
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TOPEAK MTX Trunk Bag EX Black One Size reviewed by Philly Pedals
Topeak MTX Trunk Bag EX Black One Size
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Topeak MTX Trunkbag DXP Pros and Cons

okay so made a review video of the topic
MTX trunk bag a little while ago and
just recently I had a question regards
to the pros and cons of this which I
didn’t really go over the last video I
hadn’t been using it for all that long
at that time whereas now you know after
a bit of use I’ll list some pros and
cons of the of the bag so let’s start
with the some positives about it one
positive for the main positive over
guess is the amount of space this thing
as I mean you got a decent amount of
room in the actual bag itself in here
but then yeah for daily commuting use is
it’s fine but then if you actually you
can fit a whole bunch of crap in these
side carriers here yeah it’s hard to get
a real scale on the help how much you
can put any of it I fit a pair of like
work boots in one side was still a bit
of room to fit other junk in and then
you got you know you got that on both
sides so you just have a really large
amount of room to put stuff in I mean if
you’re if you have too much stuff to put
in these then you’re going to have a
pretty heavy load on your bike obviously
for touring and stuff it’s probably
those guys carry a fair bit of stuff but
um this bikes probably not really the
best we carrying really heavy loads
anyway it’s just a the old read I’ll
spray elite here the next Pro would be
the attachment mechanism it’s really
really quick and easy I mean I suppose
it’s slightly fiddly to get in to line
up the sort of dovetail on the bag their
focus I mean basically you got to line
up the dovetail on the bottom of here
with their opposite mating slot in the
top of the rack but yeah so you have
slides in you know BAM locks in locks in
really securely no no straps or tying
anything around clipping anything well
not really including you clipping this
one thing so yeah that’s another good
time saver to be honest a cut to give a
whole lot of more pros for it I mean the
thing just works it works quite well so
space and ease of use I guess the main
main pros for this thing I mean it’s
quite simple
doesn’t do that much and you don’t
expect it to it’s just a saddlebag okay
onto some negatives like it’s the main
negative in something that bad but you
have to have the top done up
if your in order to carry it with this
top handle yeah is that really much of a
negative probably not really but the way
I use it for me I like to store my
wallet in here and keys when I’m riding
along so they don’t fly out it really
trusts having them on the outside here
so I like them being in the bag so that
means when I get home or when I go into
work or whatever I’m carrying is through
the door with me I need to get my keys
and my security parts out for work which
is inside the bag so eventually have to
put it down because I consciously can’t
carry it with the top open we’ll just
flap around everywhere or the bottom
will hang all over the place another con
is it does come with its shoulder strap
which attaches to the outside as you can
see here and here sorry shadows total
reloading and the shittier and that’s
all well and good and you can carry it
and have the top open at the same time
but where do you put this when you
there’s nowhere to tuck this it’s not
going to get in the way while you’re
riding well I’m not that I’m getting
away but you have to awkwardly fold it
out of the way somewhere you know I
don’t know it just seems awkward to have
a shoulder strap on here
one last negative really is the fact
that it doesn’t come with a thing cost a
hundred bucks or more hundred and
something dollars and I bought this rain
bag extra just because it fits it it’s
designed to fit it perfectly I suppose
you get some sort of other plastic bag
or something that could actually fit
over it but so if you’re writing in any
weather which you would be with in a
commuter bike situation in general if
you’re pretty committed to it you know
you’d want to be writing in all sorts of
weather you don’t want water ingressing
through here because this isn’t really
waterproof it’s more you know it’s sort
of the not what do you call that
material ripstop nylon or something up
now you know a bit of water will won’t
just penetrate straight through it but
really if you’ve got any decent rain
you’re going to need a bag that goes
around the outside let me just show you
how that goes on clue didn’t show that
in the last video
it’s the guilty the main section and
middle and the other is to sort of ease
on the side with Korea and the
saddlebags if they happen to be down
so you know with the waterproof bag you
get to ride along with this reared alien
alien egg lookin thing on the back it’s
not too glamorous but it’ll keep your
stuff dry anyway I can’t actually
remember how much extra I pay for this
is probably about 20 bucks 20 or 30
bucks so logically the cheapest extra
when the bag originally costs you know
100 and 100 120 originally anyway
alright so one last thing I’ll show is
how the actually had a question from the
same guy
how much foot clearance you have from
when your foots on the pedal here to the
bag so I’ll hold the bag down and show
you how much clearance you get so this
tie is under here is really awkward to
do a line hand there’s only tie you sort
of loop it around the bottom hook like
that you just got this little button
thing here with two hands this is fine
but it was one hand I can’t really do it
you know you just pull that cord out
where you press the button and it holds
the bottom of you pannier to the little
saddlebag what we call it to the bottom
of the frame so anyway this is how much
foot clearance you have when you are
when you’re pedaling with the bags
extended so there you go as you can see
when your foot comes up around you’ve
got a bit of clearance there and I’ve
got size size 10 feet roughly see you as
you pedal around your foot comes up and
you’re sort of pedaling like that I’ve
never ever noticed my leg hit it I never
even thought about it until someone
asked me the question so I’ve never had
my foot hitter because my feet are
clipped in you might have a bit of an
issue if you don’t clip your feet in and
your feet bounce around a little bit but
we’ve clipped in pedals you know it’s
this looks kind of close there but I’ve
literally never hit my foot on it yes
it’s just really not an issue you know
if you’ve got bigger feet you’re also
going to have a bigger bike so your
foots going to be you know relatively
further away so you probably have the
similar clearance even if you do have
bigger feet assuming you know you’ve got
bigger feet you’re told I mean you’ll
have a bigger black if you a short
person with big feet you might have
issues yeah so that’s my second review
of the toe peak MTX
trunk bag exp I think the name’s hope
enjoyed see you guys next time

Topeak Bicycle Bags

Topeak bicycle bags are known for their durability and are used by thousands of people worldwide as an alternative to conventional bike saddle bags. With many years of experience in the bicycle industry they are one of the leading manufacturers of bags for your bikes. Topeak is known for its long line of bike saddle bags so it’s no wonder that these bags have become so popular.

You should never underestimate the power of a bike saddle bags to keep your cycle safe and secure. Bike saddle bags are ideal for anyone who is looking to purchase a bag for their bike. They are a must have piece of cycling equipment for any cyclist and can be purchased in many different styles, colors and designs that will suit any type of bike.

A Topeak bicycle bag is designed to be durable means that it will provide your bike with a lot of strength and will also make it last for years. You will know that you have invested in quality when you see the Topeak bicycle bag continues to function well over many years. The quality of the bag also means that you won’t have to replace the bag as quickly as you would if you bought a cheaper bag.

Some of the best features that make Topeak bicycle bags stands out from other bags are the quality of stitching used and also the quality of stitching on the handles and the bags themselves. This is very important as you will want to feel confident that your bag won’t fall off or that you won’t lose your bag during a trip to the supermarket. Some companies try to claim that they can produce cheap bags but this usually does not go down well with customers.

Another thing that makes a bag unique to a brand is the way it looks. Many companies will design a bag that looks attractive but don’t use the best materials for making the bag. The best bag for cycling is one that has a high quality of stitching and a great looking design.

Topeak bags are well known and have become so popular because of the high quality of their products and the quality of the bags themselves. Whether you are looking for a stylish bag or are looking for one that will keep your bike safe and secured there is a Topeak bicycle bag that will meet your requirements.


Topeak Bike Bag FAQ

Topeak bike rack bag

The Topeak bike rack bags are made to be strong and sturdy. The materials that are used to make them give them a rough texture but this does not mean that they can not be painted or polished to have a good look and a new look. This is one of the advantages that people get from purchasing the Topeak bike rack bags because they are very easy to use and install. The materials used are tough, which will allow you to clean them very well so that there is no problem when you want to clean them.

The good thing about this bag is that it comes in various sizes that will make you choose the size that you need based on the number of bikes that you will bring with you when you go out biking. The para bike rack from the Topeak company comes in very light weight material that weighs approximately thirty-five kilograms. When you weigh it with the other things that you need to carry like the bikes, the wheel chocks, the spare chain and the helmets you will find that it is not a lot of weight.

The total weight of this bag is three and a half kilograms. The Topeak bike rack bags have very strong seams and this makes it very easy for you to clean them. If you want to purchase one of these then you should go online because there are many stores that sell these products. You will get the size of the bag that you need and you can compare the prices from there.

Topeak Tourguide Handlebar bike bag

The Topeak Tourguide Handlebar Bag is the perfect solution to carrying all of your camping gear while you enjoy your favorite outdoor activity. Camping has been a popular activity for many years, but carrying a lot of gear on a single trip can quickly become cumbersome. With a Topeak Tourguide Handlebar Bag, all of your equipment will fit in one sturdy bag that is designed to hold everything while keeping your hands free for other activities. The handlebars of many modern bikes are wide enough to hold most people’s bicycles, but some riders will need to add a few extra pieces of luggage to make sure their hands have enough room to control the bicycle. Topeak makes a variety of handlebar bags to meet every need, including saddle bags, cargo bags, and beach bags.

Some of the other accessories that are available for the Topeak Tour Guide Handlebar Bag includes a bike rack, a tool kit for your bike, and a bottle carrier. The Topeak Tour Guide bike rack attaches easily to your bike’s frame, so that you can carry your bike along without having to worry about it is hanging off of the frame or losing balance. Other accessories that are available with this line include a tool set that includes different sizes of pliers and screwdrivers, a tape measure, a knife, and other small items. All of these items are designed specifically for the Topeak Tour Guide Handlebar Bags, so you know that they are made with high quality materials and will stand up to even the harshest of conditions. The Topeak Tour Guide Handlebar Bags is also available in a variety of colors, so you can match your bike’s color scheme to the bag perfectly.

Even though the Topeak Tour Guide Handlebar Bag is one of the best handlebar bag bike components on the market today, there are some people who prefer other brands. If you have been considering buying one of these bags, then the best way to choose is based on your own personal preferences. Although Topeak makes one of the best handlebar bags, they don’t make the best compact bikepacking handlebar bag components. In order to get your money’s worth, you need to make sure that you buy the best handlebar bag that you can, because you will be using it quite a bit. You will find that it is very handy when you need to carry a lot of items while biking, whether you are touring or just going down the street.

Topeak Aero Wedge bike bag

If you are a cyclist, you definitely need to check out the Topeak Aero Wedge bike bag. The Topeak Aero Bike Bag is very handy for transporting your bike while traveling and also as a storage place for your equipment. It has been designed specifically for ease of transport and storage. With this bag, you will never have problems regarding transportation and storage of your bicycles. Even though there are many cycling bags in the market today, the Topeak Aero Bike Bag is much better than all of them.

This bag comes in a very attractive design that includes a durable nylon fabric that is both durable and breathable at the same time. The bag has a front zip pocket as well as a rear stash pocket that is large enough to accommodate the complete tools that you need for your rides. There is also a padded saddle bag included with the bag which is very useful. Although it is made out of nylon, the Topeak Aero Bike Bag is not heavy and does not feel like it. This bag can be carried over your shoulders or folded over and placed under your bike.

The Topeak Aero Bag is very useful for storage, transportation and for transportation. It has been designed specifically to meet the requirements of the cyclist. It is very light, is very easy to carry around and the straps attached to it make it very comfortable to use. Not only is it very functional but it also looks great. You can also take it along on your bike trips and bring along your tools and equipment as well as your bike.

Topeak Jango bike transport bag

One of the most popular bike carrier bags available today is the Topeak Jango bike transport bag. The Jango bicycle carrier bag is made from tough nylon and is designed specifically to carry bikes, even two bikes in tandem. The bike carrier bag has many pockets on it that will keep your things safe and secure as you take your bike on and off the back of your truck. This makes it one of the best bike carrier bags on the market.

Most of the time when I am driving my motorcycle, I need to stop and get a lot of stuff together and I don’t want to have to lift the bike over my head and then drag it behind me. Sometimes, I just want to sit on the bike down and go get some gas or whatever, without having to worry about lifting the bike all the way up over my head and then dragging it behind me. This is where the Topeak Jango bike transport bag comes in handy. It will help you be able to stop anywhere and then get the bike up under your weight without having to worry about your bike being so heavy that you cannot maneuver.

There are a lot of great features that come with the Topeak Jango bike transport bag. I was very impressed with how durable and strong the nylon is. I also liked how the large pockets were made. It will store a lot of things, including your gear, water, cell phone, snacks, and possibly your cell phone, and then it will collapse into a neat small bag for easy access. This is definitely a great bike carrier bag and will hold up under any situation you might find yourself needing to transport your bike.

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