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HULKWHEELS Carbon Fixed Gear Wheelset 700c Rim Single Speed Bike/Fixie Bicycle Front & Rear Wheel Set Clincher Type 38/50/60/88mm Depth 23mm Width Track Bike Wheelset (38mm/23mm, 17 Teeth) reviewed by Philly Pedals
Sunrise Bike Full Carbon Fixed Gear Wheel Front 3 Spoke Rear 88mm Track Bike Wheelset reviewed by Philly Pedals
Queen Bike 50mm Carbon Fiber Track Wheel Matte Finish 3K Fixed Gear Wheelset with Cog reviewed by Philly Pedals
HULKWHEELS Carbon Fixed Gear Track Bike Wheelset
SunRise Bike Full Carbon Fixed Gear Wheel Front 3 Spoke Rear 88mm Track Bike Wheelset
Queen Bike 50mm Carbon Fiber Track Wheel Matte Finish 3K Fixed Gear Wheelset
Queen Bike
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Product Page
HULKWHEELS Carbon Fixed Gear Wheelset 700c Rim Single Speed Bike/Fixie Bicycle Front & Rear Wheel Set Clincher Type 38/50/60/88mm Depth 23mm Width Track Bike Wheelset (38mm/23mm, 17 Teeth) reviewed by Philly Pedals
HULKWHEELS Carbon Fixed Gear Track Bike Wheelset
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Product Page
Sunrise Bike Full Carbon Fixed Gear Wheel Front 3 Spoke Rear 88mm Track Bike Wheelset reviewed by Philly Pedals
SunRise Bike Full Carbon Fixed Gear Wheel Front 3 Spoke Rear 88mm Track Bike Wheelset
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Queen Bike 50mm Carbon Fiber Track Wheel Matte Finish 3K Fixed Gear Wheelset with Cog reviewed by Philly Pedals
Queen Bike 50mm Carbon Fiber Track Wheel Matte Finish 3K Fixed Gear Wheelset
Queen Bike
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Cheap vs. Expensive Track Wheelsets

aluminum track wheels can range in price
anywhere between $100 and upwards to
$1,000 and if you’re looking for carbon
track wheels well your bank accounts and
your imagination is the limit all track
wheels though essentially do the same
thing be round and spin so you can get
from point A to point B so what do you
get when you spend more and is spending
more on track wheels even worth it let’s
find out four painstaking design made to
give you the best check out our Channel
sponsored wahby cycles linked at the top
of the description what’s up I’m Zack a
lardo life is short but don’t make it
shorter so ride your bike everyday to be
reasonably dangerous and subscribe for
more fixed gear videos just like this
one and of course we’re going to be
talking about a lot of specific wheel
sets that I recommend at each price
point if you’re interested in that feel
free to check those out linked in the
description at anytime during this video
first up let’s talk about those cheapo
fixed gear wheels that cost around 100
dollars these will come on a lot of
stock entry-level fixed gears and you’ll
either be getting no-name rims or rims
from a budget brand like Weinman Alex or
vuelta these will be laced two equally
budget sealed bearing hubs or even loose
ball bearing hubs and these will be
machine built with greater tolerances to
keep costs low but on the upside they
are really affordable on a bike build
the frame and the wheel set are easily
the most expensive items and you can
save a good chunk of money by going with
a more affordable wheel sets while still
being able to get your wheels in your
favorite fixie color
please don’t though I think they look
awful it’s your bike though although
aluminum track wheels can cost up to 10
times as much these $100 wheels are
still wheels they’re not track wheels
exactly I’d say there are more fixie
wheels but they still get the job done
of spinning and turning and getting you
from point A to point B with occasional
and I say occasionally use here because
the build quality on these wheels aren’t
going to be great a lot of these $100
wheels will come with loose ball bearing
hubs that will require regular
maintenance if you don’t want your
wheels to ride like the bottom of a bag
of Doritos and because they are machine
built so they’re not going to be as
stiff and as durable as
handbill wheels that means that they
come out of true more easily and more
often which can lead to jittery braking
and the Sakura me ride quality if you
plan on sticking to your stock
affordable wheel set for daily abuse
it’s likely to require a lot of
maintenance and a lot of trimmings in
order to keep a reasonably nice ride
quality which can be more expensive in
time and in money in the long term you
also a pretty limited choice at this
price you’re either going to get 30
millimeter rims or 42 millimeter rims
but of course they come in lots of
colors because priorities the rims
deeper profiles combined with the less
than great build quality means that
you’re getting a heavier rim that won’t
be built as stiffly and won’t be as
durable as something with comparable
specs and a higher cost which means that
you’re pretty much getting the worst of
both worlds all the control will also
vary greatly at this price the finishes
won’t be perfect on every single set of
rims and in my experience I’ve even had
loose bits of metal stuck inside the rim
that tinkles around when you spin the
wheel but you know what that’s fine for
a lot of people if you’re on a really
tight budget and you’re unsure if you
want to sink more money and to cycling
these are still wheels they’ll turn
they’ll get from point A to point B
they’ll get the job done and they’ll be
good enough as long as you’re someone
that doesn’t care too much about ride
quality but since you’re watching this
channel I would imagine that you do at
least care a little bit about ride
quality that’s where the entry-level
track wheels come in at around $200
these wheels are still going to be
machine built but they’ll be laced to
seal bearing Nova Tech or formula humps
which I always say are a great value for
the money and they’ll be built with rims
from reputable brand names like velocity
Mavic or h plus some the biggest upsides
of these wheels is that you get a really
big upgrade all at a reasonable price
they do cost two times as much as $100
wheels but they are twice as good the
seal bearing Nova tech and formula hubs
are smooth durable and capable of
building a really tight wheel and the
hubs will require very little to no
maintenance in order to keep everyone in
smoothly when it comes to rims you got a
lot of choices to best complement your
riding style whether you’re a sprinter a
climber or a long-distance rider a lot
of the most
popular track wheels are in this price
range like the velocity deviis Mavic
open pros and h plus some archetypes and
TB for teens even with all those rim
Joyce’s you can still choose between
machine sidewall or non machine sidewall
and if you go with velocity between a
whole bunch of colors these reputable
brand names also have better design the
rims are to balance weights durability
aerodynamics handling and stiffness
compare that to rims that cost half as
much where they’re pretty much trying to
balance well does it look cool to is it
round enough and three can we make it
cost less along with those reputable
brand names comes better quality control
the finishes are just going to be a lot
prettier and it’ll be very unlikely to
get a rim that is misshapen or has a
straight bit of metal inside on the
downside though they are still machine
built so they’re not going to be as
durable or as stiff as a hand-built
wheel but a lot of them are built with
stricter tolerances compared to
something at a much lower price with
that said though you can still take them
to a reputable wheel builder to have
them tension to up another downside is
that choice for hubs is pretty limited
you’re either getting steel bearing
formula hubs or nova tech hubs and while
these are excellent for the price
they’re going to be 32 holes and three
cross lacing so if you’re looking for
either a higher spoke count for more
durability or a lower spoke count from
weight savings you’re probably going to
have to spend a little bit more track
wheels in the two hundred dollar price
range are still great for most people
you can get a durable all-rounder wheel
like the velocity DP a lively riding all
around a wheel like the h plus 70 B 14
or an all-rounder all around or a wheel
like a navicomp and pros these riyals
can handle the street they can handle
the track all at a reasonable price but
maybe you’re looking for a wheel set
that’s a bit more purpose-built and
that’s where the mid-range track wheels
come in at around 300 to $500 builds
here try to maximize performance with
lower spoke counts and higher spoke
tension here you can get true track
training and racing wheels that are also
great for the street like the make a
piss turds aka the poor man’s magic
ellipses or the mafic ellipses aka the
price to make a piss turns on the street
orient inside of mid-range fixed gear
wheels you can get something like the
Wahby standard wheel set or the Wahby
sub 15s which will be the lightest wheel
set that you can get at this price and
beyond or if you want wheels that are
laced to hubs that are fancier than the
standard formula and nobody decks you
can choose from the mid-range meet Gate
grande comp and Suzu pro max ohms the
biggest benefit here is that although
these wheels are off-the-shelf
components they are hand tension this
increases the durability and stiffness
of these wheels which is especially
important considering that a lot of
these wheels have lower spoke counts and
depending on your component choice you
can even do a fully custom wheel build
at this price to best suit your needs
and of course these mid-range wheels are
pretty nice and nicer components means
more fixie points coming soon as for the
downside though there aren’t really many
just keep in mind though that after
around three hundred and fifty dollars
you really start to see diminishing
returns if you’re like me and you ride a
lot and you’re very particular about the
ride quality of your bike and you like
the balance of light weight stiffness
and durability that these wheels have
been this price range is going to be in
I ride the three hundred and fifty
dollars Lobby sub 15 wheels on my own
bike and I’ll see if I got anything
nicer than them it would just be
unnecessary fixie flexing ie
a waste of money the ride quality is
amazing on these wheels and the fact
that their hand tension gives them a
surprising amount of durability
considering the lower spoke counts or if
you just like nicer craftsmanship and
can afford it then you have a lot of
choices at this price range as well but
if you’re looking for the absolute
highest levels of craftsmanship and
durability in your track wheels then
high-end track wheels are going to be it
on around 600 to 1000 dollars here you
can choose pretty much any components
you want as long as they’re aluminum and
do your own custom built to best suit
what you want
that means choose your spoke type
whether that’s bladed or standard choose
your number of spokes choose your spoke
lacing choose the rims that you want as
long as they’re aluminum and choose your
favorite bomb-proof hubs from fill would
Paul order race though performing ride
exceptionally well and they’ll be very
almost too durable like you might have
to consider including the wheels and
your will so you get overkill build
quality and durability and you’re riding
on a work of arts for dunking on your
fixie friends but the cons though of
course is the price and again after
three hundred and fifty dollars although
those wheels will be better you really
start to see diminishing returns but if
you want these nicest fixed gear that
money can buy no matter how marginal the
gains are high-end track wheels will be
for you it’s the most durable that money
can buy and in my eyes the most
beautiful that money can buy but it’s
not the most expensive that money can
buy that’s where high-level competition
track wheels come in around one thousand
to three thousand and up carbon track
wheels balance varying degrees of
weights and aerodynamics they’re super
specialized wheels made for specific
events races and strategies can choose
between disc wheels try spokes quad
spokes five spokes traditional spokes
carbon spokes as long as you have the
money it can be yours and the pros of
these astronomically expensive wheels
well they’re for the pros and they can
be the difference between winning and
losing a race they are pure performance
for specific conditions and as for the
cons if you’re even thinking about using
these wheels for the street you don’t
need them but maybe that’s a good thing
so where is the sweet spot for track
wheels at what price do you get the most
wheel for your money and what price does
it become too expensive and unnecessary
for most people well there’s two sweet
spots one is at $200 if you’re on a
really tight budget and you want to
upgrade to something a lot nicer than
your stock we all said that came on your
entry-level fixed gear then $200 will be
plenty and then there’s a second sweet
spot at around three hundred to three
hundred and fifty dollars because here
you start seeing a lot more hand-built
wheels start to experience some and
diminishing returns because they cost
about 75 percent more than two hundred
dollar wheels but they are about 50
percent better the ride quality is
noticeably nicer and the wheels will be
noticeably more durable if you can
afford or if you can wait to save for
something like the wahby wheels or the
me K Pistons get these hands
Wheelz instead since you can save money
in the long run there have been more
durable so you won’t have to get them
Trude as often and since the ride
quality is so nice you’re less likely to
want to upgrade beyond them and speaking
of being done with upgrades our channel
sponsor Wahby cycles has lightweight
bikes with a buttery smooth lively ride
quality that only top-shelf steel can
bring and between you and me don’t tell
Wahby about this but I actually think
that lobbies are the nicest riding bikes
I’ve ever ridden and I would say that
even if they weren’t sponsoring the
channel lobbies expect with no-nonsense
high-performing components and even a
bike snob such as myself can’t
rationalize replacing with stock and all
Krang sets with my favorite Sabino 75s
because they ride just as nicely in
sagginess any fives so if you’re looking
for your fixed gear for street riding
that you’ll never need to upgrade again
consider checking out our channel
sponsor Lobby cycles linked at the top
of the description stop watching me if
you haven’t ridden your bike yet instead
ride your bike everyday to be reasonably

Track Bike Wheelset Review

When you decide to upgrade your bicycle, one of the first things that most people look at is the track bicycle wheels. The wheels are the most visible part of a bicycle, and one of the main reasons why people upgrade their bikes is because they want to enhance the way their bicycle looks and rides. Wheel choices are usually dependent on the terrain you’ll be riding on as well as whether or not you plan on doing any speed work.

One of the top-rated wheel brands in the market today is the Shimano brand. The company produces a wide range of professional-grade bicycles and has been supplying cyclists with the best-selling FSA carbon road bike with its deep braking system and innovative engineering since 1983. With this track bicycle wheels, you’re getting a great combination of strength and stiffness along with light weight for light weight and maximum performance. You should expect up to 58% more stiffness than the average fixed wheel. This will improve your ride considerably while adding a new sleek look and feel to your bike.

When looking at different wheelsets, it’s important to compare performance and price. The best wheelset system is going to be the one that offers you everything you need at a price you can afford. Keep in mind that when you replace your wheels, you may need to replace some of the other parts on your bike as well, such as the saddle, pedals, and frame. These parts may have low-end features but will still offer top performance if you replace them with the highest-quality parts available. This means that you should spend as much as you can afford on your wheels, and this includes going with the top-rated brands and models.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying track bicycle wheelsets is the type of riding you do. Most of today’s bicycles are geared toward cycling through dirt tracks or through gravel. If you want to get a really good, durable set of wheels for your bicycle, then you might want to consider investing in high-performance tires. These are often made with extra tread for increased grip on the road, but they also have little pitted against gravel or sand. These tires are much better for cyclists who have to deal with these types of conditions.

Also, keep in mind that many of the more expensive track bicycle wheels options come with extra features, such as carbon fiber rims, which offer increased strength and stability. These can also make a difference on the overall quality and performance of your bike. Carbon fiber is also great for those who want a more sleek look, but who don’t want to sacrifice performance.

The last factor to consider when buying a track bicycle wheels is your own individual style. Most people will go with a set of wheels that looks great and works well, but remember that everyone’s tastes are different. If you’re not sure what you want, then it might be a good idea to visit a bicycle shop so that the staff can show you some options. You might even want to take some time to try out some models and decide whether or not you think they’re right for you. In the end, it’s up to you to find the wheelset that’s right for you.

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Track Bicycles
Yoeleo Bike Wheels

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