Did you know that over 300,000 Philadelphians
ride their bikes more than once a month?

Bicycling is increasing in popularity as a sport, as a hobby, and even as a way to get yourself around town. From mountain biking through the Wissahickon to trips to Ocean City, from commuting to work to putting your cat in your panniers, Philly Pedals will cover all things on two wheels in the City of Brotherly Love. You could say we’re The Hub of Cycling in Philadelphia.

Meet the Team

We at Philly Pedals are sure that the bicycle community is growing, and a centralized community will open the doors for bicyclists of all kinds to explore the city and its surroundings. A rising tide lifts all boats, they say — and we agree!

Travis Skidmore – Publisher

Travis began cycling in Philadelphia in 1992 while he was a design student at Drexel. After working for three years at a local bike shop he helped start Team Shiftless, a SingleSpeed MTB racing team. By day his Surly Big Dummy enables him to haul kids, groceries and library books. By night his Schwinn Crosscut cyclocross bike has him exploring the woods and roads.

Steve Taylor – Editor-in-Chief

Steve helped launch Philly’s VeloRide pedicab company in 2009 before getting drafted by the Bicycle Coalition in 2010 to help start the Safe Routes Philly program, which has reached over 70,000 Philly students. In 2012, he became the Coalition’s Community Liaison. Though he hates to play favorites, his All City Macho Man Disc cyclocross bike has been getting the most love recently.

Sierra Skidmore – Creative Director and Ad Sales

Sierra has been riding and living in Philadelphia since 1996. She is the founder of Skidmutro Creative Partners, a design and marketing firm that shares office space with Philly Pedals. She rides around town on her Miyata Triplecross and on the trails she rides her Surly 1×1 MTB.

Thom Carroll – Photo Editor

Thom is an avid cyclist, photographer, teacher and rock climber. He was born and raised in the rolling hills of Northwestern Connecticut and has been biking the City of  Brotherly Love since 2003. Thom rides a slurry of different self-assembled city bikes and a 29-inch Gary Fisher MTB in the woods.