Our “Daily Rider” series will feature Philadelphia cyclists in their natural habitat doing what they love. Whether riding across town to work or out of town to the hills, our photographers will be out capturing Philadelphia’s Daily Riders.

Ryan Bolli

Ryan Bolli, Port Richmond

Folks have been talking about Shepard Fairey installing his “Lotus Diamond” mural last week in Fishtown at 1228 Frankford Avenue as part of the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Our Photographer Jill Mumie found this Philly Cyclist visiting the site last Thursday.

Where are you going?

To have lunch with a friend.

Tell us about your bike.

My bike is a cheap ‘WalMart’ online special. I got tired of the nice ones disappearing.

How many have you had disappear?

I’ve lived here my whole life, so it must be in the teens.

What do you love most about riding in Philadelphia?

Freedom. Getting places faster than by car in traffic. It’s less expensive than driving a car in the city as well.


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